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  1. Looking great. Glad the tail decal worked out in the end. Excellent stuff. Johnny.
  2. Well it looks like I love decals but I’m not such a big fan of stickers. @giemme look away now. So it wouldn’t stay put, I cut it to try and make it fit and only made it worse. Nothing else for it. Giorgio you should be proud. I did it. Here’s a closer one as it may never happen again. While this was drying many other parts got masked and painted. Steering wheel. Nitro bottle. Head lights. Then everything got unmasked. Rear box of tricks. Winch. Willy himself. Still have to hand paint all the detai
  3. That splinter pattern is insane!!! Mottles too. How? Who? When? Wow! I bet you’ve drilled out those exhausts too. Stunning little wonders Mr B. Super impressed. Johnny.
  4. What??? Nooooo!!!!!! I still have a few bottle but what an absolute shame. it’s my go to for canopies. So glad everyone else noticed the PE was 90 Deg off. Hope you get it sorted dear boy. All those little bit sure are a pain but they look great. Jont.
  5. Oh man what a brilliant idea. Love the music too. I think the little Russian section of Dr Spadgent’s house of horrors was at this scale. Great fun. You’re doings beautiful job. Tagging along for sure. Johnny
  6. I beg to differ. just had a shufty round the box. Guess what? It’s BIG! Johnny.
  7. Hey you lot. Not a great deal of moddeling time this weekend, we actually went out. in the world, where people were. it was great. Before that happened I did some work on the Wild Willy build and while I was painting that I managed to get some shading done here too. Before that I tidied up a few pin marks on the main fuselage. And got the tail sections tidied and glued. I had primed the bits mid week so all I had to do was the darks. i also added some mottle detail to the flat panels of the main fuselage. The rear seat plate. The wall detail.
  8. I think you’re right. I might need to invest when I build mine. Zero said. Woof. No pressure then. Thanks Ced. Great idea. Thread added.
  9. Hey you lot. A little more done on Willy over the weekend. I’m also building a 1/32 Mustang so I’m splitting my time. making was done, I used Tamiya for curves and standard Tamiya tape. The Tamiya for curves was really good for the body. It conformed to the ruffles really well. The seat and box got mailed too. Also the rear arches. Oh and the most ridiculous bit of masking in the world. RED. and boots. And gloves. Aaand the gear stick. The roll bars got a pre shade. These are black but I’ll do them in rubber which is my g
  10. Oh it was. Thanks for the tips. RCs are fun for sure. I’m going to use this shell to run her. I’m not that precious about it really, these thing are meant to be used right. To be fair there’s more paint going into this than I originally thought. It’s the size that I’m not used to.
  11. Greeblies look amazing that wall is special indeed. Super impressed. Also like the way you got the profile. I have never heard of that technique. Brilliant. Johnny
  12. Oooh paint. Lovely. Nice use of primers. Giving me thoughts. Johnny
  13. Here is my contribution. a Revell 1/32 Mustang. P-51D Sounds like it might be fun.
  14. Wonderful bit of masking Mr B. She looks great closed up too. Going to be huge with the wings in place.
  15. How is it Wednesday already? well then Zero what’s it going to be? Kit part of PE? Woof!! I guess if Jim supplied the parts he wants em used so. I started constructing the PE IP. it is rather nice but then again soo is the detail on the kit part. Hey ho. Off with it’s head. well face! I’ll get some paint on first before I build more PE. Should look nice when it’s done. I have seen this kit for around £40 but I picked mine up for £27 and at that price is amazing value. The detail is fantastic on the office walls. They are made from a separa
  16. She is indeed. Tiny in comparison to the WildWilly mind. Thanks. Yes only the one. Search my topics. It’s a Wild Willy 2. Mad as a brush! Thanks. Fingers crossed for a smooth build for Jim. Thanks. Hopefully with as little trouble s possible. 🥸 You know me. Glad to have you around Giorgio. Thanks. My wooden skeleton was from Mexico. A young boy was selling them on the street. So skilfully whittled. Great to have you along Bill. Mmmm I love a drop of Lass. Welcome. It’s not always that tidy. Welcome aboard. A
  17. Oooh I had an RC thing that flew once. Never again. Thanks G. All top coated now. Really strange. I don’t know it it was the white primer but the paint was sooo delicate. Scratched right off. Madness. All god now though. Thanks. Buzzed around down stairs but I didn’t secure the battery and it shot out. Worked really well though.
  18. I knew when it happened it would be amazing. I’m not disappointed. Maybe a nice beaten up Corsair at some point. . *just pullin’ yer tentacles.
  19. Wow !!! What a stunner. Stuck to that hunk of wood she looks so ace!!
  20. Mind boggled. That orumaru stuff looks amazing. You just heat it up and push the part into it and you have a mould. That’s ace. What resin do you use?
  21. Good e evening RC fans. Paint has happened. I wanted to finish today but after reading @hendie’s vampire thread this morning the last thing I wanted to do was rush the paint. I’m also going to gloss before masking and doing other coats, just in case. First up I masked the lights. The box at shows the side lights as little domes. I might try and find some bits from the spare box. Also masked the front. Wondering how to mask Willies Massive head I came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t over think things. Why I started on the most important part I don’t know but c
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