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  1. Looking great! Love those Danish Drakens.
  2. Looking real good! I can see myself buying quite a few of those - for both straight out of the box and with loads of AM.. Nice work on the office by the way.
  3. I like it! And the painting is really well done!
  4. Almost 9 Hobbyboss 1/72 F-14 Tomcats

    Yay, more - keep ´em coming! It never gets old, such nice aircraft and you make them really, really good..!
  5. Tarangus JA37 Viggen (37412) 1/48

    My JA37 could not carry them (at that time). The upgrade allowing them to carry RB99/AMRAAMs came with the D mod in the mid-late -90s. But I have the bitz for one such aircraft in the stash so it will be coming.. Kinda the ultimate fighter-Viggen with all the upgrades (U95 ECM pod, flares, chaff-dispensers etc) There was one single airframe of that mod kept in the splinter camo and that airframe is preserved a bike ride from my parents home so I might build that one...... There she is.. Those shark-fin dorsal antennas show it is a Di-mod, the last modification where among other things, the intruments were changed from altitude in meters to feet and speed from km/h to knots.
  6. That should be real nice. Yeah some Tamiya decals are really thick but they can probably be used...
  7. Wow, always nice to see one of these beeing built! And the Razorback is a bit pushed out of the way like the Hurricae in the Battle of Britain, compared to the bubbletop.... What decals do you intend to use? I have one in my stash and cannot decide between Bud Mahurin´s from the box and Robert S. Johnson´s, one of his..
  8. Tarangus JA37 Viggen (37412) 1/48

    Thanks Bungalow. Got a message from the Viggen pilot´s son, the pilot filming the videos. Said he liked the model after seeing it in the Facebook group for the Viggen. A bit humbling.. It´s not that good..! Felt nice though.. ^^
  9. Yeah, I generally avoid Italieri but have yet to get a A-10 in my stash... :/ Gonna have to look for that decal sheet. Looking forward to your progress.
  10. Looks fantastic. How is that kit to build?
  11. Lovely build mate. I used those mask too, worked totally ok, right?
  12. 1/48th Hunter, we need a new release.

    Yeah.. It definitely needs new wheels and a ´pit to be decent in my humble opinion... But since it is basically the only game in town it probably sells so no need for the manufacter to improve it, is there?
  13. Yeah I really look forward to that Finnish one! Amazing stash there. If someone one night sneaks in and nicks a couple, it was not me so need need to ask me if that happens!
  14. Lovely! Yeah they should deifnetly be down there, rooting, lol. Is that kit decent?
  15. Tarangus JA37 Viggen (37412) 1/48

    Thanks, yeah! I actually picked up the J32B today.. Looking forward to that one! Well, I kind of like to but since it is built to represent that aircraft as it visited RAF Coningsby I can live without them. It only had the drop tank over there. Usually I do "bomb up" my aircraft, think it really adds to them! But I have a another JA(D or Di) with a full load of AMRAAMs, AIM-9Ls, Jammer pod, chaff- and flare dispensers in the stash plus an AJSF with a full load of cameras, jammers, chaff- and flare, AIm-9Js and an AJSH with a load of RB15F and AIM-9Ls so.. Next time.. On the other hand - I do have enough launchers so just need a pair of Sky Flash and four AIM-9Ls to do it..... Hmm.. Thanks! I really want to do another Spit soon.. Have Dick Audet´s decals for a Mk. IXe I am itching to do....... Just cut some parts from the sprues for a Tamiya 1/48 P-47M but then found out I had no correct cockpit colours so it got put on hold... Thinking about that Austrian Draken or a Swedish Hawker Hunter.. Decisions, decisions..