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  1. My goodness.....there is no superlative good enough for your build!!
  2. A beautiful rendition of the Shack....and very subtly weathered...well done!
  3. I can see the pictures now, thanks, and they were worth the wait! That, sir, is a work of art. I shall be very happy if mine comes out half as good as yours!
  4. Is it me....I can't see the photos? Just flashing light grey panels. I can see photos on all other posts.....would love to see this one!
  5. Superb! You've done a grand job there....one to be really proud of! I've just bought one of these and am about to get started on it....can I ask what brand of paints you used please and what shades for the upper and lower surfaces? Thanks in anticipation.
  6. Fantastic job, Neil, as with all your other airliner models. Can I ask, please, I know you mention Halfords racking grey, but was that for the light or dark grey of the upper wing surfaces, and which paint did you use for the other grey?
  7. Absolutely love it! How was the build?
  8. Lovely Lanc....one to be really proud of! I have one in the stash with loads of aftermarket but one thing that worries me are the raised panel lines. How do you sand the fuselage seam without destroying all that lovely detail?
  9. A superb and very realistic build. Since I'm a total AFV novice could you tell me how you did the mud please....it really adds a high degree of realism and I'd like to give it a go on my next tank build....cheers.
  10. Yep.....I've even used them on ships as well...they are quite versatile.
  11. Thanks! As far as the weathering, I just used my standard Flory washes and tried to add streaking effects to the vertical surfaces as necessary.
  12. Wonderful Tomcat, Jos, one to be really proud of. I'm just about to build Tamiya's other F-14A - the venerable 1/32 version - in the same scheme as yours. I always have trouble with the flat coat with my models, after first glossing and decaling. Your finish is flawless.....can I ask what product you used for your top flat coat please?
  13. Beautifully built Javelin.....one to be really proud of.
  14. This is just incredible work......museum quality. Congratulations on what you've achieved so far!
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