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  1. I'll be very happy if mine turns out half as well. Lovely job on both of them.
  2. The Master moves on. This should be interesting, the others have been fantastic!
  3. My turn to encourage you perdu! My weapon of choice for dodgy decals is Humbrol decal fix. It's pretty aggressive but, by God and Harry, it works. I had Daco strong which is a nuclear option but only had to use it twice before it dried out (my stupidity not Daco's fault). If you need to remove the decal completely a recent Phantom build used a wire brush as used to clean spark plugs to very good effect.
  4. I'm blown so far away I'm typing this as I pass Mars (Hello little rover). Fantastic work. I baulked at attacking my 48th Fujimi Wasp because of the delicate nature of the work. Seeing this has motivated me to keep it in the box for now! What a stunning build
  5. Welcome to BM Gorby. I worked at Peugeot for a while some good people in Coventry. Mike and the Minions work hard to keep the site friendly and succeed magnificently IMHO. Don't knock yourself. You may be surprised by how much progress you'll make 'borrowing' ideas and advice from people on here. Just because you aren't Ronaldo doesn't mean you can't enjoy a kick around with the lads from the pub. Be warned though that you'll soon find yourself building things you'd never have thought of, heck I'm building aircraft nowadays. There's a pretty decent model show at the Cosford museum on 2/4/2017 BM usually has a display and my club Leicester Modellers are there, I will be if I can get a day off work.
  6. Customer habit is a big part of it without doubt. I recently received an eBay purchase with a sticker on the outside next to the address label stating 'Another eBay purchase that would have been xxx cheaper from our website'. Brilliant idea. I've been in the habit of making a first purchase through eBay then follow up through companies websites, they always seem to have PayPal and often point out that PayPal provides all the protection that eBay claims credit for except the vendor rating. One website criticism is that you have no way of ordering out of stock stuff, many see out of stock and assume that means gone for good. eBay stuff is always meant to be immediately available.
  7. You haven't got four any more
  8. I'm just happy to see this making it out at last.
  9. Thanks for that. The linked site is very good as well.
  10. Maybe an echo chamber but colour me impressed. They've turned out beautifully. Like Tony tiger I'm new to weathering so am learning a lot from you. Thanks!!
  11. That Spitfire is starting to look good, point about the fuselage noted. I've got a similar issue and shoved my effort into the Shelf of Doom while I worked out what I'd done wrong. It's still there! That Skyraider has cleaned up nicely. An interesting contrast to the Spitfire.
  12. A lovely build indeed! You've done a great job so far and I look forward to the end.
  13. Just caught up Alex what a lovely build. It is beautifully built. It's also a great tutorial to update the original. Which I'll be following one day! What have you used for marker rocket pods? They've been driving me mad.
  14. Greetings Comrades Got a good start to this project as you can see Lower hull assembled from lovingly crafted 1.0mm plastic-card. Bit of detailing with thinner stuff and some Grandt #15 bolts (they're not very good but this is the hull floor). The opening at the front will be concealed by the torsion bar mounts and would be a bear to plate over. However I have got more to do than when I started... There was also the Su-102 which had a long 122mm gun so after a chat with @Shermaniac I was persuaded to make both. There was a third bare hull used for penetration tests which I won't do. That would be silly. BTW these SU... designations were planned but the vehicles were referred to as Uralmash 1 while being developed. Amazingly the 122mm gun caused issues with the mount cracking, this was reckoned to be curable. I've no idea how the loader coped in that one...
  15. Greetings Red Overcast Fans Finally progress after much head-scratching and removing splinters from my fingers After much muttering and confusion I finally found a good shot of the wheel well which shows what I needed to do. So the rear panels were removed the roof trimmed and replacement wall fitted approx 3mm further forward. This left the wheel a snug fit and a better match for the photos I found. Wheel-well was then glued into place and then the gap at the rear filled. Then the wheel wouldn't go in without twisting which, I am fairly certain wasn't part of the real deal. The forward edge of the opening is flattened off rather than curved... ...several cups of coffee later and watching Interstellar on DVD (cracking film BTW) I used my Olfa cutter to rebate the wing surface 0.5mm cut a new opening in card and fit it. I think that looks much better. Just got to do the other one now.