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  1. Email sent

    1. Artie


      Hi..... sorry, but haven't received none yet...

      How can I hel you???

      Best regards

    2. chrispisme


      Hi, thanks for the reply.

      Since Scratchaeronautics is shutting down I may be interested in buying more than the 2 that I ordered so, if you can, please let me know if/when the kits become available.

      Thank you


  2. Wich I completely agree. I've never liked to offer kits in preorder status. That gives you lots of problems. I've discussed it with Juan several times, but he thinks in a different way than me and I'm not the one to tell him hiw to manage his bussiness. That said, I find it quite unfair complaining about the kit not arriving just three weeks after you've ordered it, given tge fact you agree the selling terms. If yoo're not willing to wait the stated deadline, JUST DON'T BUY IT. The result: you're causing issues to ALL those who read and understand what tgey read, and patiently wait. We could sell just ready for shipment kits, but at a higher price and asking you for Shipping costs, wich we don't do. My main concern are the fellow Britmodellers who see their shipments unnecesarily delayed. All those "short minded" ebay customers mean nothing to me and, believe me, are a minimun part of all the others who understand what they read... Best regards.
  3. Hi Michael..

    Pablo told me about a fellow britmodeller who had visited the shop last weekend, but wasn't able to tell me any further info...!!!

    He also said that maybe you'd probably come around next saturday...that would be absolutely fantastic, come and enjoy lunch with us, maybe some pints and later in the evening we'll "test some single malts"....we're going to be there from 10:00AM to 08:00PM, so please don't hesitate to come and stay with us on saturday...!!! Probably my brother Rodrigo, Juan, Alessandro, Pablo and me will be there on saturday....a few more will join us in the early evening, so it ill be an absolute honour for us to enjoy your company.

    will be waiting for you, Michael..!!!



    1. bootneck


      Hello Artie,


      thank you for the invitation, I would be very happy to meet all of you at last.  I wanted to buy a Scratchaeronautics when I was at the shop but I don't think Pablo had any available.

      I will try to be there around 10 or 11am, depending on bus service from Puerto de la Cruz, but I won't be able to stay to the evening because my wife will be waiting for my return.  She apologises but "a day in a model shop is very boring!"....  I do not understand her. :lol:

      You are very popular on Britmodeller and many of us have said how sorry we are, to hear that you are closing Scratchaeronautics.  Perhaps, if you have any completed kits ready to sell, then you could offer them direct on here.


      All the best and I am looking forward to meeting you.



    2. Artie


      That's great news...!!!! We'll be very happy to meet you next saturday. If you find any problem with the bus service, jsut tell me and we'll be glad to pick you up and drive you back later in the eve...


      That's great news...!!!! We'll be very happy to meet you next saturday. If you find any problem with the bus service, jsut tell me and we'll be glad to pick you up and drive you back later in the eve...


  4. Hi Sirs. Please, let me update you about all this mess. The problem behind Juan's decision about giving up is that some people (not talking about any fellow Britmodeller, please don't misunderstand my words) are absolutely unable to read a simple text and understand it. When you order a kit from Scratchaeronautics' ebay store, you can find a full text saying that the delivery time can be about three to four months from the day you place an order and send the money. Some of the buyers customers place an order, and just three weeks later place an ebay complaint because their kits haven't arrived yet. A claim case is opened and the paypal account gets blocked (ebay politics), so not just the money they've sent, but all the available money is blocked for at least one month and a half, without the chance to transfer it to the bank account. We cannot buy any resin, decal paper or boxes until the money is released, wich can take a lot of time. Juan refunds the money and blocks that customer, but, believe it or not, he gets back in touch with us with a personal message, asking us to sell him the kit again. Of course, Juan has got tired about all that problems. We don't make ur living from the kits we sell...in fact, sometimes we loose some money....this is just a hobby, not a pledge. So, unfortunately, we've been forced to quit from this adventure. We still keep the moulds, and will be casting kits while the silicone moulds will last. Our aim is to keep on developing some new kits during the forthcoming months, so don't worry, you'll be the first to know. One of our current pojects is a Henschel Hs. P75 Luft '46 project in 1/48, as well as a De Havilland Chipmunk in 1/48 scale.....but things are stalled by now... The already ordered kits will be sent, including the Northrop N3PB, the Supermarine Swift and Scimitar, two seater Buchón and so on.....We're thinking about a last "limited edition" series of some of the references, such as the Narval, the Swift or the Scimitar. Other kits such as the C101 Aviojet or HA200 Saeta, will be offered in a very limited series, the moulds are good shape, but we're thinking about keeping most of the kits for our personal collection. We can supply kits as far as the moulds last, but that's all. A personal message to Juan or myself will be enough, and a paypal account will be provided. Please, any order with your desired kit must be sent to: jbegines22@yahoo.es or cmt.arturo@hotmail.com I check my personal email once a week, so pease be patient if I don't give you an inmediate answer. Finally, a big thank you for all your support and interest. Arturo Navarro. IPMS Canary Islands.
  5. Hello Arturo,


    I tried to send you a pm but you don't appear to  be able to receive them, so I am responding publicly.

    I have just heard about the closure of Scratchaeronautics.  That must be a real upset for you and I am sorry to hear about it.  It is understandable, with your work requirements and also with Juan doing military service.


    I am in Tenerife at the moment and my wife and I went around to Teide Hobby, where I met and chatted with Pablo, and had a great time there.  I am sorry that I didn't meet with you but I understand about your extra work involvement and other issues. 


    I do hope that you will stay with Britmodeller, your contributions are most welcome, and I hope that you will keep in contact with us.


    All the best



  6. Thanks a lot for your kind comments, Sirs.... Werner, the Ala de Caza Nº1 kept some F30s until they were ugraded to F40 standards, as they passes their IRAN overhauling. The patrulla Ascua just used F40 models. I've always liked the early colour scheme, witht the wraparaound fuselage flag and early style flames on the wings and nose....
  7. After a long, long time waiting into a cardboard box, I thought about giving it a push and call it finished. It's not a good kit at all, just added some cockpit, intake nozzels and wheel well scratchbuilt details, rescribed some of the main panel lines, and painted it with good old Humbrol enamels. Will look right on the back row of the cabinet.... Best regards...... IMGP0017 by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr IMGP0016 by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr IMGP0013 by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr IMGP0015 by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr
  8. Hi all...back to modelling at a very slow pace.....I decided to give this old kit an opportunity. It's the old Esci kit, with all its pros and cons (been discussed before). In fact, this is an Italeri reboxing of the old kit, with slightly better decals. I wanted it to be an OOB work, so just added some riveting and a few scratchbuilt cockpit details. I painted it to represent an Ala de Caza nº 1 at Manises air base, around 1956. This is one of the few spanish Sabres wich served for a few years in its orifginal, early F30 configuration, with "6-3" hard wings. Hpe you'll like it. IMGP0008 by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr IMGP0005 by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr IMGP0006 by Arturo Navarro, en Flickr
  9. Well, I'll try to answer all your questions..... C5-103. C.5 means "caza (fighter), type 5. The C4 (caza tipo 4 was the Messerschmitt Bf109 and all its progeny, from the C model to the later Buchón. 103 means the 103rd Sabre from the inventory. 131-5. It's the fifth plane within the 131 Figther Squadron, so you're right. The Tiger badge belongs to the fighter wing, and not the Air base. The nose band is black, that's right. They represent the squadrons, not the Fighter Wings. All the spanish Sabres were supplied from USAF stocks. We received a grand total of 270 Sabres, from different types: 18 F86F20, 156 F86F25, 32 F86F30 and 65 F86F40. All of them were updated to F40 standard as they passed they IRAN inspections at Getafe. The first units came in 1954 from Landsthul Air Base, Federal Republic of Germany, 86Th Fighter Bomber Wing (USAF). Later, most of them came from Soesterberg, Holland, and Manston, UK. Finally, the later F40s wer sent from Prestwick, UK. In fact, most of the Sabres were sent from Prestwick, and not from South Africa. Not any Spanish Sabre had previously fought in Korea. Sorry. Back to C.5-103, it entered service on october, 1956. It was a F40. It was finally written off on december, 31st, 1972. USAF serial number 55-3995. Best regards
  10. Precious little gem....The old Moniogram kit is a favourite of mine, and I really like the final result. I wouldn't dare to do it that way, kitchen foil is terribly fragile and demanding....I tried to do that with a Monogram Sabre some years ago and, well....lots of bad words and curses still echo in the room.... Cheers
  11. Be careful with the Esci's kit.... Spain received F25, 30 and 40.....All the earlier models where updated to F40 standards once they were given their IRAN inspections by CASA in Getafe. Of course, those earlier subjects in better condition were kept original for some time, but it's quite difficult to find a F30 with wing fences still fitted. On the other hand, the Esci kit is a mixture of different types features. They used to sell the kit as being an F, Canadair Mk.5 or 6, etc...without paying any attention to the small (and not so small) differences. OOB, the Esci's kit seems to be a CL.13 one, with a 6-3 wing with leading edge slat and no outward wing extension. So not even good for en earlier F86E. The Spanish Ejército del Aire decals supplied by Esci are for a later F40, ex-USAF 55-3995, but not for an F30. It belonged to 131 Escuadrón, Ala de Caza nº 2, Zaragoza. Some spanish examples were fitted with Sidewinder missiles, not the case with C5-103. Otherwise, I've always found the Esci/Italeri kit a nice, easy kit. Not up to modern standards, but still a good weekend project. They can be built into nice kits, unless a scale building taliban tells you about how unbuildable is it. Shapewise, I've always liked the Monogram kit more than the Esci one, but we're talking about your kit, and that's all. Just a tip: be very careful with the undercarriage leges, they're quite flimsy and fragile. If you add some nose weight, the front leg will break for sure. The later Italeri boxings come with jet intake and exhaust FOD parts, so you can hide that horrible solid front intake.... So my final thought: The Esci kit is not useful for a spanish subject. OOB, the closest you could build would be a Luftwaffe Canadair CL.13, adding some details. Best regards.
  12. Hola Werner...

    Le acabo de preguntar  aJuan, y me comenta lo siguiente: La Triana te la pone en Correos el lunes, y la Aisa aún tiene trabajo. El morro con el motor Enmasa Tigre le está dando problemas, no encuentra planos fiables. De hecho, te va a devolver el dinero de la Aisa, y cuando la tenga lista, te la envía de regalo. ¿Te gusta la Socata Epsilon? La tenemos en versión portuguesa y francesa, si te interesa, puedo hablar con Juan y que te envíe una de regalo también.



    1. exdraken


      Hola Arturo!

      bien escuchar de vosotros de nuevo!


      pero tranquilos! no hago maquetas a la velocidad que vosotros los disegnais y fabricais! :banghead:


      El Epsilon ya tengo, espero que un dia voy a coseguir hacerlo tb ;)


      La Triana - de verdada no creo que la he pedido ya.... pero mandadme esta y olvidad la AISA por el momento... cuanto esta lista, bien y lo pido!


      De momento estoy haciendo a paso de trotuga la Saeta de version Helwan :)   no sabeis por casualidad que tipo de asiento lleva? me lo parece un poco al del Bf 109F.... 



    2. Artie


      Hola de nuevo...sólo tengo un esquema del asiento, puede ser de utilidad, pero no se cómo insertarlo en el mensaje...


  13. Good evening all. Due to some personal issues, I've been away from the board for some time. And things do not look like they will improve soon!!! So, please, accept my apologies for being away for so long. Anyway, I felt the need to give you a brief update about shippings. AFAIK, all the pending kits have been already shipped. Both the Scimitars, Northrops N3PB and the Swifts, so hopefully they will be reaching you in a few days. Apart from the complete kits, some small packets containing spare parts have been shipped too. The spare parts are sent by regular, unregistered post, with no tracking numbers, so can't be sure about their whereabouts. I beg you to please make me know about any incidence if you don'nt receive then within the next two weeks. The Scimitar mouldings have came to an end, so if anyone wants another one, we must made new ones. The Swift mouldings are still in good shape, they could stand ten more kits, and then we will think about doing new mouldings. We're now thinking about new subjects, and we are considering several ideas. Amongst them, the Boulton Paul Balliol and the DH Chipmunk are good contenders. Some early french jets are in our pile of ideas as well.....but we must be careful about choosing the subjects, just any model with expected sales of a minimun of 25 units will be developed. From now on, we will do things differently. We are not going to offer any model in preorder, to avoid discomfort and complaints from the buyers, because we have been unable to meet the deadlines that we had originally imposed to ourselves. We depend to a great extent on external factors that we can not control, such as the availability of resin, silicone, packaging or virgin decal paper. Due to the large number of complaints, we have decided to change the procedures. We do not live on this, nor do we have acceptable profit margins, and we make models more by hobby than by business. We will only accept money once the models are ready for sale. Any questions, I will be happy to answer it by private message, but please keep in mind that I do not check the mail every day Best regards from Tenerife.
  14. Good evening all. First thing first....I'd like to apologize for being away from the board for so long without any update about the kits. Family issues and a very difficult work schedule have kept me away, and I'm afraid things won't get better for some time. Our local resin supplier has finally restocked poliurethane resin, and the cardboard boxes have finally arrived from Germany......... Juan has been able to cast the delayed kits. Today, he told me he'll be shipping all of them next week. I'm pretty sure all of them will be reaching you along march. The problem with our resin supplier is that he stopped selling poliurethane resin, and just offerd poliester resin, wich is, by any mean, a very bad quality product, very fragile and brittle. We tried to cas a few kits using that resin, wich a very bad result. So, now we've sorted this out, you'll be receiving them soon. Best regards from Tenerife.
  15. Excellent result, but if you allow me to be a little picky, I'd like to tell you one thing: You're worrying about the colour more than we do when repainting the real ones.... Just an example: This week, Juan noticed that some of his Unit's lorries needed a repaint. Ordered a few privates to do the job, and what he found today was one of them repainting some lorries with a can of paint and....a paint roller......no two lorries in the same line looked the same colour. Otherwise, your "panzer" looks fantastic...!!! Felicidades...!!
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