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  1. Love it! Well done buddy.
  2. Hey 29 Thanks for the kind comment mate - awesome picture of 898, it’s good to hear that she severed us well all the best Iain
  3. Hi Q In the past I've sprayed my model with 2 or 3 gloss coats using acrylic varnish, lightly sanded back using 4000 grit, given the model a "Flory" wash sealed that with a lacquer varnish then applied oils (sparingly) before giving it a final lacquer coat to seal it. I didn't weather my Phantom because I was having trouble with the decals lifting and I didn't want to risk making more work for my self. Of course the beauty of using oils over acrylic is that its easy to wipe off if you're not happy with the results. I'm not sure if that answers your question or not but its my usual
  4. Hey CC, thanks for your kind words buddy I appreciate them! Hi John - thanks you - and I agree Phantoms in green / grey are just awesome! Gents thank you very much for you kind words, it makes the past 10 months knocking it together worth while. Cheers Iain
  5. Back at ya! Thanks you Hi Colin thanks buddy Ain't that the truth! Thank you Cheers buddy Gents thank you for your very kind words - I'm truly humbled. All the best Iain
  6. Thank YOU very much! Hey Hans Yeah the kit is a gem and it builds to be every bit a Phantom. Thanks for your kind words mate. Thank you Thank you I agree that grey/green really suits a Phantom. Thank you Thank you and thanks for putting me straight on my title Thank you Des, interesting load out? I still need to add the load out to my Phantom you wouldn't happen to have the picture to hand would you? Thank you. Thank you very much Always - thank you Cheers buddy appreciate it Yeah you must!!
  7. Hi everyone After 10 months I finally managed to finish a model (ok I still need to add the Skyflash missiles and tail hook) the model in question is the Revell / Hasagawa 1/48 Phantom FGR.2. Brilliant kit, absolutely loved it OOB it would build into a very pleasing replica of the real thing but with a little bit of AM it really shines. For this one I added the Quickboost Martin Baker Mk.7 ejector seats, Aires wheels and Airways cockpit upgrade set. She was finished with Tamiya paints and the kit decals. I enjoyed it so much that I have bought another and I'm going to through as mu
  8. Hey everyone Well its only taken since February to finish this my Phantom FGR.2 (I still need to add the Skyflash missiles) finished as XT898, 2(AC) Sqn RAF Laarbruch 1974. Many thanks to everyone that contributed, as ever the Britmodeller hive mind pays dividends. RFI here Iain
  9. Jeffery thank you for pointing that out, I did wonder looking at the kit parts and resin replacement why there were two holes for the canopy jack? I honestly didn't put two and two together and all I can say is thank the lord for Diall instant glue remover (yes it actually works!).. So after Jeffreys timely observation we have this.. Happy days! Iain
  10. Hi James sorry it looks like I didn’t reply to you earlier, thanks for the compliment buddy, those pesky Aires cockpits are a hand full, but if you’re happy to chop and grind away some plastic they can be made to fit! Cheers Iain
  11. Hi Q Cheers buddy. This one will be put away for now I’m going to concentrate on getting my other build finished first. Thanks everyone for you kind words and observations. Iain
  12. Hiya This one will be XV466, 1435 Flt RAF Mount Pleasant circa 1991, with as much AM as I can throw at it Thank you. Hiya The tub is just sitting between the fuselage half’s at the moment, nothings fixed and when I was putting the seats in the whole thing shifted forwards, I have quite a lot of wiggle room, but when I finally come around to fixing it in permanently I’ll make sure it’s placement is right. Hey John They are unnecessarily fiddly but they do add a certain something once shoehorned in and hopefully once painted and permanently fitted th
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