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  1. There best finish i've seen in a long time. Particularly like the finish inside the jet pipe. How do you do this?
  2. Superb work my friend lovely finish. My ICM Gladiator is currently in WIP in 72 Sqdn markings from RAF Kenley in 1937. If it turns out half as good as yours I'll be pleased, and hopefully will post RFI on here
  3. Lovely job on a wonderful British aircraft. I still can't believe we no longer have the Harrier in the UK
  4. Dam and blast, so that's another model I've now got to build Lovely model of a plane that call beautifully ugly if you know what I mean. Thanks for posting
  5. You've produced a really nice rendition of a classic aircraft. Thanks for sharing with us
  6. I really don't know how I can express in words my amazement at your work. This is what inspires me to do build models and while I will never come anywhere near your standard, i learn so much from reading your posts. At the risk of appearing dumb can you tell me what "litho" is and where you get it from and how do you ateach it to your models. I've been using aluminium speed tape with limited success Cheers
  7. Very nicely done. I like the different greys and the light brown oil staining at the back. The air superiority grey Lightnings definitely showed plenty of streaking and staining as they were used pretty hard. You've captured it just right
  8. Regarding the undercarriage collapse I recall a number of incidents on T5 while I was at Binbrook (1980-87). One did involve XS416, apparently caused "one of the crew" selecting u/c lever instead of brake parachute (they were pretty close together). IIRC XS416 was returning our SENGO from RAFG following his part in the investigation into the crash of XS920 (I think) in which Flt.Lt Dave Frost lost his life. (RIP Frosty). Another occurred on XS417 which had a single leg collapse a few seconds after touchdown, which resulted in all T.5's flying around with u/clocks fitted. I also rem
  9. You're 100% correct, but as you say the belly tanks were often changed so we fitted what we received from The Tank Bay, so NM tanks seen on AD grey a/c and Light Aircraft grey on Grey/Green a/c . Also the LTF has a Mk6 on its strength but it's belly tank did not normally have the Aden canons fitted (a little more range) and acted as a supersonic target for tyro Lightning jocks. And if anyone wishes to paint an unusual Lightning scheme, XR773 flew in primer yellow for air test on completion of its Check 3 in ASF. It was then painted grey/green . Wish I had taken pictures. Happy
  10. Well seeing as you got to the mess to hoover up all the snap before our shift ended, that was the intention.
  11. I spent 7 years working on Lightning Check 3 servicing at RAF Binbrook and can safely say I never saw any Lightning that had green/grey upper surface camouflage with its undersurfaces painted in any colour - always natural BARE metal. Indeed we got visiting ATC cadets to "wadpol" all areas of unpainted metal ( including inside the intake), mainly to keep the little blighers busy. I also had many conversations with ex-Gutersloh Lightning F2A guys subsequently posted to RAF Binbrook who also stated undersides of camouflaged F2A's were natural metal (not painted at all). Hope this helps
  12. Modelling perfection. You've judged the finish beautifully
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