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  1. That's a very nice Mirage. I like that a lot.
  2. Cambrai of course. Knew it but was just teasing. To make amends if this ever gets traction I will turn my hand to a WW1 tank to make amends to Panzer Vor. (Traction - see what I did there? )
  3. What's happening on 20 Nov next year then ?
  4. 17 December 1903 ?
  5. After two large stiff end of week shorts pre food I am no longer confident in my cognitive faculties so you will need to keep me right. Future Group Build. Wholly dependant on members honour code. We build something in a genre we have not done before. Something thrown together as a kid decades ago does not count. IE my several 1/700 Airfix battleships from 1970 don't count against me if I fancy a bit nautical nor does my Airfix Panther from 1960 something. Eg I have not built a tank, ship,or car, indeed nothing other than things that fly since the 1980's. So to qualify I pick one of the aforesaid and beg on my knees for guidance from those who are experts. Hopefully I find a whole new world of modelling and broaden my horizons. Also it gives a wee boost to the other modellers out there who might welcome more exposure on here in there favourite genre and also they can mentor us duffers. Or am I talking mince as usual? Would it work and would it fly?
  6. A 1/350 or bigger 1916 HMS Barham or Malaya as she was at Jutland. And I only do aircraft but I'd convert over to the nautical side for that.
  7. Paul just sent you a request by e-mail to see if you can do me some 1/32 Mitchell decals please. Trust all is well with you regards John
  8. Manufacturing subcontracted to Grumman I suppose
  9. I could rabbit on forever suggesting what you should do but Martin Lewis covers it all very well here I recommend a thorough read !
  10. Paul with your outlook I am sure something will come along quickly. The reason they want you to get a lawyer is to cover them so you cant go back later and say you were not advised properly. Its not for your benefit I suspect they will have given you a standard agreement and a pay off thats more than your strict legal entitlement. It solves any problems for them cheaply or so I would suspect. A good employment lawyer will grasp the position within the first meeting and it will be at his/her fingertips. £250 should cover it more or less unless there are complications.
  11. Paul Sorry to hear about your problem. Some bullet points to help. Use the Law Society find a solicitor service but make sure you get one that's an employment law specialist not the firms do it all court guy. Legal profession is increasingly specialised these days and like doctors you don't want a gynecologist to do your knee replacement. Check all your insurance policies for packaged legal expenses cover. It might cover you. You may be surprised. Personally I find the CAB great for benefits or rent type cases but very average to pointless on any company legal issues. Not knocking them as they are great at what grey do. Horses for courses. Last it sounds like they are offering the standard contribution towards your costs for a "compromise agreement" should be straightforward.
  12. Well at least there was no pretension of that! Was the script writer short of ideas so pinched a couple of scripts off the 1960's "The Avengers"? And I liked that series for what it was and not trying to be something totally different. Silent Witness another good programme hitting the rocks for fantastical story lines and preposterous roles for actors.
  13. Oh dear, sitting watching and waiting for the Tardis to arrive next. Why do writers depart into fantasy?
  14. Someone forgot the golden rule of how business.......