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  1. Just got the Airfix 1/48 Spitfire specialist editions and the new tool 1/48 JU87-B Stuka.
  2. Good luck. The problems extend to getting the engine cowls to fit the wings. I hated this kit and almost binned it on a couple of occasions.
  3. Thanks Jonny. I have the kit 1/48, but need more info, specifically if they had the roundels on the top of the wings or not. The kit instructions say "this version may or may not have had the roundels on the top of the wings".
  4. Hi guys, does anybody have any reference material for the above aircraft? My GOOGLE skills seem to have left me.
  5. Will follow this, want to see how you get on with the rigging.
  6. Speaking of ARC forums. Does anybody know how to get hold of any Admins. Have tried numerous times to register, I just NEVER get the confirmation email.
  7. Estimated price?
  8. Hope I can afford it.
  9. For me, anything from WWII that flies.
  10. Really very very nice. Hope your hand recovers soon. I need to see more of your work.
  11. Hi Guys, is there an after market nose that can be used on this kit? The one in he box is way out of shape and proportions.
  12. Also very nice Gimme!!!!! Well done.
  13. Yeah man, good job.
  14. Do you get Air Mozambique decals for the 195?