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  1. Is there are rigging drawing someplace for this? PM
  2. Let me know how you are progressing every now and then on your Sea King, I will do like-wise on mine. PM
  3. And the gear on your Heller kit will at some point break.
  4. Think of how much fun you could have with this one. Working at Airfix knowing a tour was coming through the office.... you could build all sorts of one-off kits just to get all the rumours going. Put an all black Special Hobby Barracuda on a shelf, a Frog Proctor, parts of a Matchbox Walrus all in 1/72, leave Sabre wings on a desk..... PM
  5. Just go with a safe New Year
  6. So if Airfix were not doing the large Vulcan in 1/72, then how many other smaller 1/72 kits could have been done? The same situation could arise new week, is it going to to a large kit or several smaller 1/72......look at all the kits that were done by Frog (all those years ago) that have yet to be redone by right mainstream firm .... Baltimore, Shark, Skua, Attacker, Tempest, Firefly, Proctor and Oxford. They ought to be thinking about getting to some of these before new people (like Arma) get there first. So bring on the new versions of Mitchell, but do not ignore the Liberator, Walrus, J
  7. I like all of this kind of presentation - its thought out, its entertaining, its moving on - it has pictures - its great. PM
  8. I know of 32 aircraft that carried the pod but - this does not mean all 32 were wired for them. The EMI reconnaissance pod was developed to be carried under the centre pylon only. It first flew in 1969, with XV406 at the Hawker Siddley test base at Holme-on-Spalding Moor and also with XV415 in 1971. It weighted in at 1,702 lbs (772 kg). The Matchbox 1/72 version was WAY too big, the Fujimi way too thin, the aftermarket Odds and Ordnance seems about right and I have not seen the Aircraft item yet. Between 18 and around 23 pods were used. The pod was introduced into service by No
  9. I am told by a very very reliable source that Big H will have stock of the Spitfire Vc next week for sale. Looking forward to this.
  10. The oddity is some retailers saying they have it (Spitfire Vc 1/72) and others not, now weeks apart. As a modelling marketing person - Airfix would sell more kits retail overseas (not just in Europe) if they had a surface shipping option or even regular air mail post. If all retailers (at least in the UK) had the some product at the same time - the price field would be more level. I have seen an Airfix 1/24 Hellcat with a 'do not sell before' date sticker on it in North America. So shipping to wholesalers/retailers has been done in advance in the past. Greed is still rampant in this worl
  11. Yes it is all rather odd. Had a bunch on back ordered with 'Big H' since before Pontius was a Pilate. Is this all a big game by Airfix? Is this how the Beaufort and the Vulcan are going to play out as well? I can sort of understand Airfix trying to make more out of retail sales (but for weeks first?) itself but in the long run it is just going to miff a lot of people off. Another bad PR move by the upper management at Airfix. If on backorder with 'Big H' its 7.49, if ordered today at Wonderland it is 12.49!!! From the overseas shipping view - the bit Airfix does not get is - they a
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