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  1. Great save.. I'm never sure whether to mention these sorts of things, but I felt you'd rather know and have the chance to ignore or fix.. I think the chutes only appeared when the G-5 got the MG 131. Matt
  2. Looking good Roger. I think you may need to fill those underfuselage shell chutes though, pretty sure the Fs didn't have them (I suspect Eduard's instructions will show a piece for blanking them off...) Matt
  3. I like the look of your Defiant, especially as it's 1/72... makes many jobs harder to achieve. Also setting the thing in front of a camera lens is really putting yourself and the kit in the spotlight... the eye is much more forgiving. I agree with a couple of others that your seam work is an obvious area for experimenting with. I say experiment because there so many words written on how to treat seams, glues, filler etc... My golden rule is to try to get some melted plastic to 'ooze' out of the joint, that way you should have less filling to do (possibly none). The only other thing I'd say on the subject is don't treat the manufacturer's locating pins as sacrosanct. Many times I've had bad part alignment solved by removing pins, and that's not just on old kits... Matt
  4. Very nice. The different windscreen makes a lot of difference between the two aircraft (Proctor and Vega Gull) as you say this isn't so much 'pretty' as purposeful, which has its own appeal. I have a Proctor and Vega Gull in 1/48, yet to start but your 1/72 rendition gives a promising forecast for the '48th kits. Matt PS - I really do like your Messenger, especially given the kit you had to wrestle it from..
  5. For struts I have seen people carve them from cocktail sticks and skewers for larger sizes. There is also a commercially available device for 'squeezing' airfoil section struts from metal tube. I think it is called the 'Strutter' and possibly made/sold by Albion Alloys (not cheap, but probably cost effective if you do lots of biplanes... Matt
  6. Thanks John I shall PM you. My interest is partly, maybe even significantly driven by having lived in Woodley for many years. Just a couple of minutes' walk from the site of the airfield (mostly dug out for gravel, hangers remaining as various industrial units. I used to cycle home from school on the old perimeter road. It's now another nondescript housing estate with all the roads named after aircraft, but no Miles aircraft that i can recall... Matt
  7. Hi all I wonder if anyone can point me towards a good set of plans for the Miles Messenger? I have a three view, downloaded from the 'net which looks quite decent. I think it is from a book on Miles aircraft whose plans feature on the Museum of Berkshire Aviation website. I'm hoping to have a go at doing one in 1/48 scale I've gleaned quite a few details from various sources, such as this excellent pre-flight and flight on Youtube. But any pointers to good scale plans would be most useful and appreciated. Matt
  8. That's a shame... Is the WiP here? Any stand out problems or snags during the build? I have one, original release £3 at Tesco from way back... I recall there was a magazine advert that featured the Tiger Moth being built by a 'famous' modeller... Can't recall who anymore.
  9. Nicest Tiger Moth I've ever seen.... it looks splendid in that scheme. Did you do a WiP for this? Or at least any pointers to issues you encountered and enhancements you've made..? Matt
  10. Nice to see you back Fozzy. This is a classic build.. Matt
  11. Nice work... ZM tend to sell their own extras for their kits (Eduard will make a cockpit set, master gun barrels etc). But Luftwaffe seat belts were much of a muchness, so generic is good. I recall there are 4-5 instruments on each engine cowl, given the lack of space in the 129's cramped cockpit.. Matt
  12. I have no idea, but did you purchase your kit from a far eastern outlet? It could well be that product heading to countries where this sensitivity is more heightened will get the adjusted box art/decals, while that heading for western distributors will remain as manufactured. Similar to the swastika often being placed on a corner to be cut off for countries where the symbol is banned. Matt
  13. Wow, that's looking pretty flippin' nice. I sent you a couple of images with an orange radar display, but the green looks more 'right' I suppose..? Interesting stencils, look forward to seeing what effect they give you. Matt
  14. Photos inbound John One other thing, with all that lovely dashboard detail, do cover the moulding that makes the two large items look like instrument dials. These must be the cathode ray tube displays for the radar. Smooth surface (glass) with a green CRT colour... Matt
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