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  1. Some very sound advice there Andy and may I suggest a bag of desert spoons...ideal for test spraying
  2. Hiya Nick if you can hold fire over the weekend I'm certain i have a decent compressor and an airbrush you can have mate to get you up and running in the world of airbrushing
  3. Nice work on the stripes M looks very cool indeed .
  4. That bodyshell certainly looks the business Gary I'm in
  5. I didn't realise that there was an extra detail set tbh. So do you have any idea where I might be able to pre order the set from
  6. Jeez anyone would think that I was guilty of overindulgence
  7. Thing is spiny with so many house related parcels arriving it's plain sailing for the model kits. No longer do I fear border checks and interrogation it's simply a case of...."Its ok dear just another box of decorating supplies "
  8. Mrs J is currently getting the whole house re decorated so as usual I'm the golden one atm . There are no incoming customs checks to worry about so it's time to fill my boots which is exactly what I'm going to do. As for storage well most of the stash is still at my brother's house from when I built the new modelling room but with my son moving out to his new house anytime soon I have 2 rooms upstairs up for grabs so storage....meh....no problem whatsoever
  9. Tbh I couldn't care less Jeroen . I shall continue to grow my flock as and when I find a kit that I like. The days of research and sensible buying are over...now the flood gates are well and truly open
  10. So I'm not normally the pre order type.... however when I came across this little lot i thought ....well why not . I'm way to busy for modelling atm but that situation won't last forever and when I can get back to the bench...well what a great choice of kits I will have Happy days
  11. Hmm I'm off to have a look...for research purposes obviously
  12. Nope not for me I have more than enough Porsche kits Keith...of all shapes and sizes
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