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  1. The Sea Fury rumour thread 2

    I built the model featured in Workbench and as I understand it there will be British 500lb GP bombs supplied in the production kit. That was a change made after the initial test shots. Cheers Jim
  2. Su-27 Flanker B 1:48

    Bagged one of these for £32.49 in this week's Creative Models special offers - early Xmas pressie for me! http://www.creativem...ials-c-205.html
  3. SMW 2016

    Thanks Orjan and Philip. We will check out the Tontine Hotel and nearby pubs - hoping we can meet up. Cheers Jim
  4. SMW 2016

    Anyone know of any pubs in the Ironbridge area that are likely to be infested with the modelling fraternity on Friday and Saturday nights? A friend and I were there last year and it seemed to be a bit of a desert ... Maybe we went to the wrong place but both of us do wash!
  5. Telford 2015 Freightdog releases - full list

    Further thread hijack .... and the 1/72 Tallboy Lancaster conversion??
  6. West Sussex Calling

    I'm in Seaford - there seem to be a fair few of us round here. Something in the water? - and there's enough of that! Cheers Jim
  7. Another hi from West Sussex

    ... and hi from sunny Seaford
  8. Hello from Russia!

    What he said!
  9. 1/32nd Trumpeter Harrier

    Hi Piero Thanks for letting me know about the cost of the resin bits. have sent you a PM back on this. Best wishes Jim
  10. Revell London bus, Routemaster RML

    Call me a pedant if you like but why is a bus that goes from Dalston to Piccadilly Circus heading south over Westminster Bridge??? Something to ponder over the mince pies.... Cheers all Jim
  11. Air Intake Covers

    I use the metal foil that you get covering the lids of Gu deserts (posh eh!) - but I suppose any similar metal foil would do . It is just the right thickness to be able to be bent, folded and cut to shape easily. I will try and post up some shots of my Rafale B - which badly needs them to avoid the see through look. HTH Jim
  12. SU 100 - First posting

    Deon If you can give me a heads up about when you might next go to Mid Sussex I'll dig this monster out of the loft where it is sulking in a box so you can have a closer squint. Having admired a lot of your stuff from a distance I think I have more to learn from you than you have from me ... but thank you anyway. Michaelvk - thank you for the nice comment ... means a lot from someone who does it for living ... I consider myself a shambolic amateur (well that's what I am really) . Now for a change of scene I'm just finishing the Klingon Bird of Prey ..... would anyone like some shots of that if I can sort me mouldy old camera out??? Take care guys Jim
  13. RAF Harrier GR.7/9 1/32

    Hi Piero This is truly excellent.I am very interested in getting hold of the resin parts that you have produced to correct this kit. Could you PM me to let me know how I can do this? Many thanks for your help - keep going Cheers Jim
  14. The Friday Night Thread

    Evening Karl Anymore obscured detail fetishists out there? - come on let's be having you. Pork scratchings and a Southern Comfort please barman. And whatever my friends are having J
  15. The Friday Night Thread

    Friday night and once again the pub is empty! (Sidles up behind the bar and pours a nicely balanced Pomerol) Alright - I'll kick off. Where do you stand on putting in detail where no-one can see it. I have to say I never used to - but as I get older I find myself doing it more and more (in spite of declining optics). Just put in load of plumbing in the deepest recess of my SU 25 wheel bays. No-one will ever see I can be assured - but I know it's there and somehow that gives me a good feeling . Is it a waste of time or something to be applauded? What do you do and if you do it where do you stop? That was nice think I'll have another Cheers Jim