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  1. Vadim

    I'm moving to UK

    Hi Gizpo Have a look here, it might help: https://ipmsuk.org/ipms-network/ipms-uk-branches/
  2. Hi everyone I'm going for a business trip to Frankfurt(Main) next week. Does anyone know a decent model shop there? Would appreciate a full address and a webpage if available. Thanks a lot in advance.
  3. Hello everyone. Here is another small update - I started to build the engine: I have to admit - I never did any scratch building before. But it is quite fascinating I hope the final result will be convincing, though I may need more practice.
  4. Just a really small update here: Yesterday I test fitted all the main pieces to decide where to move further and not to miss any important steps before all glued together... Think it looks good.
  5. Thanks for your kind words @southpier and @mbdesignart I critically reviewed that panel and decided to redo the spark ignition distributor. Now I took Albion Alloys tubes and bead wire - this is what I've done so far: Now, I think, it looks a little bit better... But still not convinced enough. Is it just lack of skills or it can't be done any better in this scale???
  6. Thanks Johnny! And yes... it's been a while - I already finished another couple and still can't find time for a photoshoot
  7. Hello everyone. I am an absolute 'zero' on this branch of BM... However, I got this oldie on our club meeting Christmas Ruffle and thought "why not to try something new?" So here we are - inside the small box there are 4 light grey sprues - all in a very good condition. And one sprue with clear parts: The plastic is quite soft and can easily be damaged while cutting or sanding. The first bits came along nicely: This is my first car kit since my return to this hobby 6 years ago, so I've decided to add some extras. I sanded all the details along the bottom of the body (don't know how, you name all those small things and wire) drilled small holes for the future wire to to be added separately: Then I moved to the inside, where the kit's instrument panel lacks of details. While googling I've found some beautiful images and decided to add some scratch built switches and what seems to look like a spark ignition distributor: Taken from Pur Sang Type 35B – Driving Report November 23, 2012 by Rick Carey (http://www.sportscardigest.com/pur-sang-type-35b-driving-report/) Taken from Pur Sang Type 35B – Driving Report November 23, 2012 by Rick Carey (http://www.sportscardigest.com/pur-sang-type-35b-driving-report/) So I spent around 3 hours to add some of these items. Hope the panel will look more convincing after the painting This is all for now. Thanks for watching
  8. Great job Richie. Do you plan to have steady or flashing lights? I have a plan to build a cargo plane with cargo compartment lights, nav lights, landing lights and beacons... But I'm still at the 'thinking' stage, though the model is in my stash for 6 years now
  9. This is probably the most enjoyable kit ever... Quality, fit, decals are great. I got Do-215B4 from ICM which promises to be another pleasant build.
  10. I managed to do some more progress here: The engine was installed together with front section and propeller. Then I started to glue all the exhaust pipes - to ensure they are in proper positions I put engine cowling and fixed all the pipes in their respective holes: The model will be finished without engine cowling panels: Then I installed all the flimsy bits for landing gear. The model is not heavy so I hope these won't collapse one day: Then the canopy was masked and painted in few steps. I didn't use any pre-cutted masks, so I masked each frame rib separately and painted: I attached the opened door (which requires some weathering) And this is how it looks this morning:
  11. That's an interesting one for me. Will follow.
  12. Thanks mate! Thank you Chris. I'm still learning and every time try to apply new weathering techniques.
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