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  1. Funny & Odd Things in my work Area

    Ladies cosmetic blusher brush. Ultra soft and great for dusting models and no damage if careful
  2. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    A new study shows a correlation between blood groups and spelling ability in humans. Seemingly the people most likely to make errors are type O's
  3. Red Arrow 3 down.

    BBC report understood to be 2 on board but no more info.
  4. I have a few of these in the stash - can I send them to you so you can do that part of the cutting out for me as its done so well Now if only they could invent self cutting vac forms ! Sitting back and watching with interest and delight. Crack on young man
  5. Things I don’t understand

    That's wrong on so many levels!
  6. Things I don’t understand

    This took me back to 1981, driving down the hill at Ettrick Terrace, Selkirk in my MGB with my large short haired German Shepherd sitting on the battery box behind the seats and leaning forward head out the passenger side window enjoying the breeze quite happily on a hot summer day with roof down. I felt the lad stiffen and the stare developed. About 40 yards down the road was the local traffic officer standing with hair dryer hand held radar device measuring my under 30 mph speed and suddenly noting that he is getting the lads full attention. Our champion of law and order clearly didn't fancy several stones of GSD landing on him at 25-28 mph velocity plus muscle power and got out of the way sharpishly. Did make me smile a little at the time. I recall the story of a guy who spotted a lady park her car with keys left in. he thought he would nick it - well its too much of an opportunity to miss for certain types. He got about 20 yards down the road before a large head and set of teeth appeared at his head level snarling at him. He had not spotted the German Shepherd laying down in the back who was decidedly not amused. I think I read that he got stopped and out of the car at the third or fourth attempt. Back on topic - cars with cherished number plates that cost several times the value of the car? I'd rather upgrade to a better car after selling the plate on.
  7. P170 Pod Racing

    Perhaps not but I have read the the designers of the HP Victor resurrected the same wing planform for the Victor as the crescent wing planfrom devised by Dipl.-Ing. R E Kosin who was Arado's chief aerodynamicist had designed for the Arado 234 V16. I understand that the wing was assembled and ready for attachment to the aircraft fuselage but before that could be done the assembly plant was overrun by British troops and the wing was scrapped.. Handley Page resurrected this design for the HP 88 and the Victor. So not so far off the mark as might have been thought!
  8. Advice for EE Lightning reference books.

    There is a fair bit of useful info in the SAM Publication and its not too expensive as books go. For extensive photographic coverage on all marks inc the F6 you will find Danny Coremans & Peter Gordts coverage in the DACO Publications book hard to beat I would think. Aeroguide No8 covers the Mk3 & Mk6 Hope that gives some inspiration
  9. Hmnn..Coastal Command or 100 Group?? Now that is the question
  10. Harrier with Shrike

    Its covered in part in the book Harrier Boys. Chapter 9 by Peter Squire makes mention of reinforcement aircaft in the Falklands War flown by Nick Gilchrist and Ross Boyens "who have done all the trials work leading to the GR3 release clearances for LGB and anti radiation (Shrike) weapons.....". In context it's a passing comment but that would probably seems to be an answer. He goes on to mention that Shrike has been dropped in kit form alongside the carrier and constructed by ground crew using the operators manual. Whether that went further before hostilities ceased he does not say.
  11. Snowmageddon

    Steve given the average age on here there is a fair few of us likely to have a wet patch from time to time wholly regardless of weather conditions prevailing at the time. Nice to see white van man making up for time lost in the snow now that tarmac can be seen again. Not letting foggy conditions, a line of traffic and a Gatso camera and with an oncoming car emerging from the gloom going to put him off overtaking and making up for lost time. Conditions clearly returning to normal.
  12. Your post about two engines for the price of one immediately reminded me of the problems with He177. Also interesting point made by Graham too. Gets you thinking why did certain types seem to respond better with certain engines? I am sure an engineer will know.
  13. I had always understood the conventional view of the Manchester was that it was a duffer and Avro was saved by the Lancaster development. Just about everything I read in books like the SAM datafile covering the Manchester, Lanc and Lincoln say so. However when reading Martin Bowmans book "Flying into the Flames of Hell" Chapter 3 re one Ernie Rodley pilot he writes :- " Later, we reached the last phase of the course, which was to convert on to the Manchester. Somewhat awed by the size of this monster, I found it a delight to fly. Everything worked - after all, they were nearly new - and I was relieved to find that I had not completely lost the art of landing. Actually the Manchester was even nicer to fly than the Lancaster was. With 12 feet less in wingspan and a closer engine mass, it had a rate of roll like a fighter. The landing, with a trickle of engine to offset the high wing loading, was like that of the Anson. Then, once on the ground, the huge 16 feet props bit into the air, decelerating the machine like wheel brakes. The Vulture was now very dependable. The big end trouble had been overcome and one only has to remember how the Manchester took the brunt of the work at the Lancaster Conversion Units to realise what a good job Rolls Royce had done." The author of those remarks was an ex Wellington pilot who was pre war RAFVR and with over 1000 hours went first to instructing on Wellingtons before doing a tour on ops. Its an interesting set of comments rather going against the flow. Similarly I recall speaking with a flight engineer who flew Stirlings, Lancasters and Halifaxes. His comment was that the Halifax B111 was developed from the poorer earlier marks and was every bit as good as the Lancaster in every way and better some except that all important load carrying capacity. Thought to share to Manchester comments and wonder if anyone has read similar
  14. Snowmageddon

    We had a barn owl sat stock still in a bush in the garden for a couple of hours this am. Really shouldn't be out in day time so had to be starving. They can't catch their voles and mice as they can't hear them under the snow once it gets too deep. I called the SSPCA for advice and went out with box and blankets. Was told if it flies off then it's still not too weak but if dangerously weak it will sit and let you cover it. The plan was to box it and shelter out of the elements in the wood store until the sspca inspector arrived. The outcome was that once I got within several feet it did fly away but looked shabby poor thing. Trouble is you can't put food out for it as they don't recognise non live grub unless you are really lucky. Plus they have a very particular diet. Poor thing. Hope it makes it
  15. Snowmageddon

    nice work What scale and did you pre shade? Meantime we are still coping with drifts twice the height of the Subaru Forester which admirably copes. Unlike the visiting gentleman being driven to a main road by a local farmer as he was too concerned about things to drive himself. His vehicle he thought couldn't cope? A top spec range Rover of course.