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  1. Hi looking forward to seeing this underway, maybe check out. http://dreadnoughtproject.org There's a lot of info there especially detailing various alterations
  2. Rich75


    This is for technical support and issues with the site really mate, you'd be better posting in the aircraft section, modern general etc
  3. Coming along nicely, looks very imposing in the early colour scheme good work
  4. Hi there, nice to see several projects on the go at once! Ref your question about wooden decks lifting, I'm no expert as I have only used one but I have found adhesives in general tend to stick to smooth surfaces better than rough, I sanded mine lightly and primed and sanded lightly again before sealing it with varnish because i figured the texture of the plastic might reduce the area the deck could stick to as well, if that makes sense? Even matt varnish is smoother than matt colour so I think the contact area is better, anyway it didn't lift! And how do you get at least two hobby nights a week
  5. Great work, she was a fine looking ship too, looking forward to seeing some more
  6. Thanks I didn't think anyone else would see it!
  7. This is HMS Duke of York with a famous visitor and the picture I used for the ducting under the compass platform © IWM A 18650
  8. Hi all, a little update as I said I was going to get some more done to the superstructures, I've spent a lot of time looking at photos, not just of KGV but all the ships in the class to find some good shots of the various forward platforms but I usually end up seeing the same pictures, I think I've spent as long looking through the IWM website as I have on the model, I hope my research skills improve as time goes on! Anyway I've added some bits to try to busy up the compass platforms and upper platforms, some not totally accurate but ( I hope) a fair effort... Some pipework between platforms Together not so bad, adds some interest at least, And, barely visible to me until I took the pictures, there's actually some voice pipes on the shields I added, Honest! And finally some fiddly PE This doesn't look like much, but it took me a while, as I've ended up with two set of the same PE set due to my misadventures with the funnels, I'll make use of some of the locker covers for the platforms and then I think I'll move on. As ever thanks for looking in and providing the inspiration
  9. Jeff, that's a beauty, the classic layout suits it so much better top class
  10. Thanks Jamie, something to work with there then, they weren't wrong saying it was "rather brilliant in colour " no wonder it was recommended to tone it down a bit
  11. I think I have read, two black turret tops one red as well for identification....
  12. Hi there, maybe take a look at Starling models, they have some RN subs that might be of interest to you, and check out the recent HMS Surf by @robgizlu as well for an idea of what's possible, its a great build, look forward to see what you decide on, good luck
  13. Thanks for the kind comments Thank you, I have considered picking out individual planking, the wooden deck even came with a tool for the job! I have done a lot of shading and washes on the deck though, the thing is they aren't so obvious in the pictures and I'm wary of overdoing it, how would you go about it? maybe I'll try it later. There's still a fair bit to go on the deck anyway, breakwaters and the like so they'll need some wear and tear too, thanks again
  14. Hi all, its been a while since my last update but I have recently managed to get back onto KGV after some extended decorating fun so I have something to share at last! I'd said previously that I was struggling with the PE frames over the funnels, I couldn't get them into shape without snapping them, I'd ordered another set and had the same problem. I wasn't happy with them as I had left them before so I had to have another try, because It was bugging me. New tweezers with much finer tips helped and after (quite) a few hours I got them a bit better, Here's how they look now From there I could carry on with the funnels, there's no interior detail with the Eduard set so I added some bits I felt I could make myself and tried to follow what I could see in photos and the advice kindly given to me by @PeterMachin in his brilliant KGV thread, i added some brass tubing for the various vents and pipework coming out of the tops and sides These come out from the sides And altogether after adding the PE That was about as far as I could go with these and they took a while but I'm glad I went back and tried again, after this I've gone back to the superstructures and I'll post the latest from that next, I'm happy I've made some progress, thanks for looking in, as ever any thoughts welcome cheers!
  15. Great work, enjoying seeing it come together These images came up in another thread recently, I think they're rather sad...
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