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  1. (ex)Sgtrafman

    "To Remember The many" The Tamiya Lancaster 1/48

    Hey Johnny Looking awesome mate - truly an inspiring build. Cheers mate and all the best. Iain
  2. (ex)Sgtrafman

    Spitfire Vb 111 Sqdn. - Airfix 1/48

    Hey Ced I feel your pain. These types of belts do look great when they are completed, but they are a nightmare to assemble. I too assemble them with the photoetch still attached to the sprue and I tend to use a small amount of CA to initially stick the fabric in the desired position then use Gator glue to permanently fix it, to be honest I tend to replace the 'Fabric belts' with masking tape and only use the photo etch parts, using the Fabric belts only as templates as I find that masking tape is much more forgiving and easier to work with. The other thing that I have found whilst assembling seat belts (in any scale) is that I have to be in the right frame of mind and allow myself as much time as is needed to assemble them even it means that I take a couple of sessions to complete them. Stick at it mate your doing a grand job! Cheers Iain
  3. (ex)Sgtrafman

    Revell 1/32 Spitfire Mk IIa. Update 15th July.

    Hi John Good spot on the voltage regulator - I now know that it should be Stock Ref 5C/984 Regulator Voltage Type B.... .. I found this image on the Web and isn't attributed to anyone. I will remove if necessary. The plastic on the Revell Kit is quite soft and I don't want to risk damaging the work that I have already completed so I'll leave it for now, however I now know for next time! Cheers Iain
  4. (ex)Sgtrafman

    Revell 1/32 Spitfire Mk IIa. Update 15th July.

    Morning Hakan Thank you very much - I still have a long way to go! All the best Iain
  5. (ex)Sgtrafman

    Revell 1/32 Spitfire Mk IIa. Update 15th July.

    Hiya Edward The Aires spinner is slightly smaller but I do have a plan to rectify it...I won’t say too much just in case it all goes horribly wrong, but I will take plenty of pictures and explain what I’ve done in an up coming post. Cheers Iain
  6. (ex)Sgtrafman

    Revell 1/32 Spitfire Mk IIa. Update 15th July.

    Hi everyone I have a little progress to show on my Spit - As I'm sure your all aware the weather here in the UK has been a little on the hot side so I haven't made as much progress as I'd have liked, however what I have manged I more than happy with. The IP turned out ok, the dials are much deeper than I would like but I didn't want to thin the IP panel down too much - it was becoming quite flimsy as it was... The Barracuda bits n pieces are easy to add to the model and they really bring the cockpit to life. The cockpit is no where near finished as I still need to add the rudder pedals, control stick, O2 tank, the pipework from the under carriage selector, the O2 tube on the starboard cockpit wall, the seat belts, the gun sight, some stencilling and general weathering... ..Well that folks is that. The weather is set to change here over the next few days so hopefully I'll be able to make some more progress. Cheers all Iain.
  7. (ex)Sgtrafman

    Revell 1/32 Spitfire Mk IIa. Update 15th July.

    Hi John You can never, ever, ever have too many Spits! And the Revell one although not perfect isn't half bad .. Well done England..here's to Wednesday and Croatia Anyway I spent about an Hour in the workshop this morning before it became a little too warm for me, I managed to glue on some bits of stretched sprue to represent some cables etc and I really wanted to get some paint down but alas that's not going to happen at the moment - maybe later on to night when its a little cooler? tara a bit Iain
  8. (ex)Sgtrafman

    Revell 1/32 Spitfire Mk IIa. Update 15th July.

    Hey everyone I’m not a football fan but when England gets to the quarter finals - COME ON ENGLAND!!! Anyway just to show whats available to us as modellers to enable us make an accuarte Mk IIa Spit... ..Barracudacast update sets that address the problems with the flaps, radiators and oil coolers, the lack of armour behind the pilots seat and the odd looking main wheels? ...I’ve also bought an Aires repalcement prop, the Revell items just don’t look right.. ... and finally a shot of the side profile of the model...well done Revell!! Anyway have a great Satuday peeps and I’m not embarassed to say COME ON ENGLAND! Iain
  9. (ex)Sgtrafman

    Revell 1/32 Spitfire Mk IIa. Update 15th July.

    Hiya I don't at the moment but I can post some pictures tomorrow for you Cheers Iain
  10. Hi everyone It seems like an age since I have done anything vaguely model related. My Lysander build stalled so I started a 1/48 Eduard Mk IXe Spitfire (lovely kit and should prove to be a mojo restorer), that also stalled, I looked at starting the 1/48 Airfix Mustang to be built as a MK IV, that didn't even get off the ground (pun not intended)...ummmmm what to do? I've changed job roles at work so now not only do I get paid more but I work less hours...Happy days! The knock on from that is I have a new vigour for modelling. So I had a tidy up in the work shop and had a think about what I wanted to build, I didn't fancy resuming any of my stalled kits (they have all been packed away nice and safe), and I spied the 1/32 Revell Spitfire Mk IIa on the shelf and on opening the box I found that I had bought all of the Barracudacast bits and bobs to correct some of the kits short falls. The kit itself looks to be ok, the fuselage detail might be a little heavy for some but I quite like it and with a little work I think that it will build up into a pleasing model. As ever I have made a start on the cockpit, to be precise the instrument panel, now this is still very much a work in progress but I think that that once detailed and painted it should look ok. I started by drilling out the instruments and thinning the IP panel, my original intention was to create a new back for the IP with circles of plastic punched out to try and replicate more realistically the instruments as they are set into the IP, it looked ok in principle but the Airscale decals didn't like adhering to it so I gave it up as a lost cause... ..Next up I created another IP back plate but this time I stuck the Airscale decals straight onto the plastic and this seemed to work much better... ..and here it is placed behind the Revell IP (which is a beauty).. ..Well that's that for now. Thanks for looking in and catch you all soon. Iain
  11. I've been away from the modelling scene for a while and just happened across this - what a great idea for a diorama! I love what you've done so far and I'm looking forward to seeing the end result (with all the updates in between).. Cheers mate Iain
  12. (ex)Sgtrafman

    Whitley MK.V

    Hey Roger Lookin' good buddy
  13. (ex)Sgtrafman

    1/48 Westland Lysander Mk III

    Thanks CED - I was looking for that earlier and couldn't find it Hey Tomo - Glad to have aboard mate. I was looking through Youtube and found this 3 part build of the Eduard Lizzie... ..Watch it muted and its quite informative.
  14. (ex)Sgtrafman

    1/48 Westland Lysander Mk III

    I knew I’d seen another Lysander somewhere....thanks for the reminder Hey CC - Yes the Eduard kit is a Gavia repop and glad to have you along. I’m not too sure which one I’ll do yet. Sorry gents I don’t have any progress pictures for you even though I have spent a few hours on it today - there really isn’t anything to show. I’m off up country tomorrow so I wont be doing any modelling for a little while. Cheers Iain
  15. (ex)Sgtrafman

    1/48 Westland Lysander Mk III

    Morning Chris Cheers mate - I'm going to make a proper start after we've been for a spot of breakfast down Perranporth and I've done my household chores (Boo!) Iain