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  1. No problem mate you made a valid point and a very popular one judging by the reaction
  2. Coming along nicely clean and smart very nice indeed. And as for window rubbers after my last build I've heard enough to last a lifetime
  3. Thanks speedy, the point about the matt finish on the trim parts has been noted and having compared the fujimi kit with the tamiya one below which I built a while ago which has a matt trim finish I agree 100% Matt trim from now on methinks
  4. Nice work on the brakes they look bang on to me. Your dry fitting and planning ahead is definitely working in your favour. Keep up the good work looking forward to seeing the next update
  5. I doubt you would ever find an exact replica kit tbh but that does look a good base to start with. If you want to make it look like the one above then there would be some scratch building involved but your skills tell me you could pull it off. You could of course build it oob and it would still look good
  6. I have no idea Jeroen although I think italeri do a MAN TGA kit which is pretty much the same as the pic I sent however I'm not sure about price or quality
  7. Looks so realistic Jeroen fabulous work. A lot of effort but what a result. As a Hgv driver myself I would happily take your truck out for a spin and put a few kms on it for you Great work love it
  8. The only issues I see are the ones you pointed out had you not mentioned them I may well have not noticed. Concentrate on the positives and there are lots of those I think you've produced a cracking build one you should be proud of. I look forward to seeing more of your work.
  9. Fair enough personal safety is the most important thing to consider when using any product and zero paints and clear coats are very toxic indeed. Hopefully someone else on the forum can offer you an alternative paint for the job. Good luck with your search. Regards Andy
  10. I don't mind at all my friend ,any suggestions that can improve my modeling I will gladly take on board. Thank you that's a good idea and one I will be trying out very soon
  11. Thanks M, as this is the first ( but definitely not the last ) fujimi kit ive built I couldn't really comment on the different versions. However there were a lot of parts not used in the kit when finished so I would assume that the base kit is the same with just minor changes ( spare parts ) used for the other versions.
  12. Zero paints are your best bet mate, what were the issues you had with them if you don't mind me asking ?
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