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  1. Ok, as somehow the topic has been uploaded twice, how do I delete one of them?
  2. May I present my latest attempt at an RAF Phantom... Fujimi 1/72, McDonnell Douglas Phantom FGR2, XV419 / G of 29 Sqn, RAF Coningsby from1981. As always, I've tried to get it true to life and from the reference photo's it was still carrying the DSG coloured wing tanks and some of the warning signs were not yet in the low vis scheme. Painted with Xtracolor Enamels and the Humbrol Matt Cote as per usual, after market decals from Xtradecals. I have the Plane Crazy/Gemini Aces diecast model and it was always the plan once I got back into modelling to re-create the die ca
  3. That's a smashing looking model. Very impressive modelling.
  4. Really excellent modelling. I worked on these in the mid 90's so brings back some good memories.
  5. At a rough guess I've probably got around 2/3rds of the post 1950 fleet in the stash. Some are just not available where others are only available in resin which are very expensive. Saying that, I've got the Mach 2 Argosy on the bench along with the Combat Kits BAe146 which I'm going go repaint in the TQF colours from the time of the disbandment when I was there. Still keep resorting back to another Phantom, Jaguar or Lightning too
  6. Thanks, the mask is off but the serial will now bug me till I get it fixed.... attention to detail!
  7. A quick build 1/72 Novo Percival Proctor MkIV, NP249 / VS-O of 31 Sqn, RAF Hendon circa 1952. Built straight OOB with some decals from the spares box. 31 Sqn disbanded at the end of 1947 but reformed in July 1948 when the they took over the aircraft and role of the Metropolitan Communications Squadron at RAF Hendon before moving to RAF Laarbruch on 1 March 1955 to become a Canberra Squadron.
  8. Continuing with my theme of trying to get everything the RAF has flown since 1950 built in 1/72 scale (tough job I know!), let me introduce my S&M Models, Bristol Sycamore HR14. Finding photographs hard to come by, I used the kit decals minus the 202 Sqn 'Duck' decals to attempt XJ380 of 275 Sqn, RAF Thornaby circa 1956/57. Built OOB using Xtracolor X019 RAF Rescue Yellow. As always, the photographs are poor having been taken on a very old iPad. Here it is with a couple of it's newer cousins. Westland Whirlwind HAR2, XJ763 of 22 Sqn, 'A' Flt
  9. Excellent, they all look great.
  10. Thanks, I have the decal sheet but wasn't sure how accurate this was as I'd seen other illustration showing a natural metal / silver finish. Think I got my answer though.
  11. Calling all Meteor experts....... I'm planning on building a Meteor F(TT)8 of 1574 Flt in Singapore but having difficulty getting pictures of the correct colours. Having seen other models, a lot seem to be painted in a light grey which I'm not sure is correct as would have expected them to be an aluminium finish and if out in Singapore a very sun bleached and dull aluminium finish. I've found a black and white picture of WE876 which has the dayglo stripes but doesn't have the black tail that is depicted on many drawings and illistrations. Does anyone have a de
  12. Excellent build. I'm about to attempt a 1/72 version, what did you use to get the orange as it looks pretty damp close?
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