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  1. The so called "Gris Barracón" or "Barrack grey" in old England's language... Some time ago, we discussed about that misterious colour in a spanish modelling forum, and some consensus was reached. The spanish Air Force, EdA (Ejército del Aire) used enamel paints on our planes. It was made by a local manufacturer named Titanlux. The closest match from theur catalogue is 510 Gris azulado. We tried to find a close match from available hobby paints, and Humbril 87 was choosen. I know there must be other matches from , let's say, Tamiya, Gunze, etc...but as a fanatic Humbrol supperter, I stuck to that one. Best regards frim an absolutely hot Tenerife....
  2. Werner: If you ever get to undetstand La Hispano Aviación's nomenclature system, I'll talk to my city major and propose your name to the main street. The same way, the Ju52 was called 352. The same kind of nomenclature was used by both Hispano Aviación and CASA...
  3. The worst part about tge 12Y engine was the overheating. They never sokved it, so went for another engine. Then the RR engine came as an option. Sadly, it was too late. The Buchón was an obsolete machine even befire reaching operative status.. At first, they were employed on armed reco patrols over tge spanish Sahara, being absolutely useless in that kind of operations.
  4. Most probably, they were left in the so called Barrack Grey, or most commonly, Mouse Grey. As said before, it ranges from a grey-green to a blueish grey hue. The colours were supplied by a spanish brand named Titanlux wich, give or take, replicated RAL colours. I couldn't dare to give a crossed reference with Humbrol, Gunze, etc....the original colours varied a lot even in a row of planes in thecsame unit.
  5. Don't forget the Revell reboxing of Hasegawa's kit, with the addition of apair of resin wingtips, allowing you to build the interesting Canadair CL-13.....
  6. AbsoAbsolutely none. They were either scrapped or re-engined by 1958, when the war began.
  7. JHola Werner..!!! These are, give or take, the main differences. HA 1109 J1L: Original Bf109G2 airframe, Hispano Suiza 12Z88 engine and Escher-Wyss propeller. It was the first prototype. HA 1109 K1L: de Havilland Hydramatic propeller, 20mm Hispano guns and 80mm rockets. 65 built, later renaned HA 1112K1L HA 1109 M1L: Merlin engined first prototype. One built. HA 1110 M1L: two seater trainer, Hispano Suiza engine. One built. HA 1111 K1L: The same prototype but fitted with wingtip fuel tanks. HA 1112 M1L: The final version and the first to be nicknamed Buchón. Merlin engine, 20mm guns and rocket launchers. 172 built. HA 1112 M4L: two seater trainer, Merlin engine. Two built. That's a brief list of differences....hope you'll fibd them useful... Best regards
  8. Sad to be the rain in your parade, but the 1109 didn't see any action over the Spanish Sahara. They were replaced by the RR engined 1112 a few years before the war. In fact, the 1112s were re-engined 1109s. Thay reached unit level, but that was all. Regarding the colour, Barrack Grey is a generic name given to a wide range of shades. From simethinh similar to RLM02 to a darker RLM66 lookalike. Never try to be very strict when talking about spanish air force colours during those years. The 1109s were painted in a blueish tone of grey. By tge way, din't trust the museum example, it's painted in the wrong colour. Finally, just an historical hint: spanish overseas territories weren't considered to be colonies, but full right provinces. The only "fighting" they saw was during the filming of the movie "Star of Africa", about Marseille's life Best regards.
  9. Good evening, Sirs.... Just wanted to know about the afore mentioned kits.... Is there anyone still waiting for any of our kits???? have all of them arrived safely??? Please, let me know about it, I think we've sent all the pending kits, but would like to be completely sure. Please, PM me with any enquiry. Best regards...
  10. Hi all......This weekend, we've been casting some kits, and according to Juan's own words, "those kits purchased last april will be sent next wednesday, and those ordered last may will be sent next june, 15th". Best regards....
  11. Dear Sirs. According to what I've been told by Juan, ALL the kits ordered before may, have been already shipped. Just those ordered from may onwards are still waiting to be sent. No resin in stock by now at our local supplier, but will receive it in a two weeks deadline. Some small packets containing spare parts have been shipped as well, so i hope everything have arrived to their homes by now. If anyone out there feels scammed, just tell us and your money will be refunded back. We've refunded lots of money to ebay buyers wich then tried to purchase the same kits directly from Juan. They know who they're.... Best wishes.
  12. Email sent

    1. Artie


      Hi..... sorry, but haven't received none yet...

      How can I hel you???

      Best regards

    2. chrispisme


      Hi, thanks for the reply.

      Since Scratchaeronautics is shutting down I may be interested in buying more than the 2 that I ordered so, if you can, please let me know if/when the kits become available.

      Thank you


  13. Wich I completely agree. I've never liked to offer kits in preorder status. That gives you lots of problems. I've discussed it with Juan several times, but he thinks in a different way than me and I'm not the one to tell him hiw to manage his bussiness. That said, I find it quite unfair complaining about the kit not arriving just three weeks after you've ordered it, given tge fact you agree the selling terms. If yoo're not willing to wait the stated deadline, JUST DON'T BUY IT. The result: you're causing issues to ALL those who read and understand what tgey read, and patiently wait. We could sell just ready for shipment kits, but at a higher price and asking you for Shipping costs, wich we don't do. My main concern are the fellow Britmodellers who see their shipments unnecesarily delayed. All those "short minded" ebay customers mean nothing to me and, believe me, are a minimun part of all the others who understand what they read... Best regards.
  14. Hi Michael..

    Pablo told me about a fellow britmodeller who had visited the shop last weekend, but wasn't able to tell me any further info...!!!

    He also said that maybe you'd probably come around next saturday...that would be absolutely fantastic, come and enjoy lunch with us, maybe some pints and later in the evening we'll "test some single malts"....we're going to be there from 10:00AM to 08:00PM, so please don't hesitate to come and stay with us on saturday...!!! Probably my brother Rodrigo, Juan, Alessandro, Pablo and me will be there on saturday....a few more will join us in the early evening, so it ill be an absolute honour for us to enjoy your company.

    will be waiting for you, Michael..!!!



    1. bootneck


      Hello Artie,


      thank you for the invitation, I would be very happy to meet all of you at last.  I wanted to buy a Scratchaeronautics when I was at the shop but I don't think Pablo had any available.

      I will try to be there around 10 or 11am, depending on bus service from Puerto de la Cruz, but I won't be able to stay to the evening because my wife will be waiting for my return.  She apologises but "a day in a model shop is very boring!"....  I do not understand her. :lol:

      You are very popular on Britmodeller and many of us have said how sorry we are, to hear that you are closing Scratchaeronautics.  Perhaps, if you have any completed kits ready to sell, then you could offer them direct on here.


      All the best and I am looking forward to meeting you.



    2. Artie


      That's great news...!!!! We'll be very happy to meet you next saturday. If you find any problem with the bus service, jsut tell me and we'll be glad to pick you up and drive you back later in the eve...


      That's great news...!!!! We'll be very happy to meet you next saturday. If you find any problem with the bus service, jsut tell me and we'll be glad to pick you up and drive you back later in the eve...


  15. Hi Sirs. Please, let me update you about all this mess. The problem behind Juan's decision about giving up is that some people (not talking about any fellow Britmodeller, please don't misunderstand my words) are absolutely unable to read a simple text and understand it. When you order a kit from Scratchaeronautics' ebay store, you can find a full text saying that the delivery time can be about three to four months from the day you place an order and send the money. Some of the buyers customers place an order, and just three weeks later place an ebay complaint because their kits haven't arrived yet. A claim case is opened and the paypal account gets blocked (ebay politics), so not just the money they've sent, but all the available money is blocked for at least one month and a half, without the chance to transfer it to the bank account. We cannot buy any resin, decal paper or boxes until the money is released, wich can take a lot of time. Juan refunds the money and blocks that customer, but, believe it or not, he gets back in touch with us with a personal message, asking us to sell him the kit again. Of course, Juan has got tired about all that problems. We don't make ur living from the kits we sell...in fact, sometimes we loose some money....this is just a hobby, not a pledge. So, unfortunately, we've been forced to quit from this adventure. We still keep the moulds, and will be casting kits while the silicone moulds will last. Our aim is to keep on developing some new kits during the forthcoming months, so don't worry, you'll be the first to know. One of our current pojects is a Henschel Hs. P75 Luft '46 project in 1/48, as well as a De Havilland Chipmunk in 1/48 scale.....but things are stalled by now... The already ordered kits will be sent, including the Northrop N3PB, the Supermarine Swift and Scimitar, two seater Buchón and so on.....We're thinking about a last "limited edition" series of some of the references, such as the Narval, the Swift or the Scimitar. Other kits such as the C101 Aviojet or HA200 Saeta, will be offered in a very limited series, the moulds are good shape, but we're thinking about keeping most of the kits for our personal collection. We can supply kits as far as the moulds last, but that's all. A personal message to Juan or myself will be enough, and a paypal account will be provided. Please, any order with your desired kit must be sent to: jbegines22@yahoo.es or cmt.arturo@hotmail.com I check my personal email once a week, so pease be patient if I don't give you an inmediate answer. Finally, a big thank you for all your support and interest. Arturo Navarro. IPMS Canary Islands.
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