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  1. No furry dice for me Keith but a matt black bonnet would have looked nice i reckon
  2. Thanks there are a couple of interesting parts of the build for me to tackle including the chrome window strips around the side windows. I think I may try bare metal foil for the first time a bit of an experiment for me but should look ok hopefully
  3. So you were a bit of a poser back in the day then Keith i bet you had the furry dice hanging off your rear view mirror as well
  4. Cheers Gary I think it's an interesting subject and I don't remember seeing one built before that's what attracted me to the kit
  5. Hi Spiny what you can see is a reflection of the inside of the top of my spray booth the paint on the bonnet is sound mate
  6. So this is the next kit on the bench and although it looks like a fairly simple build I'm hoping it will look good when finished. Today I've managed to clean up the shell though to be fair there was actually very little work required. Next up a few coats of grey primer which was lightly sanded down once almost dry. Next up the red basecoat and for this i used Mr Color Red thinned 50/50 with levelling thinner. I can now leave the shell alone for a while to give the paint time to dry prope
  7. Thanks Spiny and your absolutely right regarding the different levels of finish in the real world . I've been looking for a new car for about 18 months now and can't believe the different levels I've come across and that includes a lot of different manufacturers. It usually takes me about 2 years to change my car so I best get my finger out
  8. Thanks Keith it's a shame you couldn't finish your build today but I'm sure it won't be long before it's done
  9. Thanks Keith I'm glad you like it . I will be making a start on the next one tomorrow
  10. So my first car build for a while is completed and I've thourghly enjoyed myself . This is a very nice kit from Aoshima and goes together really well. I decided to not use a clear coat on this build or any polish so the finish albeit not perfect is straight out of the airbrush. I'm beginning to think that the finish looks more realistic without a super shiny finish though no doubt I suppose opinions will differ. Anyway I'm happy with the results and here's a few more pics of the finished build The arrival of my next build is
  11. And so the Fairlady Z is finished . More pics to follow shortly in the rfi section. Thanks to everyone who followed along and commented on the build much appreciated
  12. Nice work Jeroen you certainly put this together quickly . So this weekend should see this build finished i reckon?
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