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  1. Hey everyone Its been a long time since I've done anything modelling related, I've built one model this year (my Chipmunk) which I really enjoyed but other than that its been a bit of a modelling draught. I've tried to finish builds that I started with varying amounts of success but I haven't really managed rekindle any real enthusiasm until I started back on my Tempest V and its cockpit. Originally I painted the cockpit RAF interior green but after some research it appears that the cockpit was more than likely painted black so I went back to the drawing board and repainted it and varying shades of dark grey, grey and black just to try and give it some depth and interest and I think it looks ok. Here it is in its original RAF interior green scheme.. You can see that at this stage I'd started to paint and dress the instrument panel, I wanted the instruments to really stick out so I painted the IP Dark German grey and picked out the main flying instruments in black and red and green for the temp and pressure gauges. I really enjoy this kind of detail and once finished I think it looks quite convincing.. ..I used the decal sheet from the kit and just punched out each instrument with my Waldron punch and die set, I just need to paint, decal and add the P8 compass.. ..The flash from my phone camera makes the side walls look a bit washed-out but to the eye they look pretty good considering I haven't really gone to town with any detail painting.. ..The completed (well almost) cockpit painted 'black' with only the seat painted silver some RB productions lap belts added and finally some pictures of it mocked up with the Napier Sabre.. ..Well ladies and gents is all from me for probably another 8 months.. All the best and happy modelling Iain.
  2. All the best with your project buddy, the Bordermodel Lanc looks stunning and I'll be dropping in and out to see your progress. All the best Iain
  3. Hi Russ thank you for the kind comment buddy Well remembered that man! Hiya many, many thanks buddy really appreciate it All the best Iain
  4. Wow that does look fantastic! It’s amazing how the medium of 3D printing has really opened up the possibilities in modelling, enabling almost anyone to produce some incredibly detailed parts that look so exquisite. It will be interesting to see how see turns out. All the best Iain
  5. Hey George Many thanks buddy - if you didn't already have 250 years of kits in your stash I'd highly recommend it!! Iain
  6. I honestly don't know I just went with what was in the box....looks good though Hiya Many thanks for the very kind words Brilliant!! Thank you Pete All the best gents Iain
  7. Hiya well that’s not a type that I’m aware of but I have to say to doing a pretty good job on putting her together. She will look good in the collection when finished. All the best Iain
  8. So here is where I'm at at the moment, the cracks have been filled, lightly sanded back and Mr Surfacer 1200 reapplied... Now to leave it for 24 hours to cure fully before I decide my next plan of action. Cheers all Iain
  9. Hi John Well it seems to work for Plasmo! Actually it seems to have worked for me too, its easy to apply and sands well too.. Hey Anthony Cheers buddy - hopefully I can make some real progress on my Phantom it been way too long since I did any work on her. Cheers gents Iain
  10. Hey everyone Well I can't believe that it's been almost a year since I did any work on my Phantom where does the time go? Ok so I thought I'd start off by giving her a light sanding in preparation for a touch of re scribing especially around the intake area's and I found that where the resin intakes join the plastic of the fuselage I have some cracking and its the same for both sides.... ummmm strange, I have in my arsenal some black, rubber toughened CA glue (I saw Plasmo use it on Youtube so I thought I'd buy some)... So my thinking is use some of this as a gap filler whilst giving a nice strong bond once dried and sanded back? I've never used it before so it could all go horribly wrong, has anyone else ever used this type of super glue? Anyway nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that I'll let you know how i get on... Iain
  11. Hey Andy Thank you buddy - its a real shame you can no longer get her in Germany because she deserves a place on everyone's build list (in my humble opinion!) All the best Iain
  12. Hey Dave Thanks buddy, there are things that I would've done differently but overall I'm pretty happy with the result Hi Chris As ever your kind comments are very much appreciated and yes Airfix really did a sterling job with this one - I enjoyed every minute of the build. Hiya Thank you - I'm sure Airfix will haver some tricks up their sleeves with this one, its too good a kit just to leave it with the two options you get in the box. Thank you As ever everyone's very kind words are appreciated. Iain
  13. Hey George Welcome back - long time no see. Well it’s plane to see (see what I did there) you still have it buddy coz that’s an excellent build, very well done mate. So what’s next in the build list if you have 250 years supply of kits in the stash you’d better get cracking and please do a WIP I enjoy watching your builds unfold. All the best from the other side of the pond. Iain
  14. Hey Chris Thanks buddy I really enjoyed building her Hi James many thanks mate - yeah I'm looking forward to putting the Phantom to bed! Cheers Iain
  15. Hi everyone Well I finally got her finished, my 1/48 Airfix Chipmunk. It really is a lovely little kit, well detailed, well thought out and well moulded for me it was a real mojo restorer after quite a long modelling drought. I built her OOB and only added some seat belts from Eduard, I finished her in the No 2 FTS colours as I think its the quintessential scheme for a Chipmunk. I'd like to thank everyone for their support and I think its about time I finished this old girl.. Cheers everyone Iain
  16. Hey Amos - Thank you, I really struggled with the canopy; its multi stage construction seemed overly complicated to me although I can understand why it was designed that way. My mojo btw has returned in abundance and I really am looking forward to getting my Phantom finished followed by my Kinetic Harrier GR3. Cheers buddy Iain
  17. Morning all Well she's finally finished, I have to say its not my finest work but it does look like a Chipmunk and the kit itself is very very nice, anyway here's a quick shot of the completed model I'll do an RFI later once everything has set.. Does anyone remember this... I think its time to get my Phantom across the finish line All the best Iain
  18. I always love your work Tony and this is no exception. Looking forward to seeing it with stickers on All the best Iain
  19. Now I do like that P-38 very very nice oh and the Sea Venom isn’t too shabby either. As folks have said before it’s incredible what you can achieve with a paint brush, lovely stuff. All the best Iain
  20. Hey Chris Thanks buddy, the canopy really is a bit of a bally pain in the posterior, when I removed the masks it pulled some of the paint away and that bar thingy in the rear of the canopy must have been knocked when I was painting it coz it’s sitting ever so slightly skew whiff, still not too worry there are bigger things in this world to worry about. Once again much appreciate your input all the best Iain
  21. Hi everyone Just a quick update for you my Chipmunk edges ever closer to getting finished, I just need to add the seat belts, attach the windscreen and canopy, add the wheels and all the little bits and pieces so I can finally call it finished.. umm that canopy really needs some work.. Anyway all the best Iain
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