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  1. Havent been able to do anything for a while due to various things so this is not going to make the time limit. consequently I am losing patience so its just getting done. Its a horrible kit, dont buy one, no matter how cheap you see it for on fleabay. cockpit is as good as i care to make it. its not worth the trouble to completely remake it or splice in one from another kit. But its quite passable. this was a bit of a fight. God knows what it will look like with primer on, dont hold your breath, im not. The bane of resin kits DUUUUSSSTTTT!!!!!!! its finally up on makeshift legs, had most of the bits and bobs stuck on, and ready and for a blow over. the legs need detailing and will be added later.Same for the rotors.
  2. that looks a very nice (and delicate!) blade holder!
  3. wow, you certainly are packing it in!
  4. nice job on the nuts, great idea. they look completely in-keeping with the rest of the model too.
  5. yup, the kit doesnt look much like the real thing, does it. hoping once the grill is on it will not matter too much. i really cant be bothered to rebuild the whole front end. i am losing the will to finish this as it is.
  6. almost there? I WISH! Many poeple like a bit of scratch building. When you have a nice model you are enjoying building its fun to add little bits to make it your own. When you have to re make half the thing because it sucks its not so much fun. This falls into the second category. At least the nitesun frame looks like it will fit OK. small mercies. The sensor mount now positioned in the correct place. Its deliberatly not plumb straight as in the 4+ drawings, as the photos show it to be ever so slightly skew-whiff. looks like it needs a bit of a reshape though. the replacement seats, still not quite finished, they need a hoop and some belts making yet. They fill the space much better. the original really does seem to be only 1/72 scale. Knobs.
  7. it isnt so much the width of it , its the fact that it is positioned the wrong side of the centre line, confirmed by looking at any old HC2. another tick for the best wessex ever. Oh, and this is the position they would have you mount the woefully undersize seats....hahahaahahahahahahahahah FML. i am knocking up some sort of replacements now. they wont be brilliant but i cant use the, apparently, 1/72 sized travesties supplied.
  8. i do like that wood flooring, very swish.
  9. Ever seen a Wessex with dodgy knees and ankles? Voila! 🤣 After a little bit of physio... whoopsy... this is what a fat backside can do. 😖 plasticard to the rescue. question... a pic of the model and of the 4+ drawing. Only one can be right unless there are two versions of a HC2. I assume I am going to have to file this off and put it right? I've just about had enough of this trash. 😤 [/url
  10. All that extra stuff really looks the business.
  11. its not really curable unless you are willing to flatten the whole bottom off and rebuild it yourself...i was not even tempted as i dont have the skill or the will. Thanks for the encouragement to keep going. if i had been doing this outside a GB ,without the geeing-up, i reckon I wouldnt have carried on when it started breaking on me.
  12. top needed a .010" shim all around but no major probs which was a nice surprise. Stacked against the 4+ drawing its not too bad, maybe 1mm (2" on the real thing) here or there depending on what you line up to. Good enough for me anyway. only real problem is in the nose (no surprise there then) the vents and intake underneath seem to point uphill instead of being level, or even slightly pointing downhill, like on the drawing. not pretty but again no massive disaster, depending on how accurate is good enough for you obviously. id never buy one again though. Note: the model has been positioned inside the lines on purpose so you can see them, its not undersize all over! now its a matter of sticking mr surfacer on the seams to see how its going.
  13. looks like you made a cracking job of the panel lines.
  14. certainly looks good, i would be happy with it. My belts came molded into the seat and i....couldnt be bothered to sand them off and knock up my own. i think i should have now after looking at yours.