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  1. Thanks for your answer. I suppose that my main thrust was that taking Dragon, the resin aftermarket stuff and your work, you've shown the most attention to detail and accuracy, and not in a way that would have been prohibitive for Dragon to have followed - just look at the details on their armour kits.... I once saw a kit reviewed of the German V2. I can't recall the make or scale, but the interesting thing was that the body was 'blown' from HDPE in the same way that plastic drinks bottles are. It was apparently perfectly usable and provided a lightweight but very strong basis for the main body.... I suppose vac-forming provides the other route. Alternatively, work from the size of pipe you can obtain and scale the model to fit.. Anyway, back in the here and now.. lovely work and will follow through to completion.. Matt
  2. Just read this whole thread... an impressive amount of work and dedication. Learnt a bit about the Saturn as well... One question that kept coming to mind was 'did you need the Dragon kit?' You seem to have done all the hard work, along with using the best bits and bobs from aftermarket folk. How feasible would it have been to have scratched the basic shapes and then done your detailing on them - like the stage you built with the PVC pipe...? Look forward to seeing the finished article. Matt
  3. Nice! Don't see the RLM 70/02 scheme often which is a shame as it looks very good on a 109 and 110.. Matt
  4. You should put one of your Eduard builds up here... it'd be interesting to see how you proceed.. Matt
  5. Like everyone says, nice Doras. I still like the Trimaster/Dragon/Revell/Italeri D-9. The Eduard kit is too fiddly, especially those bloomin' inner gun bay covers... never got on with them. I have wondered about grafting an Eduard D-9 fuselage to the new tool F-8 wings to get a decent halfway house. The gun bay covers on the new tool wing seem to fit the old D-9 fuselage well... As Grphon28 says, if Eduard re-did the D-9 in the new style I'd be up for a few... Anyway, your two are excellent and I look forward to seeing the Eduard ones you have under way. Matt
  6. Having had a look at a couple of books, the actual gear leg didn't extend past the axis of rotation, so no need for a hole... Thankfully this'll all be hidden when it's sat on it's u/c.... Matt
  7. Extremely nice work all round, very tidy 234. I especially like your engine, wouldn't be out of place on a '32nd build. Matt
  8. Hi Greg Sorry not to get back sooner. I honestly don't recall why I put those two parts in earlier? Probably to get at them to sand the joins down. So, if there's no apparent reason to not follow the instructions - I'd stick with them.. They're one of the only bits I have glued. Spent time carefully sanding parts to get best possible fit. I find ICM's CAD is better than their injection moulding tech so little bits of fettling here and there can make a good fit close to perfect. Not boring at all, by the way. Matt EDIT By the way, I'm sure the ICM 88A-5 gives you most of what you'd need for an A-1 - engine nacelle without oil cooler fairing, straight rudder hinge line early rear canopy. Depending on the level you'd want to go to, I think shortening the wing tips and extending ailerons to tip would cover most visible aspects. Details would include different fuel dump under rear fuselage and smaller mainwheels... In fact i recall the JU 88A-4 boxing (at least the Revell one I have) actually still includes all the A-5 parts...
  9. Nice work Antoine I'm just straying back into 1/72 from 1/32 and can now appreciate just how small some of the parts you're dealing with are.. Nice save on the windscreen.. Matt
  10. Really very nice and a suitable end result as reward for all your trials.. Matt
  11. Surely this will fill your needs at a fraction of the costs of what you're contemplating...? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Heng-Long-1-16-2-4G-3888-1-German-King-Tiger-Battle-Tank-Full-Scale-RC-Function/133154705533?hash=item1f00a3907d:g:GhwAAOSwUPxdZ89U Matt
  12. Very nice outcome... Really captures the elegant lines of the III, especially the graceful curves of the wings. Good job.! Matt
  13. No worries, probably re-manufactured from an A-5 fuselage... ? Matt
  14. It's a great little kit isn't it... Though it looks more like an F-8 than an A-5 in those markings... Matt
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