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  1. Hi great subject, I look forward to seeing it take shape, regards the staining on the bows, I wonder if this could be where the ship is still drying after moving through the water?
  2. Agreed, stunning job, so many things to look back over as well, thank you for sharing this build
  3. Wow, that's beautiful! the detail you put into it is stunning, well done, like the comparison with Graf Spee too
  4. You could use masking tape to try to pick the rest of the worst away, not sure what to suggest at such a small scale really, you might be able to prime then. Not much help but for future ref I hear Mig one shot has good adhesion on resin... If its lifting you need to get back to the surface.
  5. Sorry to hear that, did you wash the parts first and use a primer?
  6. Thanks for the rundown on the Swordfish parts Rob, I was especially interested in the winches. Out of interest have you seen the Inifini brass set? They do look rather nice. Looking forward to following along with this, great subject 👍
  7. Hey Rob, with this in mind, there was talk of a certain capital ship is that a possibility atm.....?
  8. I think seascapes are an art in themselves, you've made a nice job of them. Look forward to seeing the next project take shape 👍
  9. Great work on this and Onslow well done, are they your first attempts at a seascape or have you done one before?
  10. Beautiful build Rob, real atmosphere to the base as well, I'm off to read the WIP as it feels like I've missed out on a lot recently.... Outstanding
  11. Fantastic job you've done there, one of my favourite ships actually and I hope to build one some day, If i do,hope it looks as good as this. Safe to say everyone here will definitely be interested to see your next build too. Top job, and welcome too by the way
  12. Cracking job, well done, that colour scheme really does break up the lines of the ship well
  13. Been out of the loop for a while and only just seen this. Beautiful job, I'm a big fan of KGV class and this is a cracking example. The camouflage looks really good and the extras you added really set it off nicely. I'd like to see this and your Repulse together actually even if they're modelled at different stages of their lives.....🤞 Well done 👏
  14. Hi all, been a long time since my last update, I haven't given up or lost interest in KGV, personal problems took over I'm afraid. Anyway I thought I'd share where last got to and hopefully at some point soon I can restart the build. I had decided to add some details into the shelter deck and also make a start on the boat deck. If you look at pictures of KGV there aren't many of the shelter deck in the later configuration so when @foeth shared the pictures of DOY a while back it gave me some great rreferences. He also very kindly gave me an idea of what I was looking at in them so many thanks @foeth. I started by going back to the kit boiler room vents which I'd built quite early on, I didn't like them so much, so I took inspiration from @PeterMachin and his excellent KGV build and had a go at making them a bit better.. They were tricky to unstick, sorry for the lack of before photo, after that shelter deck, I added some vents to the engine room vents under the pom pom directors I've also removed the PE around the the aft most director and tried to scratch the larger box structure around it and made a fog light and platform from one of the kit signal lamps and some spare PE Also added the heat shields around the funnels.. And also added what I believe is a water tank under the upper ammo lockers And some gussets under where the cranes are mounted After that I removed the kit gussets from the boat deck and added some of my own, I think there were too many on the kit and also the kagero plans too so I used the Allan C Green photos for reference Thanks for looking in, I've missed you all too! so hopefully have some more to share soon, cheers
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