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  1. Weird to see the ESCI logo on a few of the promises. Wonder if they will appear in ESCI boxes? Jim
  2. You suspect correctly my friend. RCAF Kittyhawks...of all variants, including some early Kittyhawks...were painted in the Day Fighter scheme in Canada. As far as I can tell are were delivered in OD/NG to Canada. Jim
  3. The were Canso props, so use a PBY prop. This is an easy option: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/QB72006 Jim
  4. Here is a better shot of AG665 from the Ken Molson Colleciton. I think that is a Mk. I airframe. Notice the very early style pitot. Jim
  5. There is much here to digest, and I will do so and report back soon. I am 100% in the camp that something is amis with the idea that either the RCAF "Battle" Hurricanes or the Sea Hurricanes had Mk. II airframes. They clearly had Mk. I airframes and this is confirmed by photographic evidence. It is also interesting to note that Sea Hurricane BW850 (the "Gary Madore" Hurricane) was flying in July 1941. I've only started to dig into AG665, but clearly it was flying in Canada. The only other Hurricane in the early batches I can confirm was flying in Canada after the prototype was AF964. However, there was at least one Hurricane that was complete and airworthy in July 1941 (the "Philip Taylor" Hurricane), but even though many pictures exist, I haven't been able to confirm the serial. More soon, Jim
  6. It is possible, but unlikely, if the AVG Hawks were indeed from RAF contracts. You will notice in factory photos that the US birds have natural metal and maroon props and the RAF birds have black with yellow tips. https://www.flickr.com/photos/35963591@N00/4128855799/in/album-72157622864527612/ Jim
  7. Absolutely excellent job Andy, I love it. I was just thinking about you the other day and need to drop you an email. But to put on my pedantic hat, 5389 was never FN+M. Just M as in the picture. That little piece of info just keeps getting repeated and repeated. Jim
  8. My knocks against the Airfix kit are misplaced wing pylons, terrible main wheels, crude cockpit, heavy scribing, and soft detail. Plus the canopy ain't the best. Jim
  9. A long time ago I wrote up a post on the Sabres for my blog. I should revisit it. I'm kinda taken aback for the Fujimi love. Sure it is a nice kit, but the fuselage seems really fat. Maybe that is just my perception, but the Airfix and Heller Sabres look right to me, while the HC/Academy and Fujimi look half way between a F-86F and F-86H in the nose area. Jim
  10. Yes indeed, a 1 OTU rocket equipped RCAF Hurricane Mk. XII most likely taken at the 1 ATTD (Advanced Tactical Training Detachment) at Greenwood. Sadly, I have yet to confirm which Hurricane was #69. Jim
  11. Hi Tony, Excellent job finding a snow(ice)scape for the the OTU birds! Jim
  12. Graham, Have you tried e-bay? https://www.ebay.com/itm/A-26-INVADER-French-1-144-F-toys-JAPAN/112557154757?hash=item1a34ede1c5:g:spQAAOSwbopZhTWH https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-144-airplane-F-toys-French-A-26-Invader-in-Black-bandai-takara-cafereo/123101682354?hash=item1ca96e9ab2:g:9gEAAOSwkvdabm0B It has been a few years since I bought any of the 1/144 Gashopons, but I was a tad surprised at the price. Jim
  13. Saw that earlier today. Thanks for posting the RS obit - a magazine to which he was intrinsically linked. I guess I will have to reread the Right Stuff as well as build the Hunter. Jim
  14. My feeling is that for the flying shots it was just a white painted Hunter. For the ground shots the other modifications were added. Jim
  15. Andre, Thank you sir. PM sent! Jim
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