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  1. RIP but too early.
  2. Gents, Please keep this topic on thread. If you dont like or want to go along with the topics original poster you are under no obligation to take part in the discussion. Julien
  3. They normally probe up dont they!! KP sorry to hear your situation.
  4. The shipping line should be conversant with the terms used. So should any freight forwarder. If its flammable liquids in these type of quantities then it will fall under the Excepted Quanties rules or would have thought or at the very least limited quantities provisions. You would need the Material Data Safety sheets for un numbers etc to find the exact provisions for the applicable regaulations but for most flammable liquids its 30ml per pot and then either 1000g, 500g or 300g per package. Its all a bit complicated but any repuatble freight forwarder or shipping line should be able to walk you through this. The rules are different for air but again are not difficult. As I work in this area I would advise 100% against non declaration as even for small amount the fines can be heavy. What can and cant enter for customs purposes I dont know, but again your freight forwarder should be aware of this. Julien
  5. Not sure if it has anything to do with the demise of Modelzone but our local WH Smiths in Ipswich has a small selection of Airfix & Revell kits. Also some Humbrol & Revell paints as well. When I went in today the models & paints were on buy one, get the second half price. It would have been rude to ignore that! Good to see models, even in a limited way back on the high street. Julien
  6. Nice, mine is on order. I have the gun system as well, fancy this as a diorama posibility!
  7. Cant wait for this one.
  8. No but I have one if you have any questions Dave. Nice kit with a metal barrel included. Julien
  9. I would imagine the power train and systems would take more maintenance than the older russian tanks they have, If they do manage to use these I would suspect they would be high on any allied aircraft target lists.
  10. Good pictures. If you weathered a kits wheels like that people would think you mad
  11. I picked these two up at a show yesterday. Good deal on the Faun, but had to pay full retail for the Brennus Julien
  12. Just to let everyone know Ilias has been in contact with Mike regarding setting up a trader forum so its all in hand. Julien
  13. Hi, can we only have one thread per rumour pls. Julien
  14. News just in from Tanmodel, a new tool Su-33 in 1.32, now this will be MASSIVE!
  15. You need sunglasses to look at that!
  16. Hi Tammy, not sure Greg meant anything by it, just a general term. Julien
  17. NEW

    Hi, with help from Mike, the other mods and the review team I have been working on getting a walkaround section here on Britmodeller. This will hopefully contain the sort of detail shots only modellers need. ie the left handed widget on the Blackburn Wurlitzer etc. We are aiming for Aircraft, helicopters, Tanks, Softskins, airliners, Ships, Subs, Weapons, Ejection seats, ground equipment. Basically anything of interest to the modeller. Guys & gals this section will only be as good as the info we can get and post up. If you would like to contribute then please let me know. many thanks Julien
  18. NEW

    Bell Boeing MV-22 Osprey pictures added today. Julien
  19. Bell Boeing MV-22 Osprey, pics thanks to member "Fights On" taken on board USS MAKIN ISLAND LHA-8.
  20. Spitfire V.III Update sets, masks & decals - For Eduard Kit 1:72 Eduard The new Eduard kit is a good one, however Eduard are also offering their update sets for the kit. Here we have an update set, flaps, masks and additional decals. Update Set (72645) This is one brass fret. It contains parts for the cockpit bulkheads, pilots seat (and frame), rudder pedals, radiator flaps, undercarriage doors, tail wheel doors, canopy crash bar, and rear control linkages. Flaps(72646) This is one large brass fret which provides flaps, and wells for the kit. The ribs are those already attached which need to be bent into position. Some work on kit parts is needed. Stencil Decals (D72013) This small sheet provides the stencils the kit needs. Rather than a stand alone item this is ideally suited to the modeller who has purchased overtrees to use another of the kit main decal options, Masks(CX478) Supplied on a sheet of yellow kabuki tape, these pre-cut masks supply you with a full set of masks for the canopy, with compound curved handled by using frame hugging masks, while the highly curved gaps are in-filled with either liquid mask or offcuts from the background tape. Conclusion These sets will enhance your Spitfire model. Recommended. Review samples courtesy of
  21. Star Wars - The Force Awakens Millennium Falcon 1:72 Revell Easy Kit She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts. If you have not heard of the Millennium Falcon by now, then where have you been since 1977! Central to the plot in the Earlier films it would seem the Millennium Falcon has been brought back for the latest film with the rather tantalising glimpse in the trailer of Han and Chewie returning "home". The Kit Here Revell have re-boxed their earlier kit with a new sprue for the updated parts, and some rather fake looking effects pre-painted on the hull. The kit arrives with the main hull on two large sprues, three other sprues (including the new one) and two clear sprues. The clear sprue for the rear exhaust area has been sprayed blue on one side, some of the overspray from the process has covered the front side and could do with being cleaned off. Construction begins with the cockpit pod. Here the sides have been coloured straight matt black, unlike the earlier release which had the seats a different colour. The cockpit and rear bulkhead are fitted into the lower pod half. Next up construction moves to the landing gear. If the gear is going to be up then these don't need to be built (though the instructions only tell you this later!) Next to be built up is the is part of the internal ramp and the new radar scanner for the top. Moving to the underside of the craft the ramp is mounted as are the lower guns. The landing gear, or the covers if building gear up can then be added. The Internal ramp parts are then added along with the lower turret glazing. Next all the side components are added into the lower hull. Most of these just slot into place, though the instructions have you taping some of them in place to hold them in which seems a bit Heath Robinson (Rube Goldberg for our US readers!). The last part to be added is the lower cockpit pod. With the lower hull parts sorted it is time to move to the top hull. The top turret guns and glazing are added along with the top of the cockpit pod. The radar unit can be added now as well. Finally the two halves of the hull can be joined to complete the model. Conclusion Sadly Revell have rather ruined the look of the kit with their colouring of the parts, this could be fixed by painting it. Recommended only if you understand what you're getting in the box. Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit
  22. NEW

    Vickers Valiant cockpit pictures added today; Julien