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  1. 1/18 Fairey Firefly VX376

    Somehow, I don't think so Peter! Always a pleasure watching your work take shape - the journey is as riveting as the final product is impressive. Matt
  2. Very nice indeed... Have the Profi and overtree. Brassin engine is tempting... Matt
  3. Thanks Again, thanks. Thanks for the comment. I wanted to avoid putting dark washes into panel lines/rivets etc. I want to experiment a little with some light, subtle weathering on this one (didn't have time to do anything really before heading off to Telford). All it got so far is a light ground (on sandpaper) pastel dusting... Cheers. Matt
  4. I've just (almost) finished this kit. I loved every minute of it and will certainly build more. I used the Eduard 'weekend' 109G-6 ERLA boxing, combination of Barracuda decals and Eduard national markings and stencils. I took some photos just in case it gets destroyed during its visit to Telford... image027 by Matt Low, on Flickr image020 by Matt Low, on Flickr image028 by Matt Low, on Flickr image032 by Matt Low, on Flickr I've already spotted some touch ups required, but am pretty pleased with the result. Matt
  5. Bf 109g-5 Eduard 1:48

    Lovely 109, very well finished... Have an Erla G-6 Weekend just about to finish, built as an Erla G-14. Great kit and so pleased Eduard are going through all the later versions (roll on AS, G-10s and K-4s). Matt
  6. 1/48 me 262 a-1a u-3

    Well executed. Not an easy scheme... what size needle did you use? I have Hobby Boss version of this machine to do down the line... Matt
  7. Heinrich Ehrler Bf 109G6

    Very nice indeed. These Eduard 109s are really good in my opinion. They build easily and without any real foibles. I am approaching finishing line with my first and it certainly won't be the last.. Matt
  8. Thanks My airbrushing skills aren't up to freehanding those yet, so I'll try the card mask.. Matt
  9. Very nice... Even the Eduard G-6s have the gun trough insert and the need to get rid of a pesky, stubborn join line.. What did you use for the scalloped camo demarcation on the leading edges of the wings.? Matt
  10. Missed this first time around... You've done the Airfix kit proud... excellent build. I think you'd like the Stuka. It is, compared to most of the other 1/24s, much more refined (especially surface details). Matt
  11. Nice work.. The actual finish would be best accomplished with a base of silver or aluminium followed by a transparent yellow/green coat (allowing the metallic to show through)... A green RLM02 may be enough, given the small area visible when the flaps are installed... Matt
  12. Hi These look good! I shall try to make my own corrections, but the Vector stuff is always quality. The site (http://www.ju88.net/) is an invaluable resource for Ju 88A colours as many shots of unrestored parts are presented. Something of note is the extensive use of a finish applied using electrolysis. This is used extensively on the interior and wheelbays etc. It imparts a see through green/yellow tint to the metal and is not often overpainted. It was particular to Junkers as far as I'm aware and is very robust, having protected many aircraft's structures while submerged for many years... Regarding the radiator flap interior. I would go for this electrolytic finish. Above is a photo of the Ju88A-1 engines after recovery and a bit of cleaning. You can see what looks like the metallic green hue inside the nearest engine. Matt
  13. Nice work so far. It's a shame ICM got the 'pit and the engine nacelle ducting wrong... All they had to do was look at Revell's '32nd or '72nd kits to see how they should have looked. I see Revell are boxing this kit, I think they need to bite the bullet and tool their own 1/48 Ju 88. Anyway, with all the extra bits you've got it should look excellent when you finish.. Matt
  14. Nice work... It is always very satisfying watching someone else wrestle an excellent model out of these old Airfix kits. It'll look a stonker when you've finished it... Matt