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  1. I'd be interested in joining, depending on the dates - I have a number of carrier kits, plus a Heller Jeanne d'Arc if it is decided to allow 'non-thru deck cruisers'.....!
  2. Hello from Osijek ,Croatia

    Dobrodošao u Britmodeller, Zoran!
  3. Indeed. Back in those old days when this thread started, there was much more substance to threads, they were more informative and contained useful information. Now, threads simply deteriorate into slanging matches containing bad grammar and spelling - goodness knows, some threads need serious sub-editing. No, I no longer subscribe to threads - they just aren't the same as in the old days.......
  4. This one deserves double popcorn. I have this kit and am anxious to see what you make of it before I dive in.....!
  5. US Marine Corps at Flagstaff Airport, August 26, 2017

    Indeed - all it needs is a blue glow......!
  6. Great Nephew .

    The moral of the story is that this young man actually has an interest in modelmaking - not necessarily to build them himself, but to enjoy them nevertheless. It is an encouraging starting point. Perhaps a move forward in the model making direction would be an Airfix Quick Build kit joint build, progressing to simple starter kits if the results are encouraging.
  7. US Marine Corps at Flagstaff Airport, August 26, 2017

    Cheers, Seamus! If you ever get the chance to visit the States, try to build your trip around the Miramar air show - LOTS of Marine stuff there.
  8. US Marine Corps at Flagstaff Airport, August 26, 2017

    Cheers, Paul. It is a small event, but growing, and I am hopeful that there'll be even more interesting stuff in future, given that there are two F-35 bases here in AZ.
  9. US Marine Corps at Flagstaff Airport, August 26, 2017

    Thanks, Orion!
  10. US Marine Corps at Flagstaff Airport, August 26, 2017

    Thanks, Massimo!
  11. A small 'air event' at Flagstaff Airport this morning, attended by, amongst others, the US Marine Corps' HMLA-369 'Gunfighters' with their mix of UH-1Y and AZ-1Z helos.
  12. Have we lost the Battle of Britain Hall at Hendon

    Stop being the Voice of Reason, Matt - it'll get you nowhere.....
  13. Island Vis (Croatia) RAF monument

    No worries, glad to help! Croatia has a fascinating and complex history.
  14. Island Vis (Croatia) RAF monument

    Karlo - my wife's father was from Tugare, near Split. We visited relatives there in 2013, and I've fallen in love with the country. Beautiful place, lovely people. Jure - check out this Wikipedia article about the first Battle of Lissa (1811) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Lissa_(1811)