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  1. 1/72 Planet Models Short SC.1

    Wow. I love the way it’s displayed as well. Lovely little project.
  2. Stunning. Got to get myself one of these.
  3. C-123B Provider

    Superb model. Looks a spot on, one to be very proud of.
  4. Bf 110E

    Superb result. One of the best 110’s I’ve seen, in any scale.
  5. Su-27 Flanker - FINALLY DONE!

    Fantastic work. I take it you had a break in this build and it wasn’t a continuous 5 year build. Superb
  6. Wow. I can’t recall seeing a better Viggen. Superb job on the camouflage and weathering.
  7. Loose ballast.

    I can’t say I’ve had any issues at all over the years in using it to secure ballast inside plastic kits.
  8. Loose ballast.

    I put lead shot in blue tack and push it into place. For me this has a 100% success rate. Works particularly well in nose cones and under cockpit flooring.
  9. Italeri F4-S Phantom

    A very nice looking Phantom.
  10. Airfix Eurofighter Typhoon 1/72

    You’ve done a fantastic job. I really like the way it’s displayed.
  11. Hawker Typhoon IB

    Very nicely done. Weathering seems spot on.
  12. Paint storage rack

    The angle of the shelves make it almost impossible to knock an adjacent paint off accidentally when selecting a given colour. The angle is a trade secret and was worked out be calculating the mass of the bottle when full, 2/3 full and 1/3 full at an average, divided by the height of the bottle then added to the diameter of the base. This figure was then multiplied by degrees of lean until the figure met the equivelent of the equilibrium of tilt angle to the negative of point 01135. Hope I’ve not given the secret away with this formula.
  13. Paint storage rack

    Price wise, taking into account other products on the market, the cost of the materials, postage and my time and effort I was thinking around the £175 area. Thoughts on this would be appreciated.
  14. Paint storage rack

    I’ve built this over the last couple of days. It has storage for 150 Vallejo paints as well as some other odds and ends. The shelves are angled back so help the paints remain in place. I’m thinking of making a few of them to sell, so have a look and give me your feedback. And this is what it looks like with my paints in place. Manynthanks for looking. Mark
  15. Fantastic work.