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  1. I guess Nerds think Nerds are cool!
  2. Great work! Could you share your technique for getting the lettering and insignia so perfect?
  3. Hi dov, My fields of expertise are statistics and how adults learn (and therefore how we should teach) mathematics. Speaking as a statistician, I am slow to attempt interpretation of data that I did not generate myself without first asking a LOT of questions about how it was obtained, and the details of all pertinent parameters. Having said that, it seems reasonable that it should take a lot of rounds to bring down a bomber. Consider how small the rounds were, and the distance to the target. A very small error in the angle for a hit would result in a miss, so the vast majority of roun
  4. Hi Dennis, I grew up around Chicago. Melrose Park until mid high school when we moved to Oak Park. I consider Melrose Park my Chicago home. I sure miss the pizza and Italian beef sandwiches!
  5. Hi all, I am a retired mathematics prof and am working on kits I have had in storage for many years. I like WWII 1:48 scale planes and 1:24/1:25 scale muscle cars. I found this site while researching ideas for decals on a P-51D Mustang. I saw the Diablo by Calum (his work is excellent) and decided to join the group. Since restarting the hobby I have built two cars: a Corvette concept car and a '66 Pontiac GTO, and three planes: a Bee Gee Racer, a P-51D Mustang and a Corsair f4u-4. I need to do finishing touches on most of them & am learning new techniques.
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