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  1. Thanks Keith they are basic I suppose but can still look half decent when finished
  2. So my next armour build is up and running with this very old classic kit from Tamiya. When I started the build I really wasn't sure if this was a wise choice but as things have progressed I'm happy with the way the build is shaping up. Date stamped 1974 the kit does show its age and I'm sure there are far more detailed kits available nowadays but I have a soft spot for these kits and will do my best with what's available in the box. The tracks supplied with the kit were brittle and actually broke up when I tried to use them so I've ordered some replacement tracks from Miniart though I'm not su
  3. Thanks Dan I appreciate your comment mate. Although I'm happy with my work so far there are still a lot of areas i think I can improve on so that's the plan now to fine tune certain techniques as much as I can
  4. Thanks Ed M3 Lee next up on the bench hope to start the build later today
  5. I've been busy looking for a replacement car mate but the M3 will be started later today hopefully and I'll start a wip thread as soon as I have made some progress
  6. Thank you i appreciate your comment .....time to move on to the next one
  7. Thanks John I appreciate your comment M3 Lee next im looking forward to this one
  8. Thanks Keith and yep I'm also looking forward to building the M3
  9. Nice one Darryl that's the spirit mate ...onwards and upwards is the only way to go
  10. Thanks Darryl I'm happy with the way it turned out . As for the Pzr III GB well.....err.....I'm going to build the kit below first and then the Pzr III It keeps whispering to me "Build Me" so I'm afraid it's the M3 next Thanks Nenad I appreciate your comment
  11. Thanks Ed Pzr III GB next once I decide which kit to build
  12. Thanks echen I've thoroughly enjoyed the build and I'm looking forward to the next one
  13. Thanks Roger I appreciate your comment mate
  14. Thanks Vytautas I think i need to start my Pzr III GB project next though exactly which kit I'm going to build I'm not sure yet
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