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  1. Absolutely fantastic, really great to see. I really like the groundcrew, ill have to try and get some.
  2. Incredible detail on such a small kit, superb!
  3. I wasn't sure about the brown rectangular panels, can easily be added if needed. Did all Canberra's have these? Always learning.
  4. I saw the wire trick last week on another site. It was the first time I tried it and I think it looks better. It raises the wheels by the width of the paperclip that I used. so you can't really tell. I'm sure you could groove out the wheel so it would sit completely flush?
  5. Congratulations on such a magnificent build. I have a C1 in the stash and have thought about converting it to a C3, looking at yours, I may just have to give it a go.
  6. It was a bit of a struggle at times and needed lots of filler and lots of sanding and then lots more filler. The engines were a very poor fit and had lots of gaps. The wings were also a very poor fit. The Humbrol Matt Cote hides a multitude of errors. I know lots of people don't like it but it has always worked a treat for me.
  7. Fantastic job! Did you use a pre-cut mask or did you make your own? I'm not sure I'm brave enough or have enough patience to attempt a paint scheme like this.
  8. Having had a wee lull I finally managed to finish this 1/72 Micro-Mir Canberra T17. I ended up finishing as a 360 Sqn aircraft from RAF Wyton in 1985, mainly because the decals with the kit were incorrect. Built OOB using the Modeldecal 85 set and addition of the HF aerial using fishing line. Was looking forward to building this when it came out but probably used not far off as much filler as there is plastic and it fought me all the way. Got the weighting in the nose wrong but the trick with the wire in the wheels worked a treat. Apologies for the poor photographs but
  9. Thanks, not as quick a job as I was hoping then? Next question if you could?.... What is the best kit and the extra's needed for a conversion to a TT35 as was based at Exeter?
  10. Thanks all, for clarification I am talking about doing it in 1/72.
  11. Any Mosquito experts out there? I'm trying to build a couple of Mosquitos, post 1950 to fit my collection. I have the Freightdog decals for a NF36 with a bull nose and the PR34. The decals say use the Tamiya Mk XIII/XVII and B Mk IV kits with Freightdog conversions. Looking at the pictures it looks like I need the slipper tanks and possibly the tropical intakes? Is this correct? Is there anything else needed? Would appreciate if anyone confirm/advise please?
  12. Here is the second of my Hunters, again the excellent Revell 1/72 Hawker Hunter F6 kit built OOB. Hawker Hunter F6 of 14 Sqn, RAF Gutersloh from 1962. Additional decals from Xtradecal and as usual, painted using mainly Xtracolor enamels finished with Humbrol satin cote. Here's a few pictures of both of the Hunters together......
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