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  1. Starsky and Huch Revell 76 Ford Torino 1/24 Hutch “Starsky it’s red.” Starsky “It’s not red, it’s Candy Apple red.” Hello and welcome to my first ever car build. I usually frequent the Aeroplane pages of our fine modelling site but a modeller cannot live on wings alone. This Particular Beauty holds a lot of memories for me and has a special place in my heart. Being in my early fourties I was a massive Starsky and Hutch fan so when I saw this kit at the LMS in Brum it was a bit of a no brainer. I’ve seen a few of these built and I’d planned on doing a run down version but I think I’ll leave that for another time. I’m not going for pristine as I love to weather stuff.........Hell let’s see where this takes me. I’ll probably scratch a few bits and bobs here and there and have a whole heap of fun in the process. I hope you will join me for the ride. please feel free to pop up with any comments, hints or tips as most of my knowledge is with wing things. (Please be kind) without further ado let’s begin. The box. No license for the show it seems. still we know who’s it is right. I have made my box a top opener, hate those side opening things. The sprues are great with some really nice details and these chrome parts are awesome. You don’t get this kind of sprue in WW2 planes. I have actually started with the engine as per the instructions. There are some seems though. so I sanded and got rid of them. There is more but I’ll have to post tonight as dinner needs to be made and dogs need to be walked. Thanks for looking in and as always chums. Happy Modelling. Johnny.
  2. The Spadgent

    Listening to the Solstice

    What did I just see? amazing. Jont.
  3. Good luck dear sir. With all that planning hopefully you wont need it. Johnny.
  4. Looks ggrreeaatt! Proper mojo killer but it’ll be well worth it. Jont
  5. Wowza!! Nearly a week since last post. life has just taken a front seat as it were. I have managed a few bits and bobs over the last se en days. Here’s how the Red Devil has progressed. The pipes and axles got glued on. i also added some of the ak streaking oil. you can see it better here. With that drying I did some weathering with the Tamiya weather kits. door panels. I also did a Flory wash on the engine. This lead to piping the fan and other bits on. oooh! couldn't wait so I slotted it onto the chassis. looks ace!!! Things are going too smoothly something simply has to go wron...... ahhhh here we go. the radiator is all twisted and won’t hold the engine down. Come to think of it why is the engine at a slant? try as I might the strapping down of the rad shouldn’t be happening. After drying it all pinged off. nothing for it. back a few steps. i then started putting it back together in the way the instructions....well instructed. engine first. I glued the curved bits on which weren’t in place before. Then the front axel which didn’t go on as far as it was before either. Now that fits better. The radiator just fits on straight. Nice!!! I did a dry fit to see if it all fits into the main body. It does but. Ewe, it looks awful, can’t wait to go to work on that big red bit. while all this was going on I also did some work on the seats and the dash. The dash got stickers then a gloss coat. Nice! just needs a weather now. I noticed a spot where I had scuffed the paint after glossing. No problem I thought as I touched up with some rubber Black. It looked good until I gloss coated again forgetting I’d mixed rubber with grey and got this. B*gger! I can’t believe the difference gloss brings. looks like I’ll have to give it a proper respray. Never mind eh it would be boring if it worked right first time. The seats got a Tamiya weathering then a gloss coat then an AK oil wash in places. Looks a bit of a mess to be fair. until I may coat. And with the sides on its looking better still. not far off. right well. That seemed more than I thought. Thanks for looking in if indeed you are looking in. I hope you all had a swell week and weekend. Take care y’all and as always. Happy Modelling. Johnny.
  6. The Spadgent

    Once upon a time, I started it, 1/25 Chevy

    Bless! She’s so cute. The second blue looks stunning. Excelent work there Grandad CC. Johnny.
  7. The Spadgent

    Mercedes Benz SSKL, Matchbox 1:32

    Lovely work on the wheels. You’ll fix that gap no problems. I’ll tag along if that’s ok. Jont.
  8. Big un and little un both bostin. Great work Bill. Jont.
  9. Looking good Simon. The whole IP? Blimey that’s impressive, your carpet monster is a real beast! your attitude though is admirable and I look forward to your wonderful scratch work. All the best. Johnny.
  10. Hey kids. Not much of an update but I had to show you the new wash. ‘Tis only the darks but the Flory is so much better and I know how it’s going to react so I can add to it with the AK stuff and highlights later. I painted it on last night and left it to dry. Just before I shut up for the night I fixed those pesky pin marks. That’s better. I only spent ten minutes or so rubbing off some of the Flory tonight but I’m more happy with the direction. that really looks better in my eyes. The seats. look leathery or plastic leathery. I also did the door panels. I’m a lot more happy now. I’ll have to fix all the parts properly at the next bench session. I’m out tomorrow so it’ll probably be this weekend. Thanks for dropping in, all the best and Happy Modelling. Johnny wash.
  11. No worries at all thanks for the heads up. I love learning as I build.
  12. Great progress PC can’t belive you have the halves together already, that is speedy work indeed. Must be the power of one more lap around. Happy birthday kid. Johnny.
  13. The Spadgent

    Listening to the Solstice

    How will you make the labels for all that wine? Sorry, great stuff Tony. Jont.
  14. Happy New Year and Welcome to a Happy New Build. This will be my first ever Helicopter so please be kind. I know nothing of this wonderful beast but as with all my other builds I expect to learn a whole lot over the space of the build. So Tonight Mathew I’m going to try and build the. Ka-27PL Helix Anti-Submarine warefare helicopter. It jumped out at me at the LMS on the bargains table a a quirky looking thing. Right up my street. I know our good friend @Martian Halehas started one of these but he (as we all expected) will be and has started adding all the bells and whistles that is only possible from a Red Planet dweller. I myself will be keeping my additions to a minimum to try and get my build count up this year. Others have finished this kit and it looks great but the WIPs are few and far between as are the ref pics of the interior but I’ll try my best to make it look as good as I can. Well then I’ll hope that you may want to follow along with this one and maybe chip in a few tod bits here and there as only the BritModeller Hive Mind can. Lets start with the all important box shot eh. We’ll make the rest up as we go along. Tis a thing of beauty or a blot on the sky scape either way it’s won my attention that’s for sure. The trees/ sprues are thus. The Big and clear bits. the little bits. The instructions, decals, phot etch and “shaft” ooh err missus! Construction so far is like a mini Ikea set. Lots of Billy and Malm to put together. the detail is lovely however. Attempting a dry fit some Filing was needed to allow for a good fit. and then we can start popping the internals together. looks really nice and busy. As I said earlier I’m not sure of the accuracy in there but I’m going to run with this one as is. Judging by the colour call outs I’m going to need all the help I can get. Academy seem to want this bit to be light blue. What on earth? some other colours and pointers would have been helpful. At least she looks the part in Schematic view. This is the one I’ll be aiming at by the way. Moving on with the dry fit the rest seems to fit well. Especially in this morning light. I’m looking forward to getting some paint on these. Whatever colours I choose. The seats look good but will need belts of some kind. And here’s the IP. all very nicest far. That’s it for now. I do hope you all are having a lovely New Year and thanks for popping in to have a look at my plastic shenanigans. All the best and as always dear friends. Happy Modelling. Johnny.
  15. Thanks Simon. Going to have to get that tent out again. Thanks Tony. Gaaaahhhhh. Sorry. Rotors is it? Rotary rotors. Not propellers. that’s aeroplanes, I’m still learning. Thanks G. Thank you too kind. Cheers Mr B. Thanks Roger. Doh! I know what a numpty I am. Deffo not my last chopper though. ‘Twas too much fun. Cor blimey!! Thankyou soo much.
  16. Thanks Roger. I was hoping for that. luckily I couldn’t drill that end so the connection was only slight. Thanks Tomo. Yes she purrrrs like a kitten now. The wash looks ok but tonight I decided to hit it with Flory. We shall see. Jont.
  17. Thanks. Thanks Simon. Well as you can see if you read the feedback I tripped at the first hurdle. hopefully I’ll fix it. Deffo adding the curly wires. Yup. I agree, I see Flory in my future. Too kind sir. Thanks for your kind words. Hmmmmmm cocked it Up already I see? I hope I fixed it. Does this. Look better? I managed to pop the cables off and bend them about, some of the cables don’t stretch but they vanish under the exhaust things pretty well. Needs a Flory wash though. Thoughts? Thanks Mr B nice to have you around. Hope you enjoy this one. Thanks. Hopefully I got it right this time? Thanks CC. I stretched the wires outside and under. Fingers crossed that’s betterer. As you can see I know very little about cars too. Nice to have you on board. Ooh I’ll have to check out your merc. Ha! 1/24 David soul, awesome. No.
  18. Hey! Hope you’re all having a great weekend. Most of this weekends minimal bench time was spent on the Torino but I did get a the Helix nearly done. I had to make the most hoaky jig to get the props glued. More of a pain than I first thought. Eventually it dried in place. The little bits needed adding. wipers first. a real pain but a bit of gators grip and some Tamiya tape and we’re there. No for that probe. Now we’ll talking about that. It’s gone! I painted it, flory washed it, top coated it then lost it. so I made a new one. There it is next to that tooth pick. Plastic rod and lead wire. While that dried I popped the rotors on and removed the wiper tape. she’s pretty much done. Just need to add the rogue probe and some wires . The probe got a paint, a wash and a top coat. Then glued with another expensive Jig. That got left to dry before I got called away to make dinner. one more post I think. Hope you’re all having a splendid weekend. Take care chums. Johnny wocca.
  19. Looking like some kind of Good evening everyone. Thank you for all the kind words. Not a lot done st the bench over this weekend unfortunately but here’s what did get accomplished. I decided to attach the cables spark plug end. infortunatly the strength wasn’t there to wangle them around and pop them into the distributor and they fell off one by one. so not deterred I drilled out the distributor and added the wires that end instead. Looking like a sprouting alien this ended up being a stronger bond. the wires then got bent into place and the silver bits got glued on. The underside got sprayed. As did the internals. The seats. Door panels. Dash. Radiator. hell everything got a bit of a blast. as these bits are mostly black it’s always going to be a struggle to add variation so I sprayed with a base coat of Tamiya rubber black and dark grey at 2:1 ratio. The pre-shade just about showed through. I had planned to paint the main body but noticed these dirty little pin marks so decided to leave it till next time at the bench. The parts got a gloss coat and dried before trying out some Tamiya wash that I have never used. Might work? After the success of the AK wash I figured that the Tamiya stuff would be good. As you can see here. it’s not bad but I’m not 100% happy. I think I might do a flory black wash. these bits got washed too. There is something I like about the initial wash. I used white spirit to buff off even though it says to use Tamiya thinner. I did use thinner but for fear of it wrecking the gloss I resorted to Spirit.does anyone have any experience with black Tamiya enamel wash? I’ll leave it dry and see what it looks like in the daylight. I think adding highlights will bring everything to life. We shall see. Hope you’re all having a fab weekend. Take care and as always. Happy modeling. John.
  20. The Spadgent

    What CAR/BIKE kits have you recently bought 2?

    Brilliant! Happy Birthday.
  21. Great job on ze toobs. glad you’re feeling a bit better. John
  22. Wonderful progress Bill. Proper job going on here. Johnny.
  23. The Spadgent

    Listening to the Solstice

    Splendid work El Barony. That turret is looking special indeed. For a second I thought you had plunged your own dome too. Not as though you couldn’t as I know you could. Just the amount of scratch work is boggling my noggin. As for the ring, there’s not a hobbit under your desk perchance? All the best Johnster