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  1. Yeah, I was dreaming... well sort of... it was the 1/32 HKM kit I was recalling. Seeing as the Luftwaffe was putting panzerschreck (spelling) under the wings of trainers a bomb seems quite as likely.. Matt
  2. Is there not a fuel tank in the kit for the bomb bay? i recall a flattened cylinder shaped tank in the kit..? Maybe I'm dreaming? Matt
  3. Your call really. Only a handful of 335 trainers were built (to be honest they'd have had a fuel tank in the bomb bay if anything - but a bomb would have been possible). The colours would probably have been unpainted on the dural parts (skin etc) and RLM 02 on the steel parts. Steel had to be painted as it rusted so quickly, in fact these parts were often painted at point of manufacture to prevent deterioration before they were even used. Basically, a patchwork of bare metal, RLM 02 and RLM 66 would look quite effective - if you can be bothered.. ? Matt EDIT: nice work by the way. It's a good tight fitting kit, isn't it.
  4. Thanks Greg. Simple as that.. I shall apply that approach to my HB 262s. Thanks Matt
  5. Well done for keeping at it. I find that if the damage isn't apocalyptic and you get over the urge to chuck it all away, the repairs are often better than the original. Matt
  6. So, what is the secret of a perfect HB 262 nose...? Matt
  7. Fantastic looking build ad the finish is something else..! I wonder if you'd have more luck contacting Trumpeter's UK importer/distributor? I think it is Creative Models, they certainly seem to be the HobbyBoss distributor. Nothing much to lose asking them. Matt
  8. Nice recycling... or is that upcycling? Anyway, plausible looking aircraft... Matt
  9. Nice work on the 262s.. On the recon bird, you may want to fill the two lower gun ports (one on each side, set low). These were to be fitted on a projected but, as far as I know, never built version. All armed recon 262s, and not all were armed, had the the MK108 barrel sticking out of the upper nose (as your build has). Look forward to seeing them come together. Matt
  10. Precision modelling here Alexandre. After seeing progress on your Mi-24, this is sure to be a treat to watch. Matt
  11. Dave Good to see the big Mig finished. Looks excellent. I'll have to pop back to read the last bits of the WIP. What were your final thoughts on the kit? I'll be resuming mine now I have a new nose - sent all the way from Ukraine by the folks at ICM.. Matt
  12. Useful info.. Also, from just the images you've provided, the pylon appears deeper at the front and shallower at the rear. Airfix pylon is the other way around (of course there may be other parts that go between pylon and tank in the kit, which I don't have yet). Hadn't really noticed before that the tank has a depression into which the pylon attaches as well... all useful little nuances to capture. Matt
  13. Looking good with that sharkmouth... very aggressive. Matt
  14. Good to see this one back with some progress Dave. Getting close to the finish line now.. Matt
  15. Coming together very nicely Dave You're the second person I've seen not use the CWS ventral strake. As the strakes come in two halves, I just sanded a bit to get the recess for the parachute activator.. much easier than faffing cutting bits off. It's a pretty subtle bit of the airframe anyway... I think the tank would spoil the lines of the fighter.. better on a recon bird... Matt
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