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  1. Belkits really don't help much mate do they with the dodgy instructions . It's a shame because they manufacture some great looking kits but shabby instructions let them down repeatedly. Good progress so far mate keep dry fitting as you go and I'm sure you'll sort this one out
  2. Thanks Gary and I agree one of my favourites for sure . I have another five or six rally versions in the stash so I'll throw one in the schedule every now and again as I never get tired of building a Delta
  3. Well you won't have to wait long Marco new wip starting tomorrow
  4. Thanks John and your right those wipers are a little "overweight " shall we say
  5. I doubt I'll ever have enough to build Jeroen but I'm ok for the time being . I have plenty of room to display my finished work but atm I'm to busy building kits so the shelves will have to wait
  6. Thanks Nick the next wip will start tomorrow and I'm excited to get cracking
  7. Thanks Andy I must admit the colour has grown on me as the build progressed and rest assured I plan to build many, many more kits in the future
  8. So my first finished build in the new cave and a thoroughly enjoyable one. Originally I had planned to build the Blu Lagos version but a mix up with the paint colour meant that i ended up with a normal version which I'm quite happy with. The shell was twisted when I opened the box and one of the A pillars was bent but a bit of fettling straightened out the issues and i don't think those problems show through to much in the finished build. Here's a few pic's of the finished build So that's it I'm up and running and it's time to start preparing for the next one. Thanks for looking back soon
  9. So the first build in the new cave is finished and I've thourghly enjoyed myself as usual . Three months away from the hobby seemed like an age....so was it worth it .....Hell yes it was i can now look forward to many more hours in here during the cold winter months and I plan to build more kits than ever before . Here's a pic of the finished Delta with more to follow in the rfi section shortly I'm pleased with how this build turned out and im about to start preparations for the next one. As usual massive thanks to everyone who followed along and commented during the build very much appreciated
  10. She just headbutts the wall these days Keith and mutters strange words I definitely will be Keith
  11. Stashed.....no chance Gary. When I'm up to speed I should be hitting 1 completed build per fortnight so although I'm in the middle of a classic Ford frenzy atm this kit will be built mate and I'll be using your great build thread for reference
  12. You know me to well Jeroen . But in fairness I have ordered Mrs J a new wok which should arrive about the same time as the kit.....a bit of a smoke screen if you like....it makes her feel a bit guilty when she gives me a good cussing for listening to @keefr22again. I just hope the wok doesn't end up with a dome shape where there shouldn't be one
  13. So following a tip off from a fellow member @keefr22 and with a 1/3 off the retail price it had to be done Early Xmas present methinks
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