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  1. Oh yeah! Time to add a baby brother to my 1/72-scale CF-18. Here's the box, which has been in my stash for a long, long time: Looking forward to my first group build!
  2. Wow, your rubble is amazing; it just makes the entire scene so realistic. I love the 'Dieselpunk' WW2-era what-ifs. I've been tempted to pick up one of those ball tank kits, and your excellent diorama isn't talking me out of it one bit.
  3. "That's coming out of your pay!" Haha. But seriously, with the closeup photos, I thought you were pulling a fast one and showing photos of an actual truck stuck in the mud. Amazingly realistic. You have set the bar exceptionally high when it comes to modeling muddy terrain...
  4. Thanks for the comments, everyone! I admit to a soft spot for both the Spitfire and the BF-109. I have both models in all three scales of 1/48, 1/72, and 1/144. Now to find some space so I can purchase, build, and display the same two in 1/32 scale!
  5. We've never met, Enzo, and yet you know me far, far too well...
  6. I thought I had signed up for this one, but it seems that I, too, forget things before I've thought of them. Or whatever happens in my diseased mind. Count me in with a tiny 1/144 scale CF-18. Or maybe a 1/350 Halifax Frigate. I haven't decided yet. Erik.
  7. I'd say that this site is the home of the Spitfire, because after looking through all the past posts I'm convinced that just about every one of us has built one at one time or another. I'm also convinced that we all may have a problem, and the only cure is more Spitfires! This is another quick build of mine, here for your scrutiny. The kit was one of the newer Airfix sets, and the fit was pretty good overall. Not as much detail as I would have liked, but still a more than adequate kit. The decals had a bit of silvering, despite being set over a glossy surface and using lots of setting solution. They were also the tiniest bit out of register, which you can just make out with the wing roundels. Finished with Tamiya acrylics and Abteilung oils for weathering.
  8. He just referred me to a Canadian company that is no longer in business and then wouldn't reply to any more emails. No worries; I'm just figuring out how to print my own decals, so I should have them sorted by the time I build this ship. I doubt mine will look half as good as yours, though. It already looks superb!
  9. I love this thread, as I have the same kit from iron Shipwrights in my "to-do pile." Although I have been a little disappointed, since, as you say, the casting quality is somewhat lacking and requires quite a lot of cleanup and alteration. My main concern is that the kit came with no decals at all, and so far they haven't done anything to correct the situation. Any ideas on where to source these decals?
  10. I love it! Your paint job and weathering are perfect; they make it look like a massive steel behemoth rather than a small plastic model. Well done!
  11. I have to echo the comments so far. Your weathering and worn paint job on the Tomcat looks awesome!
  12. Superb! I love the weathering on everything, and your figures give the whole scene some terrific movement.
  13. Ah, to be back in the wilds, carrying a machine gun and trudging along... You've captured the weariness and monotony of the Infantry very well, and your tank is beautifully done.
  14. I love the mottled paint finish! It sure looks like a tired old war horse ready for the pasture. You've done a terrific job! Erik.
  15. Very nicely done. Those big trucks just look like they mean business. Your weathering is nice and subtle without overpowering the camouflage.
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