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  1. @exdraken @Parabat @Muzz @Greg B Thank you all very much indeed for all your help. Cannot thank you all enough!
  2. Hi Thanks for the reply. I should have added photos, apologies. I've added some below What a confusing me is that although some of the air to air show the additional pylons the air to ground stuff doesn't and there's no clear way of identifying what goes with what. Having said that the air to air stuff doesn't tally up with the racks on the plane already. In this image the kab500 and the kh29 have no indication of rails. The r73 and r77 do but there's no mounting holes in the pylons on the aircraft. The box set actually shows the r73 attached directly to the wing rails already in place? The kab1500 give no indication of rails Here's the confusion. See the rails here, they aren't allocated against anything, just shows then and what needs building. It's puzzling.
  3. Hi guys I'm wondering whether anyone had built this kit and can give me a bit of a nudge in the right direction? The majority of the kit has been completed with the exception of the bombs and missiles as I've hit a bit of a puzzle. The racks that attach to the wings and fuselage have additional racks attached to them in a double rack set up but the instructions really aren't clear as to what second set of racks go with what bombs or missiles. I've done a bit of digging and frankly can't work it out. Images online dont reslly help and the instructions dont list the rack with the bomb or missiles, it lists the racks seperate and doesnt put thr 2 together. So wondered if anyone could give me some pointers please? Cheers
  4. Well, Would you look at that. Looks great Nik, super work!
  5. Thanks Graham, appreciate the info. As for which tin of 65 I'm thinking of going with Mr Colour. Whether it's accurate or not I've no idea but used it before and looks alright to me. Thanks again for the comments
  6. Thanks @Parabat thought 65 would have been right but you never know 65 it is.
  7. Yes that's the one, it has Adolf gallands bird in there. It's the 2009 kit if that helps. I can't find anything specific online relating to the colours being wrong in kit reviews etc.
  8. Evening chaps I'm wanting my next build to be this kit and have started looking through the instructions and trying to decide which of the 5 schemes to go for. All schemes call out for RLM76 for the light blue but my understanding is this should be RLM65. Is it a case that 76 is correct or have Eduard got this incorrect? Grateful as always for any pointers
  9. Thanks again chaps. So, had another bash this evening and things have improved a little. I feel I'm now on the right track so thanks for the tips and advice. I started by using a different paint manufacturer just to see the difference. I needed to spray some AK extreme jet exhaust so gave that a bash. Spraying at 20psi it went down lovely and then thickened and then clogged. So I know it's not my airbrush. Then onto the Vallejo model air. Air pressure to 18 a few drops in needle locked in so couldn't draw it back too much and there was some success. Finer lines and a smoother coverage. Although the grey didn't like being sprayed and that came out spitting weirdly. I still had some clogging on the tip of the needle even with some thinners but I removed this and it was ok. Paint dried in the nozzle though after I'd sprayed for a while which I guess is to be expected. But much better Thank fully. I am putting it down to experience if I'm honest but I am really grateful for your advice chaps. Thanks again!
  10. Cheers for the comments. Reading online has you believing the pressure works best at 20psi (see videos above). I have added some thinners and it does make it a tad easier. I've turned the air pressure down to 12-15 and frankly it spits and is horrible. Practice I think will help.
  11. Its possible but what ive no idea. I strip it down and clean it after every use to get it as clean as I possibly can. To be honest I didn't have the issues with the USAF modern jet paint set, they went on quite well. Its either the paint or the airbrush and I'm not sure which. I've airbrushed tonight and gave the paint a really good shake, the issue wasn't as bad but still there a little. I've had issues with spitting again tonight. I'm also struggling to get fine lines, I'm just getting wide spray areas. Its probably just me and my inexperience.
  12. Thanks @rayprit I've seen these but none seem to deal with the paint being too runny straight out of the bottle other than air pressure which, as above, I've lowered to no effect. I'm hoping it's a case of the paint not mixing properly so will see what happens this evening. Cheers again
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