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  1. Hi folks No progress to report in afraid, never got round to starting the kit. Wife's business has gone mental so have been helping with that and home schooling the kids has meant nothing has happened as yet. I'm sure I'll make a start when I get chance though.
  2. VMC can also be thinned with Mr Hobby Self Levelling thinners. It does stink a little so if you have an extractor then all will be good. It levels really nicely but you do still require a touch of flow improver/retarder to stop the tip dry. Others have given good information already but wanted to add my two penneth.
  3. That looks lovely iain. Another cracker!!
  4. Thanks for the comments. Appreciate the input
  5. Hi folks My primer of choice isn't available at the moment due to a UK shortage so looking for an alternative. Came across AK primer and microfiller which looks reasonable for the cost. Question is, is this stuff recommended? I see its already thinned so seems good value for money. I can't see a video online or anything in the way of a review so would welcome so feedback before I look into purchasing. Thanks in advance
  6. Great Pics Chris, thanks for sharing! I was weighing up what colour the framing of the turret should have been and went with the green purely on the basis of the image from the decal sheet and a few other images I came across. It might have been black though.
  7. Hi Dave, Thanks for the comments. I found these images and used them as the basis for my build- I don't have any photos whatsoever. This one I came across online- if copyright is an issue ill take it down but used for illustrative purposes only. And from a decal sheet, currently listed on Hannants: If this is wrong then so be it, couldn't find anything to suggest otherwise and im no expert on the type.
  8. Thanks Chaps, @Corsairfoxfouruncle are you doing a WIP? be good to see as I enjoy your builds
  9. Thanks everyone It will be on the table as soon as we are able mate- i've actually got another 2 on order, wanting to do an ASR version and possibly the all metal prototype. Kind of setting myself a challenge though (just don't let the wife know) to model a Defiant for each of the squadrons that used them throughout the war and in as many different guises as I can. There's loads of schemes to go after such as: Night fighter- Red codes and serials- Red and blue roundels only Night fighter- Red codes and grey serial- Yellow, blue, white and red roundels There are loads of different versions with different coloured markings and different roundels, plus those with names and kill markings. Its quite a big subject really That's part of the appeal for me- it is an odd aircraft but the concept was sound, just hampered by the escorts. That's very kind of you to say. I made the base myself. Its just PVA (or white glue) with grass flock chucked on and left to dry. A few different shades and lengths give is a slightly more realistic look. Doesn't take too long to do in all honesty, its messy but good fun The time is really spent in the measuring from the plans, onto the plane, drawing the line and making sure they are sort of level and straight. The easy bit is with the rivet tool as its a quick push along the line and you have rivets. Worth it in the end though and when you get on a roll theyre done quite quickly.
  10. Hi Folks, Im looking to build Revells 32nd FW190F-8 next and am wanting to add some rivet details to the wings and fuselage as this is noticeable missing. I was wondering if there was anything available that I could use as a guide for the rows of rivets at all? Ive had a look online and my google fu didn't turn anything up, hence the question here. If anyone can help id be really grateful. Cheers in advance
  11. Thanks everyone. Your comments are really appreciated.
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