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  1. Hey everyone Today I've put the Spitfire to one side and I've been working on the Gladiator as way of a change. I've made a start on the cockpit and all the main components have received a base coat of XF 71 for the cockpit side walls and Citadel Runefang steel for the everything else. Initially I sparyed the whole cockpit seat and floor silver but TBH I thought it looked a boring so to spice it up a little I sprayed the seat XF71 just to add interest.. ..and so after about 4 hours work we are here... ..I've weathered the seat with a some chipping, weathered the whole assembly with some Mig enamel panel wash, added a decal for the compas from some spares and added the RB productions lap belts. I then gave everything a flat coat including the instrument panel and on the instrument panel and compass I added some Kristal Klear to the instrument faces to give them that glass look.. ..and here is everything together (that I've completed).. ..and that's yer lot. I have a birthday lunch tomorrow so I wont being doing any modelling. Til next time. Cheers Iain
  2. Hey everyone Well today I have managed to finish everything that I set out to complete (which is probably a first for me!). I added the Sutton Harness, the Gun sight and masked, painted and added the glazing. I still have plenty of touch ups to do but that's for another day... The gun site and rear canopy glazing... ..and a couple of the Sutton harness, cockpit canopy and cockpit view. Cheers Iain
  3. Looking very good John, very good indeed. Keep up the good work buddy. Iain
  4. Hey everyone I've spent today fixing most of the problems that I had with the camo work, I'd missed areas and gotten other areas wrong. All in all I'm happy with how this is going and my plan for the remainder of today is to get the Sutton Harness and gun sight fitted and mask up and paint the canopy. I know I didn't have to show any pictures with the engine fitted but I thought what the heck... Cheers Iain
  5. Hey everyone I've made a start on the camouflage pattern, national insignia and sqn codes. I've noticed that even though I thought I was being careful masking the air frame for painting I've managed to make some errors which will need to be addressed, however the painting of the national insignia and sqn codes went without any real problems and didn't need any tidying up, which is a first! The blank canvass and the masks from Montex.. I did the under wing roundels first and these came out rather well (no over spray or distortion of the roundels) The fuselage national insignia and sqn codes were next and again these came out ok.. The wing roundels and no walk line were a breeze.. I still have a lot to do on the old girl but I'm getting there slowly, annoyed with myself for the mistakes that I made when applying the camouflage but I can fix it. Cheers Iain
  6. Hey buddy Have a look at this Cheer Iain
  7. Hey everyone Not the biggest update in fact its only one photo but over the past few days I have been working on the Gladiators dash board and my Spitfire (more on that later today or maybe tomorrow).. For my inspiration I've used this picture sourced from the web.. ..for the instruments and placards I've used 1/48 and 1/32 decals from Airscale... It still needs sealing and the glass adding to the dials but I think once its installed in the cockpit it should look ok? The placards and their positioning are totally fictitious by the way. Cheers Iain
  8. Hey Dennis I know what you mean about rigging I've never done it either, but I've had a look at some builds on youtube and it doesn't seem that bad, I think its something that has to be done in stages and you need to realise that it can't be rushed? I'm actually looking forward to giving it ago, but I have plenty to do to get to that point plus I want to finish my Spitfire to. Cheers Iain
  9. Hey everyone Even though I've only just started the build I'm already thinking about how to rig her? I have never rigged an airplane in my life (does adding aerial wires count?) and the route I'm thinking of taking is to use Gaspatch models metal turn buckles, EZ line 0.25mm and albion alloys brass tubing 0.3 or 0.5mm. Looking at reference pictures the termination points for the rigging seem to be embedded into the wing/strut surfaces.. Photos found on the internet, for for modelling reference only. I will remove if requested. ..And the rigging itself appears to be rather fat and flat? Now I don't have the skill set to reproduce these 100% accurately but hopefully my chosen method will be sufficient to give a passable representation of the real thing? Cheers Iain
  10. Hey Houston Thanks for the link, that pilot figure does look very nice in fact the whole lot looks pretty darn good! I'll be building mine OOB except for an RB productions Sutton Harness Type A and I'm thinking about making my own masks? Cheers buddy Hey John It really is a lovely kit. I've had a look at some of the builds over on LSP and what they are managing to achieve is very impressive, it speaks volumes for the quality of the kit. Bum steer? No worries. Do it! Iain
  11. Hey Crimea I have a small update for you (all) Unusually for me I started on the lovely Bristol Mercury... The collector ring and exhaust fit together beautifully as do the components for the engine itself. I painted the collector/exhaust with Tamiya XF1 as an undercoat followed by Citadel Runfang steel and Mr Hobby 215 copper. For the engine I first gave it an udercoat of Tamiya XF1 followed by an over all coat of Runefang Steel followed by a coat of Boltgun Steel and sealed with Mr Colour GX100. At the moment it all looks very clean and tidy and the transition from the copper to silver needs a little work but overall I'm happy with how it has turned out. It doesn't really show that well in this picture but the only additional work I've carried out on the engine is to hollow out the exhaust stacks using my micro drill.. A better shot of the difference between the Boltgun Steel (darker colour) and the Runefang steel both of which spray and cover very nicely. The engine and collecter/Exhaust are only clipped together at the moment as I want to carry out a little clean up and weathering. And attached to the air frame. I have to say that so far I'm very impressed with the quality of the kit, the fit of parts in perfect, the moldings are clean and crisp and the plastic has a nice feel to it. Cheers Iain
  12. Hey John thanks got the heads up mate I’ll pop over to the LSM site and have a gander Iain
  13. Hey John Hows the weather in France at the moment coz its rubbish here! The Eduard kits are a little over engineered but they do as you say build into very nice replicas of the real thing, the resin engine and gun bays do add to the look of the build but I really don't think I'd bother with the resin cockpit again its just too fragile and causes too many unnecessary complications. The ICM Gladiator has so far proven to be a lovely build, TBH I've not looked that far ahead (to the rigging) I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Cheers Iain
  14. Hey Rob I have heard good things about this kit and I’ve seen the build that Phil Flory is doing and it certainly does look like a great kit. I’ve made a start on the engine and will hopefully have a wee update to share tomorrow. Cheers buddy Iain
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