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  1. Could someone suggest a good reference for this particular type of Phantom
  2. Cheers James I’ll check out the Italeri version
  3. It looks like a trip to Kingkit to get the Fujimi version Thank you Ian
  4. Many thanks Duncan unfortunately I've dealt with the Airfix version, although the RAM Decals do have a few alternative options so maybe a Fujimi one could be on the cards
  5. Thank you all, such a joy to visit this site meeting some knowledgeable people Thanks again Regards Alan
  6. Silly question, can the Airfix Phantom F.G.1 in 1/72 kit number AO6019 be done as a FAA aircraft because all the decals are for R.A. F. Squadrons it doesn’t appear to have a tailhook and the front leg is not extended. I see that Fujimi do an RN version in this scale, so I should go for that one. Many thanks in advance Alan
  7. Thank you both Regards Alan
  8. So this company hasn’t come up with the goods, but thanks to PayPal I’ve got my money back. Now I’ll be going the vacform route and will invest in one of the dentist vacform units and thanks again for all your helpful suggestions previously Best wishes Alan
  9. I have ordered a replacement canopy from a company called IROSEK, I have hit a problem with the payment, but I will keep you advised how things go Regards Alan
  10. Did you buy or make the vacform machine, did you find that it was a good investment? Regards Alan
  11. I have seen various vacform machines on the internet and I have found a company selling the canopy more of this as and when they turn up Alan
  12. Many thanks for your input, I wondered if I vacform another canopy is there a danger that the crease could be duplicated so I have to get that sorted. Regards Alan
  13. I’m working on a Czech Models 1/48 N.A. FJ-1 Fury and I’ve hit a problem. It has two vacformed canopies, I’ve found that there is creases across the tops. They do push out but afterwards there can be seen the creases slightly. Now can they be treated like scratches and polished out or is there another process for a crease, Squadron have of course ceased to trade so no replacements there. your thoughts on this problem would be most appreciated Regards Alan
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