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  1. Does anyone know the correct colors for the insides of the main flaps on the Shackleton AEW? The new Revell kit gives DSG, but I seem to remember them being a sort of zinc green chromate. Thanks!
  2. chrish

    Airfix 2021...

    Yes, I've heard the Kittyhawk Jag doesn't go together well. Good luck with yours. Are you doing a work-in-progress?
  3. chrish

    Airfix 2021...

    I saw something about a new tool Italeri Jag in 72, but not sure when we might expect it.
  4. chrish

    Airfix 2021...

    Any interest in a Jaguar GR1/3, either scale?
  5. Congrats on a fantastic model and on the award at the weekend--much deserved! I found your post at an opportune time as I am about to start work on the Classic Airframes version. Did you happen to do a WIP on Britmodeller? In particular, I would like to learn: what paints you used; how you did the weathering; and how you avoided silvering on the stencil decals that are mostly transparent. Thanks and well done!
  6. Great work! May I ask which brand of dayglo you used on the T7. Thanks.
  7. wow, what great builds! Did you post a work in progress for any of these?
  8. Hi Sten: Did you ever make further progress on the Dominie? Am working on my own and looking for guidance. Thanks.
  9. I am also working on a white/gray Nimrod. About two years into the build, I am now trying to refashion the intakes and adjacent searchlights.
  10. Hi Steve: I was wondering if you ever finished the project. I'd like to know if I can build an RAF Hawk T2 (the black ones based at Valley) from the 1/72 Airfix BAE Systems kit. Chris
  11. Hi Shaun: did you ever complete your Fly JP or post more of your build? I'm about to start on one and am looking for guidance. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the link Dave. They look just the ticket and quite affordable! Chris
  13. Thanks John. I think I can live with inaccurate wheels. I read somewhere that the starter bullets are smaller on the B2 intakes and that they can be easily corrected. Chris
  14. Lovely Canberra in an eye-catching scheme. I was hoping to convert my old Airfix Canberra B (I).6 into a B.2 with the Suez stripes. Does anyone know of a convenient guide to the differences between the two versions? Thanks! (By the way, the old Airfix kit seems remarkably good for its age).
  15. What a beautiful Phantom! May I ask what metal colors and brands of paint you used on the exhaust areas: I am about to spray my Fujimi Phantom with Vallejo Metalcolors and need some guidance. Also, what weathering products/techniques did you use? Thanks
  16. Thank you for your quick and detailed responses. Much appreciated!
  17. I am modeling a 1/72 Fujimi Phantom of RAF 1435 Flt using the new Xtradecal Phantom sheet. The nose/radome is supposed to be fibreglass coloured. Anyone know of a Tamiya paint (or paint mixture) that might work for this? Thanks!
  18. Fantastic build; thanks for sharing. I'd like to build a Sea King in similar colors, but would need to use Tamiya acrylics. Do you happen to know if any of their grays or reds are a good match? Thanks!
  19. Thanks Richard. Your specific suggestion is especially welcome as I model post-war British subjects, mostly in 1/72, but a few in 1/48 also. The Bucc and the Gannet are two of my favorite subjects!
  20. Apologies if I am posting this in the wrong place. I'm looking for help as I transition from strictly OOB builds to attempting to add scratch built detail. Anything on the basic tools, materials, and techniques of scratch building would be very helpful. I would like, for example, to be able to replace kit undercarriage legs with scratch built ones or move the position of wing fences. Nothing too ambitious to start with. Any articles or videos you can point me to would be most helpful. Thanks.
  21. Hi Lynx7:

    Please excuse the interruption.  I am building the Hobby Boss 1/72 Royal Navy Lynx in grey with red nose/tail.  Do you know if Tamiya match those colours , or would I have to use a different range of paints. Thanks,


  22. What a fantastic Vulcan! If I can ever pluck up the courage to do one myself, I will use your build as my guide. One thing I would like to know more about is how you sanded and polished the surface. What grit was the sandpaper? Thanks for such an inspirational build. Chris
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