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  1. I'm really enjoying this. What a superb thread. You are obtaining very impressive results as well.
  2. Very nicely done. You can't beat a well made Vulcan.
  3. It looks very sleek, and totally believable.
  4. Wow. I have to say that this is the best model of any type that I have seen, ever. The attention to detail is mind boggling. The sea looks incredible and the whole thing looks like photographs of the real thing. Awesome.
  5. Very, very nice. You've certainly done justice to this kit.
  6. Very nice. How do you rate it as a kit. I'm wanting to do an F14, and decide which kit.
  7. Very nice, and well displayed too.
  8. Fantastic stuff. Really interesting build.
  9. Superb job. How does this compare to other 1/72 Tomcats?
  10. Superb work. And very nice photographs.
  11. Go for it. You can't beat the sense of achievement when it's finished.
  12. Very nice. Fantastic result with the foil.
  13. Fantastic restoration. Well worth the effort.
  14. I get on quite well with it. It's very comfortable to hold and is a good build quality. It's brilliant over flat surfaces, like wings. You have to be more careful when scribing a straight line around something like a fuselage. It does have its limitations though. You can't really do tight bends or circles, and it's not very good in tight areas, like where wings meet fuselage. I feel it's well worth having in my toolbox though.
  15. Scribed, filled, sanded and front undercarriage bay finished. Below are the pics before the first coat of primer. And and below are the pics after a coat of grey primer. As usual I've used Halfords grey plastic primer. I don't use it from the aerosol can, I decant it and use my airbrush as I find it gives you much more control. As as you can see I've masked off the cockpit and pushed some sponge in the engines to prevent overspray. On closer inspection it's come out better than I thought. It does still need a bit of work in a couple of areas, but on the whole I'm feeling pretty pleased. I have already decided that my next build is going to be something that's an easy build with minimal filler and no rescribing.