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  1. Hi Crisp Really sorry to hear about your health scare, seems your in the mend now? I gotta say your making a fab job of this, I know the Tamiya kit is very good but it still takes a modeller to finish it and once she’s done the museum will have a great addition to their collection. I gotta say I think it’s great what you, @CedB et all are doing, I wouldn’t have the time and to be honest I’d be be nervous of screwing it up! Cheers Iain
  2. Hiya I gotta agree with Chris they do look stunning, I’ve had real problems trying to re scribe my resin intakes so much so that I’ve given up on trying. I’m hoping my method of depicting panel lines works (although looking at 1 to 1 scale planes it seems that the panel lines actually aren’t that pronounced, dirty yes pronounced no?) Iain
  3. Thank you buddy Hiya ill use a combination of a razor saw blade, scriber and 3M fine line vinyl tape and probably a bit of swearing Thank you Iain
  4. Hey everyone Just a small update just to prove that I am still working on this and my Tornado project. I have been focusing a lot of time trying to get the Alleycat intakes nicely blended in and I think I'm there now. My plan over the next few days is to re mask the cockpit area and access panels, re scribe the lost / vague detail and get some paint on it. Cheers all and Happy Easter! Iain
  5. Ace or wot? Beautifully made, beautifully presented eclectic bunch of models Adrian, the Tiger moth is a particular favourite, but the rest are all praiseworthy. I wish I could rig a bi-plane like you....great stuff. All the best Iain
  6. Hiya I built this a while back and I don’t recall any real issues with it, I think the only sticking point might be the fit of the turret, it’s quiet tight, but once it’s built it looks very good. Have fun with it and I look forward to seeing your progress. Cheers Iain
  7. Hey Pat you’re doing sterling work there buddy, glad I could be of assistance re the radiator grill and I look forward to seeing it in situ. all the best mate Iain
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