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  1. De Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI This particular version is modeled on one that took part in Operation Jericho, RNZAF, No 487 Squadron Finally - that took a while! My first aircraft kit (although I started and finished a Spitfire for a mate in between) and it is a cracker - I know it is expensive, but cannot fault this Tamiya kit. Although I used some Eduard detail kits (engines, guns etc) you certainly do not need these to make the kit amazing. I'm learning the weathering thing, and I know this is a little 'dirty' - but I thoroughly enjoyed it and learning what I did, having been inspired by the masterpieces elsewhere on this forum... ...sorry, I find it hard to edit the number of photos I want to do some more pics with a bit of photoshop play, backgrounds etc.... And finally - I posted the montage below on FB.... ...within minutes a friend sent me this. She made my day and it makes me smile each time I see it.... Build 'WIP' can be found here:
  2. Gonna start a finished thread, but here is a preview!
  3. Cheers Kirk - that is very kind....wall mounting vertically makes a lot of sense - I have also seen something like that on FB recently - it works for F1 cars as well (full size!) Some of the 'grass' mats you can get now look incredible, but aimed at 'tank' size models, so maybe a combination of grass-next-to-runway might work... I have the 'spare' Merlin engines (one Tamiya, one Eduard) to build up, along with the Tamiya gun that didn't get used - I'd like to make them up as well to display - a few options! If the Mossie was 'in flight' I'd do what I did with the Spitfire, which I was really pleased with - base part of a cheap IKEA LED light....
  4. I added a bit of shadow to the canopy... ...although I seem to have not taken any pictures of that! I bought one of those plywood frames to hold the plane while I work on it - a bit flimsy, but I recommend it - saves damage from fingers etc, especially when working on the underside. At this point I was touching up chips etc where paint had fallen off some PE bits... It can be adjusted for different sized models... Props were next - I had left them as I did not want to damage them. Although I painted and 'weathered' the hubs, they won't be seen (of course!) I did add some 'chips' to the leading edges of the blades, and add some 'streaks' - but kept it quite subtle. Next it was the exhausts. I used some of that 'buffing' Humbrol paint which I had from years ago, oils and some rust 'powder' - no real planned combination, but it came out ok! ...again, some of the shine was taken back later. Almost forgot the mesh guards that are on the air intakes! I used graphite pencils and some wash to add depth to the engine that would be on display...this is a 'finished' shot... I had to tweak the multi-part canopy a bit to help it fit - the internal frame was a little high and was stopping the clear bit from fitting easily, so I had pried it off the model, and shaved a tiny bit off the frame so it sat a fraction lower - then I glued the canopy itself on with white glue. And that was pretty much it! I took lots of 'finished' photos (which I'll post in the 'finished' section!) and only after taking these did I realize I had missed off one part - the windscreen wiper!! (now added) Now I just have to figure out how to display/mount it. I like the idea of keeping it clean, but it needs something, so maybe a grassy base....then what - I don't know! No where to display, and the joy was in the building for me, so maybe sell it? But then again I like the idea of displaying it with the 1/32nd Lancaster (HUGE) and a 1/32nd Spitfire and Hurricane! Finished photos next...
  5. So, where was I - the Mossie made it back from New York ok, but has been sat waiting for the final touches - fitting the canopy, tail fin, exhausts, props & final weathering touch ups etc....and some crew! I'd left it too late to add any crew into the cockpit (I wanted everything visible and not blocked - of course, once closed up you can't see anything anyway) - but there is a pilot posed to climb the ladder into the cockpit, so I may well use him. Never having painted any figures, I painted all of them while I did the 1/24 Spit pilot. First layers of colour...now adding some depth. Gloss will be removed at the end (matt) At this point I took some new shots in the photo cube...just testing! Engines have no detail paint at this point - or exhausts... Also got a few shots of things that will soon disappear!
  6. About time I updated this thread! Amazingly - I've finished the model! I can't wait to be settled enough to set up a proper 'permanent' man-cave modelling table, but right now I am still semi-permanent, so modelling has taken a back seat for a while - but I HAD to finish this beauty, as I was so close...I did sneak the Airfix 1/24 Spitfire build in, which I built for a friend - I already posted that on here. I'll carry on and update the build process first..
  7. oh bugger - I missed the mirror!! I'll have to make that and go and fix it! I knew there were some variations on the aerial - to be totally honest I added the fine wire because it is a nice model detail! I appreciate it may not be 100% accurate...but great links above - thanks!
  8. This is a big deal!! My FIRST post in a 'finished' section after multiple 'WIP' threads!! Build diary can be found here
  9. Final post on this one - it's a bloody miracle but I've actually finished a model, after numerous WIP threads.... Final touches first... With this model being wheels up I needed some sort of stand to display it. Th eSpitfire is iconic in that banked view, so I wanted Mark to have the option of displaying like that - but this is also a big kit... I'm quite chuffed with my solution...buy one LED light from IKEA, take out the lighty bits, cut the bendy bit down, add some supporting washers and enlarge the hole for the nav light in the belly of the plane - et voila - fully adjustable stand....it has worked really well - and the remaining bendy bit has been reunited with the light bits, given a wooden base and now becomes a usable LED light again.... The model fits snuggly on the stand with no glue, so can be removed as required... Final pieces on the kit was the exhausts. I added a bit of texture and weathered them a bit - and then used graphite pencil scrapings to add that metallic finish... And that was it! So onto the finished pictures...
  10. Still got the exhausts to add, but been a bit distracted....took a few pictures in the photo cube anyway...
  11. Sorry Dave - hadn't signed in to here for ages so not seen your message etc!
  12. Hi Dave - 'pulley face' detail PE sheet, as below...
  13. Looking at the start of your thread, I think you have a much bigger challenge than me! My wings were certainly not suffering like yours are, and judging by the white moulding in your pic, mine looks like it was 're-freshed'! Good luck
  14. That is very kind - but please note - any detail I added to the sides of the cockpit is pretty much made up
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