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  1. Nice collection of spanish civil war subjects, Jerzy......Regarding the CASA Vildebeest, you've done an excellent work. It's a weird subject, with a bizarre paint scheme. It's extremely bizarre, even to my standards...!!! If you wish, feel free to send me a PM with your postal address, I've got some 1/72 decal sheets that you may find useful. Best regards... Arturo
  2. Artie

    Vote Grump!

    There used to be a Trabant/ Wartburg/ Lada/ FSO.....dealer here in Tenerife long time ago.....That man even imported Ural sidecars. That showroom was a weird place, he had a soviet ejection seat there, I think he was somekind of Stasi agent...:) . He also imported Yugos at some point, but after the war in Yugoslavia, it finally gave way to an Asia dealer. Things always can get worst....
  3. Artie

    Vote Grump!

    those cars from eastern europe had an attractive halo around them.....!!!! a friend of mine used to drive a Lada Niva when he got his driving license, back in the late eighties....he was always listening to Depeche Mode's "people are people" in his radio cassette player...
  4. Artie

    Vote Grump!

    Not mad enough with your ZJ...???
  5. Artie

    Vote Grump!

    Why on earth, someone with his intact mental faculties, would wish to self-inflict such damage?
  6. Artie

    Vote Grump!

    Didn't get the irony, sorry....!!!!
  7. Artie

    Vote Grump!

    In fact, nothing to do with Trabant.....DKW now belongs to VAG. It was part of the Auto Union brand....one of the four Audi's badge rings owes its origins to DKW........ And you're right......modern emissions test would be fun with one of those old bangs...My uncle used to drive a '68 Munga, and it was a really smokey machine.... He also drove a NSU TT, and can't imagine how he survived those years....!!!
  8. Artie

    What kind of sign is this?

    Just like the use of the term "Bourbon" for the whisky made in Kentucky....!!!! By the way, I've recently discovered this marvellous thing: cinnamon and pepper whisky........brilliant, tasteful...
  9. Artie

    Vote Grump!

    You should drive my mom's Citroën C3......1.1cc, 60hp....and drinks as an irishman in St. Patrick's day......about 10lts/100kmts average in city driving....difficult to park due ot its round shape, bad quality plastics all around....and noisy, very noisy. Not to mention you must keep from turning the air con on, otherwise it won't go faster than 80 km/h in motorway.... Well, afterall, it's a "Mum's car".......beggars can't be choosers.
  10. Artie

    What have you purchased / been given

    Eduard Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XVI, 1/48 scale weekend edition.... A nice kit, but the decal options aren't my piece of cake...
  11. Artie

    Gloster Gamecock 1/48

    Have you tried to look for the Aeroclub vacuform kit...????? Mr. Adams used to offer both the Gloster Grebe and Gamecock in 1/48 scale. Cheers
  12. Artie

    Can someone identify this?

    As Mike had correctly said, that's a Notek tail light (convoy position light), but it seems there's a missing flipping plate. When the green lights are visible, the red ones are blanked over, and viceversa. The green lights were used for convoy driving, and the red ones for solo driving (position and brake lights). Most of the german AFV carried them, as they were standard equipment. Cheers
  13. Just asked him about it.....If you order them from ebay, it's going to be more expensive, 55€, to cover ebay fees. If you order it straight from us, you pay 50€. He's going to drive me mad.... Apparently, some customers have asked him to list them on ebay, because they can only buy it from there. He has announced only ten units there ....He had not warned me, because he has been maneuvering all morning, and he has not had telephone service where he is ....
  14. It seems Juan has just changed his mind...!!!! Our last conversation was last saturday, and he told me he wasn't going to list it there....!!!!
  15. Hi all.....Just wanted to talk about this new kit, right now in a state of development. About one month ago, my brother commented how he would like to have one of these beautiful seaplanes at 1/48 scale, since the old vacuforme that he has in his collection is very hard for him. He bet us a dinner that we were not able to do it. Obviously, he lost his bet. We decided to offer a few of them in preorder status, but didn't want to do so until the Scimitars arrived to their new homes. This one will go for 55€, includig shipping. Now, just 4 ar left in our "preorder" list. Once those last four kits will be sold, the final price will be about 70€ without shipping. Best regards...!!!