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  1. Just had another thought. Blenheim?
  2. Having caught flu I felt entitled to the afternoon off and am plonked on the couch watching an episode of Al Murray's War Walk Road to Berlin programme. It's about the bombing of Essen. Anyway one of the stock shots is a colour overhead of 3 B-17s. The one nearest the camera has some markings I have not seen before. I can't say what the fuselage sides are like but the plan view is interesting. The aircraft is mostly in natural metal finish First the starboard wing has a large letter K in a red or black triangle with possibly yellow surround to it. I think it's black but the colour film is affected by sunshine as you can see in places on the .real airframe. The two furthest away fortresses appear to have the usual green anti glare panel before the cockpit glazing but the one nearest looks almost pink. Possible sun effects on the triangle and panel? The port wing outer panel where the national us insignia is located is in scruffy and worn through to the metal green camouflage paint but the wing tip panel is still unpainted. The wing panels roughly above where the flaps would be are also in a dark colour different to the green panel. Sort of chocolate brown. The upper starboard horizontal stabiliser is painted red but not the port side which is in nm. Looks like a Cheyenne tail turret but not 100% certain. Again not certain but think the waist windows are not staggered. Interesting and shows what I am guessing would be patching up in the field?
  3. A new tool Spitfire 1940 to their Typhoon standard would make sense. I like the idea of Beaufighter, a Defiant or Lightning as suggested. How about a Hawker Hunter tooled to make either the F6 or FGA9 from the box? Lots of marking options and conversion possibilities and airframes easily available for Lidar scanning.
  4. Chaps let's keep this as a condolences thread. I am sure there is a healthy debate here and suspect many or even most of us share similar thoughts but best not too detract from our opportunity to note our sympathy to those affected.
  5. Fear of stuffing it up like the folks above. I did work out a solution to my fear of starting my 1/32 Echelon English Electric Lightning when I raided the piggy bank and bought a second one as a back up. Great idea.......except I now have 2 I am afraid to start.
  6. And no surprise to find he is a former army officer. Condolences to those grieving tonight for lost ones.
  7. Watched a bit the other night as did my wife. We both thought the presenters were amateurish in the sense that they were either trying too hard or working off a prepared scrip they didn't really believe in. A bit like watching your neighbours act out the amateur drama in the village hall. Mr Le Blanc was super in Friends but out his depth. Hard to put a finger on it and maybe in time they can get it all to click but for now............nice try but no cigar Still better without Chris Evans but that can be applied to most things
  8. Correction/edit to my post above "Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch and Ouch"
  9. I would put my money on "OUCH!"
  10. I have to say I too fear that revamping all too often results in mediocrity and banal push button toys for exhibits on the basis that modern man presumably needs something akin to an Xbox to attract his attention. Edinburgh Chambers Street is now a mish mash of fancy pricey cafes and disjointed exhibits with themed displays such as "The Vikings" that you pay a fee to see coupled with interactive exhibits that do not work. Some years back I heard mutterings that East Fortune was being considered as too militaristic and that there needed to be more emphasis on civil aviation. PC or what? Last time I was there the time line display of Wot happened in WW2 had a very nice photo titled HMS Warspite fires broadside or something. Good picture too. Pity it said either Musashi or Yamato. My ship identification is not good enough to distinguish which one but Warspite never had raked funnels and a floatplane on the back. The function of a museum is to educate way before entertaining. It's not a Disney theme park.
  11. Congrats to England from North of the Border. Good tournament and hopefully not too downcast at not quite doing the Grand Slam. Well played Ireland and my own team at Murrayfield. It is sad to see Vern Cotter going as he has brought the team on well beyond where I would have expected them to be at this stage. All in all a decent tournament I'd say and everyone can take something away from it for the future. To make it all a bit more interesting I would very much like to see Italy's form improving. The three home nations ex England also need to look at squad depth but quite how they manage that with the small population size is well beyond me ! So in summary well done all for some entertaining matches and good luck going forward.
  12. Actually I was broadening my current affairs with a perusal of the BBC news website so there. Crikey it could be worse. I mean it's not like I was looking at Hyperscale or anything. As some may know my wife Sue works in the NHS. Many years ago when in Accidents and Emergency a small boy was admitted with a bottle stuck a la appendage. He mother was so embarrassed and bemoaned "Oh why couldn't he just get a saucepan stuck on his head like the other kids?" Felt for her.
  13. I am now so old I cant remember that far back. I do know the first kit I had bought for me and built for me was the old 1/72 Airfix Hurricane in grey plastic. I was mesmerised by the roundels and of course to every male in the family who looked at it was a "Spitfire". My uncle who was in the RAF national serviceman made it and he know of course. I cant recall the very first one I made myself on my own though. PS I still have one tail plane off that Hurricane in the spares box
  14. The things firemen get called out to do. And they used an angle grinder If they had approached me with that for that job I think I would have been so "diminished" the ring would have dropped off by itself.
  15. Well I am a Scot and I think it's funny. Mind you I can't take too seriously any game that has 30 blokes running around in winter in shorts throwing a ball behind them as they run forward. I have on occasion opined that all sport if thought about logically is absurd. I enjoyed a good game of squash in my day but don't think about what you're doing too much or you might feel foolish. I was at the last foray at Murrayfield and was very disappointed in some of the post match comments from both sets of fans leaving the ground which are more frequently heard on football terracing. Bad grace from both and something I hope does not insidiously creep into the rugby family. Very non Britmodeller that