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  1. No problem if you check the Australian War Memorial and search for KGV's Melbourne visit there are some great pictures
  2. Hi there thought I'd share this one for you, see what you make of it? Australian War Memorial 119680
  3. Looking great so far, think micromasters make some "not in use" as well, I'd better not look as my bank card will start getting the shakes, there's a lot of nice things for KGV....hmmm
  4. Looks like there may be some of that in the post soon then.... and another few hours looking through photos again! Thanks
  5. Yes that's what I was hoping you'd say! The late 44 scheme is what I'm using on my KGV atm, I will be trying to put the three colours on the barrels, would you hazard a guess what to use for the middle one, I did build the heller kit in the disruptive scheme before would you think it could be one of the colours used in previous patterns, ms4 perhaps...?
  6. What do you think to the Melbourne visit pictures as a reference they are probably some of the best quality,this was a late 1945 visit no?
  7. Cant really say anything someone hasn't already said but, anyway cracking job!
  8. Lovely work so far didn't you say photoetch looked a bit fiddly....!
  9. Hi all, not much to share at the moment other than a request for some advice, I've been sidetracked recently after biting the bullet to get some decorating done at home, we've three rooms to do but my good lady wife said when they're done I can have one for myself to "make model ships and things" in,hoorah! Needless to say I decided that was a reasonable plan. Managed to grab a couple of hours on KGV though which brings me to my problem, I've been working on the funnels, adding some detail which is OK but I am having real problem trying to fit the PE framework which goes over the top of the funnels. I've found it almost impossible (to me) to bend the small tags enough without them snapping off, so much so that I bought them again, with no more success, I'm at the point where I had to try to replace the broken ones with small pieces of wire, the trouble is they look really bad to me and I can't unsee them! These are the parts I mean, 4 of the tags are missing from this one This is what I got it to look like And close up, I know it looks worse in photos but I'm a bit disappointed I can't get them right. I did try annealing one of the broken ones first but they are so thin they melt almost straight away. So can anyone give me some advice about how you guys would do these parts please and how I could bend these without them snapping? I spent hours getting nowhere with these and I'm pulling my hair out so any help would be greatly appreciated (needed badly ) Thanks for looking in anyway
  10. Thanks for sharing this, what a fantastic build, really inspiring actually, with regards to the mooring questions I found this which may be of interest ( it was to me!) Hope you don't mind me posting, either of you
  11. Hi there, your knowledge of the subject is way beyond mine ref your radar query, but I read on the service history type 279 fitted at July to December 1942 refit? another fine looking build btw
  12. Good grief, I can't keep up! That looks fantastic, well done. There's some great looking kits around I think I need to start looking into, just got one project to finish first....
  13. Thank you, I've read about these on this forum but I'll have to get my head around it! Which size would you recommend and do you use the tubing or just the eyelet?
  14. Thanks for the advice I'll put that on the "must remember" list! I'm also going to need some hand holding when it's time for rigging....
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