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  1. Not long to go now folks. Getting excited. And nervous. The thought of building something old and big scares the daylights out of me. Going to give it a good bash and see what happens.
  2. That's one battered bird! Looks great
  3. I've asked the Mrs. She says she remembers and I've led a very sheltered life. Apparently.
  4. He has indeed.
  5. That would be fantastic thank you. I'm sending a message.
  6. Hi Ben Thanks for the comments. Short of scratch building the bombs this really is my only option. I'm happy with a representation of the bombs on the aircraft not necessarily 100% accuracy. So they don't have to be perfect or exact. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea and I'm not wanting to ignore your comments as I am most grateful for you taking the time to reply. Cheers
  7. Hi Dennis No need to apologise whatsoever. I'm just really grateful for your help and advice. That's brilliant I shall get the 500lbers ordered. Thanks so much again.
  8. Hi Dennis Quick question. Sorry if this seems rather daft. But would 1/48 1000lb bombs scale up enough to 1/24 as a representation of the 250lb bombs carried by a spitfire? I've come across these here and it's got me wondering: https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/products/ultracast-1-48-1000-lb-mc-mk-i-wwii-british-general-purpose-bombs-u48002 I'd be grateful for your thoughts if you don't mind?
  9. 3 weeks??? Man I'll need that time to get the flash off the kit! I knew it was soon but didn't realise just how soon. Good job I'm starting to gather info ready for the build. Need to get several other non aircraft related projects off the desk before then too come to think of it. No pressure then. I'm sorry mate. But who???
  10. I don't have either unfortunately. The stash consists of 2 at present. Running out of storage sadly. Need to get it all sorted. Thanks again Dennis
  11. Hi Dennis, thanks for the input. Tiffie you say? Sold one a few weeks ago wish I had known as would have had it away . Joking aside it's a good idea posting in the wanted section so will do that. Thank you very much. Theres hardly anything in the aftermarket world is there. Strange really as you'd think there would be masses of stuff around. Ive never scratch built anything before in my modelling "career" so far but there has to be a first time doesn't there. I'm sure there are loads of references out there and I'm willing to give it a bash. Thank you very much indeed I'm most grateful for your advice. Cheers
  12. Hi chaps Does anyone know whether anyone makes 1/24 scale bomb racks and bombs suitable for a MkV spitfire at all please? I've looked online but can't find anything anywhere. Might be a long shot but would be great if there is. Cheers Ant
  13. Thanks James you're very kind. I don't have an airbrush so they're all painted using a brush. The 109s were painted using vallejo air colours in the Luftwaffe set for aircraft pre 41. I used tape for the straight ish lines for the tops of the wings but didn't worry too much about then being perfect due to the scale. The camo on the spitfires is free hand. Again due to the scale not too worried about it being exact just a representation will do for me 109s weathered using a Flory wash but it was a bit too dark really. The spits were given a wash of army painter soft tone ink. And that's it really. Glad you like them thanks again for the compliment.
  14. @James B sorry for the delay in posting these this week has been mad so far! Anyway here they are. Ignore the colours and camo schemes etc. I've just put some paint on to represent the aircraft and wasn't overly concerned with being accurate. The wings seem to have warped again after being straightened out which is a nightmare so please ignore those too. The decals are from the link I sent you.
  15. Antb

    1/72 Spitfire- where does adding detail end?

    Cheers 3d ☺ Certainly will be quick with the part count.