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  1. Excellent info....thank you very much. I'll use British colours then. BEST regards
  2. Thanks a lot. Will check It carefully...!!
  3. Morning all...!!! Been given an ICM Spitfire Mk.IXc with soviet markings, but came without the colour guide. We're them repainted with russian colours, ir left in the original British ones? TIA and greetings from sunny Tenerife...
  4. Artie

    Hi all.........!!!!

    Thanks, Pete. In fact, I started un my new job last month.......just a completely different job than my previous experience. Not the job of my dreams, but pays my bills and keeps my head busy....!!!
  5. Artie

    Hi all.........!!!!

    The Lysander?? I'm afraid you're talking about my brother Rodrigo's mad project......Well, I still wonder how in hell he decided to go that far superdetailing the "last taxi"...
  6. Artie

    Hi all.........!!!!

    Fortunately, the Covid restrictions are not so hard here in the Canaries, we've got a very low contagion ratio and very few deaths directly rlated with the "bug", as we call it here. We're receiving the first tourists from the UK and Germany since last march, when everything collapsed. We meet every weekend at our club workshop, and still enjoy single malt tastings on saturday evening.....of course we keep the adviced health precautions, wearing face masks and using sanitary gel. On the other hand, a local hobby shop (actually a fine arts supplier) decided to offer a large rang
  7. Artie

    Hi all.........!!!!

    greetings from Tenerife.........It's been a long time away from the boards, and this special and terrible situation we suffer world wide is making things even more difficult for all of us. Just wanted to say hallo and to all of you. I wish everything's allright there, and all of you and your relatives are fine. You can bet I miss a lot the nice people I've met here...... I'm still modelling, but at a very slow pace, due to job commintments. The economical situation made me loose my job at the car dealer, and had to rearrange my professional life. Please, stay safe and take care
  8. Thanks for your kind words, Friends..... The Alclad was sprayed at a very low psi, over a glossy black enamel base. On the other hand, the Humbrol Trainer Yellow was sprayed in three thin coats over a light grey enamel primer. According to the instructions sheet, those markings are for an 11th RFS, RAF, during late 38. It's noteworthy the use of the short tail, wich comes as a resin optional part. Stever: thanks to our "early" lockdown and self isolation, we can be happy for the low contagion ratio here in the isles, as well as the fatalities. The three firts infected on
  9. Hi all…….Another one I'd like to call finished. The nice Special Hobby's Miles Magister Mk.I, a pleasant build of a not so often seen model. I really like building those "second line" planes wich, for one or other reason tend to be forgotten by some modellers. Maybe the clean look, maybe the colourful schemes, but surely a beautiful adition to any collection. It's an easy multimedia kit. Some fiddly PE parts to deal with, and a few tiny resin parts, but this is the final result. I used Humbrol enamel to represent the trainer yellow scheme, and Alclad II "Airframe aluminium" for the nose
  10. Please, count me in....!!!! Time line for this SIG, please???? Best regards from Tenerife
  11. Hi Sirs…...Hope everyone's fine there….. Glad to announce the "Garrapata" is finally finished, and ready for moulds. Just waiting for the lockdown end, to get the silicone and make the moulds. Best wishes from Tenerife...
  12. Lovely Bulldog. With your permission, I'm going to save some pictures thta Will be used as a guide with my own Bulldog, but in spanish civil war colours. Your work is very inspiring, and as you properly said, the Lidndberg's kit is not exempt of some shortcomings, though the overall shape is very nice for a kit with five decades on its back... Cheers
  13. Good evening. Another one flies from the bench to the cabinet..... IIRC, the Academy kit is a reboxing of an old Haseawa kit, but with engraved panels. Even the terrible navy blue plastic is the same. I built it OOB, except for a set of resin wheels (those included in the kit resembled a pair of Mud Terrain BG Goodrichs, fine for a Land Rover, but not for a plane). I used a set of 5" HVAR rockets and bomb from my spares box, as those included in the kit were a mere rubish. This time, I used Testors' enamels...got a few bottles with are still in very good condition, so why not..
  14. Good evening.....Another old project wich finds its way into the cabinet, "thanks" to this sad quarentine situation. This kit has got a special appeal to me. It was given to me by the late Eduardo Represa, the former president of our Club. He gave me lots of kits before his passing away, and I keep them like a treasure. On the other hand, when I started looking for information about the colours used by the Royal Canadian Navy Furies, Mr. Dereck Pennington, who sadly passed away not long ago, sent me some unvaluable info. Finishing the kit would be a fitting tribute for both of them,
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