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  1. Hello, The 'Air Graphics' conversion sets are now listed on their website. https://air-graphics.uk/shop/ols/products/cs-019-airbus-h345-juno-ht1-conversion https://air-graphics.uk/shop/ols/products/cs-021-airbus-h-145-jupiter-ht1 £25 each + P&P Regards
  2. See the link in TheRealMrEd's post above. Regards
  3. A06022, Now available to order on the Airfix website - £27.99 Airfix A06022 Blackburn Buccaneer S Mk.2 RAF | Kit Model Regards
  4. Just noticed this (on Ebay): https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Combat-Kits-BAe-EAP-Development-Aircraft-1-72-scale-resin-kit/284105033289?hash=item4225fac649:g:NIkAAOSwJ9FfusrB I was tempted by the Freightdog (Silver Cloud) offering a while back. Tempted again............... Regards
  5. Just had my delivery from Tiger Hobbies (well packaged by the way as always), and what a thing of beauty it is. Can't believe it's 50+ years since I picked that Airfix series 8/ Type 3 box up as an 11 year old from Woolworths. thanks again Zvezda Regards
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/engine748 Is David Little aka 'Combat Kits'. Some of his stuff is also available on the Freightdog Models site. Very nicely moulded and prompt delivery. Regards
  7. ... and also showing as available to pre-order at Tiger Hobbies: https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/model-kits/ZVEZDA-Z321-1:72-C-130-H-TRANSPORT-PLANE-WITH-ROYAL-AIR-FORCE-MARKINGS?sort=pd.name&order=DESC £44.99 free UK delivery Regards
  8. Noted regarding the Buccaneer kit. I've got one buried in the loft stash (somewhere) along with every Airfix/Heller/MPC 1/72 boxing of the MRCA/Tornado GR1/4,F3, Harrier GR1/3/5/7/9 FRS.1/FA.2 (inc P1127), Jaguar & NA39/Buccaneer and Airfix club specials (sad I know). Regards
  9. Yes it was the old tooling of the GR5/7. If I remember correctly, the extra parts consisted of Paveway bombs, the same sprue that was included in the GR4 box. edit: there's a picture of the extra sprues in this article. https://intscalemodeller.com/viewtopic.php?t=25616 .... and yes, I think the same sprue(s) was included in the last release of the old Buccaneer moulding. Regards
  10. The 1/72 F3 version did indeed have extra parts added to it to make it into an 'EF3'. Four kits at the time had extra parts added. The Tornado GR1 to update it to a GR4 (sarcastic smiley!) The Jaguar GR1, The Harrier GR7 and the Tornado F3. The Tornado GR4 and Jaguar got new box art. The Tornado F3 and Harrier GR7 got a sticker on the box proclaiming 'Now Includes New Weapons'. I believe the starter set only contains the original F3 parts, although the Airfix website lists the parts count as 168! The original kits contained
  11. A similar question was asked at the end of June: Regards
  12. You could try MikroMir , they have a 'presence' in the vendors section of this site. Try dropping them a PM. Regards
  13. Do the moulds still exist after their 're-work' to an AC-130? The last issue was an Italeri re-box.. regards
  14. Anyone else watching on Youtube? 3 episodes so far. Lockdown does have some benefits it would appear. Regards
  15. Showing as in stock to me. https://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk/military-products/military-aircraft-conversions/1-72-scale/freightdog-models/freightdog-1-72-ee-bac-canberra-corrected-tip-tanks-set.html regards
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