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  1. To a man of your ability it's likely nothing but my experience was best summed up as 'They're called Merlin because you need to be a magician to build them'. True it is easier than a scratch build but, IMHO only just.
  2. You're making me feel guilty for not building something more aggressive now Your model-making area is much tidier than mine! Good start I hope it goes well.
  3. Merlin Models This should be interesting. Some interesting choices being made should be a good one.
  4. Very much so! Noticed in Hunnicutt that there was a scheme involving the T25 hull and the T29 turret with long 105mm gun. That'll give these Paper Panzers something to think about.... In other news my 0.25mm (and certainly NOT 10thou) plastic card has just arrived. Grilles V7(?).0 later.
  5. After a bit of thought I'll chuck my in. IMHO way back SAM had the balance about right between historical information and build articles, the latter often being conversions or vac-forms. True the reviews were certainly rose tinted, sometimes beyond the point of recognition, but the information offered was robust and doesn't date too much. The 'In Detail' subject is often a very good starting place even today. So now we have several different advance notice, news, rumour and 'In box' reviews all of which are done much better by the web. An increasing advertisement content, also done much better on the web. Build articles that tend to be expanded instruction sheets and using whatever finishing products the magazine is pushing this month, very rarely is ANY criticism of the kit made. In my old industry these were known as advertorials but then the customer got the magazine for free. By contrast on the Web anybody can build and show a kit warts and all. Often the thread is interactive with others correcting, suggesting and adding information. What does that leave the print copy? Well customers who aren't on the Web, those who are looking for something to hold and read (but a rather expensive option), tradition (I've always brought it) and finally casual buyers. I suspect the last are a tiny part of a small number. Paying extra for a premium service is used by DAB radio to get ad-free content, download services for heavy users and upgrades to 1st Class benefits and so on. These all offer something more not just more of the same (which may end up in the standard Lite version a few issues later). Want a potentially better way? Look at general aviation magazines and move to the Bookazine format. Limited adverts and timeless content. A good start would be model-making articles that address issues with a release, how to fix them, techniques other than use paint brand X not Y, after-market bits that help/are needed/replace kit detail and what decals there are out there. That way somebody buying a Tamigawa 1/30 Scruggs wonderplane in five years time will still be buying the magazine for the model-making bit, another body after information on the Farley Fruitbat will buy it for the 'In Detail' article and the same for most of the content. I feel a lot better for that. Thanks if you've read it and I hope it's of use to somebody.
  6. Hi Nimrod Thanks. It's Shermanic's technique matt black then 4 parts black & 1 part track silver heavy dry brushed, then a lighter dry brush of same two colours the other way round, then a hint of track colour to finish. Once I get these louvres sorted I will do all I need for the rest of them. After that anything else will be simple. Found and reglued the muzzle brake as well. Result.
  7. That's my plan. Hopefully there'll be some aftermarket bits around by then. I'm doing a tank as well but I'm quite quick at building armour. Had a lot more practice!! Variable plastic eh? Sounds ominous....
  8. Good start on this Glynn. I've got the other one from Mike yesterday. He may order more but was talking about holding off unless he got firm orders. I'm leaning towards a later camo'd bird now as I don't think this will be a good subject for my first attempt at NMF. Some of the fiddly parts in my kit have some sort of oily residue on them so they've been soaking in soapy water overnight. I'm very impressed with the canopies though. Good trick for the front under carriage which I shall copy shamelessly. Cheers
  9. I collected mine yesterday but there's no way I'm tackling this beast until I can follow and learn. That's a nice start zebra and it is certainly a very distinctive aircraft.
  10. This should be interesting but, if using the kit decals, be aware that they are rather temperamental and haven't aged well.
  11. An interesting choice. I hope you can get these done. Will be unique participants I think!
  12. The 80s were certainly very different than today's world. A good choice I hope you get started soon as I've got the 'R' to build and need inspiration.
  13. She's still single???!!!! About the GR.3 I have an Airfix kit that is destined to be a GR.1 so do you want the nose extension bit for your conversion. I may be able to help with other bits if you tell me what you need. Send me a PM.
  14. Just checked the stash list I'd be needing three in 48th.
  15. Cracking choice Rich. I hoped you'd end up with this. I'm another in the comfy seats...No Pressure.