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  1. 1/32 Westland Whirlwind - What happened?

    Ah ha! Many thanks
  2. I was searching Britmodeller for some info and within a thread several years ago I read that HpH had started work on one but abandoned the project as a mainstream manufacturer was intending to bring one out. I assume that never progressed? Wonder if HpH might dust off the file?
  3. Great idea with lovely execution. Have to complain that by photographing it you disobeyed the sign saying no flash photography. You will get modellers a bad name. 😁
  4. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    When the RAF aerobatic team flew Hunters?
  5. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    Clegg or Foggie then? Oh, Nora Batty. Spotted you at the Airfix stand on the Saturday And remember when carbon paper was an office essential? And phones were wired to the wall?
  6. Joy Lofthouse ATA dies at 94

    She and her colleagues, all wonderful ladies without exception. Having seen them on the television they seemed to exude style and were a class act. So sad to see them go on ahead but so in admiration of them
  7. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    When the boys away weekend looks like an episode of Last of the Summer Wine" Why does Telford suddenly leap into my mind.....😱
  8. Is Trump a happy horse?

    The horse is on the left The Alpha Sierra Sierra is on the right I tried putting in the word for a small equine animal but the sites swear checker keeps changing it to "bottom" all because of that Americanism for ones posterior
  9. Royal Navy Colours - glossy, satin or flat

    If I recall correctly the one in the East Fortune museum is pretty glossy but not a high gloss. I'd go for a half way house between gloss and satin. I am not sure how representative the museum machine is. It may have been repainted for preservation purposes. Looking at it at times I thought "its satin". Then a light hits is and its glossy! I wondered if it had been a higher gloss and then just worn a bit dull in service? How you get to that effect in painting I am not sure! Mix the varnish coats maybe? I'd try a test piece though first PS just looked at the Google photos of her and she is definitely gloss cum satinish sort of.............. Have a look and you will find some times a wing looks glossy and in the next on the fuselage looks satin. Thats what I recalled seeing. I suspect I'd go for a satin finish myself if looking at an in service machine to allow for weathering
  10. 1/32 Avro Lancaster Mk.III

    Oh Yes That will damage my bank balance
  11. A poster was asking about stencils on another post and I got to thinking about my aversion to seeing models covered in stencils which to my eye always make the model look like its had an outbreak of measles. I got to asking myself "Why?" I wonder if it's that decal printers have the stencils for aircraft printed in an unsuitable colour? If in say, full black print are they just too stark when reduced to go on say a 1/48 or 1/32 model? Should decal manufacturers make their stencils more toned down so they blend more easily? Just a thought and would welcome any observations and comments. Most likely I am talking dross as usual!!
  12. Blue Steel Vulcans in anti-flash white

    Tom the Hannants Airdecal sheet has a white Vulcan XL386 which I assume was a Blue Steel carrier as XL385 also of 9 Sqn was - at least according to the info on the decal sheets. My eyes and monitor are not so great that I can really tell if the last number of the serial is a 5 or a 6 on the Airdecal sheet and if the Airdecal sheet is replicating the earlier subject on the Modeldecal sheet. No matter really as there are enough spare numbers on the sheet to create any serial you want so I'd buy the Airdecal sheet and then do the XL386 which Modeldecal had on theirs. Its a tenner well spent Good luck John
  13. Blue Steel Vulcans in anti-flash white

    Fundekals do a sheet that has a good few options generally but features an all white Blue Steel carrier XH555 27 Sqn RAF Scampton 1963 that might fit the bill. You could probably sell/trade on the unused decals. Its sold out but you might find a second hand set? Modeldecal sheet 70 has XL385 of 9 Sqn Conningsby 1963 again a Blue Steel carrier - again if you can find that sheet
  14. Blue Steel Vulcans in anti-flash white

    27 Squadron profile in Osprey Vulcan Units of the Cold War Google images search "27 Squadron Vulcans" shows 2-3 profiles too
  15. Airfix (old) Phantom

    Very nice job on a kit that is almost as old as me! I must have had it in what? the first part of the 1960's? It must be cracking on for 50 years old now surely. Great job giving lie to the old saying about not being able to make a silk purse from a sows ear.