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  1. nice to see a 104 thats not nmf. love this scheme, great result!
  2. Some Foil on a Starfighter: Completed

    love the pics. love the plane. looks fantastic.
  3. Some Foil on a Starfighter: Completed

    good job on the foil, especially the canopy frame. It has polished up lovely and looks so smooth. BMF is actually a quite good way to mask a canopy, it peels off a lot easier than kitchen foil/white glue.
  4. Some Foil on a Starfighter: Completed

    good luck BB , it will look awesome when done. you could try small pieces of BMF around the real hard bits as it is slightly more resilient to tearing than kitchen foil.
  5. you have the patience of a saint, well worth it though, looks like this will be awesome.
  6. this is one of the craziest and astonishing things I have seen , can I marry you?
  7. MFH 1/12 FERRARI 315

    Its a beast! and beautifully done so far, and I do love the little wood trestles
  8. SU-11

    superbly finished!
  9. How to build a Sea Venom the hard way

    I see kits in the background!??! Are you building this Venom in your bedroom! I think you'll have to do a bit more than take the windows out to move it when its done
  10. Revell Emirates A380 with LED's

    wow very nice!
  11. i remember it well! bomb bay is awesome as ever.
  12. looks like its going to be straight out of the comics i read when i was a kid, cool!
  13. A BIG Rolls Royce

    Its finished! what the hell am I going to read now?? Seriously impressive stuff and a manual on how good things can be done if the will is there.
  14. I like the much improved shape of the shoulders and especially the back. It has filled out his torso nicely, and he looks like he is wearing armour now.
  15. A BIG Rolls Royce

    Love it obviously!! 😍