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  1. Is it possible that the tank took part in the Polish campaign and was then converted keeping the Polish campaign marking? I have no idea if that's even a possibility. Matt
  2. This photo must be the inspiration for the box art. Seems to have the Polish campaign cross on it...? https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/germany/tanks-2-3/panzer-ii/bruckenleger-auf-panzer-ii-ausf-d-sep39/ Matt
  3. I suspect, but am not certain, the hatches on the upper rear deck were for oil and water. The IV Ausf J got another fuel tank in the rear (well some of them did) but I am not sure if it had its own filler or just filled, as a linked tank, from the side filling points? Matt
  4. Hi again I am currently researching the very early 'Porsche' turret KTs that fought around Chateaudun. These had the earliest style of tracks with complex links. If you follow this link, third image down has a really good view of the outer edge of this track, showing the two separate links. Not clear in most images is the fact that there was also a separate link on the inner edge as well. This makes the track look 'frayed' and is quite distinctive. AFAIK all of these machines (5 or 6) of FKL 316 had this style of track - but it was only the first few (10 or so I recall). https://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?t=19525&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=120 Matt
  5. HI I wouldn't say I was an aficionado, but here's a go. Gg 24/800/300 early multipart. Earliest tracks were quite complex 2 link type where two of the joining pieces were separate pieces apparently fitted to the first few non-production "Porsche" turret vehicles. They look quite different. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10493347/20/1, https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10493346/20/1 Gg 24/660/300 transport tracks (narrow) like above but with only a single separate link https://www.bnamodelworld.com/parts-decals-for-1:35-scale-master-club-mtl-35093?zenid=0c48ca06b5d5c74fab53675e2d14128a these were also to be fitted to the Panther II Kgs 26/800/300 later two part - standard cross country track (i.e. there's a treaded link and a joining link) goes with the lesser (12?) toothed driver (can't recall how many teeth) https://www.scalemates.com/kits/masterclub-mtl35095-pzkpfwvi-ausfb-tiger-ii-mid-gg-26-800-300--1078965 Kgs 73/800/152 last single part. Late type, single link (i.e. no joining link) goes with the final (18?) toothed driver. Can't find an image. They are quite different if you actually look at the tracks and sprockets... so 99% of people generally and probably 80%+ of modellers wouldn't notice. I would decide on a subject, then see what track it had (not all vehicles followed the rules) and decide if you can live with the difference between what's in the box and what it should have. Biggest visual difference I suspect is those machines that ended up fighting with the clearly narrower transport tracks. That includes the 'famous' octopus camo'd KT. Matt
  6. Wow! I've just read this from the beginning and am really impressed with the way you've progressed in skills. I am tinkering with F360 and while it is very good, your mastering of aspects is flippin impressive. What I like is that, as opposed to sticking someone else's parts together, you have created them and in that process must have got a much better feel for the real engineering. I've really enjoyed reading this. You must be be really chuffed with the results... 200 hours well spent.. Matt
  7. Did you ever finish the 1/32 P-51 from Revell? The post I was following ended on page 3 with you fitting the Tamiya canopy.

    It was a great post, and got me to dig out my own Revell P-51.

    1. Mattlow


      Hi Scott. No, afraid not. It is sat watching me. I shall return to it at some point.


      It's a good kit, I think I like it better than the Tamiya, harder to get a good finish, but good detail and clever ingineering.



  8. Like the supplier said, they're all kits that have been around for some time under the Merit label. I can't see anything new (though a couple may not have got around to being released?). Trumpy just coming up with another name to maintain the brand separation I suppose.
  9. Hi Frank I'm no car expert (a total novice in fact) but if you're looking info on certain kits my 'go to' location is Scalemates. For any given kit they'll have a page of info which gives you a history of the model (sometimes a kit is in a new box but is decades old - not always an issue but worth being aware of). Their timelines will also tell you if kits are re-boxed products. So, for example, Airfix and Heller tended to release each others' kits in their own boxes, Revell of Germany and Hasegawa did the same, the list goes on. This can mean you are getting a better (or worse) kit than the manufacturer's brand would indicate. Here's a link to Scalemates for the Italeri Ford Escort RS1800 Mk.II - https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-3655-ford-escort-rs1800-mkii--1029950 Timeline shows you a 2017 release contains 1979 plastic (later releases almost always have far better decals though). Further down you'll find places to buy and then, very usefully, links to reviews.Further again you'll find equally useful links to associated items - decals, etch etc. My first port of call when I'm trying to find out about a kit. HTH Matt
  10. Thank you very much for the images folks. I'm currently dissolving chrome off the chromed parts. Trying to work out which UK products dissolve the layer which sits below the chrome. I've seen a few US threads where product is mentioned, but not UK specific. I am trying a longer bath in bleach (the chrome was gone in about ten/fifteen minutes), bath in ISP seems to be having an effect. I also have Mr Muscle oven cleaner and some Tesco multi purpose cleaner that made very short work of some old enamel paint. Parts already look so much sharper with the chrome removed... Cheers Matt PS, I'll do a WiP when I actually start.
  11. @cmatthewbaconThat looks good. I have bought a copy on eBay, £11 with p&p. @mbdesignartFound one on Amazon for £7, bought. Thanks to both f you for the leads... Matt
  12. Thanks John I shall follow up on your leads... Matt
  13. Hello all New to cars, wandering here from aviation mainly, As a first foray I have Revell's 1/24 Jaguar XK SS. I've read a bit around the kit and consensus seems that it is good. What I can't find is a good set of detail photographs. I wonder if anyone is aware of either any detailed walkarounds or, even better, a restoration thread that'd give good levels of detail. For example, suspension and steering details. I have used Google to get a fair few images but, maybe not surprisingly, details of the gubbins aren't that common. My other question is how useful are mages of the 'continuation' XK SS machines? Are they absolutely faithful to the originals or do they make allowances for modern safety standards etc? Many thanks Matt
  14. Nice work.. The fit of the Hasegawa parts is so good I imagine that must have been the basis for the resin kit... It'll look mean with that contraprop on the front... Matt
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