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  1. RCAF Kittyhawk lower colours

    All of the RCAF P-40Ns were delivered in Scheme B. Some (all) were repainted in Canada and some were stripped in Canada. Jim
  2. Canadian built Harvards - Internal colours?

    North American built Harvard IIBs mostly featured silver interiors. The Noorduyn built Harvard IIBs were a dark green, pretty close to Dull Dark Green. Tamiya XF-11 is pretty close. Jim
  3. Hi there:

    You coming up for the fall show?

    Pat Martin




  4. RCAF Kittyhawk lower colours

    The RCAF HWE Kittyhawks wore one of four basic schemes: Dark Earth/Dark Green over Sky, Olive Drab over Neutral Gray, Day Fighter Scheme, or natural metal. I have learned to never say never, but most extant photos show overall natural metal on the stripped aircraft, so I'd agree with noelh that the light grey/white was added by the Maude family and is not prototypical. Jim
  5. 1844 NAS Hellcat info needed

    Ian, Thank you sir. I think your notes are pretty clear. I'll got with just the serial on X/119. Jim
  6. 1844 NAS Hellcat info needed

    Serial and ROYAL NAVY or just serial? Jim
  7. 1844 NAS Hellcat info needed

    I think this is JW776, not JW779, but a very interestingly marked 1844 Squadron Hellcat. Notice the replacement aileron and nose bowl, no ROYAL NAVY or serial on the fuselage, and that the X on the tail isn't where we expect it to be. Jim Hellcat 3 by Jim Bates, on Flickr Hellcat 2 by Jim Bates, on Flickr
  8. 1844 NAS Hellcat info needed

    The only photos of JX772 119/X I've seen are stills from this video. See the 1:28 mark. I'm told there are more which confirm markings further, but I've yet to get my hands on copies. Jim
  9. All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    Interesting that the Hawkers conversions were given new serials. None of the RCAF Mk. I or Sea Hurricanes that were rebuilt as XIIAs were reserialed after conversion. And it appears that if any of the CCF Mk. Is were converted into Mk. IIs in the UK, they retained their original serials. Jim
  10. Interior Colour Query- RAAF Boomerang & RAF Buffalo?

    Alan, Thank you sir! That is the first definitive proof I've seen of such a colour used on a Tomahawk/Kittyhawk. I really appreciate your post. Jim
  11. Northern Skyhawks

    I never thought I'd see an A-4 with the maple leaf on the tail. Thank you for posting the excellent photos. What the the pod with an intake under the fuselage on three of the aircraft? ECM pod? Generator? Jim
  12. Interior Colour Query- RAAF Boomerang & RAF Buffalo?

    Mark and Nick, Thank you for your pedantic comments and Nick thank you for the education. When I wrote MAP Grey-Green, I was thinking 71-036 as Cockpit Light Green, but my brain was, obviously, not engaged. Mark - The only item I've seen that purports to show something like 71-036 on P-40s was so vague that it was hard to make any judgement. Is there more out there? Jim
  13. Interior Colour Query- RAAF Boomerang & RAF Buffalo?

    Has there been any confirmation of the MAP Grey-Green being used on any RAF type built in the U.S. other than the Hudson and Ventura? Jim
  14. Tony, Great work on both members of the North American Trainer family. While you are correct that there are two styles of Yale landing gear fairings, they short fairings are actually the same as the long fairings. They just took off the wheel pants! As for the BFTS in the U.S. and being a fish out of water, there is a good book on the topic. "Wings of Georgia" by Jack Currie is about Mr. Currie's time in Georgia learning to fly with the Americans before he returned to the RAF. Certainly a fish out of water tale. Feel better, Jim
  15. So why the lack of Harvards?

    The RCAF did indeed borrow U.S. T-6s and returned some Mk. 4s to the USAF to replaced damaged airplanes. (They also returned the T-6s in better shape than they got them.) I'll see if I can find anything on the Canadian side of the transactions and remember to bring up the topic next time I see Dan. I've never seen any primary source justification for the T-6J designation and have always considered it a urban legend that got passed down from book/article to book/article. I do wonder where some of these faux designations originated from! Jim