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  1. Ouch! Great save though. I gotta say Steve she is looking mighty fine, great work mate and a very worthy addition to the museum. best Iain
  2. OMG - that is so cool, it’s a travesty how quickly the programme was moth balled by a very short sighted labour government…such a shame. Brilliant work well done buddy. Iain
  3. Hey Chris Thanks for the kind words mate, the resin on the whole is actually very good but it’s the odd piece here and there where the flash has been excessive and a pain to try and remove, the worst place is underneath the radiator where the pour gate was huge and it has left an ugly scar, I’ll take some pictures next time I’m in my hobby room. Anyway cheers buddy Iain
  4. Hey everyone I hope you are all keeping well? Just to prove that I am still doing a little modelling here are my latest pictures of the CMK Napier Sabre.. Its probably about 75% complete and it weights as much as a small family hatchback! My plan is to complete the motor before painting and then add it nearer the end of the build as it fits very nicely into the engine bearer. Anyway thats all I have. Cheers all Iain
  5. Very, very nicely done - I like that a lot, well done buddy. Iain
  6. Hey everyone I've been working on my Tempest over the past few days and I gotta say some the resin castings from CMK aren't the best with lots of flash, pin holes and mis-molds and considering the price of the set its not really acceptable, anyway here are a few pictures of where I am as of now.. Obviously nothing is glued yet (well the engine frame is attached to the bulk head) and I have lots still to do to get it to a stage that I can start painting. Anyway have a great week and see you soon Iain
  7. Hey Matt All the best for tomorrow buddy - 18 months holy heck now that’s long old time! Iain
  8. Hey Dennis The RB belts are lovely, I’ve used them several times in the past and had great results, it’s a real shame that they have stopped trading. Hey Richie The stuff from CMK is really very nice and easy to work with, I’ve made a start removing the engine frame and bearers and I’ve not encountered any problems so far Hi Alan Thanks mate, I followed your build and it turned out very nicely Hi Chris Thanks buddy. cheers everyone and see you soon. Iain
  9. Hey everyone Not much time for modelling this week but I have managed to get the cockpit to a stage where I can think about getting some paint down. No real problems combining the resin and plastic just the usual clean up and prep work. Rather than use the HGW seat belts that are provided with the kit (which I have never had much luck with) I'll instead use a set of RB productions Sutton QS/QL/QP harnesses.. OK some over all pictures of the cockpit OOB, however I have added some buckles from the RB productions harness to the seat just to make things easier later on.. And just a quick shot of the cockpit walls, I still need to add the etch flare racks, but I have filled the ejector pin marks with Mr Surfacer 500 and sanded them back.. The only other after market that I will be using for the cockpit are airscale WW2 RAF Instrument Dial Decals (AS32RAF, as I feel they add a real something to the cockpit. Well that's me for now Cheers all Iain
  10. Hey everyone We made a trip to the Cornwall Aviation Heritage centre this morning as the weather here has been rather pleasant and I wanted to take lots of reference pictures of their Harrier GR3 and VC10 (which I did) on the way home we stopped at the Smugglers Den in Cubert and had a spot of lunch, lovely. Now I had no intention of starting the Special Hobby Tempest but what can I say…..this was going to be an up coming build but I just couldn’t help myself, the Harrier has been put to one side, the Eduard 1/48 Tempest is STILL waiting to be finished (which it will) and I’ve started hacking away at this by removing the front cover for the oil tank (I think that’s what it is) and I’ve also removed all the bits from their resin plugs for the oil and fuel tank (nice and easy) and I’ve made a start on the cockpit (quite fiddly). The only pictures I’ve taken however are of the removal of the from of the fuselage… Obviously tI he shaded bit is to be removed… ..that was surprisingly awkward and as per the instructions I’ve thinned down the edges (on both sides) in readiness for the resin bulk heads. So that is that. Cheers all and have a great week Iain
  11. Hey Alan I watched your build of the Revell flavoured version and I gotta say it turned out brilliantly, this should be fun (as long as you don’t mind hacking away at a perfectly good kit ). Hi Richie Thanks buddy, I hope it will look amazing but we will have to wait and see? cheers Iain
  12. Hey Dunny Thanks mate, the two kits are very similar as are the resin bits n bobs, so it should be fun. I’ve got to be honest I am looking forward to starting it. Iain
  13. Hey Chris Thanks buddy, it will be a very slow burner as I have some other builds that need my attention but I am looking forward to it. Ha I don’t know about that - once all the resin is added it will as much as a small car though (and be worth just as much) Hi John The kitchen sink is on order from EBay (other retail outlets are available) and should look ace once cleaned up and installed? Cheers gents, this will be a slow build but it should be fun and working with resin ( if treated with respect) is quite enjoyable. Iain
  14. Hiya yeah I know it is very steep price wise, I’ve nearly finished my eduard Tempest with the resin motor etc - nice little kit and yours is looking rather splendid too
  15. Hiya According to the Special Hobby web site the legs are some how strengthened so I assume that they should be man enough for the job? Thanks buddy Iain
  16. Hey everyone With my 1/48 Tempest build coming to an end and my Harrier coming along nicely, I’ve decided that to keep my interest (in the Harrier) from waining I’ll build another Tempest Mk.V as the one from Eduard has really wetted my appetite for this rugged but rather handsome airplane. This one will be the 1/32 Hi-Tech offering from Special Hobby. As I seem to have more money than sense I’ll be adding some after market in the way of… And.. And.. And.. And.. And for some reason.. Plus all the resin and etch that you get in the standard kit. As ever I’ll be creating and spraying all codes and markings (not sure which yet), hopefully once completed I should have a fine replica of the real thing. Cheers all Iain
  17. As ever thanks for the kind words mate. I’ll hopefully get her finished at the weekend and the undercarriage permanently attached Hey Steve thank for the kind words, mate I really appreciate it. They are great little kits aren’t they, I have a MK.II. In the stash that will be built after my Harrier. Gents thanks for the comments. All the best Iain
  18. Hiya Thanks mate, as you know it builds up really well out of the box all I did was slop some paint on. Hi John Thanks mate. The Kinetic kit is a real gem, from what I can see it has no real vices and once finished it really captures the look of a Harrier. Cheers all Iain
  19. Hey everyone Just another small update on My Tempest I've actually managed to fit the engine to the airframe, its not the best of fit but it should do the job. To attach it I used Loctite 60 second super glue which is a kind of gel and it gave me enough time to get the motor in as good a position as I could before it was put to one side and allow to set.. And once she had been curing for about 20 minutes I took the plunge and dry fitted the undercarriage... ooops just noticed the bar that goes across the top of the engine has fallen off.. and I finished off the gun bays.. I'm going to put it to one side now and let the motor settle into its new home before I carry out the final assembly. Cheers all Iain
  20. Hey everyone Well I've had a rather pleasant afternoon working on my Harrier. I've sprayed the cockpit interior with Tamiya XF4 yellow green in preparation for some weathering in the cockpit. I've had some Ammo Mig chipping fluid for what seems like forever and looking at pictures of the Harriers cockpit it quite apparent that that got pretty beat up, so I laid down the base coat (XF4) and sprayed on the chipping fluid followed by XF82m it will be interesting to see how it turns out?.. And I've had fun painting up the IP, the detail on the kit really is very good... ..the opaque blob in the middle is some Kristal Clear applied to the moving map screen? Cheers Iain
  21. Credit where credits due, it was your build that brought the Kenetic kit to my attention and the finished article looked great. Cheers buddy Iain
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