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  1. I like this! Great work so far Jorgen, this will be a little gem when its finished
  2. First of all, great work on the detective work on all the Lynx, very useful and informative, thanks. Secondly I worked for a second tier company as a design engineer on the Wildcat, and I do respect everything you say, and understand your frustration, you are living with the problems after all. But you are mistaken when you say that the designers are lazy and that we have no pride in what we do. I am very proud of the hard work i put in on this aircraft. I have friends who became ill from the stress and workload whilst on this project. I could list arguments against most of what you have said regarding the design, but i don't want this to become a bun fight. All I will say in our defence is this. If computers really do push out designs on their own, then it would have been designed for even less money in even less time. The design was done to a very tight budget and timescale and any overspend was not in the structure design or electrical installation design. I was in many a design review where final decision were made with the MOD, and 90% of them had a uniform on. and thirdly, Good looking aircraft designed entirely on CAD (in my opinion), A350, AW139, A400M, 787, and this will be also.
  3. thanks for the advice on the wings. After a lot of umming and aahing, i put one half at a time in boiling water and put jam jars on them until they cooled. Not perfect but good enough for me.
  4. A few firsts for me here. I've never made a glider before, and I've never made a resin kit. I bought it a fews years back on a whim at Telford, and thought it would be good for this GB I couldn't make up my my on what to make next so a quick look in the GB area and decision made. First job, to straighten those wings! Hopefully it will be a quick build...........
  5. Its been a while since i did any real modelling, so i offered to make my friend and colleague, a model of one of his fathers hurricanes which he flew during the B-o-B. This was partly to say thanks to him for all the help he has given me over the last year, and partly a way to get back into the modelling groove. His father was Welsh RAF fighter ace Fredrick Higginson, who sadly passed away a few years ago now. I was lucky enough to have an evening reading through his flight log and i have posted a few interesting photos of that also. For which hurricane to make, I was spoilt for choice. I chose to Make US-A P3549. This was the only aircraft which had its letter recorded with the tail number in the log, so that was one less thing to try and research. Also he flew it on the 16th Aug 1940, shot down a Do17 for his 7th kill and crash landed his own aircraft in flames, so it had a bit of a story to it as well. Not the best model i have ever made, but I think it was good enough for my mate. I did manage to get his dads tache painted on. Tamiya and xtracrylics used, with flory models washes. As you can read later on down the page, he was truly one of 'the few' who deserve the respect and gratitude of everyone in the UK. There are hundreds of fascinating entries in the log, but i have only added a couple. I didn't take a picture, but his assessment as a fighter pilot in 1938 was given the result "average" FLAP means they were scrambled with the bell. I hope you enjoy. This is the entry in the log that i used. here are some more interesting entries "practice new formation" "cowling fell off" "escorting damaged destroyer" My favourite entry
  6. this post was t5 years ago, and i have only finished 4 of the models. unfortunately i have added another 15 to the unfinished pile.
  7. Lovelly model, but I was mostly impressed with the realistic qualities of the pilot. Great Job all round.
  8. I cant believe I put this up almost 6 years ago now. I so pleased it has helped this many people.
  9. This diagram brings back memories of my apprentice years. I had six months stripping and rebuilding these and the main gear boxes. I can almost smell the paraffin. Nicely done as usual Mike.
  10. I am going to have a go I think. I don't know what to make though. it will be 1:48 scale but I don't know which of my stash to do. I am trying to get my modelling mojo back. short list is. Merlin, Wessex, Wasp, Seaking and Whirlwind. I have to wait for my sciatica to get better first.
  11. if you took the photo on a white background, you couldn't tell it was a model. Great job.
  12. i will definately have a go at this one. i just hope my newly fired up, but spluttering a little, modelling mojo, is running smoothly by then. and keeps running long enough to finish a model.
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