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  1. Good article in Aviation magazine about the IOMAX Archangel - used in combat by UAEAF and looks pretty capable.
  2. Congratulations!
  3. D'oh! It was Kingston Road, not Fratton Road! Been a long time since I did the walk from my nan's house, which was about a mile away.....
  4. Modeltoys, Fratton Road in Portsmouth. The home of Modeldecals.
  5. RIP PC Palmer - a brave man, killed by a coward.
  6. The problem being that 202 never operated the Sycamore. S&M got the scheme from a well-photographed display airframe that was hauled around airshows in the late sixties, which prominently displayed the 202 emblem. I'd be curious to know why, if anyone here should know.
  7. 100 feet of models and all you came home with was a single kit? Amateur.......
  8. My first time through, I remember hazily watching TV on the monitor above the bed and apparently I said, "Could you please change channels, I hate watching medical shows....."
  9. For some reason, I just remembered I need to get a colonoscopy done this year. Funny what pops into your head sometimes.....
  10. Come back, Rita - all is forgiven!
  11. Cheers, for that, Andy - I didn't realize ModelArt did this a/c!
  12. I'm so sorry for your loss, Graeme.
  13. Bit of a mixed bag, I thought. The Hurricane one was quite interesting, but none of the others really grabbed me. The Q6 episode was most disappointing - very little about the actual restoration at all.