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  1. Elon Musk For President Of The World!

    Well, excluding perpetually gloomy (In all senses of the word) Britain, most of the world has sunshine and wind. And, as I stated, we are waiting for the big breakthrough in battery storage technology. But he's working on that, too.
  2. Elon Musk For President Of The World!

    Won't be long before we can all charge our electric cars (and homes) from our personal solar and wind generating stations - in 30 years, thee won't be a National Grid! We are just waiting on the breakthrough in battery/storage capacity.
  3. Hello from Croatia

    Dobrodošao u BM, Stips!
  4. Solo: A Star Wars Story - Teaser Trailer

    They missed a trick - the release date should have been three weeks earlier......
  5. Hunter conversion kits

    Don't forget the original thread started way back in 2008, so there are bound to have been changes/additions/deletions since then! And it is such terrific news that we'll finally have a decent 1/48 Hunter, at long last...!
  6. Eastern Express catalog 2018 online

    New Trislander and Herald - nice!
  7. Very rare bird

    Erickson is still going strong. They 'bought' Evergreen's helo ops a few years back, and bit off more than they could chew and went into bankruptcy protection, but are now back in business with Elvis and co. A friend of mine owned an aircraft instrument refurbishing company and he had the contract to refurbish parts from Skycranes for Erickson . Part the reason he retired and sold up was that Erickson went into bankruptcy. Here's some great footage from Youtube of Skycranes working the Thomas Fire late last year: Very close to where my mother-in-law lives - they became a very common sight over her house.
  8. Back in the hobby after 40 years :)

    Welcome, John!
  9. Westland Puma HC.1 RAF 1:32 Decals

    Me, too - but how much and can you please update the photos, as the Photobucket thing has affected the relevant post.
  10. "Who's the best pilot you ever saw?"

    Steve Hinton
  11. Carriers Ahoy! Things that fly on things that float!

    I'd be interested in joining, depending on the dates - I have a number of carrier kits, plus a Heller Jeanne d'Arc if it is decided to allow 'non-thru deck cruisers'.....!
  12. Hello from Osijek ,Croatia

    Dobrodošao u Britmodeller, Zoran!
  13. Indeed. Back in those old days when this thread started, there was much more substance to threads, they were more informative and contained useful information. Now, threads simply deteriorate into slanging matches containing bad grammar and spelling - goodness knows, some threads need serious sub-editing. No, I no longer subscribe to threads - they just aren't the same as in the old days.......
  14. This one deserves double popcorn. I have this kit and am anxious to see what you make of it before I dive in.....!
  15. US Marine Corps at Flagstaff Airport, August 26, 2017

    Indeed - all it needs is a blue glow......!