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  1. Hey everyone Some progress. I'm going to deviate from the path that Mr P and 06/24 are taking and rather than complete the whole airframe before painting I'm going paint what I can (basically all the basic camo work) then assemble the engines / cowlings and paint them separately this is because: 1) I don't have the resin replacement engine parts yet and 2) I just find it easier. So the airframe is 90% assembled, seems have been filled, re scribed where necessary, its been lightly polished, it just needs wiping down with X20A just to clean it and help the paint to adhere better then I can give it a primer coat. I'm going to use Vallejo 031 Mid stone as my primer, clean up any areas that need it and then add the camouflage proper. The collector rings (still need some work) Well that's that. Hopefully by close of play tomorrow I might have a painted Blenheim. Cheers all and have a great week end where ever you are Iain
  2. HK 1/32 B25J (Mk III). Engine No 1 started.

    You can actually see more than you might think and I agree in the 'you model your rules' idea, however as she is soooo big and the fact that I wont ever build another I am open to changing stuff to make it more historically correct. Cheers bud Iain
  3. HK 1/32 B25J (Mk III). Engine No 1 started.

    Hiya Yeah I had a bit of a problem with the colours of the HT leads I did some digging on the 'ole tinter web and found these (if there are copy right issues I will of course remove).. And they do indeed show the HT leads as being a silver/grey colour, however I also found this... ....which shows them in a bronze colour which is what I went with purely to give a little added colour to the motor, however if this is historically incorrect and the above picture is of a restored motor, I can and will change it to a more appropriate one. Let me know your thoughts? Cheers Iain
  4. Blimey are you have having problems fixing your Lanc? There are garages out there that deal with that sort of thing you know? I believe they charge very favourable rates if you get it MOT'd at the same time Iain
  5. I'll keep you posted as to how I get on.....once they've arrived Iain
  6. From Failure to Failure

    Thanks for the heads up gents - I'm starting mine today It will be interesting to see how much difference removing material from the cylinder heads makes to the overall fit of the cowlings, worst come to worst I'll just do the same as you chaps and fill the gaps with styrene. laters Iain
  7. I think I might have a problem....it’s gone from OOB to anything but 😆 I’ve ordered the Barracudacast update set, brass .303 barrels and xtradecal set 72202, ok none of it’s gonna break the bank but I couldn’t help myself. So tonight I’m going to spend some time on the motors and over the week end I want to get her ready for paint. I’ve said it before but I’m loving this kit 😎 cheers Iain
  8. From Failure to Failure

    You and me both - when I come to paint mine I'll use Frisk film and my gyro cutter, my preferred method for camouflage as it will give a nice hard edge where blue tak can sometimes leave a rather soft edge which is ok for larger scales but not here. Iain.
  9. Oh man I've just been on the hannants website (again) and although I haven't bought the Barracuda filters I'm sorely tempted and the wheels too....And this was supposed to be an OOB build grrrrrrrrr
  10. Hey everyone Well it seems that you can mix Perfect Plastic Putty with acrylic paint and it doesn't seem to have any effect on it other than to change its colour. I used my new found filler on the cockpit canopy and for the rest of the model I used my home brew filler of Tamiya extra thin with scraps of plastic in it makes a nice strong join that once dries is very easy to sand and re scribe as it's basically melted plastic. I've also made a start on the engines by spraying everything silver - not very exciting so I didn't take any pictures. I know I said that this was going to be built out of the box but I saw the xtradecal sheet X72202 from hannants and I had to buy it and I'm going to build the same plane as 06/24 over on the 'from failure to failure' thread. Well it's getting mighty windy out side so I'm gonna call it a night Cheers Iain
  11. From Failure to Failure

    Well I never 😱
  12. From Failure to Failure

    Oh man I feel your pain. What did you use to attach the canopy? I used extra thin on mine without (any) apparent effects.. I hope you can over come this little set back and get her back on track. Cheer mate..Best of British Iain
  13. Thanks mate - it really wasn't too harder fix and its a really nice little kit. Iain
  14. 'It's not a perfect circle, so if you have a decent airbrush and some self confidence (I only have the former and I still managed it), you should be able to leave a silver strip bare to get the full effect.' Iwata CRplus 0.5 mm and Hardeer and Steenbeck Evolution 0.3mm Iain
  15. Thank you very much - if the weather doesn't get too frisky I might try that tonight. Iain