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  1. Shockingly enough none. Companies come and companies go. I am buy kits from manufactures new and old. I am sure some of the new people wont last, and I am sure some of them will go onto be big.
  2. When I was a teenager in Hong Kong (Dad was in the Army out there) there was a small model shop in the local town Sheng Shui, now this place was tiny by modern shop standards but the amount of kits in there was a massive, it must have been made by the same people who did the tardis. The rate for the HK$ was very good to the £ so everything seemed cheap as well. Also miss being able to buy Matchbox kits in the corner shop, my first experience of kit buying.
  3. Used the reverse end of the superglue cap to pierce the metal top and then put in my mouth that end first for safe keeping!
  4. Happy Birthday

    Wow 10 years tomorrow it will be since joining BM. Time flies. Panzer Vor!!! you can go back to sleep now!
  5. They have their own shop on their site; I have ordered from a few Polish retailers lately with no issues, They only take paypal for retail orders, but then you are covered by Paypal. No minimum order as well which is good. JUlien
  6. NEW

    Walter Wolf Racing WR1 Formula 1 car added today. Julien
  7. Walter Wolf Racing WR1 Formula 1 car, pic thanks to Stuart.
  8. NEW

    Ordnance Quick-Firing 17-pounder Anti Tank Gun pics added today. Julien
  9. Ordnance Quick-Firing 17-pounder Anti Tank Gun, pics thanks to Alan.
  10. Oh yeah!
  11. I would go hasegawa, an oldie but a good kit.
  12. B-17E/F Update sets & masks - For Hong Kong Models Kit 1:32 Eduard The Hong Kong Models kit is a good one, however Eduard are along as always offering their update sets for the kit. Here we have 6 sets for the Bomb Bay, Bomb Racks, Engines, Landing Flaps, Undercarriage and Seatbelts. There are also a two sets of masks, on for the E model and one for the F model. Bomb Bay (32400) This is one large brass fret. As the title would suggest the set provides new parts for the bomb bay as well as the bomb bay doors. The modeller will need to supply some 1.5mm square profile in addition to what's in the set. Bomb Rack (32899) This is one brass fret, and one coloured fret. As the title would suggest the set provides new parts for the bomb racks, as well as lugs and vanes for the bombs. The coloured parts represent warning and other placards. Engines (32397) This is one brass fret. As the title would suggest the set provides new parts for the engines, mainly in the form of a new wiring harness, but also includes other detailing parts for items which will be seen through the cowls. There are some detail parts for the superchargers and some of the cowl flaps. Undercarriage (32399) This is one brass fret. As the title would suggest the set provides new parts for the undercarriage. A new interior is provided for the tail wheel bay as well as detail parts for the tail wheel leg. New parts are provided for the interior of the main gear wells as well as detail parts for the main gear legs. Flaps(32398) This is 2 very large brass frets which provides flaps for the kit. Some of the ribs are already attached which need to be bent into position, some need to be added individually. Some work on kit parts is needed. Seatbelts(32897) This small fret provides a full set of coloured seatbelts for the aircraft. These are the new Steel belts from Eduard. They are etched from 0.1mm sheet, which looks like stainless steel because it doesn't rust, these new belts combine the best of both worlds. The resulting etch is thin at around 0.06mm, and the paint that has been applied after etching is included in that thickness. The paint itself seems to be more flexible too, and the designs have added details such as shadows printed near buckles and joints to give an added depth to the design. They appear less susceptible to fatigue and will stand up to repeated movements, and can be posed much more realistically due to the ease of bending of the surface. The paint is also a lot less likely to flake off at a sharp bend, which is a worry for standard PE belts. Masks(EX543) Each set is supplied on a 4 sheets of yellow kabuki tape, these pre-cut masks supply you with a full set of masks for all of the clear parts on your chosen B-17 model. E Model F Model Conclusion These sets will enhance an already impressive model. Recommended. Review samples courtesy of
  13. NEW

    Maserati 300S pictures added today. Julien
  14. Maserati 300S pics thanks to Stuart.