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  1. Very, very, very, very nice. Stunning build. Iain
  2. Hey everyone Well I haven't been sitting on my laurels for the past few weeks instead I have been working on my Tornado F3 from (Revell) Eduard. Prior to starting the build I had read / heard horror stories with regards to the fit of the kit and many folks had gotten so far only to bin the model because the issues were too great. Well thank the lord for Youtube and a certain Nathan Robinson I have watched his video build of the kit and managed (so far) to avoid the known issues, ok it means going totally off piste regarding the instructions but it does make sense and with a little care yo
  3. Nice one - I look forward to seeing them in place. Cheers Iain
  4. As luck would have it.. They are yours if want them, I got them when I bought a kit with some extra AM and as you can see I’m past the point that I could use em. PM me if your interested. Iain. They’re gratis btw.
  5. Hiya I might have one going spare. I’ll check tomorrow and let you know. Iain
  6. Hiya The Airfix Typhoon is a bit of a conundrum, it’s a great kit and once built looks every bit a Typhoon, BUT the amount of clean up can be soul destroying and mojo zapping, however you making great progress with yours mine kinda stalled... ..the only thing I’d suggest is replace the under carriage legs with the brass ones from Aerocraft, they are direct replacements and much stronger than the ones you get in the kit, you can just see the Port u/c connection point on the picture above. Looking forward to see how you progress with yours. Iain
  7. Hey Ed I watched the build unfold from start to finish and loved everything that you've achieved with this, an absolutely awesome build, well done. All the best and stay safe Iain
  8. Hi everyone I've managed a little time on my Phantom this afternoon. Last week I went around all the gaps between the Allycat intakes, fuselage seams, wind screen seam and holes left in the tail after I'd removed the pitot with sprue goo (melted sprue in you guessed it Tamiya extra thin glue) and I left it for a week to fully cure before I attacked it with sanding sticks and Mr Surfacer 500. The results are so far quite encouraging, I still need to carry out a little more tidying up of the seams, intake join and wind screen but I think this should be easy once I unify the whole fuselage
  9. Hey everyone I've been busy beavering away on my Revell (Hasagawa) Phantom F.4M (FGR.2) and I'm loving it, but as my work is starting to quieten down I've suddenly had the urge to build a Tornado. I have the Revell Tornado IDS in the stash and me being me I priced up the AM I want for it and it comes to over £60.00, I nearly pulled the trigger and bought it all, that was until I remembered that I have the Eduard (Revell) Tornado F.3 in the stash that comes with a load of AM as standard - so I'll hang fire on spending more money for now (I say for now coz I WILL get all the AM I can f
  10. Oh wow that is lovely work! Blimey even when I’ve got my best concentration head on and my least shaky pair of hands I ‘d still struggle to get my work as uniform and as neat as that - Seriously good that! You might have given me the kick up the backside to get out to the man cave and actually do some work on my Phantom I actually let out a little expletive when I first saw it stay safe Iain
  11. Love it - very, very nice. Good job mate. Iain
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