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  1. Wow I had no idea the RAF used these Edge
  2. Hi James you could try their airbrush cleaner. It really does a good job of shifting the residue from my airbrush. Edge
  3. Lovely. I can forget the Contrail one I've hidden away now! Edge
  4. 1871 (Rugeley) Squadron. Joined on my 13th birthday, just happened to coincide. Reached the dizzy heights of Senior Cadet and was working on earning my Staff Cadet yellow lanyard when I left. Loved the .22 range (earned my marksman badge), AEF flights from Shawbury, summer camps and D of E awards. Happy times indeed.
  5. Congratulations to you both!
  6. Happy Birthday

    Wow 10 years already & I can't believe I've been a member since August 2007! Huge congratulations & a massive thanks to Mike & the mods team for doing such a great job here. I'll put some money in your card - but no spending it on model kits young man! Edge
  7. Still struggling to balance home and work life so modelling time is pretty scarce at present. I have managed a few little steps on the Spitfire since my last post. 1. Separated the 2nd Pavla vacform canopy from it's backing & trimmed to fit as well as I can - it's my 1st attempt at fitting one. It does look horribly grainy in these macro photographs, despite taking a long soak in Future. The naked eye (OK with glasses on too) doesn't make them out unless you really look for them! I think the fuselage seam will need some further tidying, but i wanted to leave that until the 'screen was fitted & blended in. Next I had a play with some resin from the Pavla kit. I separated the wheels & exhausts from their casting blocks & tidied them up. I'm mightily impressed with the delicacy of the exhausts in particular, I was able to remove the skin between the individual stacks so that they appear to be separate. I only broke 1 and that should glue quite easily!
  8. Welcome aboard Telboy from another Staffie! Looking forward to seeing some of your builds. Not too difficult to post but pics can be a little troublesome until you get the hang of it. Edge
  9. Can't remember whether it was the MRCA, predecessor of Tornado or the US Navy Phantom. My brother and I were sent out by our Great Aunt, who we stayed with every weekend, to buy ourselves something. We returned from Clarks department store in Great Wyrley with one of each. i think the idea was for my big brother to pass on some of his building skills (he's 9 years older than me) and generally 'let me have a go' in relative safety. Relative is a very conservative concept as the fumes from the glue, enamel paint and thinners must have threatened to combust when they were so near to the old coal fire! i remember getting bored pretty quickly, so big bro claimed both kits for himself. I do remember the MRCA was the more difficult build, but that didn't stop me playing with it while he was our playing football! I'd guess this was around 1975 or so, actually just checked & the MRCA was released that year! That adventure started weekly trips to the same store, where I'd oggle the fantastic artwork on the Airfix boxes while choosing which kit to take back to Aunties. No matter which I chose, it was guaranteed to be finished by Saturday tea time! Edge
  10. Chair pulled up and appropriate bar snacks at the ready. Can't wait to see how a master in 1/72 perfects a masterpiece in 1/32.
  11. Didn't want to miss out now did I?!! Edge
  12. Hope to get the Typhoon order In tomorrow Mike, but I'm out & about all day. Edge
  13. They certainly were golden days Tony, perhaps the last where extraordinary talent was considered more important than sponsorship dollars and media awareness. I was never much of a fan once Michael became ensconced at Benetton, and being a real fan of Damon Hill, Michael fitted the pantomime villain role perfectly. I think he saw how Senna operated and honed that further until he became the consummate driver he undoubtedly was. Speaking of Eddie, I saw him in a V12 Ferrari F1 car at Goowood quite a few years ago. He gave it full beans in several wheel spinning starts until one of the drive shafts cried 'enough' and parted company with the car. First on the scene were the McLaren crew who tried without success to get Eddie and the car mobile again. I was sitting on the straw bales that lined the course & can still feel the vibration in my rib cage! Its sadly ironic that Michael is yet another dominant F1 driver who isn't able to enjoy the fruits of his success. He joins the likes of Jim Clark and Ayrton Senna who, like him, were truly the men to beat for several seasons. So yes, I wish him well and hope that he does recover from the terrible injuries that skiing accident left him with. However I feel that the longer he is out of the limelight, the less likely it is that he will do so. At least to the degree where he and his family are happy to venture out in the public gaze.
  14. Talk about a thread resurrection! Having thoroughly disheartened myself with Airfix's HE-111 I've dragged this one out of the cupboard for a 2nd chance. All I've done since last year is add some PPP the fuselage seam (it's more of a step really) and gently sand back. I've misplaced the Airfix canopy I'd given the Klear treatment to so I'm going to try with the 2nd Pavla vacfom one. Not sure how this will go but if the worst comes to the worst I'll have to find a plan C!