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  1. The Sea Fury rumour thread 2

    Is this what people were talking about re the 'short shot' on the tail?
  2. Aren't those decal images usually distorted colour wise to stop copying? Is there any actual photos of the sheet in reality?
  3. Wow, thanks for that! Quite a price premium over the ruslan!
  4. Where did you hear this regarding Revell???
  5. Well that's just typical KittyHawk up their game significantly with the Su-35 and I buy it (and some resin cones for the back), the GWH come along with this news! As you say their Mig-29 line is superb, though expensive these days. I wonder what the Flanker will cost.
  6. Yeah I know but likewise I'm wary of ordering a kit with a 'TBA' price tag
  7. I'd still like to know where, how much and we can pre order from in the U.K.
  8. Airfix 2017

    Quite frankly, all of the above. But a new sea fury....*dribbles*
  9. Airfix 2017

    Gawd dammit Airfix....crack on....just take my money now....
  10. Looks great! That's one of my favourite aircraft! It's definitely one that deserves a new tooling in 1/48!!
  11. Did anything further come of this kit?
  12. Well VAT is bad enough Add import duty to that and RM/Parcel Force's additional 'Parcel Tax' if you get caught out, it's not much better here.
  13. Yes the least said about this 'island' the better Probably only going to get worse now that shipping company Hanjin or Haijin went bust recently.
  14. I was commenting more on situation for the UK I should have made myself clearer. 'they take months to show up in the uk 'channel' so to speak'.