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  1. MFH 1/12 FERRARI 315

    Its a beast! and beautifully done so far, and I do love the little wood trestles
  2. SU-11

    superbly finished!
  3. How to build a Sea Venom the hard way

    I see kits in the background!??! Are you building this Venom in your bedroom! I think you'll have to do a bit more than take the windows out to move it when its done
  4. Revell Emirates A380 with LED's

    wow very nice!
  5. i remember it well! bomb bay is awesome as ever.
  6. looks like its going to be straight out of the comics i read when i was a kid, cool!
  7. A BIG Rolls Royce

    Its finished! what the hell am I going to read now?? Seriously impressive stuff and a manual on how good things can be done if the will is there.
  8. I like the much improved shape of the shoulders and especially the back. It has filled out his torso nicely, and he looks like he is wearing armour now.
  9. A BIG Rolls Royce

    Love it obviously!! 😍
  10. Mig 15 Scratchbuild

    You certainly know how to make life difficult for yourself, very nice result! It's nice to see a build like this to pick up some real modeling skills from.
  11. Challenger 2 question

    Maybe the HET never made it there, i have no idea, but i do remember having a pic of a near identical challenger on one, but obviously have no idea where that pic was taken. Lets call it modelers licence ., Thats the best (only!) pic ive seen of the underside of a king trailer. i did think it odd to have half the tracks overhanging the bed, i thought at first it was a scale error between the two models!! Tea makes everything better...except stupid design. i have an antar mk2 and tasker trailer ill be sticking a chieftain arv on. if you have any pics of the bottom of those id appreciate them
  12. Challenger 2 question

    Thanks for the replies, but im afraid it been finished for months so theres no changing it now general concensus was that the chains went through the larger holes, through the holes to the lugs or were wrapped around the suspension. (or indeed anything available) Its not the full tes, just the first basic DL2 up armour package, and its on an in -theater Kosovo KFOR tank. so that solved both questions i think DSC03322 by omgpainful, on Flickr look forward to seeing your builds!!
  13. MFH 1/12 BT52B

    absolute stunner, its been an education to follow.
  14. cool helmet glow. its all looking very sharp now.
  15. got to agree, that decaling looks brill.