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  1. Hey John, Thanks mate, I’m building her for a friend of mine who is mad on Spits. My intention is to build a diorama around it with a Willy’s Jeep, Tilly, air and ground crew depicting an scene from RAF Predannack some time in ‘44 when 165 Sqn were briefly based there. Flory wash - yeah yeah yeah splash it all over! Thanks buddy appreciate it Thank you My friend wants his Spit to be really well used and to that end I have really gone to town on it with heavy wear on the wing roots (both port and starboard) and fading on the wing upper surfaces. I’ll post images when I’m happy with my work. Cheers all and be safe Iain
  2. Hi everyone I’ve managed to carry out a little more on my Spitfire. I used the stencil set from HGW and these turned out very well, once I had figured out how to use them and I’ve given the old girl a Flory wash as my first stage of weathering... Cheers all Iain
  3. Evening everyone This evening I masked and sprayed the National markings on my Spit. As usual actually applying and using the masks was easy, however getting the fuselage insignias in the right position not so - they are roughly 1mm too far back grrrrrr. Tomorrow I’ll think about a gloss coat to seal everything in then I’ll apply the serial number and stencil data. cheers Iain
  4. Hey John As Chris has said it will look ace when it’s completed and mounted in the fuselage, keep up the good work sir. cheers Iain
  5. Hiya lol I hadn’t noticed that I had a naked ankle on show how very daring of me , next time I’ll make sure I’m properly dressed. cheers buddy Iain
  6. Evening all Just a small update on my Spitfire. Today I managed to mask and pant the base colours... I'm happy with how its going... next it will be masking and painting the walk way lines, the yellow of the leading edge the fuselage band and then onto the Montex masks. Cheers Iain
  7. Blimey you don’t let the grass grow! Looking for to see what you can do with this. Iain
  8. Shoot that’s really good - well done buddy! Iain
  9. Hey John You’re doing a great job on this mate I especially like what you’ve done with the seat, I just slapped mine together and slopped some paint on (oils for some obscure reason) I used the RB productions harness for mine as I’ve never been able to get satisfactory results using the HGW flavoured ones, but I’m sure you’ll be able to knock em into shape. Cheers buddy and keep up the good work Iain
  10. Hi everyone I know its another Tamiya Spitfire but after seeing @shortCummins rather splendid build I thought I'd show mine as I'm pretty close to where John is with his build. I should say that I started this back in 2018 and for some reason or another I lost interest and put it to one side but now I'm building for my best mate who has been a real rock to me over the past few months and who has a thing for Spitfires. So my plan is to build the Spit and incorporate it into a diorama, I have an Austin Tilly and Willy's Jeep going Spare plus a 1/32 Pilot and ground crew any here is where I'm at... Cheers everyone and stay safe Iain
  11. Hiya I kinda took a punt on the airways set as I know they can be very approximate in their design and fit, however I’ll persevere with them and hopefully get something that resembles a Phantom. cheers Iain
  12. Hi everyone I hope you're all keeping well? Personally I feel a little fragile today after I had a meeting with a certain Mr Merlot and his 3 chums (hic) so not much in the way modelling has been done today. I have managed to give the model a gloss coat in preparation for decals and some bits and pieces arrived in the post but other than that I've done nitto. So here she is looking nice and shiny.. and here is some of the after market that I've managed to get my grubby little hands on, surprisingly there isn't that much out there... I have the canopy up grade set from Airways, some resin mirrors, the boarding ladder from Flightpath, some AIM9L's from Eduard and some resin pylons from aerobonus (Aries). I'm making some home made FOD covers and I'm going to try and create my own RBF tabs... As you can see I've removed the canopy that was only tacked on with white glue to reveal the pilot and navs cockpits, straight out of the box they look ok.. Well that's all I have for now. Cheers and stay safe Iain
  13. Me again I've just removed the masking tape and I have to say its turned out ok, once its weathered I think it might pass muster... Cheers Iain
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