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  1. I am not sure if this is the right place but have taken a stab at putting it here. Hopefully I wont get into too much trouble if its not in the right place. I was re-reading "Black Arrow, Blue Diamond" by Brian Mercer and noted in the appendix that he flew the Blue Diamonds routine at Turnhouse 1961. Now I was 8 and taken to that show and of my few memories which are very vague I recall seeing a Hunter team display and a guy blowing up balloons on which you attached your name and they were allowed to float away to see whose went the farthest. No FOD issues there obviously After looking and Googling I found these photos. I think I have better do the link to the chaps site to avoid copyright issues. I was most upset to find that I had no memory of 4 Javelins in line astern and all three V Bombers at one show. Happy days - if only I could remember them !
  2. Jings yes - missed it too. I read all his stuff in the 80's and nineties I think. As said above after a while a little formulaic but still cracking reads.Sorry to learn he has passed away.
  3. I have one on the to do list as well so any pics would be great. One thing I have always wondered about was when the little union flag appeared on the starboard side of the front fuselage. Its there in some pics and not in others.
  4. Superb. Love the guy looking round the corner. His pose allows you to get inside what he is feeling at that moment. You have the rubbish/garbage/ details on building and all the rest just spot on. Only thing missing I would venture is the smell !!
  5. Is that Airfix new LIDAR scanning operator doing a quality control check?
  6. That's my understanding and what the OZ Mods set does. Had it and parted with my CA kit.
  7. From some reviews I read before selling my CA Hudson at a nice price I gather installing the fuselage side windows can provide hours of "interesting times". OZ Mods do a bomb bay as well as the tail planes. From photos I think you could do as well scratching that though. You are aware of the eighth rule of modelling? Just as you start to modify and correct a difficult hard to find expensive model when there is no alternative an accurate mainstream state of the art kit is announced.
  8. At the tender age of about 8 in 196ty oatcake I tackled my first Airfix kit with a tube of Britfix77 and an empty box of matches to sand down the sprue attachment as Dad wouldn't let me have anything sharp. No paint, tools, nothing except a pin to stick in the tube end. The only advice was "And don't get any on the carpet!" Oddly got as much satisfaction off that as anything I do now.
  9. I think I can honestly say I never experienced buyers remorse. Perhaps remorse at not buying at times when I should have. Not models, not cars, not most things really. Now women...that's a whole different story. I am an expert in that field. (Excepting Mrs T of course)
  10. Aye you do get them in all shapes, sizes and places. On the other hand every now and then a real gem does come along and makes it all worth while. The hard part is not letting the clowns colour your whole view of everyone, especially when you over experience the idiots. Anyway brilliant work on the Venoms. And just to balance the plonkers a massive thanks for all your contributions on here.
  11. You can say that again. After night two both cars were safely tucked away at dusk in the garage. The noise they make if you go out with the dogs once they are in the hedge is incredible too
  12. We have a very large garden and a huge cherry laurel hedge about 25 feet high around the perimeter. Its very bushy too. Around 500-1000 starlings at a guess are roosting in there every night and at dusk we get the most amazing display of formation aerobatics by them as they circle before diving into the hedge. 10-15 minutes of a cloud of them all twisting and turning. Not seen any mid airs either! The local Hawk is looking bemused and just sitting there The only downside is making sure the cars are in the garage or its wash time again. Messy beggars. I am sure they target them. Who needs a Norden sight
  13. 36b? One can see how the troops were hardened up at the front when faced with that
  14. Indeed, I gather that mentioning the inflatable socks while operational on Fruitbats was a court martial offence . If one thought a colleague was about to commit the offence he was quickly told with a huge wink to "Put a sock in it" this originating the current use meaning to "Shut up". We're rumours of quick release Y fronts just that as well as the quick release bra for female crew in extremis?
  15. Colin On the matter of cash - According to the BBC today our hunter killer subs are not at sea on operations at present. With no asw aircraft I guess we are a bit bare in the cupboard when it comes to anti sub capability.