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  1. Somebody call the Winchester brothers.....
  2. So does this mean Ford must rename the Mustang to Mutwang? Never thought my question will start a whole off topic debate. But it's cool. So, Fraud must rename the Mustang to Mutwang?
  3. Oh no Ian. Best of luck, that is not a nice situation to be in.
  4. Plus the plans to build the garage to keep it in.
  5. Loving it. Must try my hand at a ship some time.
  6. F86-F-30 Sabre please.
  7. Good to know. Just ordered this kit.
  8. Hi Guys, I take it this will be the new tool B17-G?
  9. Thx, wish Tamiya will make this.
  10. Hi Guys, who makes the better 1/32 Sabre? I see you can get them from Hasegawa, Kinetic and Kitty Hawk. Any other manufacturers perhaps?
  11. Found a small saw blade, worked like a dream. Being a noob with resin, i somehow snapped a piece off the seat. Glueing it back on was a huge struggle. Is there a specific CA glue?