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  1. Just took delivery of five Eduard 1/48 Overtrees kits Spitfire Mk.I Early Spitfire Mk.I Late, Spitfire Mk.IIa P-51D mustang and Lysander Mk.III All FedEx-ed from Eduard to the UK inside 5 days for around 55 GBP all in. Just got the urge to spend twice as much on aftermarket stuff now though
  2. Interesting news, I'll be really happy if the 1/72 C-17 is still happening, I seem to remember reading somewhere previously that they were struggling with/unhappy with their design work especially around the shape of the nose. I do know that an approach was made a few years ago to 99Sqn RAF asking if they could help out with sharing some plans - a request that was very quickly rebuffed by a manager from Boeing..
  3. I suppose that this news was inevitable but it's still sad news for me, growing up as a kid all I ever wanted to do was fly on a "Jumbo" my dream finally came true in 2004 when my wife and I took a trip to Vegas on a Virgin Atlantic 747-400. Luckily for me, my current job has seen me take a more comfortable seat upstairs on some of the BA fleet over the last 5 years, with my last trip being a flight from JFK - LHR on board G-CIVU in June of last year...
  4. Just wait until they release the full interior kit!!
  5. That's my credit card taking another beating then!
  6. The last time we were in Dorset we paid a visit to the Keep Military Museum in Dorchester https://www.keepmilitarymuseum.org/ it's not a million miles away from Bovington and well worth a couple of hours of your time IMHO.
  7. Gentlemen, Thank you all for your replies! Some great suggestions there (especially the XXXX and steak! ) I have a Saturday and Sunday to myself for any sightseeing before heading into work on the Monday so I'm looking forward to the chance to have a mooch around. I have plenty of sunscreen at the ready but not so sure about the shorts - my pasty milk bottle legs might put a few people off! Thanks again. Paul.
  8. Hello fellow Britmodellers, I have now had confirmation that I will be travelling to Brisbane for a business trip in September. This will be my first trip to Australia so I'd like to ask the usual questions about any advice that anyone can give regarding the Brisbane area? - obviously model shops or museums (especially aircraft or military related) worth visiting would be a bonus! I'm really looking forward to the trip (if not the journey there) and any information that will help in making my visit even more interesting would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance. Paul.
  9. Throughout this morning we have had a Dakota, Chinook, Jet Provost and a Spitfire over head, all at relatively low level - all departures from yesterdays RAF Cosford Airshow and a pleasant change to the civilian light aircraft that we normally get from Halfpenny Green!
  10. Hi Jon, All of your hard work has certainly paid off, that's a cracking build of a subject that you don't see very often. Out of interest, I've been looking at the Archer rivets for a build that I have planned but there are so many different options with rivet sizes and spacing that I couldn't decide which ones to buy - would you mind sharing which ones you used for this build as the finished look of them works just right for me. Thanks in advance. Regards, Paul.
  11. Not over my house but at the office, the Qatar Emiri Air Force C-17 "MAB" (the one painted in the Qatar Airways livery) was at RAF Brize Norton for a few hours yesterday afternoon - it made a nice change to see an aircraft that isn't dull grey.
  12. The Lancasterflew over us too, I know that she was due to do a fly past at the Black Country Living Museum for their 1940s weekend which would explain she she's over us so low, It's an awesome sight isn't it!
  13. That will be ZZ172 that was being used for pleasure flights as a part of 99 Sqn Families Day yesterday - it did 3 flights out of Brize taking the same flightpath. I was lucky enough to have been on the third wave which would probably have been over you at around 15.00 ish. Fantastic photo by the way!
  14. There's a rather interesting tail art adorning an RAF C-17 for the 99th anniversary of 99Sqn, look forward to hopefully seeing decals coming in the future.
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