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  1. Thanks boss. I could possibly turn said 250kg bomb into a bag pipe. Tartan octopus from above! Thanks, Love you guys. Awsome thanks. they are a bit tattered. You have to build this now. Look how much they need some love. (Nudge, nudge). Johny bagpipe.
  2. Quick question to the BM mass brain. what colour should I do the bomb? I've seen RLM02 and darker. (Not sure the RLM) help me Obi-wan you're my only hope. J
  3. Thanks! I can't sing the praises of airbrushes enough. Since moving over to them a few months ago it's been an amazing learning experience. So many great techniques to try out. Go for it, you won't regret it. John
  4. Great finish you have on that camo. It's a struggle doing such a large plane, but you seem to be doing a really good job. keep up the good work. John.
  5. Nice bit of dipping and sticking going on over here. Johnny.
  6. Brilliant! Page one and you've overtaken me already. great work, that camo looks very smooth. excelent stuff. John.
  7. Looking HOT dear boy. Nice office work. I have a spare pilot from my Bf109 but I fear he may be a little mahoosive for you. keep it up. jont.
  8. Thanks for all the positive comments. I managed to get the first paint on tonight. Avoided a slight crisis and settled in a happy place. Let me show you what happened. I masked off the nose and tail and set about mixing the thinned down RLM65. all mixed 30 x thinner 12 x blue 12 x white I wanted it slightly more washy than usual to allow the pre shade through. pass one. seems to be working well. Pushing on with the next coat. it's really subtle but using the thinned paint you can really adjust the colours to how you want them. I forgot to take a pic of the first side coat but here is number two. And the finally number three. it was here that I decided to have a go at chipping. What a mistakea da makea! luckily for you lot I was flapping so much I didn't get pics. Yes, yes I know you all said that the chipping had to be done right away and guess what? well it did work but I found myself scrubbing at the lower wing to get through to the silver underneath and before I knew what was happening I'd made a right pigs ear of it. so I popped off and made a brew, came back and tidied up the offending area and re sprayed. I think I managed to save it. And the chipping has only survived on the leading edge of the wings. I'll do any light chipping with a pencil at the end. The RLM65 is a little heavier than I would have liked but the subtle shades are coming through which is nice. Here are the full sides. I'm happy with that. After the muchos flappos, chippos, nightmareos, I'm calling it a night. I was kindly sent some masks to use by "Sean_M" They are top notch ones. I've never used masks before but I figured in for a he mentioned above they shouldn't peel off my paint once dry. So she's up and drying. Hopefully we will have more paint tomorrow night. thanks for indulging my bonkers experiments. Happy Modelling you lot. Johnny Chip lack.
  9. Funny, but while we were talking I had a feeling that my replacement mug was being melted in the dishwasher. I whipped open the door to the DW to save it from a pinkish death. Oh the pain, the pain... I hope so too. I've run out of tartan paint, J ps. I have my likes back.
  10. Aaaarrrggghhh. I'm out of likes. But I think I like the axe better than the crowbar, although the CB is pretty cool. Then there are the bolt cutters. too much cool scratch in this build. Nice work Phil. johnny like lack.
  11. Nicely lined up tail there Amigo. epic stuff. J
  12. Thanks Tony. I'm not going to chip the hell out of it but I wasn't sure exactly where I was going to do it so I just base coated the whole lot. Nah it's fine. At least I think it is, I used it on one of my builds, for the life of me I can't remember which one. .... ah the FW 1/72 my first Airfix. That was left for a day or two and chipped fine. we shall see. J EDIT. I read this morning in the tome that for best results you should chip right away. Leaving it to dry fully will make the job harder. ....... didnt wanna chip it anyway.
  13. Thanks. eBay special. Don't put it in the dish washer though. the first one I'm keeping my files in. It's gone a bit pink!
  14. I ran out of likes. but yes I'm looking forward to the tartan underskirt being bathed in RLM goodness too. I have to get some Tamiya pots tomorrow as I don't have the colours. Once again keep em crossed for me. Jont