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  1. Talking to a guy at a show last year revealed to me an idea that I have yet to try it was thus; Put strips of Tamiya masking tape along the join to be filled just wider than the area that's to be filled in. Apply superglue and wait a couple of minutes. Without removing the tape dry sand down the join until the tape starts showing damage. Carry on wet sanding with a minimum of water until the tape has gone. Should leave the kit surface undamaged and the surface level. It certainly works for filler but without water. Just use finer grades of glass-paper. HTH
  2. I've seen a lot of models on displays that look fantastic with careful use of this technique. It may also be worth experimenting with a fine mist of a neutral blue-grey which will tone down the gloss and soften the colours a bit. Once dry you can remove the overspray from the transparent areas that would be kept clean.
  3. I've never quite forgiven my siblings for censoring the reports from my mum's experiences at the hands of the NHS and Berklies Bank. Do what you think is right, it will probably be correct. Mind you if I had known then what I know now I wouldn't be free to enjoy BM or model-making I suppose.
  4. Now about that Chipmunk . When you're settled in 72nd scale the 48th builders with their shaky hands and poor eyesight would like to spend money with you too.
  5. I'm a bit wary of 'once in a life time experiences' the last one I had killed me twice and came too close on one or two other occasions. Model-making is good! Sneak the prohibited project into the background of your legit build! Censorship must be subverted for the Freedom Loving Peoples of BM Land
  6. I'm very glad to see this coming back to life OM. Superb work so far. If I may ask: I use self-adhesive aluminium foil tape for natural metal. Could you give more details of your egg-shell technique as my attempts have all failed to achieve a satisfactory result. I'm sure others would be interested as well. I understand if you are unable to share though. I'm currently experimenting with Windsor and Newton metallic silver. Grey primer then several almost dry brushing coats thinned very slightly seems to show promise. It might be worth a try for fabric areas. I'll try your approach for other surfaces like the struts. I hope your health continues well. I'm quite happy to see the back of 2016 myself and my Dad makes three of us.
  7. That's a very nice build there @Scooterman Very clean and tidy. I had similar issues with the canopy on mine many years ago I doubt that time has improved matters. @charlie_c67 Looking at the loadout and the pilot name tag I think this is depicting the aircraft as presented at the First Acceptance in the US. Note no squadron code, serial number or warning signs for the arrestor hook. Kudos to Scooterman for picking something different. This should re-open the debate as to whether this was a real RAF bird or a mocked up for the event US airframe. IIRC the aircraft was, unusually if not uniquely, roped off preventing close approach by anyone. The Press were kept to the rear of the assembled guests and all photos were from two(?) MoD Official photographers featuring much white mist and low light. Possibly a mystery that will never be completely solved. Lovely job.
  8. Czech AF......Hawks.... How did I not know this....
  9. That is superb John. Very very well done. After our comments about vehicle colours I went digging and found Combat Camera 1: Cromwell & Centaur- Ian Carter The photo is IWM H-37999 and Ian gives the location as Emsworth, Hampshire 29 April 1944. I suspect he's used his position at the IWM to full advantage. Good Man I find it interesting that Seawolf, almost certainly in SCC.2 Brown has no AFV flash on her nose but several vehicles in Normandy that are SCC.15 do have it. As it was meant to have been removed and replaced by a white star in late April 1944 I am intrigued as to it's preservation if not replacement during repainting. Finally I have been able to get a whizz to manipulate the two colour photos of Centaurs Achilles and Assegai. No matter what she tried the vehicles always become green with any logical correction of the colour balance. Tankette (the MAFVA magazine) Vol 51 No 2 has more on this and Cromwells in general.
  10. It seems to be fighting you hard Rene but it looks like it's coming together well. Those wing colours offer an interesting contrast to the fuselage...
  11. Man of few words and rapid progress. Nice so far.
  12. If I may be so bold I offer an alternative. I use an Olfa P Cutter rather than a razor saw as it's much more controllable. I'd then back the part with plastic card and lashings of glue to taste and clamp together until set. Monogram plastic reacts well to this in my experience, much better than superglue. That's a very good recovery so far Scott I like it. I note that Monogram gave us 4 drop tanks all those years ago but Trumpy/HB didn't manage it just recently.
  13. Shades of Life of Brian there for a moment. I must watch that again soon. My whole flat is a SoS as I've got all my crimes out in the open. Frostie Cruncher is right about the good feeling. Hello I'm Nick I have a problem... It's certainly giving me a KUTA to get things moving again which is great. As progress on my chosen piece is erratic I'm nibbling away at the offering that was just above it in the pile. I must add that said erratic progress is down to 5 (so far) failed attempts to construct engine deck grills. My mate reckoned I'd have it cracked by the third attempt...I'll show him. I wonder how many other SoS residents get there this way????
  14. That is certainly a great looking kit. It looks like you've made a great start on it and the others. Nice work.