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  1. Moebius 1/144 XD1 Discovery on its way

    Pressure put on postal companies to use spare airline capacity. It was a quiet way of bunging airlines money after the 2008 Financial crisis to avoid airlines failing on a large scale. My former employer used air even though it cost quite a lot more than ground transport and was also more vulnerable to the weather.
  2. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    With respect Sir I beg to differ. Even the Molar Marauder looked good in a freaked out way. What needs to be remembered is that no 2 seat SR.177 was mooted AFAIK. In my world the SR.53 was ordered in small numbers for the Lightning OCU. Lightning being the official name for SR.177 of course.
  3. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    As soon as I get a space I have the Simian 1/48 kit. I think it's a superb choice. Well done to Jan and the KP family for their positive engagement with us.
  4. Yes they are! Doesn't my bank account know it!
  5. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Single seat Vampire?
  6. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Last year I got @Procopius some bits so this year it'll be nice to assist again. If you want stuff collecting and so on just let me know and I'll get on it. My club go to help a trader member so arrangements can be made. It's really good to see a manufacturer who is kitting all these off-beat subjects. I hope there is more to come in 48th. About Spitfire schemes in the RAF. There were also pilots from India, Israel, France and so on. It would be nice to see the aircraft of these peoples as well. I'm very glad the Hawk was well received. If you keep coming up with projects like that Petr will have to listen to you. I know a lot of 1/72 model-makers will be very happy. Finally I've just got the Su-25UTG with the other on it's way. I'm very happy indeed with what you've done. Thank You.
  7. I've been looking for it and I know others have but nobody seems to have them. Same with Mars Models among others. It's almost as if they don't want to sell them. Yes, I can buy it on the Interweb but I also like to spend money with people who might spend it with my company and keep me in work.
  8. Shorts Sunderland MR5, RNZAF 1960's

    No pictures here Alan. Linux and Firefox
  9. Churchill Bridgelayer

    Greetings All. I'm glad the original questions have been answered. Regarding maintenance access I chatted with my Dad last night who remembers these from his Army time. The bridge launcher was operated from a Power take-off from the main engine. If the engine failed there were couplings added so that another vehicle could transfer hydraulic power. The standard practice was to deploy until the bridge was on the ground but not disconnected from the launcher arm, then the decks were relatively clear for maintenance. If the engine/gearbox needed to be lifted out the main launching ram had to be removed and, with the bridge on the ground, the pressure could be safely released. There is a decent walkround HERE but note that even the RE don't get the hull detail right. (It's a Mk VII of course.)
  10. Where is 1/48 new tool B-24/B-17/B-29/Lancaster ?

    While I sympathise with the original post I can't see a new replacement kit any-time soon. As mentioned people will moan about the price, wrong decal options, wrong mark produced and on. Then they'll want to upgrade it anyway. Cue more moaning. I've been going over the B-17 ready for next year's GB and there is nothing wrong with it that I can find. Yes it needs detail improvements but quite a bit is straight forward enough to do yourself. At some stage I'll go over the B-29 which has some twisting in the fuselage (released from mould too quickly?) and possibly an alignment issue with the fin. But it's a decent starting point. Neither of them are as good as US publications seem to imply (possibly biased?) compared to modern detail standards but as long as the moulds are OK there's no need to replace them IMHO. A manufacturer would be better making a never kitted plane if they wanted to make a talking point. For the US a C-130 would be a no-brainer with possibly a B-52. For the UK a Stirling, Vulcan or Victor would all have similar demand. Just my thoughts.
  11. Your daughter is pretty awesome at drawing. Talent must be in the family. I love your Spitfire production line. I'm getting organised to do a few as well...but I have many to finish first. I have been told no new models until you finish some. (My friend's wife is very scary so I obey her. But she is also my friend so it is OK.) I'm looking forward to the pink one, you don't see those done very much nowadays.
  12. Consolidated PB2B-2 Catalina, QANTAS

    That was you in the Huey GB then? Pity all the pictures disappeared. Your model got me thinking about doing one here but I'm going Staggerwing. My Huey entry never got off the ground LOL but the decals still haven't shown up for it. That turned out very nicely indeed.
  13. Picture 4. I think it's all over for the brave little rotor hub. We will remember. The attention thing OK I see. Being a bit thick there. The TDUM machine is Portuguese so they got about a bit. If I find anything solid I'll let you know.
  14. Recognise this? Who is she?

    It's easier than doing it on that triple-damned pvc material they use though. I think they use different teams to master and produce their resin stuff. Some is much better than others as far as casting goes. The sculpting is generally pretty good though. Be careful they're addictive.
  15. Recognise this? Who is she?

    You're most welcome. I'm annoyed that I didn't find it sooner actually. Double embarrassment as I've ordered from them in the past.