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  1. Hasegawa Skyraider 1/72

    I'm sure I've seen that Hasegawa are about to re-release this kit. Expect the usual prices mind....... Edge
  2. I can only echo what's been said before. Really beautiful work and great patience (something I must learn!). Looking forward to seeing your progress. Edge
  3. Great looking set Ed - I'll have to get one as soon as Blackbird Models have them in stock (postage from Aus is expensive).
  4. Scale plans

    Thanks Mart I hope to give it a go next week, if work commitments allow! Great tip about the wash too. Edge
  5. Scale plans

    Hi All i mistakenly bought an old-toll Revell (ex Matchbox) Halifax recently and have decided to use it as a bit of a plaything and experiment with new techniques. One thing I'd really like to crack is scribing panel lines. I've managed to restore those lost to filling and sanding on previously built kits but this monster is more like a blank canvas! - except for the few trench-like gouges in the plastic. My questions to the gurus here are: 1. What's the best method of filling the existing trenches? I'm thinking of using superglue & talc mix rather than sprue gloop as I think the latter may weaken the plastic? 2. How do I transfer the panel lines on the plans to the plastic? Is it a case of picking suitable datum so and working from there by measurement? I plan to draw the lines onto the plastic first so mistakes can be erased before I scribe. Thanks for any tips Edge
  6. Thanks Bentwaters. I missed out last time so what with this & the Canberra I think Mel will be taking most of my pocket money! Do you know if they'll be available through the website as it's unlikely I'll make it to Telford? Edge
  7. Freightdog website is now back up! 

    Had a quick look last night Colin - very nice!
  8. Revell Victor

    Can't see your images Lord Riot. Good luck with the build! Edge
  9. I managed to order mine direct & im sure they were offering the new style canopy separately. So if you've an original Hasegawa car door kit you may have some fresh options. Edge
  10. Neptune MR1

    Do keep us up to date with your progress Mike. I have a couple of the conversion sets on their way and would love to see how it all goes together. Edge
  11. Congratulations on a stunning build. I could have believed it was a real aircraft! Edge
  12. Scout & Wasp in multi scales from S&M

    Another hand up here for at least a pair of Wasps and maybe a Scout too if there's a RM marking option. What with this and the forthcoming Canberra, Mel has, I'm sure made a lot of us very happy. I'm only sorry that I hesitated and missed out on the Hastings! Edge
  13. Thanks Homebee! Had spotted the Neptune, but not the Lerwick! Edge