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  1. Antb

    SAAF Gripens

    Thank you for this. They do look really good but the cost plus shipping charge makes these mega expensive. I'll give them some thought
  2. Nice subject John. I built this in 24th scale 4 years ago, it does look nice when it's done. Here's a few bits that might help? Pic of EP436 And some info from the thread I posted before I started the project. Some interesting things came up. My thread
  3. Antb

    SAAF Gripens

    Thanks very much. Those bomb racks do appear quite a common thing on SAAF Gripens. I cant seem to find any and there's no aftermarket ones that I can find anywhere either.
  4. Antb

    SAAF Gripens

    You would think they would carry them, photos are scarce aren’t they. I think I’ll load it up with 4 GBU-12’s and 2 x Iris T’s just because it would look great. Thanks for for the help and pointers
  5. Antb

    SAAF Gripens

    Thank you, I hadn't seen this before now.
  6. Antb

    SAAF Gripens

    Thank you, that's really helpful!
  7. Antb

    SAAF Gripens

    Hi Guys, Im soon going to be making a start on Kitty Hawk's 48th Gripen A/C and wanting to model it in the markings of the SAAF. Having carried out numerous searches online of SAAF aircraft i have come up with loads of images of them flying without ordnance. I like to model my aircraft carrying something (because its cool) and so was wondering what a "typical" SAAF loadout would be. I am aware that the Gripen can carry a wide variety of ordnance and there are loads of images of Czech and Swedish aircraft carrying lots of types of ordnance and could model the SAAF airc
  8. Looks great so far. It is a lovely little kit, looking forward to seeing your progress
  9. Id quite like to join in with this one if i may please chaps? Currently got a C and a J in the stash and hope to have a few more by the time the build is due to start.
  10. Thanks for the pointer. I did use scale plans and don't recall seeing anything on there otherwise they would have been in. I can live with them not being there though.
  11. Hi folks Here's my most recent completion that I wanted to share with you all. This is Airfix's 48th Scale P40B Warhawk finished in the markings of the Royal Egyptian Air Force from 1942. I wanted something a little different and as I have an interest in the war in the desert this was definitely that. I have riveted the kit and created masks for the insignia. Other than that the build is out of the box. Painted with Mr Hobby lacquers, priner was AK filler and microphone in grey and weathering was abteilung oils and flory washes.
  12. Nice work Martin, you arent half getting through some kits!
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