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  1. I think the hinges look great. As does that blue. For me it’s a vote for one for open and one closed. Good luck with the dials. Ciggie paper looks great in place btw. Are you doing a bit of a wash on that dash / control thing? Even though I think it looks great a wash is what I use if I don’t like my detail work. More of this please sir. Johnny
  2. Bloody brilliant!!!! Sounds like we’re all in for a right treat Tony. I see no reason why I shouldn’t pull up a bar stool and enjoy the ride. Johnny.
  3. Glad you’re back at it dear boy. Hope you had a splendid holiday. I come in here to get away from clear resin and what do I get? looking fantastic. Johnny
  4. Hmmmm just found that this was left a little night and dry. It did get finished to a fashion. I need to continue with the wings and guns. I’m feeling the urge to finish this one off.
  5. I guess you could use it to fill panel lines. I haven’t used it for that purpose But I can’t see why not. I guess if you paint over the top I can’t see it falling out but I guess that’s the same with any filler? Maybe try it on a mule first. As for over curing? Maybe you can but I can only assume under paint it should be fine. Only time will tell. I’m glad my endeavors may be of some use. I think you can get KISS branded everything. Probably resin too.
  6. Amazing!!! Following along now after a lovely catch up. Makes me want to do my Ecto 1 great work on the printed engine and wheels. I’ll tag along and watch with awe as the magic happens. And @giemme buying car kits. whatever next? Johnny
  7. I wish it was magic! It would be a whole lot easier to do. If only. Thanks Alan. The green stuff in the uk is £50 a bottle on Amazon. Is there anything you know of similar but a little cheaper.
  8. Looks like you had a delightful time away dear boy. How did the hanging aeroplanes fare at the hands of the decorators? No spittle I hope. 🫣 Johnny
  9. Good evening Britmodellers. This is where I think it started based on what @LorenSharp had mentioned. I washed this badly printed part in ipa as a test and it had gone cloudy. It wasn’t cured apart from just being out. I decided to do a little test with liquid resin over the top and it kind of worked. I did another test with one of the first prints that had gone cloudy. Both from the same batch but the one on the left painted with a little liquid resin ( I used an old paint brush) interesting. So last night I did the tests. No wash in ipa and cured. Was in ipa and cured. Dip in ipa and spray with ipa also cured. These ones head similar ipa treatment but no cure except sunlight. Now. After a night and most of today on the sill. Almost all were tacky apart from the washed ones that had been cured. Even the cured non washed were a bit tacky. So with that here is one of the fully washed and cured ones that was dry. 1 min I think. Then with the slightest amount of resin on an old brush I painted the inside then the outside and got this. It’s so odd. It’s like when you were a kid and you put kitchen Roll over a picture book and painted over with water. ( did any one else ever do that? ) The print magically goes back to being clear. I tried to do a video but I didn’t have enough hands. so here’s before. And here’s after a stroke with the brush. Abra cadabra. Here are a few cured at different times after brushing resin. You can see that some are more yellow than others. But overall I think that’s going to be good enough. I’ll let the ones I’ll use dry over night and cure for a bit on the sill. But the light being can be seen well enough. Here are the final candidates. It’s not the clearest thing in the world but it’s leagues ahead of where I was a day or two ago. I’l hopefully tomorrow I’ll be track free and I can get little Dewey finished. Thanks for stopping by and for all your help. Sweet dreams. Johnny
  10. Thanks for the info. It’s been super useful. I’m getting much better results now compared to a few days ago but even after curing (4minutes) as a test my resin seems tacky. ? I’ll leave over night and see what happens. moving closer to that pew.
  11. Cor. What a catch up. Looks like I got here just before the end. I love your paintwork it just stunning and the whole package just sings. looking forward to the rigging. Johnny.
  12. I was doing tests last night and I did make a post. Alas the dreaded “This could not be posted” happened then the “500 error” thing . then!!! When I went to re post I deleted what I had written so. bottom! I went to bed. so I shall try again today. The fourteen!!! This set has a newly modelled main section that is more rounded using the old ribbed embossed section and a thinner mould overall. 0.5mm. It was set at an exposure of 1.75sec as mentioned in the previous post. And I think these are the best prints yet. Darting around the cave like Peter Cushing in a hammer Frankenstein I was testing, dipping, washing curing. All in the search for the elusive clear parts. I have done lots of tests and almost by accident I think I may have found the solution. I need to put in a bit more time today to find out. The cave seems to be full of malformed semi transparent bits of resin!!!! “It’s alive!! Allivvve!!!” probably.
  13. I had started printing before reading this and I had gone with 1.75sec so in the middle. The 2 second cure sounds rather short. Maybe the “zapper” thing is more intense than the Mercury dry station. I’ll do some tests but will do one at 2 seconds to see. Thanks for your help. Johnny
  14. Gotcha!!! Thanks Alan. You sir are the true trailblazer. I am simply throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. Strangely I have had a bit of a Victor Frankenstein moment tonight. Based around what @LorenSharp posted earlier. I decided to give that idea a go with an old brush on an old print and got some very interesting results. I’m doing more tests. note to self 1.25 seconds exposure time is not enough.
  15. Noooooo. in the past I have used a bit of cloth attached to a wire and guided inside. Can you get in through the front gun turret? lovely pre shade by the way. Johnny.
  16. Really great job on the moth. It was lovely to be a doing a side by side with you on this one. The outdoor shots are my favourite, the light really catches the detail and quality in the build. Bravo. Johnny
  17. Fantastic. I have used the pen method myself and had totally forgotten about it. The wing looks amazing, did you ever find the original? Thanks for the share of the book, I have saved it for later use. Johnny 5
  18. And back in the room!!! Please tell me the canopy dust was on the outside. Johnny
  19. Looking splendid Bill. Handrails, wheels, folks in seats. You’ve got the lot. Johnny
  20. Blimey! What a day. Life, work, parenting and now this BS. I need a holiday. Be boring other wise though eh. Right here we are. Printed again. Clear although a little yellow. I can live with that. I decided that I would clip the base off and use that as a test in the IPA. Just a dip. And it instantly clouded. I tried a dipped bud in some IPA to clean off excess from a lamp mould and that started going cloudy too. I decided to use a bud dipped in resin to lightly coat the lamp. It went clear again. so. I decided to sack off the ipa. Let them drip dry then did some cure tests in the Mercury.10sec, 30sec, 1 min. And not at all but left on the sunny sill. They were in different states of cured but looked better than anything this far. here is the one that is dry to the touch that cured for 1min in the Mercury and spend a day on the sill. Now. The best of the water spoiled ones I did a test with. I remember Gemma had some frosted festoon lights in the garden that I fixed with Tamiya ts13. Coated and they went clear. so this got a spray with top coat and…. Not as good as the others but lots better. so I sprayed one of the better ones with a gloss coat to see what happened. This was the one I coated in resin with a cotton bud. You can see the blobs but it’s pretty clear. i think I’ll see what happens to the one I’m thinking of using. Maybe if I lowered the exposure time to 1 sec I’d get no yellow at all. Might give it a try. ooooh things are never easy. Forging ahead.
  21. Thanks. I have worked at home for about two and a half years now so I can resist. (A little) Sanding and polishing is fine if your shape is that way inclined. I wouldn’t like to sand and polish the inside of this lamp cover. we’ll get there. Thanks G. Just gotta get one over on this clear resin CrAzy. Thanks for the info Alan. The ipa I think is the whole reason for the frosting. The longer it was in the more opaque it got. The water was the killer. Couldn’t belive it. btw. Post curing? Not sure what that is. Yes I think I just found a similar thing. I’ll post up my findings. Thanks for sharing.
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