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  1. Yay! Another p-38 I'll take all the blame because your going to have a blast! It'll be great watching this while I'm making mine. Good luck sir. As for the colours, sorry I know not. I'm sure someone on BM will help though. Johnny boy.
  2. Ooh she's lovely. Nice work, thanks for reminding me about the weight in the nose, I'm going to buy some fishing shot. Thanks Ced. It's possible, I did visit Phobos once. Glad to see I'm keeping that green blue a pumpin' . Thanks and fingers crossed. "Muffle mumble muffle mmmbbbrre" thats Bane speak for thanks Hombre. Thanks and errr thanks. Glad to be of service. I hope you enjoy the build. Why thank you sir. Ooh a WIP. Cool I'll have a looksie when I'm done here. You're a braver man than I, I don't think I could have sanded all that. Nah I loves me Barnet. Thanks and oh yes. I remember you making that. Turned out rather nice too. Bravo. I can't do that. Nope just ma regular hair. I'll take that as a compliment and thanks. Might be a plan. I always wanted to be a marvel super hero. more like plastic man however. Hey there. it's an official Tamiya saw. Here's a link. it's great if a little big but its smooth action limits any breakages. Highly recommended. Johnny
  3. More great progress. Couldn't like the comment about work making you grumpy. No one likes a grumpy Ced. Hope the Rioja helps you out kid. Johnny ooh wings look awsome!
  4. Evening folks. Not quite the update I had planned as I had to ferry the kids to and fro tonight to their school play then help with some late homework. But I DID actually start some work. Its all about the pit tonight. I had a go at fitting the main part into the fuselage but realised it wouldn't JUST go in. the kit and resin part side by side. I checked the instructions and a lot of the new parts need some Dexter action. So out with the dirty old mat for cutting and deploy Dexter. Ten minutes it took to get here! The part is thin and felt very snappy if I applied too much pressure so I let the saw do the work and after another ten minutes...... and a tone of dust were pretty much through. dont forget your masks people resin dust is crappy for the lungs. side by side again and the resin is looking a lot better. I did a test fit in the fuselage and et voila. It just slots in. No really. I'm sure it'll not fit with the rest added. taking of the rest. front IP panel. Zing! chair. Whammo! walls. Bam! Head rest thing. Blammo! radio stuff, I think it's radio stuff. Zap!! look at the dust fly! Resin everywhere. Right yes well after all that I tidied up did a bit of sanding down and put away the hard core cutting mat and we are here. I left the tiny parts on the block as I can get at them with a scalpel when needed. Sorry mess hounds we're back to tidy ville. I need a cup of tea after that. next time we will be PE bendin' and a stickin' stuff together. Thankyou all for all the great input and interest in this. I'm really enjoying this build, I'm planning on testing out the metallic finish on a mule first but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Thanks for stopping buy. Take care and as always. Happy Modelling. Johnny saw blade.
  5. Thanks. Actually started tonight, I'm swaying toward the Vagrant now although I love the BB. Good luck with your build. Are you doing a WIP? Mom yes I'm being swayed. Ooh do it are you doing a WIP? I could get tips. I'll have a look for yours. Is it on here? I'm thinking if it goes well I might just build some more. Thankyou I usually just plod along but the plastic is just so darn addictive. Don't tempt me. I wonder what makes you say that? But I think Mrs V is on top at the moment. (no pun intended) Ok cool. Thanks for the tip. Dirty bird. Thanks yeah I'm going that way too. I'll have a look for your one. Was it on BM? I always tidy up at the end of a build but even so I love a tidy desk. Keeps me sane. Ooh yes I love "yipee" I know there ace aren't they. Check the next post. 'Tis covered in dust. Jont.
  6. Well didn't they get finished all of a sudden. Really splendid work. I see you have one of those photo tents, I bought one from Amazon about two weeks ago but it's not turning up until next week hence my outside shots. They do seem to plop a good bit o' light on kits, yours look particularly nice. Bravo P, excelent work. Johnny
  7. Looking rather splendid Mart. That extra PE really stands out. great stuff. John. Ooh nice racks too.
  8. Excelent scribing Simon. Same advice as the others. Light passes does the job, You're doing great. John
  9. That resin pit is looking the bomb and the little details will make all the difference. Did someone mention paint? can't wait. hope the old gnashers sort them selves out. All the best. Johnny
  10. Great work on the crew Ced. The pit looks very nice indeed, sorry to hear your wobbling maybe the Rioja? or maybe some would stop the wobble. All this talk of Claret reminds me of "The House that bled to death" nice to see you're a fan of Hammer classics. Great bit of progress you have going on. Bravo. Johnny
  11. Thanks guys for all your kind words. I'm really happy you like her and enjoyed the build. I had great fun putting her together. I think I'm ready for that F14 now. Johnny
  12. Oh Wow guys. It's great to have you all along. I'm leaning toward the "Beautiful Bitch" at the moment but I'm still torn those swirls! And I'm talking about the props. Hopefully the pit will fit better than the Prowler one, at least this one is designed for the kit. I'm building. It was the kids Spring show tonight so no real modelling but I have unpacked the pit. It looks really good actually. it says to paint the main parts "interior green" I'm guessing this is Tamiya XF-71? I've looked up some ref and it looks right. I also got all the bags open. There are a lot of parts. They look really well moulded and very crisp. as you can see by the wings she is a pretty big bird, so maybe I should go for the "Vagrant" or maybe the "Wicked Woman" honestly! The instructions look pretty straight forward and the decals look like a walk in the park compared to the Eurofighter. I'll make a start on the pit tomorrow night. Model night Tuesday. Thank you all once again for dropping by and taking an interest in this silver wonder. Take care y'all and Happy Modelling. Johnny. (Which one?)
  13. Looking very neat and tidy on this sunny afternoon. Lovely bit o' progress. Strange you mentioned slugs but my girls seemd to zone in on every slug in the run when I let them out this morning. Must taste sweeter with that extra hour.