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  1. Good lad.
  2. Very nice work. The wood effect on the prop is great. Jont
  3. Hya Ant. I have just caught up with your build! what a rollercoaster eh. The fit problems are usually a blessing in disguise when you start Modelling, learning new tips and trick to overcome dreaded plastic nightmares in the future. You are doing a cracking job here and as always the most important part, you seem to be having fun. excellent recovery on Sharky. The paint work is great too, with a hairy stick to boot. but trust me if you have the inclination get an airbrush kit. I brush painted at the start and although sometimes needs must it's all about the silver wonder. Good luck with the UC. all the best. Johnny.
  4. I knew what I was doing.
  5. Bloody hell!!! That's a bit special.
  6. Great work. I'm loving this build more and more. I have a Floater in the stash, I might just get it out after the BIG 0. johnny.
  7. Ok cool. Thanks Mr M, other options are always good.
  8. Another quickie my helpful chums. as for the inside colour. I'm gleaning from my source material that most if not all the frame work is wood with some metal pipe, looks black. I was going to do the cloth off white. Airfix says olive drab like the outside but everything I've found looks like a lighter colour. Pre paint? does any one know owt about this? Thanks guys. Johnny.
  9. Ok ok. I think I've solved the mystery. i just went to look at the kit parts. There are 16 holes on the lower part but 15 on the upper part. The bombs however are suspended from the little holes in between bigger holes. (As in whhhowwlls) furthermore you only get 8 bombs anyway which means the other 8 should be attached to the middle parts either side of the little holes if you catch my drift. so even if I did make 8 new bombs and fix the other bombs I've checked and they don't line up anyway so the decision stands, Thanks @TonyTiger66 for the quote. Sans bombs it is. Johnny
  10. I know, right. Hmmmm Even though I know about this it never sunk in. Well blow me down only 15. Right then. Hmmmm. Ok, I see. Yes sorry Butter fingers on my side there. I had wine. Thanks for the tips. Will do. Thanks for the heads up. Great drawing by the way. Lovely pencil work sir. Thanks C and cheers for the wire tip. You know what. I like what you just wrote. No bombs it is. I'll fix the cell holes and leave her "peaceful after the madness of war". Jont
  11. I'm beginning to agree with you there. But yellow bombs.
  12. Just found this in my ref book. and so it looks like @Selwyn was right about the 1200 lb bomb. However it looks like the release mechanism was a spring locking arm and not a trap door so you can see inside. Due to this turning into a bit of pain and due to the fact my aeroplane wouldn't have been loaded I might just leave them off and save myself the heart ache. what do you think? All the best and thanks for your help. Johnny.
  13. Thanks M. Thanks. So am I. Thanks. You will only see them from the under side. If at all. I'll check and make a call. I do agree after seeing the ref. Thanks . HmmmmmI'll check my book. Thanks. They're getting better still with more sanding. Ahhh ok. Cool thanks. I might not do the bombs after all. Ooh lovely. Thanks, that got me searching the web and I found this which looks more like the Airfix bomb If I do fit the bombs I think I'll re do the fins. Yes it is and thanks. Yup, I think you're right. Thanks. thanks for for all your lovely kind words. Hopefully I'll get a little more time this weekend. Johnny
  14. At last I get a swift bit of bench time. Gigs, birthdays and working darn in the smoke all done! Dancing penguin indeed! First off off I managed to tidy up all the little rear seat parts and fuel tanks then bunged some primer on everything ready for a bit of pre shade loveliness. Then I saw that the bombs need to be added too. Flash! Ahhhh ahhhhhhhhh. I know I'm doing the last days scheme so bombs wouldn't be on board but I really want to add the bombs. They do look a right pain though. About an hour in I'm here. three to go and then I still have more clean up and I'm loosing the will to live so I need something more fun. I know! sanding. That's right, I'm going for it. First pass is a bit patchy. this is primed so I give it another go, finding a nice little way of evening out your sanding on ribs if you ever undertake the 0/400 challenge. basically the primer gives a guide on where you are taking height from letting you even out the rib dips. and again primed. not bad to my eye. It's a tired eye to be sure but even still not bad. side by side I still need more off I think but the plan is working. By the way going back to the bombs. Green or black? Im off to bed now as I've just noticed the time. Thanks for dropping by. Take care you lot. Johnny sand stick.
  15. I'm back and you're not. Dang nabbit. Wonderful first plunge El Barony. I'm sure you can smooth out yer final cast. Plastic too, see it was there, hiding at the back. Hope you have great time away. I'll try not to spill any beer on the carpet and try to use coasters if I can find em. Jont.