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  1. Oh, I know how that goes! One minute you are bored to tears, next, everyone expects you to get five things done at once! Shame there wasn't as much chat from everyone this season - hopefully, we can pick it up come August!
  2. This is fascinating: The images of the vertical boat are interesting. It'll be cool to see the minisub footage when they release it.
  3. Well done, Simon - back-to-back championships! And well played to Andrew for a close run thing in the last couple of gameweeks - only having Harry Kane saved Simon! Personally, I'm pleased with third, though I had some bad choices early on that came back to haunt me - dropping the afore-mentioned H Kane was perhaps the biggest....... As a Liverpool supporter, well pleased with the lads today, securing Champions League qualification. On to bigger and better things next year, I hope. Many thanks to Bob for setting up the league - same again next season?
  4. Just got my subscription copy today and can confirm - no Lancaster book....
  5. despite a dodgy compass
  6. I wonder if we loyal subscribers will also get this?
  7. Yeah, but judging by those photos, they've buggered up the _____! And look at the shape of the _____ - awful! And why did they choose the ______scheme? Everyone does THOSE markings. I'll wait until ______ does it proper justice.....
  8. We saw the trailer some months ago with Hidden Fences. Shockingly, it's a war movie that my whole family wants to see - my daughter because she's intrigued by the history, my wife because she's in love with Kenneth Branagh.....
  9. How disappointing. Subscribers dip out again....
  10. Most every thread complaining about magazines in general features these posts.
  11. Definitely some excellent and impressive work going on here, Martin!
  12. Curtiss XA-14
  13. Four Ospreys in line abreast heading at a fast rate of knots over work towards the airport around 10 this morning. I've seen them individually in the past, but 4 in formation - what a racket! (But a good one!)