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  1. Thanks Martin, really appreciate the kind comments I've taken some photos of the bird with decals on. The decals are fab and reacted really well to the Mr Mark setter and softer. Made a start on the flaps and radiators as I like to leave these off until decals are done. I'll get then attached then give her a Matt coat and then weather her up. I would usually weather over the gloss coat but this one I'll do on a Matt finish. That's all for now. Have a great weekend folks
  2. Great work on the model, it looks great. As a kid this very painting hung on the living room wall. I actually think it was this painting that got me into aircraft in the first place. It's a very moody painting so there's no wonder really. Wonder how many other folk got into aircraft as a result? Sorry, i digress, great work again bud!
  3. Morning all, Feels like it's been an age since the last update. Work has been ongoing albeit at a much slower pace due to a few reasons, one being life as per but I am losing interest in the build due to the issues I've had throughout. Nonetheless I am plodding along. Once I'd completed the painting and sorted some bits out it was time for the gloss coat. I've found that Wilkos gloss laquer works great. It dries rock hard and is only 4 quid a can but you have to be careful not to spray it too thick otherwise you get problems. Here she is all glossed up with those few areas that needed sorting showing. I'm not too worried about the camo not having straight edges as they weren't straight anyway. They look weird in the photos though don't they? Decals are on but dont have any decent images yet so another update will follow. Cheers guys
  4. Nice nik, much better than my poor effort. Looking forward to seeing how the build comes along
  5. Morning everyone, Bit of frustration getting some paint on the old bird but think I've got it to a stage where a final pass with a sander and we're ready for a gloss coat. I experimented with Niks advice of a "stipple" brush for the mottle but in the end settled with a piece of sponge. A similar effect but I found it a bit easier. Another disclaimer, I don't pretend that this paint job is the best ever nor the most historically accurate but it's just what i can achieve with my limited skills. I wasn't happy with the painting process but now I'm here at this stage in happier. Still not brilliant but I think weathered it will look alright. Hopefully. Ok, so I'm rambling. On with the pictures. Here she is with the 76 and 74 applied masked ready for the 75 The original mottle on the tail. Note the use of the word original... I had a disaster when trying to apply a thinned down layer of 76 over the mottle.to blend it in further. Basically the thinners pulled everything off, even the primer so I ended up sanding the whole lot down. Not just the tail either. That was last night. I had thought about putting the build down and coming back to it another time but having slept on it I decided to crack on. I've spent a few hours this morning (the joys of early morning with a 4 year old) and have got it to a decent position. She's a lovely looking bird with that shaped canopy.
  6. That's great nik, I'll give it a bash
  7. Thanks for the tip for the mottle nik. I do have enamel thinners but didn't want to use them on the canopy as wasn't sure if it would cause any damage. I'll give it a try. Thanks again
  8. Thanks. Learning indeed. So, work has continued. Sanding completed to a stage I'm happy with and the primer was reapplied to areas that had work done. I've made a massive error though, forgot to paint the canopy with the internal colour before spraying the primer . School boy error. Might be able to get a brush inside and paint the internal framing but I'm a bit peeved with myself. Here's a few photos. The RLM76 is going on with a brush and it's hard work to be honest. For some reason I can't get it thin enough so it's either slightly too thick or too runny. So it's paint and sand paint and sand. I'll get there. Not sure how in going to tackle the mottle on the upper surfaces yet using the brush it could be tricky.
  9. I Feel like I'm stalking you Iain (I'm not honest ) another great build I'm sure! I had one of these kits a few years ago, sold it off as nowhere to display it at the time. Changed now though. Regret it, as you do. Anyway, nice job so far
  10. Gooood evening So, works ongoing but primer is on Here's some photos of the progress and after the first coat of primer. Didn't turn out too bad I don't think for a first round of filling and sanding. And after a good rubbing down Dropped some super glue on to firm up a few spots that appeared when sanding I know it looks rough and probs my isn't the best way to sort this issue out but I'm learning as I go. Here's with the first coat of primer on. A few corrections needed, so off to sand.
  11. Thanks chaps. I've took a step back and now I've almost got over the disappointment am cracking on with trying to rectify the issue. It a going to take some time and work but I'm hoping I can sort it so it looks half decent.
  12. The new scheme looks really smart Iain. Shame about the transparencies though but pleased you've a solution already.
  13. Good evening everyone, Hope we have all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend. I've done some work on the build since the last update, haven't taken many photos as have been plodding on. I'm finding the build really frustrating as there are things not right and it's really annoying. I don't honestly think it's the kits fault but other than the Aires cockpit debacle I'm not entirely sure where, or why, things have gone wrong. Here are the update photos I have. Engines. Completely out of box. Quite nice but wasted if the engine covers are used which they have to be to get the exhausts in. I'm leaving the covers off so I'm good on that score Sadly the engines have to go in before joining the upper and lower wings. I did try to mate the wing joints and then add the engine after but it's not possible. The peg on the engine was to hold it in place whilst the glue set. It kept lifting up. Clear parts built up and time to work on that rear sight. Loads of chopping, swearing and glue later I had this. Not perfect but it works and should look ok through the canopy. This was fitted in, the glass test fitted and has done the trick. Wings next. Problems. Of my own making? Perhaps. And the under side. The more I sanded the worse the gap got. So I cut my losses and got the filler out. And a view of the rear pit with the gun sight once the glue had cured. The dry fit of the clear parts went well apart from a ridge at the top where it net the fuselage. Sanded off the top of the cockpit and some off of the underside of the glass but we were getting close to the glazing so settled with how it was. I decided I'd blend it in with some filler. Glued the rear canopy section in and the front doesn't fit. It overhangs somewhat. Not only that there were gaps between the canopy and the fuselage that weren't there before so drastic times. Filler. I'm Not sure if this is the best solution but I think once sanded down it should work ok. The front of the canopy overhangs massively (which it didn't during dry fit) So had to sand some off of that too. Again, we were getting too close to the glazing and the framing started to disappear so left it with what I had. I'll try and blend the front it. Somehow. I am really dejected with this build. As I've said, I'm not sure what's gone wrong and can only put it down to me. I'll keep going but I'm not happy.
  14. Now that's lovely. Picked this kit up myself last weekend and looking forward to it. Can I ask, was any nose weight needed?
  15. Sometimes it's just the threat of calling support that does the trick Whatever it is thanks for sorting Mike
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