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  1. Hey John 'I didn’t add any wires as the rear is pretty much bunched against the bulk head.' I was gonna ask you about how much was actually visible (rear of the IP) when the fuel tank is fitted and its all buttoned up also can you attach the IP to the cockpit framework rather than the fuselage side before gluing it all together? Plus if you do have any pictures mate I'll be glad of them as I have manged to find naff all on the tinter web? And thank you for the kind words buddy. Your guns are looking banging (geddit?) Hope you and your family have a great time over the weekend at the music festival (not Boardmasters I hope ) Cheers bud Iain
  2. Hi John That's pretty much the same shot that I've been able to find, what I'm after is the mechanism that connects it to rest of the airplane (if you see what I mean?) - thank you for looking though it Hey Johny T Thanks mate - 2 Hurricanes eh? Your gonna have a blast! Look forward to seeing your work when your ready Iain
  3. Ladies and gents Just a quick question does anyone know what the mechanism for the undercarriage/flap sector on the stb side of the cockpit looks like? I want to scratch it but having looked on the web I can’t find a detailed shot of it. Thanks in advance Iain.
  4. Hey Ian Yes, looking at other builds and slapping mine together it looks like quite a bit should be visible, all I have to do is do the kit justice and hopefully show off it’s assets. Well that’s the plan anyway Iain.
  5. Hey everyone Just a quick update just to prove that I am still working on this (not that I get much time to myself ). I am of cause following @The Spadgent build and at #127 of his build he starts work on the IP and he mentions the detail on the back of the kit IP and I have to say once it was painted up it looks pretty darn good. Now I haven't used the kit IP but I did have a spare blank cut out/silhouette that I made when I assembled the airscale flavoured panel. So I thought why not make the back of the IP as it is quite visible on the finished model (well at least I think it is ), so scouring the tinterweb I came across this image of the rear of a Spitfire IP which will act as a fine substitute for a Hurricane as I found it impossible to find a picture of a Hurricane and as most of the instruments are basically the same just in different positions I thought why not. Spitfiresite This is the look that I'm going for.. So using the original kit part as a template I added the back of the instruments using my punch and die set and once I was happy with their positions I glued them down and drill some holes to accept the wire that will act as the pipework and cables.. That my friends is all I have for now, hopefully I will get some time to myself later and make a start on the wiring. Cheers Iain
  6. Hi Johnny Thanks buddy - yeah it is pretty cool that we are both building our Hurricanes at the same time, it’s interesting to see how we both tackle the build and add our own individual marks to them, I have to say your weathering is much better and more subtle than mine. Yeah that blummin’ pipe is a bit of a pain, I didn’t realise just how misaligned it actually was until I dry fitted the front bulkhead, but as I’m building mine with the access panels below the fuel tank attached it shouldn’t be a big issue? Those decals actually turned out better and easier to make than I originally imagined I just wish I had spent a little more time at the production stage and gotten their sizes correct before I pulled the trigger and printed them off. Everything that you have done on your build has been of the highest quality and as ever the thread makes a great read, I still have lots that I want to do regards detailing both the cockpit and the engine / engine bay so mine is gonna take a little time before I can button her up. Anyway I look forward to more updates mate, keep em coming. Cheers buddy. Iain.
  7. Hey Dave Cheers mate Padstow eh? Not too far from where I am, I'm more west, down Falmouth way. I think there's a modeling club in Malpas near Truro, but I could be wrong? Iain
  8. Morning buddy thanks for the kind comment mate yeah unfortunately there are at least 2 that are slightly off - it’s annoying coz I spent quite a lot of time getting everything lined up, the photo etch must of slipped slightly as it was setting? Anyway it’s not the end of the world. have a great weekend iain
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