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  1. Absolutely love it! How was the build?
  2. Lovely Lanc....one to be really proud of! I have one in the stash with loads of aftermarket but one thing that worries me are the raised panel lines. How do you sand the fuselage seam without destroying all that lovely detail?
  3. A superb and very realistic build. Since I'm a total AFV novice could you tell me how you did the mud please....it really adds a high degree of realism and I'd like to give it a go on my next tank build....cheers.
  4. Yep.....I've even used them on ships as well...they are quite versatile.
  5. Thanks! As far as the weathering, I just used my standard Flory washes and tried to add streaking effects to the vertical surfaces as necessary.
  6. Beautifully built Javelin.....one to be really proud of.
  7. This is just incredible work......museum quality. Congratulations on what you've achieved so far!
  8. Mine was exactly the same. Don't want to force it so it is just balancing there for now.
  9. I'd love to be able to see the early photos of this build, but for some reasons all photos before 19 October are just shown as links, which when clicked show tiny thumbnails. This happens whether I try and view on my computer, my tablet or my phone. Any reason for this please..can it be fixed? Thanks in anticipation.
  10. The sheen on the airframe looks absolutely spot on.....great job!
  11. I haven't heard of that technique......could you fill me in please? () no, seriously, what is it and how do you do it? Cheers.
  12. That is a beautiful build....well done! There are quite a few Eduard PE sets available for this model, could you tell me which one(s) you used please? Thanks.
  13. Brilliant work...I love it. I've got this kit in the stash, also with the same Eduard bits as yours. I've also invested in a RAM panel mask set by Dmodels in the hope of making the painting a little easier....time will tell!
  14. Thanks both. I think that taking / posting the photos and then viewing them on line might have subtly changed the shades of the colours. As I sit here now looking at the decals the letters do look more sky than appears on the photo above.....and the red is definitely still brown to me . Especially the tail flashes and separate roundel centres...here's a couple more photos. However, I do think the camera is changing the shade slightly. As a comparison I've just grabbed some decals to compare - in this case they are from the 1/48 Lancaster...see photo below
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