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  1. Looks great, and with a load of aftermarket to boot. Cant beat a phantom!
  2. Thank you Pete. The navy ones do look nice, if I did one again it would be in those markings. Bet it was great seeing them flying, I would love to have done, just born a bit too late...
  3. Crikey. I wasn't expecting so much information, thanks everyone. @Troy Smith really interesting stuff especially that the markings were painted on before they got shipped across. Jure, these are superb and just what I'm after, thank you! Thanks everyone, certainly some food for thought!!
  4. Howdy folks For my next project im going to have a cracking at Airfix's 48th Scale P40 Warhawk. As I like to do something a little different I'm looking at building the aircraft AH965 flown during the battle of Moscow in the Winter of 1941-42 in a white distemper camouflage scheme. My question being this: i have seen multiple drawings of this scheme online and there are 4 versions of the underside colour. These being Sky type S, brilliant Blue, White and Dupont Grey; does anyone know which of these (if any) is actually correct? Personally, I'
  5. PM models have it other than that I've not seen anywhere yet either. Eagerky awaiting the big H putting it up This is interesting as we don't yet have a RRP do we?.
  6. Its in the plan to have some nicer seats. I haven't glued the seats in yet so will be an easy replacement.
  7. Thanks chaps. Harry, I used XF82, lightened with some buff for some fading. Although its not that visible in the photos sadly
  8. Thanks guys, All the very kind comments are really appreciated.
  9. Hi everyone Many thanks for the kind feedback!
  10. It goes together beautifully as long as you take your time to get the seams as good as you can before applying glue. The intakes are a nice fit, again take your time and all will be good
  11. One i finished early January that i have only just gotten around to taking photos of. This build was out of the box, with no aftermarket additions with the exception of the FOD Covers and the 4 AIM 9L's which were taken from the Academy F4 Boxing. An enjoyable kit of my favourite subject, id definitely do another one. Decided to leave off the sharkmouth as wanted it a little different. Paints were Mr Hobby Barley Grey, FS16440 Light Gull Grey for the underside with weathering being Abteilung oils. Base was painted by me
  12. Hi Folks, Finished this in the past day or two, just need to paint up a suitable base, but wanted to share my progress. This build is the 1/48 Kinetic F-104G kit and is absolutely fantastic. Its a beautiful kit, fits really well, fairly simple and was a pleasure to build. I enjoyed it that much that id do another in a heartbeat. Thanks go out to the chaps who gave me loads of help HERE- i got some awesome advice and led to me to procure AM rocket pods which i think look ace. To all of you who helped me, thanks again! Painted with Tamiya Khaki
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