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  1. Mattlow

    Three Ages of Man Stuka

    Looking good... it's interesting to see how cleanly it has gone together, very little filling and good fit... not bad for Airfix of that vintage.. I have one of these that a friend gave me some 40 years ago. He'd started it and glued the major components together with UHU glue, no painting. I carefully dismantled the whole kit and put it away for the future... maybe 40 years later is 'future enough' I'll have to dig it out... Matt
  2. Nice Albacore Tony, especially considering the base kit.. Could the ring not just be oxidised aluminium? It tends to lose its metallic look and take on a variety of (often) pale grey colours that could look white-ish in B/W photos....? The heat from the engine exhaust may have added to a white oxidation layer forming... Matt
  3. Mattlow

    Laser cutting as a modelling technique

    Many thanks, much appreciated. Matt
  4. Mattlow

    Dragon Rapide model back on line...probably...

    This is the thread at LSP... https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/45291-132nd-scale-dh89-master/&page=12 Good old PB destroyed the photos, but you'll see from the final pages that the priject is long running, had issues (poor Hubert) and now seems on track... Matt
  5. Mattlow

    Avatar Picture

    https://www.lifewire.com/edit-photos-on-ipad-4103734 As always, Google is your friend.. Matt
  6. Mattlow

    Laser cutting as a modelling technique

    I'd be interested in any notes on that aspect you have put together.. I was thinking some WWI subjects in 1/32 would benefit from actual ribs and spars that could then be covered and 'really' allow light through the wing...? Matt PS, just found Devon has two Fab Labs but the info on the web is scant... So I may have to get into Exeter and have a mooch...
  7. Mattlow

    Laser cutting as a modelling technique

    Some really nice work on show... it's great how a new technology gets the creative juices flowing... The contour mapping is very cool... As a matter of interest, how fine/thin is the actual laser cut? This would make an interesting tool for cutting lots of similar parts that need to be identical - like ribs for a wing etc... I'll have to see if our library has a similar setup..? Matt
  8. I would ask on a US forum's armour section. I'm sure there are plenty of people with these parts spare from Tamiya Panther G or Jagdpanther kits.. Post would be a lot less so more likely to get someone to give you a set. To be honest, in 1/35 all you need is a cylindrical object (pen body or similar) and then a device that looks like a jet aircraft turbine (though it doesn't move in this case). Here's a couple of photos I took of the exhaust suppressors at Bovington. The idea was to conceal sparks, flame and also any glow of the actual hot exhaust. So in the view looking up the tube you can see the hot inner exhaust within the outer tube. [ Hope that helps and good luck sourcing or scratching one up. Matt
  9. Mattlow

    WW2 Canadian landmatresse

    Good progress Troels Matt
  10. Mattlow


    Hi Steve CA doesn't bond parts by melting them together like the liquid plastic glues. It just bonds really well to most plastic surfaces and holds them together. This can lead to a more brittle bond that is prone to crack if it receives a hard knock. I am not aware of any particular polystyrenes not being compatible with CA - many of us use it to fill seams (as it bonds to the plastic well and doesn't shrink). I cannot see that you'd have any issues using CA to bond rigging to the aircraft.. Try it out on a piece of sprue.. Matt
  11. Mattlow

    A320 conversion to A319 or A321

    There's already A319 and A320 (don't know if A321) but here's a conversion from 319 to 318.. Matt
  12. Mattlow

    Eduard's Little Whale

    Yes, ironically Eduard did them in one of their boxings... http://www.hyperscale.com/2009/reviews/kits/eduard8043reviewrb_1.htm Maybe put out a call for surplus decals in the wanted section...? Matt
  13. Mattlow

    Forum suddenly stops working!

    I get the server took too long to respond occasionally. I'm (obviously) here in UK and I only use a single page to browse. Not posting, no emojis etc... just viewing. Other pages open are fine so not a general internet malaise... I'll make a note from now on when this happens (prob once a week) Matt
  14. Mattlow

    Zoukei-Mura/SWS 1/32 Ta-152H1

    Mark, Ta was given to several late war FW produced aircraft in honour/recognition, I suppose, of Kurt Tank FW's chief designer. and test pilot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Focke-Wulf Matt