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  1. Apologies I missed answering this earlier. I use uschi van der rosten rigging. Fine I think. I'll double check the thickness tomorrow when I have access to my modelling kit.
  2. Thanks for the comments chaps. The lozenge pattern is decals. The wing sections come as one piece bit bit rib strips are separate. Took some serious setting solutions to get them to go down and even then they lifted at the edges. Had to resort to tamiya extra thin to get them to settle at the edges.
  3. Hi folks Having never built a WW1 aircraft before I was very generously donated this kit at one of our club nights. The mojo was flagging and this was something to get stuck into. Thoroughly enjoyed building this one and I can definitely see more WW1 in the future. Comments very welcome
  4. Great work as always iain. It's coming along really nicely
  5. Thank you for taking the time to reply and provide the link. I should have been more clear initially as I do have an idea how many pods could be carried under each station. i was wondering if are any images showing an actual load, rather than, for example, loading up with 12 pods which would, I guess, be unlikely to happen.
  6. Hi Folks, Im giving some thought to enter with either an Academy C and building her with rocket pods. I know the C used the LAU 10, LAU 3 and the 32 but im struggling to find any decent images showing the types of loadouts that were seen; could anyone point me in the right direction please to give me some reference? Cheers
  7. This looks like its going to a great build Dave- ill be following along keenly!
  8. Antb

    SAAF Gripens

    Thank you for this. They do look really good but the cost plus shipping charge makes these mega expensive. I'll give them some thought
  9. Nice subject John. I built this in 24th scale 4 years ago, it does look nice when it's done. Here's a few bits that might help? Pic of EP436 And some info from the thread I posted before I started the project. Some interesting things came up. My thread
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