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  1. Will do. When I first started the kit back in in the dim and distant past my intention was to superdetail it, but to be honest I think you get more than enough out of it straight from the box. Hey Simon Yeah the stuff from @airscale is a no brainer but as for the stuff from Eduard.... I'm not sure you actually need it? To be fair I do have the cockpit upgrade set and wheels and I will use em' but the kit builds up nice without them. Cheers Iain
  2. Its big enough to be an actual display in an aero museum! Hey Rob My thoughts exactly and I think that pastels would be the way forward - as it is it does look like a big hunk of silver and black with a little yellow thrown in. Hiya Good man (honorary or no) from all of the pictures that I've found from scouring the web I have really struggled to find any where the prop has taken any kind of bashing, same goes for the spinner too, dirty yes but worn down to the metal ummmmm? Hi Simon Thanks buddy it is a crackin' kit, you just need patience and a little prior planning Gents thanks for the kind words and input -I'm going to concentrate on the cockpit for now and weather the prop once I'm more advanced with the build, kinda weather the whole thing in a onner like Iain (lives in Cornwall but who is in fact a Brummie - well Droitwich)
  3. Morning all I have a general question regarding the material used to make the prop blades for the Typhoon am I right in thinking that they were made by de-havilland from a metal called Dural? I knocked the prop together yesterday and will need to think about adding a little weathering / wear and tear shortly. From the photographic evidence that I've found on line the props got dirty certainly but they didn't seem to wear the paint down to the metal? Does anyone know if they in fact did? Traces of war worldwarphotos vintagewings vintagewings And here's how my prop looks attached to the motor (by heck its BIG).. Thanks for any advice. Iain
  4. Hiya Erwin Thank you for your very kind words and I'm rather humbled to think that my build has inspired you to start your own 1/72 Typhoon. The colours used for the cockpit framing are games workshop Runefang steel and a mixture of Tamiya acrylics. Cheers Iain
  5. Hey everyone I've managed a little work on the cockpit and the prop. I finished the instrument panel yonks ago and it looks ok, I do however have all the necessary bits to make another ummm I dunno what do you guys think?.. Well that's all I have to have to show for now. Cheers Iain
  6. Now here is a master modeller - brilliant work, mind well and truly blown!! Iain
  7. Hey everyone Well today has been a bit of an up n down kinda day. @GordonD and @Christer A made me aware of the possible pitfalls of attaching the radiator to the model and the possibility of a gap between the radiator and part D15, well I had no problem at all attaching said parts but I did encounter issues trying to thread some of the pipe work through the air frame structure, so much in fact that I resorted to cutting some of the pipework in half just to get it to fit - I wont tell you which bits I 'modified' but you can spot it if you know where to look , but my biggest issue was trying to attach part C17 a pipe that leads from the coolant tank along the length of the engine, the instructions are a little vague on its positioning and the fixing point (on the coolant tank) is also very vague. I had real problems getting this rather flimsy length of plastic to sit where I thought it was supposed to, I tried super glue, extra thin and thick glue, I tried swearing (repeatedly), I asked it nicely and I threatened it but all that happened was it started to ruin the finish of the coolant tank and the pipe. I walked away from it for 10 minutes and had a cuppa and it dawned on me that I was going about attaching it totally wrong, I was trying to attach it via a single point on the coolant tank and run it along the engine, but this was never going to work as there isn't enough surface area for the glue to stick to so to over come this I glued the length of the pipe along the engine attaching it just underneath the spark plug ports and then gluing it to the coolant tank, worked a treat but it means that I do need to tidy up the pipework after the initial abuse that I subjected it too ... ....so I'm going to leave it well alone for a day or so so it can totally cure then I'll make good the rough bits and give it a light weathering before I make a start on the cockpit. Cheers Iain
  8. Very nice too !! Iain
  9. Hey everyone Well I fully intended to spend as much time as I could in the man cave today but my wife (bless her) had the bright idea of going to Mylor Harbour to a: take our dog for a walk / swim and b: have a spot of breakfast at the Mylor Cafe, which I have to say is always very, very good....you gotta love living in Cornwall ...sorry I digress. I did manage to spend a couple of hours on the Typhoon today and I've managed to complete the majority of the construction of the mighty Napier Saber engine... ...you don't appreciate just how big the model is even when its just some wing spars and engine. One thing I will say about constructing the engine is that you need tweezers, a steady hand and patients and I gotta say I poses two of those attributes but the third fails me at times (but I'm glad to say not today). I followed the instructions to the letter and I consider myself capable of following them but blimey at times I couldn't make head nor tails of where some of the pieces were supposed to fit let alone how you were supposed to wind them through the already installed pipework , once you figure it out though the results are more than worth it... ....I've given the engine a gloss coat and tomorrow I'll start a little light weathering to enhance the look of it and also to help cover some of my ropy painting . Cheers all Iain
  10. You are a one woman modelling machine! Great work as always Iain
  11. My that’s looking rather good.....I have one of these in my stash but I’ve held off building it coz I know that it has issues, but I have to say your making short work of it AND you’re doing it justice. cheers buddy Iain
  12. Hey Gordon Thanks for the link to your build, 2016 where does the time go eh? I like what you've achieved so far, is the model in the same state now or have you managed a little more? I've spent the afternoon going over the pipework on mine with a more pronounced silver and tomorrow I'll give the whole thing a light wash just to.. a: help it to pop b: help hide my rubbish detail painting I have to be honest I am really enjoying this and I'm looking forward to making a start on the IP, I have the airscale set for mine as I think the decal supplied by Airfix has some dubious colours for the instruments. Cheers buddy and here hopefully to seeing more of your build? Iain
  13. Ha Ha - remember the injunction!! How you doin' buddy? Yeah I dunno why I put mine to one side, I've seen some great builds here on Britmodeller and other places but for some reason I chose to forget that I had two in the stash? Thanks for the the kind words mate, I've spent a rather pleasant hour in the man cave repainting some of the pipework, just to jazz it up a little bit and later on I'll carry on with some actual gluing of bits together (I can't guarantee that they will be the right bits in the right place mind). Cheers Iain
  14. Hey Gordon They are really very good kits, ok the amount of seams that have to be cleared up is a little excessive but OOB it does build up into a very faithful replica of a Typhoon. Do you have any progress pictures of your nearly completed one it would be great to see them? And yes your right they a behemoth once finished (but worth the space they take up in my humble opinion). Cheers buddy Iain
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