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  1. Looks very good, any more progress?
  2. Looks good! I do like a good ship model!
  3. Like that, well done.
  4. Looking good!
  5. I have Tamiya's 1/350 USS Enterprise staring at me from the shelf. Photo etch aplenty in that big box, extra plastic, aircraft kits & decals. Reference books sit on the shelf next to it, a memory stick of images, several dozen printed off photos and a plan for the hangar deck and rough sketches of how things will sit, even a rough idea of presenting it on a sea base. I shudder to think of the cost. SWMBO would go into meltdown. Started it? No. I've only had it 5 years. I've only been intimated by it for 5 years. It's meant to be the ultimate model, my finest work, super detailed to a level previously unseen in anything I have done, the perfect paint finish, weathered to a point where the casual inspector will be dumbstruck. So good, so perfect in every regard that other modellers will quietly pack their tools, look at their own efforts, shake their head and quietly walk away, knowing they cannot achieve what they have just seen. Maybe tomorrow.
  6. Yesterday was a hard day at work. It was planned & I knew it was coming for the past 6 months. It was hard both physically & mentally. I was however successful and to celebrate this I had a little drink last night. It would seem that me, Dutch lager & Aussie red wine don't mix. This morning I woke up unwell. Very unwell. Being a rest day I didn't have to rise, so I didn't. My hangover was lifted by the news that Martin McGuinness is dead. I know we don't do politics and this isn't. On Sunday I had a few quiet moments about the deaths of David Howes & Derek Woods, both of whom I knew and have talked about on this forum in the past. McGuinness was, in my opinion, evil. He & his mates tried to kill my elder brother & his mates at Warrenpoint in '79 and whilst my brother recovered and would eventually finish a full career in the Army, many of his friends of course did not. Later, in 1987 & 1988 McGuinness & his mates would have a couple of attempts at me and my mates, coming really close by lobbing mortar bombs at us while we played football. I've got a bit of a scar but that's it. I have heard many of the UK's news outlets describe McGuinness this morning as a great peace maker and really gloss over his murderous past at the head of a terrorist organisation. Lord Tebbit called him a "murderous coward", well that sums it up. There is no political motive here, we talk about all sorts of stuff in this little corner of the forum and I rather like it. I just wanted to share that this morning I am remembering friends and celebrating the death of an evil, murdering terrorist leader and I hope it hurt like hell the whole time. Thanks folks, enjoy your day, I'm going to go now to the shed and stick my fingers to some plastic. Cheers!
  7. Yep. All of that. Although why I know those leaf springs came from a Tamiya Land Rover ambulance 20 years ago is confusing.
  8. Oh Francis that is just superb. You've made a real winner there, well done!
  9. Wow! That is superb. Phantastic if you will! Good effort!
  10. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Another great job.
  11. Looking good!
  12. Good grief Si, that looks the bizz, a real beauty! The helicopter thingy is looking okay too!
  13. Looks good, nice & busy.