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  1. Thanks. Thank you but see the last post. Thank you. Thanks. I’ll give that a try next time. Hmmmm thinner. Oh little this one? as @CedB would say. “Rats” I think you’re right. It is a bit of both but it looks like it’s coming off any how. Thank for the kind kind words you lot.
  2. Great work Ced. Those turrets don’t took too bad. Not very clear I’ll give you that but they’ll look smart once painted I bet. Hope Molly is alright too. Poor sausage. Johnny
  3. I forgot to catch up with these beauties. Glad I did. beautiful finish Mr B. Johnny
  4. Creeping toward page 100 I see. Lovely ribbage sir. Johnny
  5. Evening everyone. More plastic glued and thoughts pondered. I’m trying to get here. Lots of clean up and some straps added to the tank. Tidied up. Then all popped together with the newly cleaned walls and pipes. The central pipe will be added after painting along with other bits and bobs. The lower section needs some attention but overall it looks like a good fit. Next up is the air intake. Here are the bits. Some sanding might be required. Gerry suggests that there is a circular section in the middle that looks like this. so it has to be added right. Apparently simply curl some plasticard around a dowel and plunge into boiling water. Hmmmmm let’s see. Not quite. So I cut and glued. Alas. The rigidity wasn’t there so I figured this pen. needed some Dexter action. darn it. Too thick. a quick rummage through the bits box found these. perfect. Five minutes and a mini Dexter later. tidy up and we have. perfect! I did the same again and added the middle section. A quick dry fit before bed. The fit looks awful but it’s just my bad taping, it’s actually pretty good. And the other side. all good. Primer next. I’ll need to spray that black before I glue. Well that’s all for now. Thanks for tagging along and as always. Happy modeling. Johnny. 🌪
  6. Thanks Simon. Thanks Ced. Thank you sir. Hopefully they will be a little less complicated. Thanks. I’ll take that as a compliment. Thanks G. Thanks. I must make a Sopwith Camel one day.
  7. Lots of wet festival action and work has kept me away from my beloved Hurri and BM to be fair. That’s me and my eldest on the waltzers in the dark. I dipped into BM last night to see how everyone was doing. I still need catch up with lots of you but Ced made me want to get back to the bench. This morning saw some progress. The first bay started to go together well. the wires were going in place and the dirt was knocked back. Just the bullets to colour and put the front wall on. tadaaa! A quick dry fit. Lovely. ...... Wait!!! I seem to have some bits left on a stick. I forgot to put the bullet exit chutes on. ( I think that’s what they are. ) here goes then. Much better. Now for the other one. to be fair once everything is ready the assembly for these comes together pretty quickly. After a tidy I remembered that I was retro fitting some wires to the back of the IP. I bent these into place with some tweezers. good enough for a passing glance. Next up are these bits. I’m out this afternoon but looking forward to a Sunday morning bench experience. Thanks for popping in and as always, Happy modeling chums. Johnny
  8. Thanks Mr B! (every time I say that it’s Baldric talking to Edmund. ) Dirty but not too dirty. Thanks G Thanks Simon. Thanks. I’ll try and keep the dirt low. ... Ish.
  9. Doh! I’ve gone and squeezed some in now. never mind, you can’t really tell. Did you get the shots from @isaneng ? If so then that’s what I have. Good luck with the next steps sir. John.
  10. First things first Giorgio. Happy Birthday. Belated I know but I’ve been out of action for all of August so far. You’re going amazingly on the Typhoon. I remember it being a pain to build but I’m sure I didn’t go into as much detail as your good self. That intake sensor is a wonderful example of your ATD. Brilliant work sir. Johnny ps. Was that new kit a 1/48? hmmm next stop 1/32 then.....
  11. Wow! I decided to open the BM door last night after a week or so camping and festivals and whatnot and look what’s gone on. The turret. Remember the turret? What an elegant solution. I do love the way you just get on with things and end up with wonderful results. I totally understand your wobble a few pages back , I remember having similar thoughts during my 1/24 Messerschmitt build. There really is no need Mr B, in my eyes you’re one of the most accomplished modellers on our little site, so many different techniques and ideas and always ploughing on with constantly great results. Reading this over last night and this morning has given me a real pang to get back to the bench so that’s what I’m going to do. “Thanks Ced” This bird really seems like the “Hell of a ride” I thought it would be but you’re doing her proud. Bravo sir. Johnny.
  12. Page four eh? Blimey. I’ll creep in over here in the corner. I’ve been looking at the new Airfix one for a while. This one looks fun so I’ll learn a lot. Turret looks scary in real life as well as the kit part. Has it gone all misty? Say it ain’t so. Good luck Mr B. Looks like it’s going to be one hell of a ride. . Johnny.
  13. I can’t believe you scratched the rear of the IP. Really great work. I was happy with the kit bit but hey your one looks outstanding. I didn’t add any wires as the rear is pretty much bunched against the bulk head. I just had to go up to the top of the house to see how much can be seen and there is a few mill there if you’re looking for it. I might try and slip a few token wires in. Oooh you swine. Always upping the game. not sure about the bit in the pit you’re on about but @isaneng sent me some ref pics. I’ll dig through and see if there are any shots for you. great stuff kid. John.
  14. Thanks. It’s only a gun bay, what’s the worst that can happen? Thanks. Thanks for the tips. As mentioned I’m going for the pic mentioned in the post so not too clean not too dirty. I didn’t tip coat yet so I’ll knock back some of the Flory a tad more if it suits. As for the silver dry brush I used Tamiya weather powder instead of pencil, this will darken with a top coat as always is the case hence the slightly heavy application. Thanks again for any help. Thanks Ron. Too kind.
  15. Hya. A lovely camping trip in the New Forest was had by all, especially Zero. Handsome sod. A few sporadic sittings at the bench and a brief respite before we set off for a Music Festival tomorrow sees the hurri a few steps forward. Let’s begin shall we. I did a bit of a dry fit of the gun bay before any painting. I’ll need to clean up that thar hole and add some clips too. All the bits finally got tidied of flash. everything got primed and the guns got a shot of Tamiya black. I found this nice internal shot of the gun bay. Thanks to whoever took it. but I want my one to look more like this. I think this one is from @Troy Smith so now the colour scheme is set I have decided to follow Gerry and add the panel at the back with the pneumatic tubing? I used plasticard and lead wire. Rrrrrright paint. base coat of silver. And the rest. I do hate the way I can’t pre shade silver so a smoke pass gets me a post shade going on. Bottom one done. subtle but enough for a good base. i did this on everything else silver too. Then Flory. ooooh I’m liking this. I’ll add some brass to the bullets later. All that needs rubbing back with a cotton bud. Before that the guns need a dry brush. and the top. I also added some Tamiya black wash to make em POP. Here are some of the others. All knocked back the Flory so I could start bringing these together. I wired in the back scratch panel and began to glue things. I loves gluing things me. And another angle. beginning to look the part. I had to let the glue dry so this is where it’s left for now. As I mentioned we’re off camping at a festival over this weekend as of tomorrow. Mmmmm wind and rain! 🌧🌬 keep everything crossed eh. Thanks for popping in. Catch y’all in a few days. Johnny. 🏕
  16. That’s fine by us all. looking forward to her grand showing. Thank you sir. Coming from you it’s an honour indeed.
  17. Welcome sir. Hope you have fun with all your models. Even the ones with teeth. johnny
  18. Oooh err Missus! Been away for a week and look what happens. They look like a stunning pair you have there Mr B. Masking greatness indeed. Bravo kid. Johnny
  19. Thanks Ron. I only have the new 1/24 Typhoon. £45 from Jadlam a few years ago. Bargain. The rest are the old 70s classics. The Messerschmitt, this one and I also have the FW 90. Lovely old kits you should get them started, no time like the present. Thanks Mr B Why thank you sir. Thanks. Thank you sir. Johns fine. Thanks. Nick away. Hya @Johnny Tip glad to have you on board. Get it going, you’ll love it. Post here if you do I’d love to follow along. Thanks Rob. Sorry for the lack of updates guys. I’ve been away camping for the last seven days. looks like I have a lot to catch up on. JJ
  20. The top pic was my “oh my word what is he doing” moment. The second pic was my “WOW!” Moment. Totally brilliant work Tony. Really impressed. Bravo. Johnny
  21. Great work Simon. I’m slowly catching up with everyone’s builds. Glad the masking worked and even though the intakes seemed a struggle you won in the end. As for varnish I always use Tamiya rattle can. It never lets me down. Great stuff. Johnny.
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