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  1. Can't say nothing but FANTASTIC. It's the kind of model that makes you stare, and can't keep your eyes off..... Congratulations...
  2. Artie

    Grump Britain.

    Today's grump...... Spanish TV is broadcasting the arrival of the infamous "Aquarious" ship to the port of Valencia, loaded with african refugees wich seemed to be rejected by the italian (and some other european countries) authorities.....The first political action took by our new socialist government, in fact....... Please, don't misunderstand me....I'm not moaning against the refugees, but against an opportunistic government and a tabloid journalism wich are overwhelming TV news, broadcastings, etc..with that "new".......well, about 600 people onboard, with minimal survival conditions....sad, very sad...but using refugees as a political propaganda campaign, is not fair at all. The Spanish Navy and Air Force have been there for years now, doing the same work, and they've got an estimante of 15.000 lives saved from the see, 15.000 refugees rescued...NOT a single word in the news for those heroes who put at risk their own lives......and sometimes, loose it. Yes, I know.....the military don't pay political benefits....
  3. Artie

    What have you purchased / been given

    Monogram TBF Avenger..........got it from a friend today. Can't say nothing about accuracy, but despite all its toylike features, I LOVE that tiny raised rivets......find them way more realistic that the engraved ones found in, lets say, the Hobby Boss kit........Call me an idiot, but...has anyone out there ever thought about using the Hobby Boss kit as a donor, and so updating the Monogram kit?????
  4. Artie

    SNCASO SO.8000 "Narval"

    Beerholders of the World,Unite....!!!! Even one of the greatest writers ever, wrote about it "Two beers or not two beers..." William Shakesbeer.
  5. Artie

    Best product for carrier deck texture?

    What about wet sandpaper?????? A fine grade, depending on the scale, will give you a nice non-skid surface effect.... Cheers....
  6. Artie

    SNCASO SO.8000 "Narval"

    According to our sources, just two prototypes were built.....I'm still trying to figure out how in hell did they expected to land or take off from a carrier, with that twin tail and pusher propeller....Where did they planned to fit the arrestor hook...??????? I think it's a bizarre plane, and so I like it....
  7. Artie

    SNCASO SO.8000 "Narval"

    Well, according to an irish friend of mine wh lives here in Tenerife, "beauty is in the eye of the beerholder"......at some point, Juan decided it was a nice subject to start a scratchbuilding process.......Ok, it's up to anyone's personal taste, but IMHO, it's one of the ugliest planes I've ever seen.....and of course, a nightmare of a kit...keeping those tail booms aligned is not an easy task.... Cheers....
  8. Must make room, because the earlier Hispano Suiza HS42 is in our workbench as well.......
  9. Artie

    Grump Britain.

    Well, my mother in law has been suffering Alzheimer for eight years now......My wife has got three sisters and one twin brother, so they total five.....if you count both my son and all my nephews and nieces, they make a total of 12........Well, just my wife and one of her sisters really care after the old lady......sad but true.....everybody has always an excuse not to go to their grannys home..... IMHO, a civilization can be judged by the way they treat their elders....they cleaned our bottoms before, they suffered wars, starvation, deep deprivation, but fought for us to come.....and now, in return, we neglect them. I always pray to the Lord not to let me reach that situation, and to take me with him before..... Bestregards...
  10. Artie

    Grump Britain.

    When we talk about kids/teens with any kind of difference (if calling it a different is valid), such autism, cerebral palsy, etc, we must be very careful......I've got a very good friend whose daughter has Down Syndrome, and her behaviour is sometimes infuriating.....But I'm talking about absolute lazybones, slack cheeks who think they're the centre of the Universe, and we, poor Oompa Loompas are here to serve them. My son is a very intelligent, knowledgeable teenager, who achieves excellent academic results, but once at home, doesn't lift a finger except for asking.....money, transport, comics, etc...At least, he's a very polite, diplomatic guy, I've always thought he could turn into a very good politician....but things don't work that way, they MUST get involved in every family issue, in everything family related, in fact, but it seems they see themselves like a privileged, new social class. Just an example: Today, he did his last Philosophy exam., He came from highschool at 14:00, had lunch, and got into his room, with a set of headphones, away from real world.....He's just left the room ten minutes ago, just to ask for some money, 'cause a friend of him was waiting outside, and they were going out for a Coke and some pizza (he doesn't drink or smoke, by now..)......Told him "remember you must do the dishwashing before leaving".........slamming door and dishes still on the sink..... Best regards,...
  11. Artie

    Grump Britain.

    here in the Canaries, we use the colloquial term of "remote controled slippers"........every canarian mum has the ultimate super power of throwing her slipper, hit you in your boom while you run across the hall , and before you can react, her slipper is again in her hand......that's what happens when you swear at them......
  12. Artie

    Grump Britain.

    Kids look to be the same everywhere, for what I read... They think they've got all the rights and benefits, with no obligations at all. Mr. "Know-it-all", that's how I call my 17 years old, 6feet tall, "tenant"............"my little baby", says SWMBO...... I was probably the same kind of poncey when I was a teenager, but can't remember acting as selfishly as today's kids do...
  13. Artie

    Diesel cars

    Both the speed read and rev counter must receive a signal to show you any data...On older cars, that signal came from the gear box, linked to the speedometer/rev counter by a steel wire...On modern cars, that signal is an electronic "pulse" sent by the ECU what comes to the speedometer....It's supposed to be more accurate than the older type, but as accurate as electronics allow, and has nothing to do with the kind of speedometer, analogic or digital.....But remember, one thing is "accurate", another one is "reliable"...I've seen lots of digital clusters suffering an electronic fault, reseting and going back to "zero" mileage counter, or even worst, stop working suddenly, leaving you absolutely "blind".... Cheers.....
  14. Hi all.....In our aim to offer most of the spanish air force trainers, this one is a "must"........It was a small monoplane, lovingly called "garrapata" (tick) by its pilots..... We hope you'll like it..... From Wikipedia: The AISA I-115 was a military development of the single-engined civil side-by-side seat I-11 which first flew in 1951. This aircraft was designed by Iberavia but built by AISA; later, Iberavia was taken over by AISA. The I-115 inherited the tail wheel undercarriage of the production version of the I-11, the I-11B, but was a longer machine because the Spanish Air Force wanted tandem seating for its trainers, had a slightly greater span and was considerably heavier. These changes called for more power, so the I-115 used a 112 kW (150 hp) ENMASA Tigre inverted in-line engine. Like the I-11 the I-115 had an all wood structure and most surfaces were plywood covered apart from fabric covered ailerons and flaps. The low, tapered, straight edged and square tipped wings had two spars and stressed plywood skin. Wing dihedral was 6°. The ailerons were differentially operated and drooped when the slotted flaps were lowered. The vertical stabiliser was almost rectangular and carried a balanced rudder. The horizontal tail surfaces were more tapered, the elevators balanced and carrying trim tabs. The fuselage was a wooden monocoque. The tandem cockpits were enclosed with a long, glazed cover with independent sliding sections for both instructor and pupil. Dual controls and instrumentation included provision for blind flying. The undercarriage was fixed and unfaired, each mainwheel carried on a single exposed leg. The mainwheels had brakes and the tailwheel was steerable. The first prototype flew on 20 June 1952.
  15. Artie

    Football World Cup

    If you like jokes about World Cup, what about this one: The spanish coach, Julen Lopetegui, has been fired by the spanish footbal Federation today......He signed as a coach with Real Madrid, and it seems both jobs are not compatible....