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  1. Wow missed this one. Read so many of his books and enjoyed them all.
  2. ebay is cheaper, 8 tubes for £2.25 delivered.
  3. Who cares?
  4. ICM

    Any photos of this anywhere? I doubt it but you never know.
  5. Looking good, must admit I have ordered the resin nose for mine. Julien
  6. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VIII Wheels 1:72 Eduard Brassin Both of these sets are for the new Eduard kit but can be used on any kit. 4 Spoke Wheels with Smooth Tyre (672146) & 4 Spoke Wheels with tread (672147) Each set of wheels comes with both main wheels, the tail wheel & leg combined and a set of mask for painting. Smooth Tyre Tread Tyre Conclusion There's nothing much wrong with Eduard's VII, but even the best kits can be improved on. Naturally Eduard themselves have provided the means to enhance their kit, and quality wheels always look good. Recommended. Review samples courtesy of
  7. STEEL Seatbelts 1:72 Eduard RAF Early Seatbelts STEEL (SS581) This set contains 3 full sets of early RAF Seatbelts. Luftwaffe WWII Fighters Seatbelts STEEL (SS582) This set contains 2 sets each for the Bf 109 & Fw 190 Seatbelts. Conclusion These should enhance your RAF & Luftwaffe models. Recommended.
  8. F2H-2 Banshee Update sets & masks - For Kittyhawk Kit 1:48 Eduard The new Kittyhawk kit is a good one, however Eduard are along as always offering their update sets for the kit. Here we have 3 sets; Update, flaps and seatbelts. Update Set (49809) This is one brass fret and one nickel one. The coloured parts on the nickel fret are mainly for the cockpit including the main instrument panels, side panels and controls, and cockpit sils. Inside the canopy new rails are provided. Other parts in the set include new back plate and foot rest for the ejection seat. New links are provided for the landing gear legs. New door are provided for the main gear. Flaps(48912) This is one large brass fret which provides flaps, airbrakes and wells for the kit. These are split on the kit with part on the straight wing, and part on the engine nacelle. The ribs are those already attached which need to be bent into position. Some work on kit parts is needed. Seatbelts(49810) This small fret provides a full set of coloured seatbelts for the aircraft. These are the new Steel belts from Eduard. They are etched from 0.1mm sheet, which looks like stainless steel because it doesn't rust, these new belts combine the best of both worlds. The resulting etch is thin at around 0.06mm, and the paint that has been applied after etching is included in that thickness. The paint itself seems to be more flexible too, and the designs have added details such as shadows printed near buckles and joints to give an added depth to the design. They appear less susceptible to fatigue and will stand up to repeated movements, and can be posed much more realistically due to the ease of bending of the surface. The paint is also a lot less likely to flake off at a sharp bend, which is a worry for standard PE belts. Masks(EX543) Supplied on a sheet of yellow kabuki tape, these pre-cut masks supply you with a full set of masks for the canopy, with compound curved handled by using frame hugging masks, while the highly curved gaps are in-filled with either liquid mask or offcuts from the background tape. Wheel Masks, and camera window masks are also supplied. Conclusion These sets will enhance your Banshee model. Recommended. Review samples courtesy of
  9. FFAR Rockets (672145) 1:72 Eduard Brassin The Forward Firing Aircraft Rocket (FFAR) is not to be confused with the later Folding Fin Aerial Rocket which share the same abreviation. They were originally developed as a 3.5" anti submarine warfare rocket with no charge designed to punture a submarines hull. Due to their accuracy they were later developed into a 5" explosive version by attaching a 5" shell to the original 3.5" rocket body. There were some limitations to the rocket carrying a 5" shell and the High Velocity Aircraft Rocket was developed to overcome these. The original FFAR was carried by the Duntless & Corsair aircraft. The set arrives in the familiar Brassin box, with the resin parts safely cocooned on dark grey foam inserts. There are eight rockets casts in resin with their rear fins. These are very thin and care will be needed to remove them. Each rocket then has two PE mounting clamps which need to be bent to shape, and a rear fuse line to add. Conclusion. These are highly detailed units and will contribute to the look of your 1:72 build. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  10. STEEL Seatbelts 1:72 Eduard F-4 Seatbelts Gray STEEL (73051) Four full sets of four-point harnesses plus leg restaints in gray for you F-4. Conclusion These should enhance your F-4 cockpit. Recommended.
  11. IPMS only take money from the Seller. OK they receive the cash from the buyer but 90% of this is given to the seller, they only keep 10%.
  12. At least with SMW they came up with a viable alternative which was the kit swap.
  13. Are you sure you know us?
  14. As with any delivery company it depends on how good or bad your local courier is.