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  1. No because it was embargoed. But if you go on Airfix Workbench for the Telford reveal last year there are plenty of high quality pics of the build.
  2. Yes I used it on the build of the Airfix 1/24 Hellcat as revealed at Telford last year. The finish is glossy - although not super high gloss. From the bottle it gives a pretty reasonable scale effect on that kit.
  3. Hi Colin I'd like one of these to pick up at Telford please, if you are able? I did email you via your site but not sure if that got through. Many thanks Jim Bren
  4. Sadly I'm not in tonight's episode - and not sure there's much Airfix content! I'll probably still watch though! Cheers Jim
  5. And just to give a bit of perspective - the description of us all as being "somewhere on the spectrum" was a light hearted and well intended reference by my partner about folks who enjoy our hobby. I think if we are honest we can all recognise that there are things about the behaviour of a lot of us in the hobby that can appear slightly obsessive and therefore a bit strange to people in the wider community. That doesn't mean to say that we aren't well adjusted, social people who can very adequately function in the world - or that we are in some way "weird". If the remark came across in that way then I'm sorry and whole heartedly apologise. In fact, turning it on its head, the ability to self analyse and be self aware about the way you appear to the world is in fact a very "non-autistic" trait - something to ponder? Cheers all Jim
  6. Hi Ant I did pick up on a couple of very minor things during the build which I fed back to the designer, although these were more to do with build sequence than parts fit or design. But in all honesty, what I built was pretty much the production kit - although I know there was a bit of very minor adjustment made to the wing to main spar tooling as I was building. One thing I will say is that this is one of the best engineered kits I have ever built, and a tribute to the skills of Chris Joy (the Airfix designer). Despite the complexity everything fits pretty much perfectly, with some really clever engineering (eg the undercarriage, engine mounting and wings) and is as idiot proof as anything of this size and parts count can be (as tested by a fully qualified idiot). The issues you see me going on about in the film were entirely of my own making as I completely underestimated how long it would take me to complete! Best wishes Jim
  7. Cheers Mike Always happy to chat to fellow modellers! I'm actually embarrassed about all the "master modeller" tag. I'm just an ordinary Joe and I know there are loads of modellers out there with skills way above mine. I was just in the right place at the right time. Thanks for all your great work on running the site! All the best now Jim
  8. Hi Pagey Thanks for the nice comment! The stuff I was using on the exhausts was Mig Productions Standard Rust Effects to simulate a bit of oxidation. The bottle was years old and I'm pretty sure they don't do that product any more though - although there are other substitutes Cheers Jim
  9. Thanks to all for the positive comments on this. It was a fun show to be involved with and, I think, was respectful in its approach to modelling whilst giving us a mild but good hearted ribbing. Hopefully the thing that most stands out is the sense that Hornby now has a clear direction and a management team who understand the business and are committed to putting it back on its feet. If I've been able to contribute to that in some small way then I'm happy. Oh, and our cat Safia is accepting offers of further screen work! Keep the faith Cheers now Jim
  10. Just a quick heads up on this programme in case you've not already picked up on it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00030wh Amongst other things it features me building the Airfix 1/24 Hellcat for unveiling at Telford - though I whole heartedly reject any notion that I am in any way a "master modeller" as the hyperbole suggests! Modelling content aside it should provide an interesting and light hearted insight into the recent fortunes of the Hornby Group which you may feel is worth a look. The second part is on the following week. Cheers Jim
  11. I built the model featured in Workbench and as I understand it there will be British 500lb GP bombs supplied in the production kit. That was a change made after the initial test shots. Cheers Jim
  12. Bagged one of these for £32.49 in this week's Creative Models special offers - early Xmas pressie for me! http://www.creativem...ials-c-205.html
  13. Hi Piero Thanks for letting me know about the cost of the resin bits. have sent you a PM back on this. Best wishes Jim
  14. Call me a pedant if you like but why is a bus that goes from Dalston to Piccadilly Circus heading south over Westminster Bridge??? Something to ponder over the mince pies.... Cheers all Jim
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