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  1. OMG I have stomach ache from laughing !!! But you know what I don't care because the eagle has landed and even the box is impressive !! I have a feeling I'm gonna enjoy this build i can't wait to get cracking . I also have the feeling that Das Werk kits will always be associated with vacuum cleaners in the future
  2. Hmm interesting thought Well the paint set is due tomorrow suppose I better prepare the lawnmower
  3. I take your point but I'm actually off work today supposedly chilling out . No chance of me getting chilled I've lost 2 stone in sweat pushing that vacuum cleaner around
  4. Afraid so and I must confess i have vacuumed the whole bloody house just to keep the peace and paid for my good wife to visit the hairdressers. This kit has cost me a fortune and it hasn't turned up yet . So I'm now totally knackered and skint better be a damn fine kit that's for sure
  5. Ok so an update on the rather large hole I've dug for myself I've been perched in the turret upstairs since 07.00 looking out for my imminent arrival, alas no sign of white van man yet. So I decided to come clean and confess all. My wife burst out laughing and said she knew all along but had throughly enjoyed watching me sweat . So problem solved and I'm in the clear, but tbh I'm the boss so I wasn't particularly bothered anyway Just thinking I hope she doesn't get to read these last couple of lines
  6. Ooops I've been rumbled The wife has just asked me what a Das Werk is? Stupidly I told her it's a new brand of vacuum cleaner better than a Dyson to which she replied " well I guess we'll find out tomorrow as according to your latest email it's out for delivery tomorrow "
  7. Here we go again I have no idea what this means unless BIAPA is a new striker at Chelsea maybe
  8. I certainly will be doing a build thread but I have no idea what ' tag me " means ?
  9. Hmm now I see where you're coming from regarding encouragement duly noted
  10. For quite a while now I've been building 1/24 car kits but I need a new focus. This is the kit I have ordered infact it should land tomorrow and I've also got a paint set on it's way. Hopefully the paint is a good choice it certainly looks like a decent set As for the build thread well I wasn't sure tbh but to hell with it, why not I'm pretty sure i will be asking for advice along the way and if nothing else you can all have a giggle at me fannying around with bits of plastic
  11. Usual superb build well done looks fantastic
  12. Can't believe I just googled this then I actually read it correctly
  13. your welcome infact why I'm waiting for my first armour kit to arrive I've been looking through the different sections on here and the quality of the work on show is excellent. I must admit I'm quite excited at the prospect of trying something different, onwards and upwards methinks
  14. I have a lot to learn where armour builds are concerned but I can recognise quality work when I see it and boy your work is truly superb what a beauty. Hat's off to you sir very inspirational indeed
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