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  1. Thanks for the kind words guys much appreciated,now you mention it,there's a couple of racing cars that have caught my eye........
  2. Hi all,thought I'd share my first car build,I've had it for over 30 years so I thought I ought to finish it, WIP elsewhere on here it's been pretty challenging to be honest quite a few problems on the way,not a lot fitted very well which spoiled it for me really but had to see it through,also it's a lot redder than the photos show,I'd like to do another car but don't know if this put me off yet,anyway thanks for looking and seeing some of your builds helped,cheers
  3. I am also hoping to try my hand at one of these soon after completing the heller 1/400 earlier this year, I'll be following with interest if that's ok
  4. Hi all,some slow progress made,I couldn't get a glossy finish to keep its shine so I ended up taking the bodywork to work and spraying it in 2k (I am a car sprayer buy trade) which seems to have done the trick.got the satin black done as well which is quite tricky as the engine cover,bonnet and all of the inside of the shell and some of the shuts are all black,some glass in too and some clear red and orange on the lights hopefully nearer the end now thanks for looking
  5. Hi all,I finally managed to get some colour on the exterior panels after much trial and error,I used a grey primer first and airbrushed some vallejo air red on but found it made the red really dull,so I tried some tamiya Italian red over the same primer with the same result I decided to try mr hobby white 1000 primer next with the tamiya colour and it's much brighter,only thing is I've run out now and it needs another coat really! I'll give it a light flat and another coat and then some mr hobby gloss varnish and hopefully that will be ok then move onto the black details around the air scoops and vents, thanks for looking
  6. There was one for sale on a certain auction site,rather hopefully priced!thanks for the interest if I can crack getting the finish right it'll be all good
  7. This is a great looking model,I'm a big Ferrari f1 fan and was lucky enough to see Michael at Silverstone in this car, can I ask for some advice on how to get a finish like this as I'm new to this as well and I'm struggling to get even a half decent gloss finish on a red countach I'm trying to complete!well done on this
  8. Well I think the doors fit now but they come in three parts which makes lining them up awkward so I tried getting some colour on the smaller panels which is my first attempt at a gloss finish, I used vallejo air red,left that to dry and a couple of coats of alclad aqua gloss.....which has dried sort of satin at best,flatted that and a couple more coats and still dried satin but a bit shinier,anyone had the same?
  9. Cool that's a nice looking car too,might take a look at one,however there's a few racing cars I like so I might just have to test myself
  10. Im just getting back into modelling after many years,Out of interest which car kits have decent engine detail?most of the ones I look at don't seem to have any at all except maybe some F1 cars and a few others ?
  11. Thanks much appreciated, yes there's plenty of detail for sure shame some of it doesn't fit that great,hoping to get some colour on the exterior at the weekend fingers crossed
  12. 1/24 , the suspension is particularly fiddly
  13. Thanks again for the help guys,after much head scratching I worked out I have to copy the link and paste it without using the "insert image from URL" as that wont work on my phone or the link symbol in the icons above as that wont work either?must be an android thing
  14. Hi all, thought I'd share my first attempt at a car which I was given for my 14th birthday,I'm 46 now so I thought I'd try to finish it! This is my second build and to be honest it's been hard work so far,the rear was quite twisted so I had to cut it out and rebuild it with some strips,getting the suspension to line up took some time as the Lh side was shorter than the rh.none of it fits too well and I wondered if it was worth it but I can't give up now!anyway here's how far I've got ,thanks for looking now I have to make the doors fit
  15. Thanks for the replies I'm using the copy url icon,like before, but it copies the text, when I used it before the image would appear and I posted all my pictures,sorry I know this gets asked a lot..
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