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  1. Same here. A lot of kit 'dealers' will be upset though. The original issue had resin wheels included I hope they offer some this time around. IIRC the plastic ones were a little 'lacking'.
  2. Patience is a virtue friends. In this case we are rewarded. Just the Chipmunk in 48th to go...
  3. You sound just like @Enzo Matrix Tormenter-in-Chief/Group Builds
  4. Special Hobby future releases

    The Siebel Si-204 finally. Not long to September. Certainly on beans and bread until Christmas now Then there's the Tiger Moth...just beans then.
  5. I thought the trainer had two cockpits as the b/w photo above?
  6. 1/48 ACE Flak 38 w/trailer WIP

    Looking much, much better than my attempts. A lot of the Tamiya figures have very poor facial details which doesn't help.
  7. KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Hi Jan The man to speak to is Dakota Dave of the IPMS (UK) DC-3/C-47 Group. Details HERE if he can't help you then I'll be amazed.
  8. Messerschmitt Me-262 STGB

    Maybe I will. I have got another cunning plan though.
  9. Messerschmitt Me-262 STGB

    You'll have no problems with Antares he is a very nice guy indeed. I have that very kit but I don't think I'm up to doing it justice yet Pat, the RATO on the airframe wouldn't be needed. On the Arado 234 the rockets were on the trolley. If on the aircraft it would have shot off the trolley and, as Rich says, a rather large crater...
  10. Falcon Heavy Success!

    So we have a company that allows it's employees time off to watch the efforts of it's workforce perform, including the blue collar guys. Got a new configuration off the ground without exploding and using second hand components. Came up with a whimsical and original mass simulator to prove the payload to Mars. Demonstrated long coast technology before it would be needed for the Moon/Mars missions. Caught the attention of millions around the world. On the other hand the trajectory isn't what they expected although everything worked after a long trip through the Van Allen belt. The centre booster relight failed but it's trajectory was good until that happened. It cost the US taxpayer peanuts compared to say. Mrs Trump's security bill. Seems a bloody good result to me. Relight mechanism needs looking at to cope with much higher speed in the atmosphere. Next time should be fantastic. We haven't seen the cool footage Elon talked about of the centre booster impacting yet (I hope we do) but nobody was in any danger at all.
  11. Before anybody asks they'll be following in 1/48 as well
  12. Revell PT 109 New tool

    What scale is it? It looks pretty basic for a new tool.
  13. Falcon Heavy Success!

    What impressed me most was Elon in the press conference. Rocket hit the water at 300mph and took out two of the droneship motors...that'll be pretty cool footage.
  14. Farewell to the Lynx

    @Julien You Sir are a God! Thank You also to the owner who let you take these. I'm very glad my fudged 72nd build wasn't too far wrong.