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  1. Pete, only if it was in white and Mrs Peel driving. Then you are talking
  2. 4-1

    Ask Glasgow Rangers oldco !!
  3. Nah, you are having us on. We all know a young whippersnapper like you will live forever.
  4. Oh don't I know it !! I don't collect - I just have deferred builds. Lots of them and one day I will have the time. Either that or it is going to be a massive hole and a huge coffin Otherwise it's time, time, time and time that steals my builds and builds my stash Time is the justice that examines all offenders - William Shakespeare Time is the cruelest teacher - first she gives the test, then she teaches the lesson - Leonard Bernstein And Yes - I am SABLE* *Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy
  5. And is the skull and crossbones a zap?
  6. Nils dont forget a visit to the air museum either. Last time I was there was several years ago and they had a decent book selection and some models in the shop there. Interesting exhibits too. Worth taxi fare there. John
  7. If you want something interesting to model look at the Daily Mail London to New York air race Harrier entry.
  8. Has to be good news for customers if the new kids on the block are producing to Tamiya standards.
  9. 2 big carriers with F14s, Buccaneers and Gannets AEWs and 1982 passes without incident. No repainting required. Nice Wiff though and we'll executed
  10. NOT on an Aston please. Still some midfielder from the Premier League will feel he done good wiv it in the garage. Aston's are about hugely understated quality and class and if they do things like this they will damage their position in the market. Have to agree with T7 and Pete.
  11. Years ago I used to have Friday lunch with a mate at a local gastrointestinal pub place. I pointed out to a pretty lady on table that their special of the day contravened the Trades Descriptions Act. "Duck Balls"? Drake Balls perhaps but surely not duck? Small portions too
  12. Ain't that the truth!!
  13. I recall with fondness a very hot and sunny afternoon in Stratford-upon-Avon the week before RIAT weekend sitting with a pot of tea and cream scones and strawberries with some young students playing Pachelbels Canon remarkably well. Could have sat there all day. Bunged them a fiver and I got the better of the bargain. Then again there are those bagpipe "players" in Edinburgh who should really try some lessons to master their craft before blowing.
  14. Reading The War in the West by James Holland and wondering why the French didn't go on the offensive with the Wehrmacht pretty tied up in Poland. Holland seems to think had they done so it could have been a major game changer. Realised I had seen many books on May 1940, Blitzkrieg etc but not on that period beforehand. Any recommendations?
  15. Can I add a note on varifocal glasses. When I got a pair my Mrs insisted in the fashionable ones with quite a short distance top to bottom of the lens. In daily use I found the narrowness of the lens a problem in that you were either in focus or not and that depending on your situation could be an irritant at best and a problem at worst. I didn't replace them when the time came figuring it's best to get more than one pair of glasses optimised for the job in hand.