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  1. Hey y’all hope you’re well is going well. Mine is busy, busy, busy. I have found myself at the bench tonight for a brief hour or so however. So a mini update. The UC has had break lines added with lead wire. And I did some subtle filters. You can see them around the hard corners, and under the intake. See the brown marks? That’s them. A few small panels and on the main lines. Also around the vents and ports. The tanks got some love too. Almost forgot about the spinner. For some reason I thought it was just yellow. I was wrong. so out with tamiya for curves and some red paint. And with the masking off we have a stripy shnozzle. Cheeky test to see how it might look. Lovely. Well a solid little update. Thanks for popping by. Take care and s always. Happy modelling. Johnny
  2. Why thank you sir. Thanks. I did speak to James vie email. It doesn’t sound like there’s a time frame. So you’re safe. Ha! Brilliant. Thanks Alain. Always good to know I’m encouraging Plastic fetteling. Thankyou. Much appreciated. Scones. Thank you kind sir.
  3. Loving those little details. I do love the way your builds never get messy. It’s a joy for the eyes. Johnny
  4. I read that as "I mustn't forget there's a PieMinister" Now I want Pie! Sorry to see the paint woes but the final look is amazing! love the juxtapose of black and white. ( reminds me a little of JAZZ aftershave in the 80s ) I might nick that scheme when I do mine. ( still waiting for you to finish yours first mind. ) Splendid and awe inspiring work as always. As you were dear heart. Johnny
  5. I do love a dirty bird. Did you miss out the black dome thing?
  6. Wowa! How many builds do you have on the go? she’s looking very well engineered and you’re doing a fine job is wrestling her I to place. I must agree with the others though, the sink marks And fit on the last few shots do look like a bit off for a new kit. Maybe We saw it in its worse light? Either way you seem to have this in hand. Johnny
  7. Ohhh that’s a real shame. Sorry to hear she’s gone. johnny
  8. Sorry had to smile about the tail fins sticking to the pegs. Something that would happen to me for sure. you have been through the mill with this one but she’s looking good now it’s all said and done. Looking forward to the decals. Johnny
  9. Real shop about your paint woes. Looks like you have this in hand though. good luck with the next steps. johnny
  10. Wow!!!! I saw this shot on a Sunday morning and thought “what th….” Last time I saw she was in primer. I don’t know why the post haven’t been popping up but there you are. All caught up now and what a catch up. She’s looking awesome. I read the comment about the “marble” looking underside, that is just the variation you put in and to my eye looks good, maybe next time if you wish add another coat or tighten up the pre shade a little but I thought it looked grand, a wash over that and you’re good to go. vinyl masks too! Blu-tac not good enough eh. seriously though I’m blown away by how nice she looks. Good luck with the weight issue. All the best. Johnny
  11. Beautiful detail in that ever so over crowded office. Lovely crew too. I went on the lookout for Tamiya brown accent line. It’s really Hard to find so I think I’ll stick with the flory. Great work. Johnny.
  12. Yay!!! Back in action. Brilliant greeblies and guttering! Didn’t think I was going to say that today. Johnny
  13. Blimey!!! The detail is mind boggling stunning bit of modelling there. The bracket and gunsight are amazing additions. Beautiful. Johnny
  14. Sorry I split this one off as I figured it would be a large answer. ok here we go. I have been doing this for a while now. Those who have been around my builds since I joined BM a few years ago will remember the awaiting patient “Brown Trouser” method of weathering. It was to do with oil paints and lots of rags. And a hell of a lot of panicking. well this is a lot like that but with less panic! I paint on the Flory with a wide flat brush. In the direction of grot. That then dries. I get a soft cloth or a soft sock and gently wipe at the flory (dry) some areas are a bit stubborn or need more subtle knocking back (smaller areas) so I go at it with a cotton bud. If it won’t wipe away I might gently add some water (lick the end) dab onto a cloth (wipe on my jeans) and give it another go. This continues until I’m happy. So basically start with a cloth (gentle) and finish with a bud. I hope that helps. Flory is ace! I do wish I was on commission. Johnny.
  15. Good evening you lot. Hope you’re all having a good week. Autumn is just around the corner and I’m feeling rather chipper. A surprise mid week update to spice things up a bit. Before the pony I made some Vegan Cheese and sweetcorn Scones to have with our soup. Really quite nice. Before oven. After oven. Scrummy!! What was that? Ok , ok, I’ll get on with it. Jeez tough room. The flory got knocked right back. I had to do this twice. The first time I took too much away so I re floried and did it again. More happy this time. The stars and bars came out well as did the variation in the panels. Just grubby enough I think on the underside. The top side was a little harder to get right but I think I got there in the end. Just subtle hints but not too subtle that you miss them. Up close you can see. The bits of grime around panels and on the nose checker. Really gives an air of realism. I love the wings. I want to keep her now. Alas. All the components so far got the same treatment. The flaps. Top. And bottom. UC doors. (I said it looked dark) And the long bit. The wheels. Legs. A blurry tail UC Tanks! And prop. Happy sitting with her for a day I went in and added a gloss coat so I could add a few filters before the final top coat. so a few shots after gloss. Looking forward to getting the canopy out. And tother side. Close up you can see the shine. She’s turning out well I think. Filters next then the last few bits and bobs and a mammoth RFI for about four kits I think. Thanks for dropping by. I know it’s late but it was nice having a little night cap and a catch up. More soon. Take care Y’all. Johnny.
  16. Thanks Giorgio. I’m just hitting phase two. Thank you Alain. I do love a spot of Flory. Thanks. If I remember it was Steel but I only sprayed a light coat. Looks really dark in the next pics though. It’s not really that dark. You might be right. I did have a quick look at all the others. All fine builds. Fingers crossed I do a good enough job. Thank you my good man. Far too kind. Thank you. Not to long to wait. Almost done. Thank you kind sir.
  17. I told you all that panic would be for nothing. She’s a real stunner Bill! A paint job to be proud of. The glueing bits together and building parts turned out rather splendid too. I really don’t know how you do it. John.
  18. Great work !!! Did you ever get the rivets? If not I have quite a few left over from my Lancaster build. I could send you some over. Just say the word. Johnny
  19. Looking great. I love the yellow seats and the walls look really nice. Glad to heard you guys are all better after the Covids. I’m checking up on all the museum builds. Does any one know if we have a time frame ? sorry I haven’t checked in on this build before now. I’ll pull up a sand bag if that’s ok. All the best. Johnny.
  20. She’s closed up! Without a hitch. Wowza. That combing looks great too. Good luck with those antenna. Bravo that man. Johnny.
  21. Thanks all. Instead of replying individually I’ll carry on with the update which gives me more bench time. Needless to say Thankyou all the the kind words. Masking mojo. Flaps got done. The wheels got circled. And tail. The silly big prop. UC Doors. By the way as I’ve been moving the main frame around a lot she was getting scuffed on the intake so a bit of tape and all protected. Colour was then sprayed. Prop looks nice. The tread turned out well. Tail wheel. Inner canopy section. Darker Mattel panel. And the main flaps got their metal bit added. Actuators. And the main spinner. after drying for a few hours all that got a nice top coat. That had to be left over night to cure. Next day I got something sexy in the post. that tiny blue bottle I got with the Iwata finally ran out so I had to get this. Masks off and top coat dry I could carry on with weathering. ⛈ The wheels looked good. Prop had turned out well too. So out with the flory! eager to move this build along I’d forgotten that I still had some decals to add. So I had no choice but to make clean bits in the flory, add the decal then I’ll fix up when cured. here’s one just by the wheel well. Two flap ones. Red stripe and a “no step” Fuel tanks. And luckily I hadn’t floried the prop so…. So there we are. Flory is now drying so I can get in there and knock it right back before going in and adding over the new decals. I’m not sure how many of these builds have been completed but I’m worried Jim might think I’ve forgotten about him so I’m stepping up a gear so I can get this one out of the door and to it’s rightful owner. Thanks for popping in. Hopefully I’ll get another update sooner rather than later. Hope you’re having a splendid weekend. Take care and as always. Happy modelling. Johnny.
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