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  1. 1/48 - surprise kit by Zvezda ? - release in 2018

    All things considered I'd join the queue for a good 1/48 MiG-15. For such an iconic aircraft it's been treated badly by the kit producers. I think a Hind would be good for the same reasons, especially after watching them in the opening sequence of the Russian Afghanistan film Company 19(?)
  2. Zvezda catalog 2018

    No mention of the mystery 1/48 kit then. When is the Nuremburg Trade Show?
  3. Airfix 2018

    Airfix senior management have made many errors recently. Oxford Diecasts will turn out to be over-priced, CEO will quit as he's no fool and can see the writing on the wall, the day to day operating loss will swallow most of the new money, and most damming the top earners will draw above inflation pay rises despite losing 20% of their turnover which, coupled with price rises, equates to about 25% less boxes moved. I think the efficiencies will amount to outsourcing more and sell and leaseback for infrastructure items. Then they are betting on expanding into Europe which will cost a fortune and then almost immediately be crippled by Brexit. This sound negative and it is. Much like the companies outlook. I really don't think they understand the market. Young Terry gets kits as presents from older relatives who had received them the same way. If it goes well another will be brought and so on until either he steps on a 'landmine' an old, ill-fitting kit reboxed or discovers sports, girls, alcohol and so on. Very few keep in the hobby continuously. Moving a few years on Terry is settled with a young child who receives a kit as a present/souvenir/school activity build. Father/child bonding. Means more brought and Terry keeps in the hobby even after child is off discovering life, maybe until old age stops him. Otherwise as his job becomes more demanding with other commitments Terry drifts away again until retirement looms when, with grand children in the frame he's back until the end. I'd bet that covers the vast majority of model kit buyers but, by starving sellers of stocks that cycle has been broken just as it was when they disappeared nearly a generation ago. Buy the kits but not the shares as advised above.
  4. Airfix 2018

    I, and others, got exactly the same message on the Sunday. In 72nd they haven't done the Lincoln but gave the nod to an after-market producer. It wouldn't be unreasonable to do the same here? That way Airfix sell the kit anyway, a conversion is offered for those who really want a Mk IV and Airfix can wait and see what happens with sales. I know where two Mk Is are going though.
  5. A beautiful build and you nailed the glazing sealing exactly. I live in hope of the two seater.....
  6. Round2 or Polar Lights Retailers

    I recently got a load of stuff for a friend and UPS ended up costing a lot less than I thought. Very fast and avoided customs charges which was a bonus. All legal as well according to the driver. I've used Culttvmans shop recently and also rate them. Beware that a lot of sellers don't have stock and order back-to-back which often causes delays. These are then blamed on slow shippers (but I can check the actual shipping info so I know they tell fibs).
  7. Soyuz launch vehicle

    If you are bothered by the accuracy then may I suggest a 'fudge'? Why not have it horizontal on it's rail wagon? I'm sure someone somewhere can advise on N Gauge rolling stock. The different perspective will minimise the errors due to viewing angle. Just a thought. I missed Telford last year but my mate took several pictures of that Soyuz and had us guessing the scale. I was certain it was 72nd. Awesome model and well deserved winner.
  8. 1/144 Saturn V Options

    Thank You for your reply Good General. I've found THESE as well which look excellent. I now have the Revell kit and the Apollo bits from a Skylab build (Cheers John) to make Aires. The Airfix kit will be my Apollo 12 build. Bare Metal Foil for the batting is a very good idea, another bit to buy....
  9. Beechcraft SD17S

    Finally managed to get some model making bench time. As warned getting the windscreen to be more than passing acquaintances was a trial. Lots of tiny adjustments and eventually it fit pretty well. Then I decided to go for broke and fitted the cabin door closed. Cue a lot more of the same. For light relief I glued the float-halves together and cut out the lower wings. After very carefully trimming away the flash and locating pips the halves meet exceptionally well and will only need a small amount of work at the wing root. This is due to the inner surface having a step moulded in but it's either that or a huge amount of work to thin each wing. There is another issue I think. The panel lines start and stop at random points and the surface is smooth and over-sagged in places. Has anybody any idea where I can find good plans/photographs to get the wings looking right. Pretty please?
  10. Hi John Thank You for gently correcting my failing memory. I'd forgotten the IPA bit which would have made my last build rather easier....
  11. 1/48 scale Me 262

    Sorry for the delay but I couldn't find the wing assembly at first The undercarriage doors fit very well into the wing openings. The centre doors will need the joining piece removing and the internal fore and aft beam will need the lugs for the open doors removing. The locating recesses are perfectly adequate to secure the doors. There is a slight gap on the rear nose wheel door but that could be down to the temporary assembly. Easily fixed with a strip of plastic card along the edge. You will need to make a backing piece to fix the doors firmly in place here as well. All looks pretty straight forward though. Good luck
  12. Actung Panzer GB Kugelblitz returns.

    Greetings SoDoomer's Managed to get a crack on with this wee beast despite a model show at the weekend General shot showing the majority of the components. The hull is now one piece and I've made a start on the upper hull details. RH trackguard stowage coming along nicely. I've had to scratch replacements for the moulded-on tools. But it was quite relaxing work. The LH side is a lot simpler and here I'm about half-way through the work. The etch is Hauler for the Panzer IV Ausf J and etch treadplate from the same supplier. If I can get another couple of sessions in this should be ready for paint by the weekend. Thanks for looking
  13. Interesting. Based on their recent offerings it'll be worth the wait whatever it is.
  14. AV-8B Harrier II Plus

    You'll be fine with this kit as long as you test fit sub-assemblies together. The smallest error can cause major alignment issues down the line. Top tip for the under carriage. Put the nosewheel and outrigger wheels on first and make sure they're solid. Then add the main undercarriage unit and adjust to get all four wheels on the ground. Makes a hard job very easy. Polishing the canopy. Be very careful as it's thin and will crack if it gets warm. Best to do a bit wait ten minutes, then a bit more. Packing the inside with bluetack or similar helps as well. It is a great kit though. Enjoy it.
  15. 1/48 scale Me 262

    I've gt a part-built HB 262 lined up for the KUTA GB. I'll dig it out tomorrow and try the doors closed for you. You can pick them up cheap and they are easy builds. The Monogram kit is very good but the wing dihedral is out IIRC they're too flat. Easy enough to correct though.