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  1. Have you tried Masterbox models? They have several 1/35 scale.
  2. Airfix are making an announcement about the Airfix Club on Friday, according to their Facebook page.
  3. On 22nd February their facebook page said they were looking to launch the club again "shortly" and asked for suggestions what to include.
  4. Leamy

    Black vs Black

    The humbrol paint chart lists 33 black as Matt and 85 coal black as Satin. Personally I think dark grey is a beter choice for tyres.
  5. Airfix's facebook page says they are announcing a new tool tomorrow in their workbench feature. It also feaures a cryptic clue!
  6. I see Airfix has launched an Airfix Classic range of pre CAD kits. Included at the moment are some 1/76 soldiers, some armour and some ships. They will be out August/ September time. No planes yet, but looks like a good start, and not too expensive.
  7. First 2018 announcement is due tomorrow, according to their facebook page!
  8. According to the every reliable wikipedia the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier is due to be commissioned in 2017, so here's hoping.
  9. Leamy

    Coventry Blitz

    What about a Whitley bomber, not strictly involved, but illustrates what was being built in Coventry during the war (and shares its name with an area of the city).
  10. Lovely model. I have just typed Jasmine model in on ebay, and now have some explaining to do!
  11. The blurb says they are scrapping the mold after this production run, so it looks like it is now or never!
  12. As others have said it looks like you're too close. But you could try pressing the shutter half way down, on most cameras that will lock the focus and you can then press the button fully to take the picture (This might help if the camera is having trouble focussing because of lighting conditions).
  13. Oops, better ignore this thread then.
  14. I see on the Airfix site, they are running a "kitstarter" program. Basically, they dust of their old moulds and when enough people pay up, they produce a limited edition of that mould. Only bluetits and bullfinches at the moment, but sounds quite exciting to me. I would like to see some of the old boats myself and other suggestions?
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