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  1. Anyway I'm now officially a spectator rather than a builder for a while so build away chap's I'll be following
  2. I've said before how much i admire your work at this scale and once again you've knocked it out of the park....stunning build again Trevor i love these builds
  3. Those parts look to have a very dodgy finish Ron no wonder you had problems
  4. The garage already has a traditional marley tiled apex roof so the ceiling of the garage will become my roof if you get what I mean . My brother in law is an electrician so he will handle all things electrical and between us i think we will do a decent job
  5. Thanks Tony the thing is I'm only going to do this once so I need to make sure I do it right. I'm basically going to be building a separate room within a double garage partition walls insulated and covered in plasterboard. I already have a window in place for the extraction of fumes from my spray booth and I'll add a separate internal door for an entrance. One of the garage doors will be blocked off as this is where the cold air comes from in the winter. An insulated false floor work surfaces and a whole plethora of goodies are planned but for the time being its all about clearing the area so I can begin the process. I'm not happy at the prospect of no modelling for a while but I think it will be worth it in the long run
  6. I have grand plans Tony including under floor heating for the winter
  7. Hiya John thanks for the info mate much appreciated . Rest assured when the time comes I'll drop you a line....or two
  8. Ok so just a quick update today regarding my lack of progress on this build. Nothing sinister i just have to spend some time reorganising my work space so for a while all building has been put on hold. No big deal and I'll be back working on this build asap
  9. So we are growing older and more puddled together then....at least I'm not the only one
  10. Yep I know what you mean Marco I thought I had 3 jars of mr surfacer primer when I actually have 7 . Well I've decided no more modelling until this issue is sorted so see ya in about 10 years . Though I have to say more space means more room for kit's which equals more shopping which makes me happy
  11. I've been too busy building kits Keith and ignoring the obvious problem building up around me. Don't get me wrong I could continue as I am if I wanted but I have a large space that needs to be used way more effectively than it is atm. Finding items that I never realised I had was the final straw mate for example an Airfix 1/24 e-type jag an old kit but in mint condition and one I doubt I'll ever build, a couple of gunze sangyo 1/24 kits again i doubt I'll ever build , a Protar Ferrari in mint condition and the list goes on. I've got more paint than B&Q but it's disorganised chaos and it needs sorting . So rant over time to stop whinging and create the theatre of dreams
  12. Definitely won't be blue Keith but tbh I'm not sure about a colour atm . Thanks for the tip regarding the build video I shall watch it as soon as I get the chance . In other news mate I may have to temporarily suspend all modelling I'm afraid my cave needs a serious upgrade I simply have no room for storage I've outgrown my space instead of using a part of the double garage i now need at least 50% of it .I have permission to do as I please but jeez it's a lot of work but if I'm to continue I have to get stuck in which means building kits for a while will be out of the question . I've amassed so much gear it's amazing and it really deserves to be looked after better than it is currently. I mean 15 different airbrushes....really...and 3 of those i found still in the boxes unopened under a pile of spare decals, photo etch etc. So in the next week or so work will begin i simply have no choice
  13. I've done my usual amount of research on the mystery kit Keith absolutely zilch . So I'm fully expecting the kit to be known as a duffer but I don't care because.....I have a vision .....a plan of attack....and if I win the auction its next on the bench after the GT500
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