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  1. Moarein, I have watched and been amazed at your Victory as it has taken shape from the very beginning. What you have produced is quite simply the best HMS Victory model that I personally have ever seen. It is of museum quality. Your skills (and patience!) are amazing! Many congratulations on your achievement. What will you be doing with the completed model?
  2. I love it.....and perfect masking of the canopy....well done!
  3. Simply superb....well done! I have the 1/24 GR3 in the stash, which as you may know is absolutely plastered with superfluous rivets. Does the Sea Harrier suffer from the same issue? I can't see them on your model so I'd be interested to know what you did to remove them, specifically which filler did you use, assuming you used one of course.
  4. Now that is an exceptional build.....well done! I especially like the weathering of the metallic plates around the rear.
  5. I certainly do enjoy! You've done a fantastic job on the painting and weathering. Well done!
  6. That is an exceptional build, congratulations! The cockpits look amazing....and the weathering is highly realistic.
  7. Excellent work! Inspires me to dig mine out of the stash, where it has been languishing for around 10 years!
  8. It just gets better and better, Moarein, I am in awe!!
  9. Ye gods...that is modelling of the very highest standard! The cockpit just looks so real. Incredible!
  10. That looks absolutely superb....well done! I'm glad I have this one in the stash!
  11. That looks absolutely superb, despite the trouble it gave you. It's interesting to hear aboutyour fit issues. I built this kit almost as soon as it came out (RFI here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235070368-airfix-124-hellcat/) but I didn't really experience many fit issue to talk of. I did notice that the tolerances were very tight such that any paint on parts to be glued had to be removed since just a single layer of paint could impact on the fit, but without any paint in the way the fit was good.
  12. That is a stunning build! I particularly like the weathering. As a matter of interest, how long does it take you to build a kit like that?
  13. What a fabulous pair! Your SR-71 is superb....but the star for me is your B-58...my favourite plane of all time (see my avatar!) Works of art!
  14. Wonderful skills and a wonderful collection....congratulations! Could I ask how you paint the white fuselage on your models please....do you use a rattle can and if so what colour? Many thanks.
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