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  1. cool helmet glow. its all looking very sharp now.
  2. got to agree, that decaling looks brill.
  3. Its finished. It was not a pleasant experience. Thanks for the encouragement, it was sorely needed. In the end it looks like a Wessex, and the small additions like the nitesun, ir jammer and aerials make it OK to look at, but it was far too much hard work to make me want to repeat it or reccommend the kit to anyone else. Its the only GB i have failed to finish in time. cant blame that solely on the kit though. Ill post a pic to prove it here and maybe a couple more in a RFI post. There are a few more in the same Flickr album. Good luck to all yet to finish, and well done to those that did.
  4. and now the body is finished, minus aerials a couple of handles etc, had a semi flat coat and a bit of a panel line wash. Glad to see the tape didnt pull off the alclad gloss coat i dipped the canopy in. the nitesun needs a lens in it too. the example build in the instructions show a nice red decal around the exhausts with the correct text on them. the ones supplied in the kit had no text and were so small they actually sat inside the exhaust mount!!!! another example of a seemingly 1/72 scale part!! rubbish doesnt cover it. i had to spray the red on and dirty it up so it didnt stick out like a sore thumb ill get around to the rotors very soo. nearly there thank God.
  5. when i saw an earlier pic i thought "oops, the driver doesnt fit" now he has his arms on i can see it supposed to be like that 😋 really does look the part now all those decals are on!
  6. Good to see a really nice one finished!
  7. very nice indeed!! you could cover the intake with a tarpaulin FOD guard.
  8. i know the Gb is finished but.. the decals are on (apart from the one around the exhaust which is a sore point at the moment) it had a gloss coat and a grime wash to pick out some details which seems to have worked out ok. it actually looks something like a wessex now. still a pile 'o work to do but its passed the " i cant be bothered to finish it" point.
  9. has to be the best looking wessex ive ever seen...and in 1/72!!!! amazing.
  10. todays end of play, a base coat at last, done freehand as I couldnt see the point in masking it. And thats it. Sorry I didnt finish but cest la vie. Due to various things modeling came to a full stop. Being so far behind any chance of finishing went out the window. What happens now? can a Mod move this to a normal thread so i can carry on?
  11. that really is a brilliant result, very very nice indeed.
  12. Havent been able to do anything for a while due to various things so this is not going to make the time limit. consequently I am losing patience so its just getting done. Its a horrible kit, dont buy one, no matter how cheap you see it for on fleabay. cockpit is as good as i care to make it. its not worth the trouble to completely remake it or splice in one from another kit. But its quite passable. this was a bit of a fight. God knows what it will look like with primer on, dont hold your breath, im not. The bane of resin kits DUUUUSSSTTTT!!!!!!! its finally up on makeshift legs, had most of the bits and bobs stuck on, and ready and for a blow over. the legs need detailing and will be added later.Same for the rotors.
  13. that looks a very nice (and delicate!) blade holder!
  14. wow, you certainly are packing it in!