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  1. Westland Sea King HU5

    Fantastic build; thanks for sharing. I'd like to build a Sea King in similar colors, but would need to use Tamiya acrylics. Do you happen to know if any of their grays or reds are a good match? Thanks!
  2. Scratch building aircraft basics

    Thanks Richard. Your specific suggestion is especially welcome as I model post-war British subjects, mostly in 1/72, but a few in 1/48 also. The Bucc and the Gannet are two of my favorite subjects!
  3. Scratch building aircraft basics

    Thank you!
  4. Apologies if I am posting this in the wrong place. I'm looking for help as I transition from strictly OOB builds to attempting to add scratch built detail. Anything on the basic tools, materials, and techniques of scratch building would be very helpful. I would like, for example, to be able to replace kit undercarriage legs with scratch built ones or move the position of wing fences. Nothing too ambitious to start with. Any articles or videos you can point me to would be most helpful. Thanks.
  5. Hi Lynx7:

    Please excuse the interruption.  I am building the Hobby Boss 1/72 Royal Navy Lynx in grey with red nose/tail.  Do you know if Tamiya match those colours , or would I have to use a different range of paints. Thanks,


  6. What a fantastic Vulcan! If I can ever pluck up the courage to do one myself, I will use your build as my guide. One thing I would like to know more about is how you sanded and polished the surface. What grit was the sandpaper? Thanks for such an inspirational build. Chris
  7. Jet Provost T3

    Thanks, that's really helpful . I'm going to try the clear spruce tank tips.
  8. Jet Provost T3

    What a lovely job. I have made the same kit in the grey version, but would now like a go at the red and white. Do you have any tips on getting good demarkation lines? And may I ask how you do the clear plastic tips on the wing tanks. I noticed white tack: is that just for masking? Cheers, Chris
  9. Buccaneer S Mk.2B

    Nice looking Buc! Great work. Can't wait for the new Tanmodel kit to appear, although dread to think how much it will cost. A new-tool Airfix version is well overdue and would complement nicely their new RN Phantom.
  10. Jaguar-Hasegawa 1/72

    I came across your superb Jag build while searching Britmodeller in preparation of my own build of a T2. I realize you built this quite some time ago, but I wondered if you could describe how you achieved such a beautifully mottled (weathered?) finish. Any other tips or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. 1/72 Airfix Jet Provost

    lovely job! I'm having trouble getting neatly painted tips on the wing tanks. Can't get masking tape to work. Any suggestions? Thanks
  12. Hi Dave: Nice looking Jag. I'm about to start the Hasegawa 2 seater (T2) and would be interested to know what color you painted the cockpit, undercarriage bays, and undercarriage. Thanks!
  13. New Airfix Mk3 Sea king

    great trio of SAR choppers. Used to watch all three over the years at RAF Valley. May I ask what kit that is of the Whirlwind? Didn't know one was available.
  14. Some recent builds

    most impressive builds...keep them coming