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  1. Indeed...but I still don't get why no retailer / importer from the UK ordered any, considering the demand that I assume is there.
  2. Can't believe AMK didn't accept pre-orders from the UK.. ..considering the expected huge demand that I anticipate from us in the UK - I want at least 2!
  3. Regarding the 5k target, I would love to have pre-ordered a couple of tomcats.....but as I remember there was no UK retailer in the published "official" list of retailers. I have nonetheless since been able to pre order one from Hannants, who weren't on that list. I wonder if AMK have counted the Hannants pre-orders.
  4. t15dja

    Revell 1/32 Tornado GR1 Weapons Pylons

    Excellent, many thanks chaps! Sanding has commenced!
  5. t15dja

    Revell 1/32 Tornado GR1 Weapons Pylons

    Sorry...first time I've tried to post a picture and it hasn't worked. I'll try again.....
  6. I am building the Revell 1/32 Tornado GR1 and have a question regarding the profile of the underwing weapons pylons please. I am building it in flight with the wings fixed in the fully swept back position. My question is regarding the pylons as moulded by Revell. When the wings are swept back each pylon does not fit the underside of the wing profile - there is a "lip", for want of a better word, at the front of each pylon that prevents it from making proper contact with the wing surface, such that only the very front and rear of the pylon actually touch the underwing surface. This will make them a challenge to attach! Strangely though, if I sweep the wings fully forward the pylon profile fits much better and makes good contact with the wing. I'm just wondering if that "lip" on the pylon is retractable in real life, such that when the wings are swept back the lip retracts allowing the profile of the top of the pylon to match that of the underside of the wing. If that is the case I assume that Revell moulded the pylons in the wing-forward position and I can simply sand off the lip, which will definitely help with attachment. I am attaching a photo of the pylon to hopefully show what I mean by the lip. Many thanks in anticipation.
  7. For information, here's the response from Hannants to my question to them about pre-orders for the F-14..... "We are trying to resolve the issue with supply of AMK. Long story short, we have sent them a couple of orders over the last few months which they have acknowledged but no order has so far been received. They have a European agent who unfortunately has had health issues and has been off the scene. I received details of the F-14 at the end of last week and once I can establish what is happening with our outstanding orders, we can hopefully start taking advanced orders for the F-14"
  8. There is no mention of a price on the Hannant's site where I have mine on pre-order.....hopefully Hannants customers will still get the discounted price if applicable? Also, are AMK taking note of all pre-order through Hannants since they were not listed in AMK's list of retailers?
  9. As with most thing in life, "you pays your money and you takes your choice", so if there is no requirement for flaps & slats then the Tamiya F-14 is a great kit. I personally want my F-14 to have all the options and based on my experience with buying their MiG-31 the AMK kit quality is truly second to none. For that reason I am very happy to pre-order the F-14, and have done so via Hannants, and after all the questions / speculation about when the kit will be available I'm grateful to AMK for giving us an update and some certainty on the release date. Keep up the good work AMK !!