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  1. Evening all, making some progress albeit slow on the Belle. I’ve now flat coted the whole model and started added some staining plus the smaller bits post the main build. Going well so far, the landing gear was a pig but not as bad as the Revell’s Lancaster which I built recently...
  2. Excellent build and finish, as others have said many time’s over the end result is fantastic, weathering looks incredible and the faded OD looks great!
  3. Hi everyone, hope you’re all keeping well. I’ve managed (finally) to make some progress on the Belle. I had an airbrush failure meaning I spent quiet a while troubleshooting that instead of working on the model. Anyway, flat cote is now on and what a difference it makes! Really pleased I didn’t go through the effort of repainting as it has lightened it enough for my eyes. I added some khaki to part of the cote and used this to tone down the decals to give them a warmer and somewhat faded look. Pictures below, again sorry about the orientation, uploading straight from my mobile.
  4. That’s the plan, I’m looking at some areas that may have succumbed to more exposure and might mask them up. The reverse where a panel may have been replaced, for example the tail fin. Oh I can’t wait
  5. How have I missed ‘The Cold Blue’ on the documentary circuit?! I shall be finding that to watch before I complete her. Good to hear from you CC and thank you for the ever kind comments.
  6. You’re right Adrian! It helps if you get your port and starboard round the right way! The port tail plane is without paint, the starboard is with khaki. Sorry, I’ll edit the post. I think overall there’s not going to be a need for khaki in the matt but I will use it here and there with some masking for effect. Great suggestion, thank you!
  7. Ok, here’s the matt cote, port is without the khaki, starboard is with. I think without will do, but I do like the fading it has instantly added. I may do some here and there. Ratio was about 30:1, literally a drop. Great idea guys, looks great!! Also carried on with some engine mess on the wings. Sorry about the orientation of some of the pictures, difficult to manage on the mobile!
  8. Ha! I did have that idea... anything to avoid masking those decals!!
  9. I decided to just go for it! Foolish or brave, I’ll let you decide It worked well, but tried one wing without the colour in the matt cote. Will post some pictures shortly to see what you all think. For now, it’s back on with the oil/exhaust stains! Mojo coming back...
  10. Thanks everyone! Consensus is to get the Matt varnish out and maybe add some grey or Khaki to it... genius, never thought of that! May get out into the man cave tonight and try that on one of the wings to see. My only nervousness is that I use Vallejo Matt which I water down, my only khaki is Tamika Acrylic. My bet is they’ll get upset when mixed together...
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm quite far through my Memphis Belle build in 1/72 and I'm having a dilemma. I'm not sure I like (I might hate) my OD. It's worse when I think about it to when I go back to and see it again, but thought I'd get some honest advice from you lot before I continue... I know there are lots of variations and I know that sun bleaching and fading took its toll overtime but I think it looks too dark. Considering the work I will have to do, to re-spray a lighter colour, with decal masking (oh god) and repainting the medium green camo, I'm verging on not! I've taken the pictures in various light, so, what are your thoughts please?
  12. Hello BM's! A while ago, 2016, I built an Airfix Hawker Typhoon in 1/72 scale and attempted some 'chipping' using maskol and not a lot of common sense as to how it might look! I had some constructive feedback on the forum after sharing the result and retired to the Typhoon to the back of the man cave as a lesson learned. Anyway, whilst creating some room for my latest models, I decided I would either improve the paint job or throw it out, now I have learnt newer techniques and generally improved with the hobby. Anyway, after some close calls with peeling paint and cock ups with the airbrush, here we are: And this is what it looked like before: I am happy with it, there are still some little problems here and there but it now looks a bit more authentic, after studying some colour photos from the period. I achieved most of the 'new' chipping and subtle changes in colour on the panels with a hairy stick, some buffing to remove brush strokes, washes and a good matt coat. Here's some pictures and a couple of the original. As ever, would appreciate any feedback - looks better, right?! Cheers all! Oh and the nav light colours are the correct way round this time
  13. Spot on; it's one I had from a 'dogfight doubles' - nicely done Top section came with the kit, I just bonded them together and got some hollow stainless steel tube cut to length to thread the wires through.
  14. Thanks! I black based then took a slightly light shade by adding white to black (I use Tamiya acrylics) then focused on the inner of each panel going slightly lighter until I was happy, then correcting with a thin coat of black or a darker shade if I wasn't! Finally after sealing with a gloss coat, added a grey wash into the panel lines and picked out some areas with silver for chips around panel access areas. Finally finished with a matt coat. Exhaust stains were a mixture of artistic license and pictures using thinned whites, greys etc.
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