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  1. Hey you lot. One step closer to crazynes with a few hours painting over last night and this morning. After the chipping fluid we go with a pre shade. Top. and bottom. Then a thin blue coat, And another layer. Looking cool I just need to add a lighter pass to the panels by adding white and a double amount of thinner. I really thought that I could go at this with a coarse brush and water. I thought wrong. What the hell? Total bobbins. I was doing this while running around picking the boy up from cubs and walking the dog. (Not all at the same time obvs ) I decided to cut my losses and re spray to get her back to square one. back in business. this time I went at it with a cocktail stick and a little water. more defined for sure but missing something, I want this pass to be over the top as I do t know where the black paint will be weathered but it still looked forced. I had my slim Flory sanders and some micro mesh sticks handy so I passed over the initial scratching with a front to back whaft. lookinh better. I did a lighter more subtle pass on the underside. The top looks really REALLY worn, I'm not worried about this as only a small portion of this paint work will be visible in the end. The underside ware is more like what I'm after on the final pass. I've done a gloss top coat and I'll do a Flory wash before another chipping fluid pass and at last some black. or maybe a salt pass? Who knows? I'm making this stuff up. more tomorrow. Take care guys. Oh, oh, nearly forgot. I did a cheeky dry fit too. so looking forward to getting the cat black! Johnny paint chips.
  2. More great work going on G. I love the way you add new plunged parts like it's a breeze to do. I'm in awe. Johnny
  3. Dornier Do 18-D

    On the brush front I run Tamiya thinners through after using and clean the cup with a cotton bud. I totally strip down after using anything other than paint. I also do a total strip down after using about five or six times. Seems to have been working for me this far. Great new bits 'n' bobs going on kid. Nice rivets too. Johnny gizzard and the lizard wizard.
  4. Tamiya 1/32nd De Havilland Mosquito

    Very nice work sir. I'd love this kit, I have the spitfire so I might do that first . As Mike said your skills have certainly improved over the last year. I've learnt so much from this site over the last year or so myself. I'll tag along for the long haul if you don't mind, I'm rather enjoying watching her come together. John.
  5. It's a shame that the pre shade was lost as it looked great. Regardless, what you have looks wonderful, you are deft with an airbrush sir. Bravo. Johnny
  6. Airfix 1/48th Walrus

    Whowa! That's looking seriously nice. John.
  7. Thanks G. Yup Tamiya clear smoke. Thinned 1:1, I used this technique on my Lightning build a few months back, it works well. Thanks Ced. I think you're doing just fine. Why thank you sir. Don't look too close. Thank you sir. Nice! Yes the clear works well, as for the chickens, they would undoubtedly get squished if they dared cross our road. Thanks for looking in guys. I managed to get the chipping fluid sprayed tonight. Three coats. next step, pre shade paint and scratch. Jont.
  8. Grumman Gosling - Airfix 1/72

    Reminds me of the 0/400. Nothing fits and everything needs sanding. You're doing a Stirling job however. Keep it up. Johnny
  9. Grumman Gosling - Airfix 1/72

    Doing a grand job there Ced. nice fix on the top vent too. Jont.
  10. Peas and Carrots PBY

    Those stripes are looking great. John
  11. Hi guys. Thanks for all the feedback and lovely comments, it's been a very busy few days. Father in laws birthday and my daughters birthday, a bathroom refit, chickens new run and back to work. Needless to say not much work on the Cat. I have had lots of time to ponder the salt technique and whether it's a good idea for this step. Long story short, I'm going to use it later on on the black pass, I feel using this method on a more subtle shift in tone will work better for me. I want to add the pre shade for my sins so trying to do this over salt then adding colour would be too risky so for this first pass I'll use chipping fluid then pre shade, paint and chip. In between coats of paint on the iron bath I managed this smoke pass on the aluminium. and wings. with a Flory wash that I'll do after the blue that'll look great. oh and here's the 1:1 scale chicken run to keep the hound and other four legged fiends at bay. its a bit of a beast but the hens are happy. now I have a real plan I'm hoping the next step will go quite quickly. Wellll more quickly any hoo. Also that bloody HP0/400 needs doing. I haven't forgotten. Thankyou for being patient. Fair winds friends with your various builds and I'll dry and have an update sooner rather than later. Johnny boy.
  12. Dornier Do 18-D

    Great scribing work Tony. you should invest in one of the Tamiya scribes, they are worth every penny. (Only for straight lines mind) glad to hear you've not had too much disruption from the storm and excellent news about the arrival of the Iwata. I'm expecting great things. (No pressure.... well actually pressure but not that kind of pressure.) have fun. Johnny.
  13. Dornier Do 18-D

    Nice filling . Oh and yes mines an Iwata and very good it is too.
  14. Dornier Do 18-D

    I've been there my friend. Lovely photography as well as a couple of smashing doors. Nice paintiing ideas, I'll look forward to haw everything turns out.Good luck with the new brush. Jont.