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  1. Thanks guys . Really appreciated
  2. What a beautiful scheme and what a build ! Very nice
  3. Hi All I want to build a US Navy F4 from the late 60s early 70s era. I've been looking around and come across the finemoulds issue that's not cheap. Has anyone got this kit and ist it any good ?
  4. Wow..that's terrific. I hope I can get WL405 's cockpit looking like that . The centre section also survives but due to money and space available it's just the cockpit I'm restoring. If your on face book I've got photos etc of my progress there. Search Meteor WL405. And if you ever wish to sell this build..please give me shout
  5. Really great build. I own the cockpit of T7 WL405..which has the same Pr Nose as this and .currently restoring it for display at South Wales aviation museum. This is the scheme it will be finished in.
  6. Just had a look...them footballers really worth 20.00 a box ???
  7. I have pulled out from my attic a boxed 1/12 Airfix Napoleon and 2 sealed boxes and 2 open but complete sets of Airfix Footballers. Are these collectors item or shall I put them back up there ? Cheers
  8. That's just amazing. The water looks so realistic
  9. Thanks for all your kind comments. Will miss the Tonka's when they retire later this year
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