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  1. Nice work Iain, lovely attention to detail. Nice to see you back too!
  2. Looks fantastic Sam. Ive recently started to use a marbled technique such as you have used and found the top colours are best applied really thin (a lot thinner than you would normally go) and in very light passes. This should ensure the marbling shows through and give you the shading and fading. You probably already know this, so sorry if I’m of no help whatsoever
  3. For me, there’s no right or wrong way. Have a practice with the methods out there and see what works best for you. Ive just started marble coating for a pre shade and I like it a lot. I tried following each panel line which looks stark at first but actually is subtle when you layer on top of it. Probably doesnt help one jot but but it’s personal choice I guess
  4. Thanks Thom. It was a challenge but looking back I did enjoy the build a lot. I'm hoping to build more 32nd scale WW2 aircraft and planning to pick up a few at Telford. It's a nice scale Oh and thanks for the support throughout the build
  5. Thanks very much for the kind comments!
  6. Looks fab mate. Will this be making an appearance Monday? Would love to see it proper
  7. Thanks Franz. It had A flory dark dirt wash which is very subtle. Trust me it's there
  8. Thanks stew Thanks. I was a bit wary at first but its great. The effect looks much better in real life doesn't quite capture it in the photos to be honest
  9. Thanks again Paul, appreciate the comments
  10. @Pauls9cb thanks for the pic and the comments. I hadn’t noticed that before. Ive had a look at the instructions for the brassin engine and there’s no mention of cabling being needed at all! Just goes to show even the best aftermarket doesn’t include everything you expect!!!
  11. Thank you Joachim I hadn't considered it to be honest, so will do now! Cheers
  12. Hi everyone, I'm pleased to be able to share this build which is 99% completed. Need to add the aerial wire. For anyone interested here's the build thread The kit didn't go together as well as I had hoped but I think I've done a fairly decent job. I tried some new techniques which I'm really pleased with such as a marble pre shade. I've added the following aftermarket. Montex masks for the crosses and swastika (which I know is incorrect) Profimodeller brass gun barrels for the cowling and wings HGW fabric seatbelts Brassin wheels Brassin engine I hadn't intended adding this much aftermarket but I'm pleased I did in the end. Paints were a mixture of tamiya acrylics and Mr hobby aqueuous. The Mr hobby paints are fantastic and spray beautifully. Weather with a flory dark dirt wash. No oils or pastels with this one. Clear coat is just tamiya thinned with Mr hobby levelling thinners. I did enjoy the build although it did sap my enthusiasm in stages, but she's virtually done and here she is in all her glory. I know it has it's faults and errors and it's not the best or cleanest build ever but I had fun and learned new things so that will do me! For the purists the base it's on is my general one for photos. She will have her own grass base at a later date Sorry for the waffle. Enjoy the pictures and please be gentle
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