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  1. Patrick Martin

    RCAF Halifax info requested

    BB327 VR*Q (Struck by flak while on a mission to Stuttgart on 11 March 1943. The aircraft was repaired. Shot down and crashed near Bochum while on a mission to Duisberg on 9 April 1943), Pat Martin
  2. Patrick Martin

    The Elder: F-4C s/n 63-7407

    Do you mean 63-7407? Plus was not the first production F-4C/F-110 not 62-12199?
  3. As always - impressive. I would love to try your non-airbrush method of painting - is there a link to where you explain this? Pat Martin
  4. Patrick Martin

    Paint match for RAF Phantom fibreglass nose

    The radome and original rounded fincap were a combination of ‘glass cloth laminate, laminated glass or plastic, fibreglass roving and volanglass cloth’ materials.
  5. Patrick Martin

    Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    There was some controversy over the Extra Dark Sea Grey BS381C 640, as applied to the Phantom on entering service. When parked adjacent to Buccaneer aircraft finished in the same colour, as applied in the UK, the Phantom appeared too light. As delivered, the aircraft had been painted by McDonnell in a US equivalent colour. This was noted on the finish data plate as ‘Epoxy Enamel UK338/1527 Dark Sea Gray’ and also noted ‘17875 Insignia White’ (FS.595). The grey colour was, according to the Royal Navy, Extra Dark Sea Grey 640. Also, the Royal Navy was not a user of ‘Dark Sea Gray’ (or any ‘GrAy’) during the period in question. The difference in initial appearances is attributed to the use of an unknown US equivalent shade of gray and fading of the Extra Dark Sea Grey, on all types. Darker colours, when applied as epoxy paints during the period in question, had a ‘marked propensity to fade considerably after exposure to salty elements’. The epoxy paints were also more likely to ‘leach out’ than the cellulose and polyurethane counterparts. When repainted in the UK, in Extra Dark Sea Grey 640, the Phantom would appear more like the Buccaneer.
  6. Patrick Martin

    Sea Harrier Over The Falklands

    But you can get a PDF copy through the BARG people .....
  7. Patrick Martin

    Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    I would not read much into the colours seen on this photo. It look like its paler than it should be all over - including the Leander in the background (see full Wiki shot). I have looked at hundreds of FG.1 photos of the period and it just does not look right. It is a bit fuzzy and IMHO the colouring has been played with a bit. When really blown up big there is a scratch mark cross the deck into the pilots visor. This tells me it's a scan from a print. Which means you are looking at an interpretation of a interpretation, (camera to negative, to print, to scan etc.) When you go to Wikipedia caption of this photo - it states "aboard aircraft carrier USS "Ark Royal" - big groan there.
  8. Patrick Martin

    1/72 Planet Models Short SC.1

  9. Patrick Martin

    Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    One other item I have not seen mentioned yet is the arrestor rope cutter forward of the front canopy - on later FAA Phantoms - not there on deliveries. PM
  10. Patrick Martin

    Airfix Fieseler Storch

    Is this the kit with the door on the wrong side? PM
  11. Patrick Martin

    Airfix 2019

    My Airfix Me 262 ran out of plastic on the fin to. PM
  12. Patrick Martin

    Rag-wing BoB Hurricane.

    I would not believe everything you see on this site. A couple of us Air Force Associate historians have conferred on this topic and found too many assumptions have been made. Find material by Jim Bates for the most accurate on the Hurricane. Patrick Martin
  13. Does any one have  a rear view photo of a HAS Lynx with the tail folded - what do the two 'inner' tail surfaces that meet look like when folded look like?


    Patrick Martin

  14. Patrick Martin

    Hawker Sea Fury FB11

    The Sea Fury did have changes through production .... look at antenna positions... PM