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  1. Yes left them off they looked pretty bad same as the degaussing cables,i found out theres a photo etch set for it,but that was a bit beyond me for first time out,I'll give it a go on the next one though
  2. Thanks much appreciated, planning the next one now but I think I should get some weathering practice and some reference books if anyone's got any recommendations
  3. Hi all, I got back into modelling during lockdown early last year after deciding to build the Heller KGV, which I'd had for years, after which I thought I'd get into some ww2 aircraft as I've been into them since I was a lad. However I can safely say I'm hooked on ships now,after looking at some of the stuff you guys have done I think I need to get some advice ,firstly on weathering techniques as I tried a few things out that didn't quite work as I hoped,I'm still finding my way around the site so any pointers with ship building would be great before I attempt the tamiya 1/350 KGV,thanks to ev
  4. Thanks for all the kind words,really appreciated, I think it was a great looking ship,thinking of taking the plunge with the 1/350 ....
  5. Thanks for the replies guys,honestly haven't made a kit since I was about 12,46 now, spent many hours on here looking for tips and ideas and the Sovereign Hobbies website was a godsend really as I'm colour blind so working out the colours would've been hard workdefinitely need some advice before attempting the 1/350....thanks again!
  6. Sorry for the late reply thanks for the help I did sort it eventually,turns out my pictures were locked because my profile wasn't public?and as I'm using on my phone I dont think it has as many options but hey I got there!thanks again for taking the time
  7. Hi all, felt brave enough to post my first build in about 30 years HMS KGV by heller, the colour scheme is from Sovereign Hobbies and and it's the first time I've tried airbrushing,washes masking etc ,hopefully a practice run for the tamiya 1/350 of the same.Quite a few broken bits in the box so apologies for the wonky masts and so on all in all quite a job for a first attempt,thanks for looking
  8. Thanks for all the replies,I think I have worked it out now
  9. Hi there thanks but I've uploaded my images to Flickr when I select share it let's me copy the URL but when I put it in my post it says " cant embed as there is no image " cue much hair pulling!
  10. Hi all got back into modelling during lockdown after 30+ years with a 1/400 Heller HMS King George V which was on a shelf for many years,pretty much done now with Sovereign Hobbies colour scheme and several first attempts at things inc washes,airbrushing masking etc ,just one problem,having trouble attaching pics from Flickr, have read all your guides on how to use but apparently there's no image at the URL?anyway hopefully I'll get it right thanks for reading
  11. When I paste the Flickr URL into my post it says it cant be copied as there is no picture there?
  12. I've copied the url into the window but there's no picture
  13. Hi probably a repeat question but if I want to post pictures should they appear in the preview?
  14. Thanks guys I'll get back to you soon then
  15. Hi there,its a 1/400 I'll post some pics when I (think) its finished....and brave enough to!
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