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  1. A beauty! Must look at the Pheon decals.... Is there a WiP for this (I'll go and have a look)? Matt
  2. Mattlow

    FW 190D-9

    Aha.. That'll be where I originally read it then... Matt
  3. Mattlow

    FW 190D-9

    Nice work so far Pip. I am sure that I have read that when putting the fuselage halves together it is a good idea not to glue the bulkhead with the rear engine details. This is, I think, because you can get into difficulties with interference between the bulkhead and the parts boxing in the exhaust areas . Leaving it loose allows a bit of wiggle room. Can't recall the details, but worth watching out for. Matt
  4. Mattlow

    Faun SLT 50-3 Elefant

    Looks good. Advice would be to look up different techniques on YouTube etc and have a crack at it yourself. As you said, onward and upwards.. Matt
  5. Mattlow

    Flickr to be taken over by SmugMug

    I received the email as well and read most of the T&Cs attached. SmugMug (which I'd never even heard of before) don't have any free account options, but the terms of the merger seem, for the time being, to preserve Flickr's current setup with a free account option. Of course, things could change and we may be asked to pay, though after Photobucket's insanely ill judged escapades I suspect it'll be done in a less draconian way. Maybe the paradigm of many free accounts supported by a smaller set of paying accounts is near to running ts course. We'll see. Matt
  6. I see On a Bf 109 or 110 I would carefully cut the entire slat area out, Sheet over the 'hole' and if I'd done it carefully enough re-use the removed slat parts. But if the wing is thin and likely to be structurally compromised by cutting then it may be best to slate this for your next...? Matt
  7. Nice work Regarding the leading edge slats, could you not maybe form some aluminium (take away food tray etc) over the leading edge of the wing to give the correct shape, then just file back a bit of the leading edge (that'd be the visible part when slat deployed) to give the impression of the recess from which the slat is extending..? Not totally clear on how the slat is configured so this may not work.. Matt
  8. Hi Olivier Just catching up on the Missouri Armada epic. First off, this is one of THE most useful threads you're likely to find on an individual aircraft, and the type in general for us modellers. Your trial, error, try again approach is both educational and inspiring. So don't worry about the interest/relevance etc... we love it. Tail wheel well. When I asked about the tail well it became sort of clear that much of the detail (including most of the actual tail wheel leg) was covered with a canvas boot. This, if you think about it, makes total sense. The tail wheel leg of the Mustang is (to my eyes) pretty complex and the last thing you'd want is loads of mud and ice and crud getting sprayed into the well and all over the mechanism - it'd be a nightmare to clean. The Americans seem to have put a lot of care into ensuring the aircraft remained protected and clean. The image I had also shows that there were canvas/cloth patches doped over the lightening/access holes in the lower side of the bay - again, keeps the crud out. My Revell build is coming along (wings, tail surfaces are on). I am just trying to get the surfaces and seams sorted for their silver paint (which is utterly merciless at showing up each and every imperfection.. ) Model on Olivier!! Matt
  9. Very, very nice. I think I threw this kit together many years ago on a Saturday afternoon after buying it in Woolworth's that morning. Suffice to say that the finish fell WELL below (several kilometres) the quality you have achieved.. Matt
  10. Mattlow

    B-2 Spirit - Modelcollect 1/72

    I can see it and it looks great, especially knowing you brush painted the finish. What's the span of this kit? Never knew there were only 21 of these beasts. Thanks for sharing. Matt
  11. Mattlow

    Boeing 747-400F 1/72

    You must be a very, very patient bloke. Matt
  12. Mattlow

    1:32 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IIa

    Nice work on the Spitfire. I don't think I'd be getting such good results on model number 3 after 20 year break..! Matt
  13. Mattlow

    Hawker Hunter F5 - Detail differences to F-6

    Thanks for those photos. It would be nice to see an early Hunter fly. Doubt it'll happen though... Cheers Matt
  14. Mattlow

    Hawker Hunter F5 - Detail differences to F-6

    Thanks Stephen for the info and 71Chally for the geometry lesson.. I will post this up when I've a bit more paint on her. The HSS undersurfaces are decanted Tamiya AS 12 which is pretty unforgiving when it comes to surface finish... Where are the restored Hunters based? Matt
  15. Mattlow

    Hawker Hunter F5 - Detail differences to F-6

    Mark That's more than just helpful. A most comprehensive answer. Best of all, your advice corresponds to some of the decisions I made earlier I spent some of last night retro-re-building the airbrake to the earlier shape. It isn't perfect but it is visibly different to the late model now. With regard to the 'built in aerials for the nav system (on the belly) would there be any visible sign of them (not those three sided bare metal things you see are they? I've erased all sign of the two aerial locations but can add something with paint or decal if need be. Glad to hear the vents exhausts are absent as well. I do like this Hunter because it has no Sabrinas and looks clean. I may do the F3 next.. Thanks Matt PS: hadn't realised the Rebecca aerials were for DME... Live and learn