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  1. Hi all, not much to share at the moment as I've found myself short on spare time, I'm making progress on the forward superstructure and I'll share some pictures shortly, however I have realised I should have taken some before starting as a reference for you to show how much I've removed ready for the PE replacement, sorry. In the meantime can i ask for some advice please? I'd like to add some wash and highlights to the deck fittings before I fit the wooden deck, I've tried using some grey ak wash but for me when i try to get it in some of the smaller areas it just spreads out too far and won't stay in the join, so to speak. Does anybody have a recommendation, I have some oils to use later would these be better? Also what sort of colour would be best as being colourblind sometimes causes an issue to making the right choice!thats why " grey wash for naval decks" was my first choice, as ever thanks for looking in and any help gratefully recieved
  2. So not a bad shout then if @Devo can get them for his build?
  3. I think hataka have a decent range of RN colours too, but how accurate I don't know, I have only used colourcoats myself, nice scheme though don't see it very often...
  4. Everything everyone else has said, beautiful job there
  5. Lovely job real sense of motion too, I couldn't even see the parts in 1/700! One of my favourite ships in fact....
  6. I have one from BNA as well for this kit as far as I can see its designed to fit straight over, I haven't fitted it yet but it looks very good, it will be going on soon....look forward to seeing yours in progress
  7. Keep up the good work it's coming along great! I've found you can spend hours on a ship and have little to show for it, then it all comes together, have a happy birthday hope it's a big box
  8. Thanks for that, much appreciated that's sort of what I was thinking, as you said earlier on, the bridges are a bit light on details, I may add some in along the way thanks for the inspiration!
  9. Many thanks but I can't claim the credit I think it may have been @dickrd ! Great work though, I would like to implement some of your work onto mine, but i dont have the skills so i will just have to admire what you've done here, top work ! can I ask if you painted the front superstructure as one piece or in sub assemblies, I have ADO sights and other pieces for my build and am pondering my painting process....
  10. Hi looking good so far, I'm just getting into ship building myself so not really an expert but for what it's worth, for placing smaller parts I've found a PE placing pencil really useful it's basically a white wax pencil; for trimming smaller parts: if it's PE cut as close as possible to the fret with a hard surface underneath and a new sharp blade (I use a square of aluminium the size of a coaster cut on) and a magnifier! If they're plastic you can use extra thin cement to melt away tags and flash, but sure you know that already, for bending railings you need a straight edge, I use a razor blade for the straight edge and lift the railing with my scalpel ,tamiya PE pliers are good too, railings are fragile though and won't bend back and forth too many times so take smaller steps you don't go to far with them, as I say I'm new to it anyway but hope that helps, your build looks great btw, ps pva glue is v good for PE...
  11. Thank you all, the anti-fouling on the real ship was done in Moravia grey, Sovereign Hobbies suggest using km11, so I did makes a change from dark red anyway!
  12. Hi all, so the past few weekends have sidetracked me quite a bit but I have managed to have couple of days off so I've been able to make some progress. The hull plating turned into a bit of a test for me and in the end I felt I had got as far as I could and it was time to move on, next time I'll do it differently (earlier) but I think I learned something from having a go at it. One last coat of black primer and I thought I'd try some pre shading to try and get some colour variation in the top coats so this is how that went, I did this all over the hull but forgot to take a picture before masking. Then on with the hull colour.. I left that for a day and moved on to the upper hull and deck, All done using Colourcoats enamels which are very nice to use and mask over, I did the top two colours within an hour and. no lifting or anything so I think I'll get a coat of lacquer on this so it doesn't get marked and mount it on a plinth now, all in all feels like some progress. The colour variation is much more subtle in reality, photos seem to exaggerate it somewhat but as a first attempt I think its not to bad. I'll get back to the upper structures now and all the PE that goes along with it, thanks for looking in
  13. Hi all, thought I'd check in to show where I'm at, decided to have a go at getting some hull plating done, this has turned out to be rather more involved than I was intending, I originally thought I would mask out some basic sections and use some primer just to get some raised effect, so I got some tape on and marked out where I wanted then carefully cut out alternating sections. When I started to take the tape off I thought hmm, the plates looked OK maybe I won't need to use primer at all so I decided to scribe the lines a bit more, halfway through this was the point the power of hindsight made an appearance and I wished I'd stuck to the original plan because its taken me ages and I'm not so happy with it. To begin with I should have done it at the start with a bare hull but there you go, anyway here's where I'm at and I will get it to where I'm happy with it, some bits I have filled and will do again, thanks for looking in, This is how it started And this how it looks now
  14. Also I think you can get complete scuttle surrounds from microdesign in 1/200, I doubt they'll be the same design as yours, but maybe worth getting a set to compare and might be OK for your superstructures though, if you wanted to add them ....
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