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  1. Jamie I can assure you no PMs flying about. A few persons have PM'd me and I have not replied to any as too busy with work last night and again this morning. I will have the courtesy to reply to them later today but only to refer them to the several posts above making it clear that no vendors are engaged in hacking etc of BM or slagging Mike off and nothing else. I do not have the time organise boycotts or start campaigns - especially behind closed doors as its not my style. You are correct to point out that there is no proof that persons on another site who posted promoting an attack on this site are behind the recent disruption. But it was not the brightest of things for them to post though in the circumstances. No vendors have been named but I assume that you think your business may be on the site to which reference has been made. As I mentioned in my reply to Duncan above I am sure you will do what is best and I respect that. regards John
  2. Apologies if my post came across that way Duncan. Certainly not my intent. Now that Mikes explanation is out in the open - and I have seen more of the background than the general membership - it might explain why I took the view I have. The guy has been pilloried and abused (as have others on here - ask what is perceived as a silly question and you are classed as a *******) for ages and frankly I am amazed at his patience. Some of what has been said is downright vile. I think the worst has been taken down or at least current postings are more moderated. However there are existing screen shots and if people on here saw how he had been talked about I am sure they would be as angry as I am on his behalf. Fact is we as members dont know the half of it. I am aware from conversations with Mike that at times he has nearly closed down and walked away just to get peace and quiet for himself and family. He has stuck at it because he does not want to let the members here down. I guess I feel I we all owe him for that. I can tell you the thought crossed his mind very recently. If it had been me I'd have pulled the plug years ago on the basis I didn't need the hassle and invective and just done some quiet modelling away at home. I have also read, posted on open forum elsewhere, discussions about how good it would it would be to take down this site, costs for same and so on. While all that might just be explained away as joshing, high jinks, egging on, of course no one really meant it etc etc. It is a silly thing to do as if it does happen - ie an attack on the site as the author of such posts casts a shadow of suspicion (no more) over themselves. Just silly and unworthy. My view on this is a very personal one and as the owner of a small business which is highly sensitive reputationally for work and wholly dependent on referral business from co professionals I am acutely aware of what reputational damage can be caused. I sincerely hope that none is caused to yourself or the other vendors. If I was a vendor on said site I would have a look at what goes on there and ask a question though. Does my business want to be associated with this sort of thing? Its not the odd post or poster but seems endemic. Do I want my business reputation associated with this by having a presence there? Personally I would walk but thats just my view and I respect that others may have a quite legitimate contrary view. I acknowledge that not being in the industry is also very easy for me to take that view and understand it could be a much harder call for those relying upon sales for income. For that reason I'd respect any vendor who wants to stay there. It may be a word to the site owners that continuing support may depend on acts being cleaned up and that would be one answer. Of course the whole problem goes away if these muppets just shut up and maybe peer pressure might get them to understand that the views they express are anachronistic to 98% of the rest of us and unwelcome. I hope this unpleasantness does disappear and that the continued existence of this site is secured so we can all enjoy it.
  3. Chaps just so there is no confusion on this I am not suggesting that vendors are participating in any activity against Britmodeller. They are not. What I am saying is that some naturally want to do business on all modelling sites and I can understand that. No problem there. What my point is that some sites actively have a pop at Britmodeller and where any vendor is active on a site such as that I will not take my custom to them even if I can save cash. Its a matter of principle. However if said vendors move on then I will happily buy off them.
  4. I sold on my 1/48 Meteors to go up to 1/32. Those sheets make me wish I'd kept them.
  5. Exactly and effective. Cost me a fiver or thereabouts (2 coffees worth!) but was worth it. If the vendor reads this and other BM member come customers walk past too then he might think how many other sales do I lose by having a presence on a site with few members and pretty nasty ones at that
  6. Aeroclub have done a Vac form and if I recall a limited run injection one as well Have a look on eBay etc and places like Kingkit. PS Just noted one on eBay but seller wants £79. Silly money for a Vac even an Aeroclub one. If shelling out better to try for a Silver Wings one in 1/32. They are resin based but really cracking kits
  7. Mike Just my small protest. I wanted an expensive model and bought it last month off Hannants. I paid more than I could have bought it for from a vendor who advertises on one of the sites where slagging off Britmodeller is the form. I will not buy off them while they continue to have a presence there and I recommend that approach to other members here. Just my wee way of hitting back. Won't buy a certain magazine either but that hardly going to change things. A lost regular buyer of expensive kits is something else. My money, my choice.
  8. Don't do ships myself but having found this thread late I do wonder why! Lovely model and work
  9. Funny thing Mike but as we all know what the cause of the slow running is their efforts are counterproductive. Their lack of character in hiding behind the anonymity of the net is eloquent testimony to their immaturity and small minds.
  10. I am an Islander... Britten Norman of course
  11. Or if not he's off his roccer Nice idea for a project though and shows the Roc did have a use!
  12. forgive him - he read it but U571 is so bad his brain automatically deleted his memory of seeing it to preserve his sanity Now what were you saying again.......?
  13. For God's sake let's hope Trumpeters B team never ever see this.
  14. It's interesting how many Irishmen or those have some Irish blood in their veins rose to high rank in the army. Wellington, Montgomery and Field Marshal Alan Brooke to name a few with Irish ancestry.
  15. After the German Parliaments shilly shallying over the Typhoon time scale last time round costing us a few bob I would by tying up any joint build contract with them in the future with draconian time performance penalties if getting into a future Tornado/Typhoon the sequel.