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  1. Oh, and I like the use of "intended" for the RAF serials. But then I would never disagree with Carl V! Jim
  2. My only comment on 315 is that I've always been confused what is going on in the photo Jack posted. It looks like it is being taped up to paint the leading edge of the wing. I wonder if it is possible that the wing on 315 got dinged at some point and was replaced? And when replaced, they added the serial? This is total hypothesis on my part based on no evidence. Jim
  3. Oh, yes I am aware of the Dora kit, but it sounds like that might be a while off. (But, I do have enough kits to keep me busy until it arrives.) Certainly, I don't want to go down the road Pinback has with the Frog kit. Jim
  4. I think that would be an excellent idea. I'd be interested in a 1/72 Wapiti. Jim
  5. This is a myth that Walker included on his lists, so it is often written as if it is a fact. Here is the data plate for Hurricane 323. They were bought by the Canadian government and the data plate has 323 clearly stamped, as it does its Hawker construction number. No RAF serial cause the RAF didn't buy it! In addition the RCAF record card only lists 323 as a serial. Jim
  6. Scott, You have to be careful with blanket statements, this is not really factual statement. Hurricanes of 1 (F) Squadron RCAF never had anything other than silver undersides in Canada. No question they were sky in the UK. Jim
  7. In either case you would most likely be building a RAF Hurricane so they are painted as Graham states. It is true that 1 (F) Squadron took their pre-war fabric wing Hurricanes with them, but it is unclear how many of them saved with 1 Squadron, and I've only found one definitive picture of an ex-HWE RCAF Hurricane. (This Hurricane had been repainted, I think, and had a three bladed prop installed, but kept the fabric wing.) If you are using the Arma kits, you will be doing one of the RAF birds that re-equipped 1 Squadron when they arrived in the UK. Btw, the RCAF HWE Hurricanes flown in Canada did have aluminum dope undersides. In fact, the RCAF really wanted them in all over silver dope...like the Siskins...but Hawkers (or the Air Ministry) said no way, eh. Jim
  8. It sure did. His second Spitfire 18 was last seen in storage in pieces in Chino. Not sure if Mr. Frasca was still the owner, or if it had moved on. And just FYI, Mr. Frasca passed away in May. Jim
  9. Yea, a ton of the SEAC Liberator Crews in the RAF were Canadians. Jim
  10. Scott, How did I forget 413, the two Burma Dak Squadrons? My RCAF history hat may be repossed after that mistake! Jim
  11. Beazer, I really like how your upper surface colours turned out on the Tomahawk. Jim
  12. Great job Scott! As to the question of did Canada participate in the Pacific...that depends on what you mean. Besides the Alaska ops, that later included 135 Squadron Hurricanes, there is a great story posted somewhere in a Beaufort thread, of a RCAF Beaufort that was scrambled to attack a Japanese sub that shelled the west coast of Canada and the US, but crashed on takeoff. There are is also, a probably apocryphal story of a Bolingbroke attacking a Japanese submarine, or maybe drift wood, or a whale. It was claimed the sub was Ro-32, but that sub survived the war.) Outside of those, no other RCAF squadrons participated directly, but a bunch of Lancaster Squadron were planned for Tiger Force and many many RCAF and RCNVR personal participated in the Pacific. Two RCNVR pilots achieved ace status and one won a VC in the British Pacific Fleet. Jim
  13. If you decide to build Bundy's Beaufighter, you should check out @Terry @ Aviaeology article as well. I wrote the Black Buffalo article linked above, which was about Mr. Bundy's life, but Terry really expand it with regards to his ops in Beaufighters and Mosquitos. Link is below. Buffalo Soldier Jim
  14. Alan, Interesting that they arrived with National Insignia. It appears the ET aircraft in Canada came with decals. (RCAF Photo) Jim
  15. My understanding is Gardner flew P2884 LE-V most often with 242 Squadron, Cork flew P2831 LE-K, and V7203 LE-T was lost January 1941, along with Canadian Pilot Office Joseph Latta. Jim
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