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  1. As soon as I get a slot I'll start my KH 'B' to ensure it. Happy to take one for the team.
  2. My thoughts are with you and the Family at this terrible time. I hope things generally start to improve soon for you. Life can be hard sometimes.
  3. Rest easy little probe, you done good.
  4. Thanks for that I was beginning to second-second guess myself. I'll send off to Bovington to see if they have a record card for him.
  5. I'm beginning to wonder if the serial is a ZR after all, but it has to be as a T3... would have been replaced by the time Cents reached the Middle East. I doubt that there would be radios in a turret box because the Cromwell didn't need to. it would be quite a job to fabricate and cut the tank turret to take them. The profile in the picture may be a scanning artefact like the line of the front roof.
  6. This is rather interesting as the New Vanguard book has a Comet command vehicle with a dummy 95mm gun. (NVG 104 page 40, I've tried to scan but without luck), it's Fearnaught of HQ 6RTR and the caption says Italy just after the war. Hopefully someone will be along with more information soon. EDIT: The original is HERE and I believe the registration is 33 ZR 70 The caption says the Centurions were the first in the Middle East and they look to be 20 pdr barrels. Next step my Centurion references. ANOTHER EDIT: Found a shed load of stuff on the marvellous ARRSE website HERE. Looks like there may be more than one. Next question is it a real 95mm or just a good dummy....
  7. It's certainly an expedition! I use a circle template most of the time with a simple sharp scriber to score the card. I then cut away along the scribed line. A quick wipe with sanding paper and a brush of liquid poly to smooth everything off. I must admit this got shoved into the back-ground when I realised I'd messed up the replacement rear cockpit. I've got a third attempt underway and will post proof tomorrow. Apologies for the delay in replying but my computer has been a PITA recently..
  8. Hi PlaStix! Great choice of subject, I'm doing Objekt220 from the HB KV tank kit so it's good to have some company. A word to the wise about the Su-122 kit, many if not all or them were made with a rather brittle green plastic. It splits easily and the small parts can literally disintegrate so a very gentle touch will be good. This is especially true when screwing the hull halves together. Hope it goes well for you.
  9. I hope you're right saloman. Just in time for the autumn model-making season.
  10. Crusader entry duly informed of my e-mail address.
  11. I can't see the Bedford RL gathering dust for long. Hopefully some of these will become available in 48th later.
  12. He's speaking in tongues. Call the Inquisition!!
  13. Let us know if it works or, if not, ensure the hospital has internet connectivity Wandering off topic a bit. I built models badly as a kid but got really interested when I did a project at Technical College. Among the subjects was 'tank'. I duly brought and assembled some Airfix offerings painted them and did my presentation to a bemused panel. By 'tank' they meant 'cistern', however I was awarded a Distinction so it all came out OK. My mate did the same course three years later picked 'kettles' and was amused to see 'tank' still there.... BOT: OKB offer several winter tracks but not the 'waffle' pattern however Komplect ZIP do have what I need so I'll be ordering them shortly. I think I'll go for winter tracks on one though just to be different....
  14. Thanks Tony. Look what you've started!! The drivers suffered somewhat during the summer part of the trials often passing out. Your comment has given me an idea for the crew... According to my Brother who knows about such things styrene itself is made by combining some waste gases from other parts of the refining process so it really does come out of thin air (like) so to speak. I'm experimenting with suspension mounts while I get the second hull caught up and both tidied before proceeding. The HobbyBoss tracks are not good, very thin, plagued with ejector pin marks and a bear to glue as the contact area is tiny. I'm off to check OKB Grigorov for replacements for the straight runs using WW2 links for the drives/corners. If not it'll be Tamiya but I have many T-34s to build.....
  15. Just a quick update to keep everybody awake. I've been getting the other wheel-bay done which has been pretty straight-forward. I've just ripped out the former radar operators cockpit as I was far from happy with it. A long hard look at the walkround shots made me realise that the resin tub is far too small, the seat arrangement is very simplified and the whole rear end just looked wrong. I'm taking a break from generating plastic scrapings as I thin the fairings and cockpit sides down to give me room to work with. Tomorrow I shall take some plastic card and start a scratch build rear area. @SoftScience You are absolutely correct. Looks like several sub-builds, then assembly, then paint.... Good thing I have a week off coming up!