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  1. Hello BM's! A while ago, 2016, I built an Airfix Hawker Typhoon in 1/72 scale and attempted some 'chipping' using maskol and not a lot of common sense as to how it might look! I had some constructive feedback on the forum after sharing the result and retired to the Typhoon to the back of the man cave as a lesson learned. Anyway, whilst creating some room for my latest models, I decided I would either improve the paint job or throw it out, now I have learnt newer techniques and generally improved with the hobby. Anyway, after some close calls with peeling paint and cock ups with the airbrush, here we are: And this is what it looked like before: I am happy with it, there are still some little problems here and there but it now looks a bit more authentic, after studying some colour photos from the period. I achieved most of the 'new' chipping and subtle changes in colour on the panels with a hairy stick, some buffing to remove brush strokes, washes and a good matt coat. Here's some pictures and a couple of the original. As ever, would appreciate any feedback - looks better, right?! Cheers all! Oh and the nav light colours are the correct way round this time
  2. Spot on; it's one I had from a 'dogfight doubles' - nicely done Top section came with the kit, I just bonded them together and got some hollow stainless steel tube cut to length to thread the wires through.
  3. Thanks! I black based then took a slightly light shade by adding white to black (I use Tamiya acrylics) then focused on the inner of each panel going slightly lighter until I was happy, then correcting with a thin coat of black or a darker shade if I wasn't! Finally after sealing with a gloss coat, added a grey wash into the panel lines and picked out some areas with silver for chips around panel access areas. Finally finished with a matt coat. Exhaust stains were a mixture of artistic license and pictures using thinned whites, greys etc.
  4. Thanks, Michael. I built the Blenheim recently and recall the issues with the glass nose! I normally go about halfway when thinking about accuracy, for me it's how the model looks along with a bit of realism here and there Hope the next builds go well and look forward to seeing them on here. Roll on 70 years!
  5. Thanks Roman, that's an interesting view, I was sure people would say Airfix but thanks! Insightful. Defo - I'd make that change with the decals if I built it again. I've got the Memphis Belle to do by Revell next in 1/72 next so I hope they fare better...
  6. Thanks, Pete! It’s about 35cm long, apparently 1:4105 scale. I’ll let others have a stab at the base before I reveal...
  7. May I present one grand old lady - Galactica: Got this a while ago and grabbed all the electrics to light it when I did my Viper. Taking what I learnt from that I invested quite a bit of time trying some more complex lighting and used some fiber optics and micro led's to get the scale right with this. This is the Revell copy of the Mobius kit and aside from some flash and rubbish decals, it's a great kit. I cocked up the order of one side of the landing bay arms but I was too far into the build when I noticed it to correct it . I spent quite a while looking for the right colour scheme as I wasn't convinced on the silver/gunmetal look. I'm quite pleased with this and loved the shading process, going crazy with my washes and dry brushing! I also attempted some aztech with my homemade stencils. I added some battle damage, as let's face it, she's always suffered at the hands of those pesky Cylons! I customised a base to take the battery and switch - can you guess where that's from? Cheers, JB.
  8. Hello All, I thought I'd present my attempt at Revell's 1/72 Dambuster: I received this as a birthday present from a pal which although gratefully received, I would have probably bought the Airfix one - would be interested to know if people have built both and whether the latest Airfix one is actually superior? It's an acceptable build although the wheel bays and undercarriage was in my opinion, poorly engineered and not very strong. I also had a significant step on the fuselage halves but corrected them. You can see the fit issues on the wheel bays and undercarriage plus the repairs I had to make after one them completely collapsed! I added some extra detail to the nose area and tried a 'marbling' technique to paint the camo on a black base, rather than my usual grey primer and pre-shading. I actually prefer this approach and am pleased with the effect despite the hand cramps from the extra time with the airbrush! Had some issues with the decals silvering which show up on the black prominently and on the wing stencils. Not sure why as I applied my usual technique... Anyway I hope you like. Cheers, JB.
  9. Hi All, here's my take on the fictional Easy 8 Sherman 'Fury' as depicted in the 2013 film of the same name (Italeri 1/35). Loved the film despite the 'interesting' ending and have never done an armour subject before, so that decided the subject. I loved doing this build and I will be building more armour subjects as well as my usual aircraft and Sci-Fi. Thinking Tiger 1 next There were several issues with the kit itself, for example the extra tracks were clearly an afterthought and simply do not fit the model without breaking the upper wheels (as you can see from their wonky appearance). The instructions are pretty poor and I found the plastic brittle - things would just fall apart mid-build!! I added some extras, such as rope to tie down the payload on the back, some extra tarpaulin to hide the out-of-scale buckles on some of the moulded bits and an air recognition cover... or whatever it is as I just liked the contrast it provided. I also created a bull-whip antenna as per the film. Some firsts for me were the mud (homemade) and larger scale painting and weathering - thoroughly enjoyed all of that! Anyway, hope you like and comments well received... go easy (8) on me
  10. Thanks for all the kind comments... really must get on with the Galactica!
  11. Excellent job! I'm looking for a 1701 refit to build and light so really appreciated your WIP. Thanks for your kind comments on my Viper II as well
  12. ...Nothing but the rain! May I present one Viper Mk.II from the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica universe, but then you all knew that anyway! This is the Revell boxed Mobius kit which I decided I would light with LEDs. This model has been a first for a number of reasons; first 1/32 scale model, first to be lit and first to have a 'proper' base. I purchased the Green Strawberry detailing kit for the cockpit and extra detail, and painted with the usual mix of Humbrol primer and Tamiya acrylics, weathering with sanding sticks, oil paints and washes. The model was an absolute pig to put together with a really clunky design and several millimeter gaps in some places but it went together in the end and most of the shoddiness is hidden. The idea for the base came from Plasmo modelling, I can't take credit for that. I'm pleased with her overall, but if I were to do it again, I'd try and light the nav lights and look for some accurate tail numbers, as the one's provided with the kit does not appear to match any 'birds' Starbuck flew. Hope you enjoy! JB
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