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  1. South Atlantic Shoot Down

    Very well done, cool subjects and well executed. I am a massive fan of those Sea harriers, FRS.1 - but have yet to build a modern one..! This inspired me to get one!
  2. Puma HC-1 1:32nd scale.

    That is a lovely build of that old geezer.
  3. Revell 1/72 A-109 K2 Rega

    Lovely build on a good subject. Looking good so far and I am tempted to also, finally add a chopper to my stash..
  4. I haven´t built any Zm-kits but I have the 1732nd P-51D and if the Phantom is anything like it I see what you mean. But just take it step by step, as small assemblings or something, take your time and you will probably be fine. That Hasegawa F-18 I have heard can be tricky? Not the easiest built..? Kinetics seems easier (?) so probably not just your *fault* it got messy. hasegawa often makes their kits modular, so several models and variants can be made from the bits with new parts. Something that often makes the kit harder to build. This you have done now looks real nice however! (I am a noob too by the way. )
  5. 1/32 F-16 Double Bill!

    Ah nice! Looking forward when you show how to do that! I have toyed with the idea but do not have small enough magnets to do it in 1/48.. Or is that the excuse for beeing ham-fisted and not brave enough to try?
  6. Tarangus JA37 Viggen (37412) 1/48

    Ah alright - gotcha now! I have no clue about Aspide, need to google them! I´ll ask as well, will probably get there on Saturday. I only know about the Y-shaped one on early oDrakens, in place of the DTs, the new ones for the J-models and then the pylon on thew wings. Are they different from those? And is it both the pylon and launcher-rail or whatever it is called?
  7. Looking great for beeing your 5th kit..! I feel the same about messing up expensive kits but.. Take your time and have fun? There is no rush and there is always new kits, even if it means more money.. Great job so far!
  8. Tarangus JA37 Viggen (37412) 1/48

    Thanks. Yeah! I guess they have no good real life thing to check on, Two Bobs? I know Moose Republic does! Those positional lights (?) looks slightly off now.. Hmm..? Ah alright! Maybe I am wrong then. But I did find a sketch for weapons on Italian Starfighters online and there was a Sky Flash on it, I think.. Will check it again! Yeah... Are you waiting for something particular? I can ask them about it next time, I live about a mile from Rebell Hobby, which is owned by Tarangus/Maestro-Max.
  9. Fantastic Thunderbolt! I love those Jugs - and the plane too! *dodges community flak* Seriously, a very nice metallic finish, what paints did you use? And I also love the oil streaks.
  10. I have one WIP, half built Tamiya (which is NICE!) and one unbilt - and I still want a few of these..! The details look very crisp and nice.. Not how I remember Revell but to be fair, it was many a year since I built any Revell...
  11. Yeah, since I have not tried it..! I have planned to get a pair of those sail-inspired glasses however and I love their Bernstein-weissen as well as the Roggen weissen.. A beer-evening in Upplands Väsby some time? Looking forward to that tricky-looking Mirage by the way!
  12. Tarangus JA37 Viggen (37412) 1/48

    Put some decals on the grey hull.. The crest for "Martin Blå"/132nd Fighter Wing is from Two Bobs obviously, the only source - for now? The a mix from that sheet and Moose Republic´s most excellent one. I did not use the national roundels from MRD, something which I regret. Two Bobs´ are a bit too bright, or too white in the yellow areas. I did however use the "FARA"-signs from MRD however, they have a more correct green and tellow shade. As is the Wing badge for "F13 Bråvalla" on the fin. The Two Bobs´ one is two part and harder to use as well. The in serial number 37412 is not really seen on my photos of the aircraft at the time but I still used it, since they were on the sheet. It is the small, green-yellow thing forward of the exhaust for the thrust reverser.opening in the fuselage. Still have acouple of stencils to add and I need to fix the tail fin´s pitot tube, paint it black. Still thinking about adding weapons - 4x RB74/AIM-0L and 2x RB71/Sky Flash. It did not use it at the time of the visit to RAF Coningsby of course, but I need to practice on those missiles and I think it gives the aircraft a better look. We´ll see..I have no launchers for the Sky Flash-missiles yet, those are beeing worked on by Maestro Models. Sweden and Italy used them (Italy for their Star Fighters with Sky Flash) but no one else I think, since the RAF Tornadoes had them tucked into the fuselage?
  13. 1/32 F-16 Double Bill!

    No, I actually read it in English some time and it popped into my (not too bashed-) head just now! As a kid I played and painted those Games Workshop thingys and there was this background story about this Orc, I believe. They were more cartoony, Cockney-brutes not too smart but pretty fun. This one found a shiny helmet that did not fit his head so he solved it. Dunno why that was the first thought that came up when I saw your work, maybe I have bashed that head a few times too many after all. Or sniffed too much glue and paint fumes... Sorry..? Do you get the same armament options in the two boxes? And any plans what to hang on those pylons - if anything?
  14. 1/32 F-16 Double Bill!

    LOL! Really like how you solved the fit of the cockpit into the fuselage. Instead of bashing the head to fit the helmet like they suggested, you did the other way around. Seems smarter.
  15. Yay, some Störtebeker beer glasses - love ´em! Love their Weiss Bier too.. Well done Bosse!