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  1. Thanks for all the kind comments... really must get on with the Galactica!
  2. Excellent job! I'm looking for a 1701 refit to build and light so really appreciated your WIP. Thanks for your kind comments on my Viper II as well
  3. ...Nothing but the rain! May I present one Viper Mk.II from the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica universe, but then you all knew that anyway! This is the Revell boxed Mobius kit which I decided I would light with LEDs. This model has been a first for a number of reasons; first 1/32 scale model, first to be lit and first to have a 'proper' base. I purchased the Green Strawberry detailing kit for the cockpit and extra detail, and painted with the usual mix of Humbrol primer and Tamiya acrylics, weathering with sanding sticks, oil paints and washes. The model was an absolute pig to put together with a really clunky design and several millimeter gaps in some places but it went together in the end and most of the shoddiness is hidden. The idea for the base came from Plasmo modelling, I can't take credit for that. I'm pleased with her overall, but if I were to do it again, I'd try and light the nav lights and look for some accurate tail numbers, as the one's provided with the kit does not appear to match any 'birds' Starbuck flew. Hope you enjoy! JB
  4. Thanks both! I finished her at Christmas last year - here are the final shots:
  5. I've received the GS stuff and I have to say it's pretty darn good. The printing on the clear plastic is very fine and surpassed my expectation. Just ordered a tonne of electrical components and I'm now waiting patiently for the stuff to arrive so I can get building and lighting! Can't wait
  6. Caved and bought the Revell kit from Amazon with the £13 postage Also... bought the Green Strawberry PE set ready for improvements and lighting. I'm such a sucker for this! BUT I managed to get a bargain on the Revell BSG model from eBay at £20
  7. I’d actually prefer the Revell version after what I’ve read. Amazon have the Revell for £35 plus £13 postage... tempted. I’ve checked Hobbycraft; nothing online, guess I’d have to check in store in the off chance.
  8. Nicely done! I love the impact marks and carbon scoring on the port wing. Realistic chipping on the red stripes as well. Very jealous... I’ve been trying to get my hands on one of these for a few weeks now but begrudge the extortionate prices that they’re going for on auction sites. Amazon have some but they want £13 for delivery... Hijacking this thread I know but does anyone know where I can grab one at a reasonable price? Cheers!
  9. Thanks All! Really appreciate the positive comments @IanC I agree, AK EM are forgiving when you've sealed them with the Gauzy agent that is!!
  10. Great airbrush control and I like the chipping around the top turret. You have inspired me to get me an Italian plane for my collection so I can have a go! Bravo
  11. Thanks everyone for all the very kind and helpful comments; you've really given that old modelling ego a boost and to think at one stage, when I dropped it, it nearly went in the bin! I am glad now I persevered. @Mikemx Complete fluke with the blue I must admit, but now I look at some more reference photos, I can see what you mean. Airfix would have you paint it a lighter 'French Blue'. I debated on the wheel well colour, but after painting them green on my P-38 and liking the contrast, I thought I'd continue the trend. Thanks though - historical accuracy is of course important and my OCD is now niggling at me... must resist the urge to get the model out of the cabinet!!
  12. Amazing work! I especially like the tarpaulin over the cockpit. Miliput or similar? Very convincing. JB
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