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  1. Flying boats and float planes GB

    Thinking about it while finishing my HP I dug my only other float plane out of the stash. An easier looking kit on the run up to Christmas. Might change direction, I've never done an all black number. After @CedB s spit primer I'm rather falling in love with the idea of this one. lovely rear windows. Very Roger Dean. Hmmm decisions, decisions. Johnny
  2. Tamiya 1/48 Douglas skyraider

    Yeah, stick with it, you're all closed up and ready for the good bits. Are you building on your lap? Now that's a special talent right there. Tamiya planes are brilliant, I'm sure you'll do it justice in the end. Fair winds sir. John.
  3. Flying boats and float planes GB

    And here's me attempting a 1/32. it is four months though right? Should be a piece of cake? really looking forward to it now. Jont.
  4. Blackburn Roc Floatplane Target Tug

    Those floats with the struts are something else. Nice work. The hat is exactly how I imagined. Jont
  5. "How much more black? And the answer is none, none more black".....Nigel Tufnel. Johnny
  6. Scratch build: 1/72 Breuget Br 5

    Stunning work, that UC looks great. John
  7. Wow that looks great! John
  8. Even with all that masking guess what? On the tail, there look. and on the wheels? How even.... nothing to worry about though, a bit of Tamiya thinners sorted out the overspray. And we're clear. Not 100% accurate but I'm more than happy with that. The other side is done too. I can now get the last bits painted up and stuck on then another gloss and a Flory wash. There are some little struts on the top wing that are missing from the kit, so I'll add them myself, same case with the tail struts. hope you like the markings. Have a great weekend guys. Johnny.
  9. Thanks G. I can't wait either. Thanks Ced. It was a mammoth session. Ahh the chooks, It's kinda like a rescue dog, cat. Basically hens that the farmer has no use for any more, about 12 months old and they all get sent for slaughter. I'd like to save em all, alas what I can save will have to do. Johnny Vegbox. so tempted to have a peek. Must stay strong.
  10. Well it all started last night wondering how I was going to do the masking of the letters. easy I thought, I'll make a paper template I thought. Mr Soft! ok so I'll have another think. while looking down I noticed the wings had a slight twist. If you are planning on building this and you go down the path I have you might want to take note. By twisting the wing you get a slight gap in the engine strut and by adding a shim you can hold the twist in place. Like this. yay! All straight. Any hoo sleeping on it I'm guessing Tamiya tape is the only way to go so. stick it on and free hand the words. solidify the words. decide that tape the other way is better and trace it again. Then cut out using a new blade. Then after much wrestling ( cut it in half first ) we get it in place. Repeat the madness on the other side. With @CedBs overspray on his roundels ringing in my ears I did this. and went for it. im going to leave it to dry now. we are getting some rescue hens to replenish our numbers this afternoon so it looks like I'm sorting the coup out. the plot thickens, well not really but it's a great Cliff hanger. Not quite @TheBaron standard but good for me. have a lovely afternoon chaps. thanks for looking over the wall. Happy Modelling. Johnny overspray protection.
  11. Saturday mornin' be like. gotta make breakfast but soon.....sooooon. Jont
  12. Oooh invasion stripes. Nice. Johnny
  13. Ok guys. Thankyou, I'd decided both too so your votes of confidence have helped me there. I'm doing it as we speak, I'll post up later with the results. It's a right pita by the way. johnny masking mojo
  14. Morning guys. quick question. Do we think the "last days" wording was on both sides or just one? I can't decide and can't find any pictures. Johnny.
  15. Thanks C . Yes I'm planning on rigging with ez line. I'm thinking the rigging won't be so bad. I've noticed a few bits that I'm going to have to scratch build. Nothing too awkward. Early start in the morning. jont