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  1. Antb

    1/48 Revell 109G-10

    @Troy Smith helps masses, thank you very much yet again.
  2. Antb

    1/48 Revell 109G-10

    Brilliant, thanks again
  3. Antb

    1/48 Revell 109G-10

    That's great thank you very much
  4. These will make nice additions to the collection mate. I've a massive soft spot for the defiant, looking forward to seeing your progress with these.
  5. Antb

    1/48 Revell 109G-10

    Hi guys, So it seems I have quite a lot of time on my hands over the next week and probably for quite a while longer. So I've spent most of the day working on the 109. I've made substantial progress which I'm really happy with but the kit does go together quite quickly and surprisingly well. I wasn't happy with the static tail wheel so off it came ready to be 're positioned at a later date Nice and simple so with the fuselage buttoned up it was time to turn to the wings. Again, the wings are nicely detailed but the flaps were moulded into the main wing. I want the flaps to have something other than a straight pose so set to work. The plastic is really thin and brittle so cutting the flaps out was really easy. Last night I had removed the rudder so today I cut out the "pivot" and 're positioned it ready for the rudder going back on later in the build. I outsmarted the carpet monster as I dropped this bit and managed to snaffled it before the monster did! Whilst dealing with the rear end the tailplanes were fitted. I didn't realise the age of this kit. I expected the kit to be a ew ish release, alas not. This got sanded back and the tail planes fitted. Wings were fitted, sanded and put into place. The fit was beautiful no filler needed at the wing root and only a tiny bit at the rear of the fitment and a touch around the wing edges themselves. The fit is unbelievable. Used a bit if orange to test the seam lines and sprayed with undercoat. I put the orange on a bit too thick and that shows through the undercoat. I've sanded it back and it's now ready for another coat of primer and then we're on to paint. Ready. I've left the seam.line on the top and bottom of the fuselage slightly as understand that's how 109s were built. If this isn't right do please let me know.
  6. Antb

    1/48 Revell 109G-10

    Good evening A bit more progress has been made since yesterday. Not much really as the kit is a bit of a pain. I thought that this kit would be a nice easy build to get me back into the swing but it's not. But onwards and upwards. Cockpit was given a lick of paint and a dry brush and looks like this. I thought I had taken more photos apparently not Not accurate bit as I say busy enough. Side walls were next. These are awful out of the box so a bit was added. Again no actual photos for some unknown reason so here's the pit stuck to the walls. Before I knew it the fuselage had been joined and this is where we are this evening The plastic shim at the top of the seat is because there's a massive gap. I'll trim this down and blend it into the seat once set and it should look ok. The IP looks odd too. This doesn't want to sit right on the fuselage and I'm.not sure why. Builder error me thinks. One last bit done. The rudder was attached to the tail, didn't like it so lopped it off to make it a bit more dynamic. The tail wheel will probably follow suit. I know I'm.not winning awards but I'm new to the while scratch building way so hope it passes as acceptable.
  7. Antb

    1/48 Revell 109G-10

    Good evening all, I have made a little progress since my opening post last night. The kit is really basic (what do you expect for a full cost of a tenner) so some scratch to busy things up is needed. Printed a couple of images of the cockpit for reference and bearing in mind it will be cockpit closed I didn't need to be too accurate. To be honest, I'm new to scratch building so my work isn't the best. So, the seat and cockpit floor The seat is awful so I needed to do something with it. I chopped it in half. As you do I would use the bottom but discard the back of the seat and build up a rough frame and floor details for the bottom to sit in. I got a bit carried away and didn't photograph the stages as I was going but after a couple of hours I had this. And the other side I added a seat cushion made of tissue paper soaked in pva (I did say it was a rough interior) and although not accurate makes things busier. This was left to set overnight and I've got a touch of paint on it today. I don't have anything further to show at the moment but hope to have something more to share possibly tomorrow. If anyone does happen to have any info on the top camo scheme do please let.me know otherwise I'll have to make it up, and we wouldn't want that Cheers guys
  8. Hi guys I haven't built anything since the 1/24 Spitfire for the airfix group build last Summer and wasn't going to do a build log for this one, but I want to try some new techniques and thought why the devil not. I haven't had a great start to the year so far but that's a story for another day, I've been painting 28mm French Napoleonics for what seems like forever and so I thought it was high time for something different. So, here we go with the Revell 1/48 109G-10. Picked up in the hobbycraft black friday sale for the princely sum of a fiver. In the subject field I have said it isn't one for the purist so if you are of a nervous disposition I wouldn't advise taking any interest in this build . Things won't be accurate, but it's more for practice. Enough with the waffle (apologies it's been a while since posting here so I'm getting the excitement out of the way ha ha) The scheme won't be the out if box option as I'm currently a brush painter I'm going for this one. Being a scrooge I'm not buying a full decal sheet for the one option so amusing the kit number "2" I will use that as a guide to cut out a mask and this bird will be yellow 2. If anyone has anything suggesting the top colours or camo pattern I'd be most grateful for pointers. Also, there won't be the serial number on it either. I'll use the excuse it was painted over. Furthermore, I'm not buying the proper belts. Instead I have some HGW ones from a 109E and as they are a representation they will be good enough for me. New techniques on this one, I'm going to try some oils for weathering. This isnt ground breaking but for me I've never used them. On with the sprues. The plastic is unusual but no flash and clear defined detail. Progress to follow but not this evening Take care
  9. Antb

    Try before you buy?

    Hi all, sorry i I haven't been around on the thread for a while, things are a bit strained. Anyway, I'd just like to thank you all for taking the time to reply and for the advice and comments. I didn't make the December show but I'm hopeful that I can make the one in a couple of weeks time to have a look and feel of some brushes. Thanks again
  10. Antb

    Modelling a Mk1 Hurricane night fighter

    Ah fair enough. Thanks again troy
  11. Antb

    Modelling a Mk1 Hurricane night fighter

    Troy that's superb. I can see a different colour around the canopy definitely and there seems to be a lighter patch around the squadron leader marking below the canopy too. There's even an argument for the rudder not being black as the middle photo shows this to be lighter? Edit. Just had a look through the kit. There are glare shields included so don't need to scratch them up.
  12. Antb

    Modelling a Mk1 Hurricane night fighter

    @Graham Boak and @Troy Smith thanks very much chaps, that really helps a lot. Really appreciate your help.
  13. Antb

    Modelling a Mk1 Hurricane night fighter

    Hi Graham Thank you very much for the information. Thats really helpful. From what I can see there's nonserial as it has been painted out. The photo is this one which I got from @Troy Smiths wonderful post a few years ago. Note the 3 and 6 exhausts stacks in both photos of what appears to be the same aircraft?
  14. Hi all, Hope you are all enjoying the festive period. In the new year I'm wanting to build the 1/24 Airfix Mk1 Hurricane but not wanting to do OOB I'm looking at something different and modelling a night fighter. I have the Gleed LK-A markings and having done some preliminary research note that there is a MK1 night fighter also coded LK-A. I like the idea of modelling this aircraft but have a couple of queries before I take the plunge. Firstly is the aircraft in day colours the same aircraft in the night fighter scheme? Was it overpainted in the night fighter scheme and therefore would the day scheme show through in areas of wear? I understand that the early night paint didn't adhere very well so assume if it was over painted then the day scheme would be quite visible. I've seen the night fighter with both 3 and 6 exhausts stacks with the same markings. Does modelling the aircraft with the 3 stacks matter as I have seen pictures of the aircraft with the 3 stacks. Is there any visible difference between the day scheme hurricane and a night fighter aircraft? Are there any modifications or changes that are needed overall? Apologies for all the questions but my knowledge is limited apart from the bit if information I've found and the photos online. I'm also sorry if my questions appear dim too. I'm just unsure as can't find the answers I'd be very grateful for any assistance or pointers. Thanks in advance Ant.
  15. Great build Steve and that last picture is fantastic. Have a great Christmas. I will be building something next year so look forward to our "chats" then