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  1. Blimey you seem to have finished an awful lot since my last visit. Mo is looking great (Such wrist watch) . The washes you are doing look beautiful, the whole package is working so well together. The decals on the upper wing look amazing against the lovely worn paint effects. Bravo sir, I'm very impressed. John.
  2. Great start Ced and an excellent choice of plane. I'll stand here by the wall like a late parent to a school show. I think Tony had problems with his Airwaves PE fitting on his Cuda. Luckily I have never come across any, the IP looks smart now you have it fitted. Bravo sir. John.
  3. Looks like you've had a lot to deal with While I've been away. Those decals are right stinkers, you've done a great patch up job. The weathering looks good. I'd have gone with oils for the underside as you can easily rub off any bits you don't want with white spirit but regardless she's looking tops. That yellow is a nice subdued shade. I also see you have started another kit. Two at once? What's wrong with you people? I'm off over to have a shufty. keep up the good work. Johnny
  4. Thanks guys for all the lovely comments. Those D-Day stripes look amazing. It's been a few days since I have had any time to plastic. Life once again trumps plastic, as well it should. I did manage a little bit this afternoon. the wing side things got added and everything got masked. All sanded and ready for... no not quite I have to re-instate panel lines. right now I can try out another new thing I want to try. Mr S mixed up and airbrushed to smooth out any lumpy bumpy. hmmmmm not bad, it clogged the cheap Chinese airbrush a bit but it really helped smooth everything out. Just a little micro mesh and she's ready for pre-shade. I might get a little more time later but I'm going to have a look to see what you guys have been up to on here for the last few days. take care and thanks for stopping by. Happy moddeling and hope you are all having a nice weekend, Johnny.
  5. Ooh lovely.
  6. Looking good. Glad you decided to do another coat. I don't use enamels but once the base coats are more solid I think knocking them back with pastels and adding depth with panel lines is the way to go. seems a long time to let paint dry, I knew there was a reason I stick with acrylics. Fingers crossed for Molls. John.
  7. I know, I know. But I'm following your build for this so I should make it a little different. Not always...... oh wait what's this... Oh my word! I might be tempted.
  8. Thanks Ced. It's. I used it on the vampire but didn't spray black. Honestly gloss black beforehand is the way. Thanks Tony. This is my first jet I had to block off. I can't believe it's a thing. it's not a speed build I think 1/72s go faster than 1/24s it's the way of things. I'm not sure but I think it might be a scaled down version of an old kit, Italari maybe? I really like the BoB look but @CedB did that and I didn't want to steal his thunder. I'm happy though as I really want to do a clean ish grey jet with clean lines and I don't want to buy new decals. Cans.... fit...... afterwards.... not..... aaarrrggghhhhh.... nahhhh don't worry I checked and they fit after.... let's just say some work. You should re start them. Great fun. Thank you. And funny you should say that, I actually have ended up cutting the hell out of both tho fit into the fuselage and to fit the cans into the base. Well you live and learn.
  9. Thanks guys, you are all very kind. A little more done tonight, the Mr S got sanded which came out well. I primed the intakes and pre-shaded with dark grey. And then sprayed with "P" good ol' Revelle white with spot of grey. I'll gloss then I can put everything together. ..... oh the cans need a paint first. black gloss base coat. then Vallejo metal colour. Nice. Figured out I only needed to fit the inner tubes before I button up the fuselage. But as @CedB found this rear bit has a dodgy connecting point, you can just see it's off on one side. so I cut off this bit. stick it in place aaaand bugger it doesn't quite fit so I had to make a little platform for it to sit on. and to add insult to injury the other side didn't fit at I had to shave a tonne of plastic off. eventually I got it tho fit, badly so I made another platform. At last time to button her up.. well not quite. I noticed if you look up the pipe you can see straight through into an empty plastic shell. so I made a little blocking wall from plasticard. right then. NOW I can button her up. Looks like something out of a David Cronenberg film. I did a pass with TET and unclamped to fit the wing tops. and as they say you can never have enough clamps, and tape. that's it for tonight, I'll let everything dry and see where we are when the clamps come off. Thanks for popping in, hope you're enjoying watching me attempt not to make a pigs ear of this lovely aeroplane. happy modelling everybody. John
  10. Blimey Ced. I get wrapped up in my typhoon for a day or two and you've gone all Custard. You know it's my favourite. looking really great, seems like it's been a struggle but you're winning her over. A bit late now but if you wanted to pre shade yellow I used flat brown on the nose cowl of my recent 109 and it worked a treat. As for weathering Flory washes are an easy win. Paint on, wipe off. If they aren't your cup o' tea I used oils I think on the yellow belly of my Meat box build last year. Paint on, wipe off. ( With white spirit ) both methods worked well. the Camo and Custard looks great here even if you don't go down the weathering route. looking forward to more. Bravo sir. Johnny ps. Hope Molly gets better soon.
  11. "Yes I am married, but not always" brilliant. Great progress captain, those decals are the bomb. Now where is that ruddy engine? Giz. nearly there. Jont.
  12. Thanks guys and yes the Baronial one has noticed I took the plunge and got some of Ceds swanky clamps. not too bad. it was all going so well. Not really badness but let's say turbulence. The Mr S worked well after some sanding but I had to add another layer so that means s wait over night so I decided to add some little bits. this little door, I'm having it closed but he no fitty, so a blob of Mr S. then this bit on the other side. He fitty but.... two ruddy great sink holes, so Mr S. I know I'll fit the top bit that should fi........ dag nabbit. Never mind, scrape time with the scalpel. and some Mrs S and we're in. I primed the cans and took a pic, the insides looked rough as old boots. So I wrapped some w and d around a paint brush and gave em what for. much better. and that's yer lot. Gotta dash Inside No.9 starts tonight. thanks for looking in on the part where parts don't fit. I knew it was all going too well. Happy Modelling folks. Johnny let it dry.
  13. Fabulous finish. Hopefully I can get mine to look this good. Was this brush painted too? John
  14. Absolutely beautiful. Just noticed that you have built two major builds I want to do this year. This and the Javelin, brush painted too. Really great work, you can be very proud of this for sure. John.