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  1. You’ve done a great job on this, the weathering is very good as is your re scribing (something I struggle with) nice one buddy Iain
  2. Awesome build, I love the way she looks, the finish is impeccable. Iain
  3. Another masterpiece! Great job mate I do like your style of modelling and photography. cheers Iain
  4. Hiya I’m not an airliner fan by any means but I have to say I think you’ve done a cracking job. Well done sir ! cheers Iain
  5. Hey John Thank you for the kind words. The Brassin cockpit IS very good but I’m not sure it adds anything to the final build, once it’s installed into the fuselage not a lot will be seen, however I did enjoy building it. all the best Iain
  6. Hey everyone Just another small update ref my Tempest build. I've managed to get the cockpit 98% finished, I just need to add the throttle and a couple of other levers, glue it in and close up the fuselage.. Cheers Iain
  7. Hey Rob Great looking B17 you have going on there, just an observation (that could be wrong) didn’t the US Army Airforce only use lap belts in heavy bombers during the war? Anyway keep up the great work Iain
  8. Hey everyone Just a small update for you. Lately I have had no interest in modelling, even though I've changed job and have a lot more time on my hands, I'm just finding it a real chore. I have some great kits on the go but zero enthusiasm. Anyway I've been doing some serious kit mangling with saw and micro drill to get the AM guns from Eduard installed.. As you can see I had to remove some of the inner wheel structure (both sides) to get the gun bays to fit, but once completed the gun bays fit very well.. I've also removed the excess plastic from the lower wing to allow the resin fire wall to be installed (all be it temporarily) just to see how that fits.. And once again it fits very well.. Anyway thats all from me for now, my next steps will be to get the cockpit finished and the fuselage and wings glued together. I hope everyone is safe and well? All the best Iain
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