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  1. Big thanks all! Much appreciated! Best regards Steve
  2. Thanks for that! Cheers Keith - the case came from Striking Displays. Striking Displays Their home page lists quite an impressive list of business clients - I'm very happy with the product and will be going back for more, besides collection in person is a good excuse for a drive down to Brighton, a wander round The Lanes, coffee and whatever takes our fancy. 'In person' is a thankful option as the post charges are eye watering, I gather due to the extreme care required in boxing up to prevent damage to such delicate contents. TTFN Steve
  3. Thanks K! The kit was very much a test bed for me in terms of trying out weathering approaches; the result (like most of what I've done previously) was more accident than design but that's ok - it's all learning. Cheers AD! TTFN Steve
  4. Hi Alan. Thanks for the nod on this one. TTFN Steve
  5. Cheers Keith - credit to Schwarz-Brot. Thanks old bean!
  6. Hi. Thanks for that. As I mentioned earlier, I welcome critiques; as you rightly say they're (usually) offered to help with improvements and so forth. What critique authors need to bear in mind though (speaking generally) is they're not automatically right and can (and should be) responded to but all in a civilised and respectful way - which is what we've achieved here. Your points didn't 'feel wrong' to me - as I've been at pains to emphasise, critique is fine, I just may take a different view but will always explain why, so keep on as you are mate, it's all good and feel free to critique anything I put up going forwards. So, for clarity, no hurt feelings here and thanks again for your advice. TTFN Steve
  7. Hi. Thanks for that. Please see my quote at the top - I maybe didn't emphasise enough that the steering wheel is (since the images were taken) 'flat'. I understand your advice about oil leaks but in truth (and after a lot of reference photos were garnered) they weren't all affected by oil leaks and there's no shortage of shots of vintage Fergie's that bear that out. I've seen them modelled with huge leaks that would (in real life) drop toxic oil where the farmer drove it - not conducive to soil health and not something that'd be tolerated. I simply went for something like the oil-tight machines I'd referenced, while having fun with the 'dusty' brief. A little AMMO Fresh Engine Oil found its way onto steering knuckles and the like, just for minor contrast but I dropped the leaky look after touring shots of oil tight machines. Sir Edmund Hillary took several Fergies to the South Pole in 1958. His communiqué, in the wake of the success of the projects reads: In his now famous telegram he told the ‘Massey-Harris-Ferguson Farming Company’: “Despite quite unsuitable conditions of soft snow and high altitudes our Fergusons performed magnificently and it was their extreme reliability that made our trip to the Pole possible. Stop. Thank you for your good wishes = Hillary” Oil leaks and such-like, in machines otherwise blessed with 'extreme reliability' is a function of poor maintenance, rather than inherent weakness in design and quality of materials, at least where Fergies are concerned; I don't attribute that to other tractors, where things might be quite different. What your point raises is something I meet in modelling often - the concept of absolutes and that there's a 'right' way and a 'wrong' way to approach anything. As my Fergie references revealed, they vary so wildly in finish, from fresh restorations to all varieties of wear, that you can pick and choose from a large menu of choice. In any event, as realistic as any model might get, in the final analysis they're all representations and not replications of reality. It's always good to garner third party views of anything put up for forum consumption (and I'm always glad to hear advice and critique) and I thank you for your kindness in taking the time to recount your personal experiences of these things but as I always say to others 'it's your model, so build for your own enjoyment, have no expectations of the result and make sure, above all else, you finish what you start'. Cheers Steve
  8. Cheers Marco! Yes, I'll pop some shots of the base up; it won't be anything so grand as a 'dio' per se, just a small section of ground for a bit of background to the Fergie. The bodywork and rear muguards were rust based, no clear barrier coat, top colour and wet scrub, checking often. The rest is just a base wash or three and pastel chalks scrubbed in, feathering demarcations where thought appropriate. AMMO's Rust Colours set was a real pleasure to use via a wet palette. TTFN Steve
  9. Hi Jeroen. Thanks for that. Seems every one of these I've seen finished ends up different - much looking forward to enjoying what you do with yours! TTFN Steve
  10. Thanks Keith. Technically, I guess the steering wheel should be black but my funky farmer said that was so passé. As I've seen 'Split' several times and the funky farmer 'had the light' I was in no position to resist... I'll definitely post shots on the base. TTFN Steve
  11. Cheers Brian! I should add that I only bought the kit on hols - it was built and finished at home. Can't rule out repeating the whole holiday purchase thing again next year lol! TTFN Steve
  12. ...With Heller's lovely (but occasionally flawed) 1/24 Ferguson TE-20 tractor. This is out of my normal shopping zone but given we were on holiday and my eldest son, now a paramedic, has had a lifelong interest in tractors and dad was suitably oiled after completing a 'gin trail' tasting challenge, the scene was set for a little online purchasing. A few clicks later and the kit was priority delivered to our self catering property. All seemed very promising with the contents and the potential for weathering was obvious, so I set myself a simple brief of 'well worn but fully functional in a usually dusty environment'. The steering wheel's had a bit of 'flat' sprayed on since but this is how it otherwise is. A nice, crystal clear acrylic case and base is on order from a quality outfit in Brighton and this'll grow a rutted, single track base, maybe with a bit of rustic fencing and so forth; we'll see, as I'm a dio novice and need to play catch up. It's often said in modelling circles that wandering away from your usual subjects is a good thing in growing experience and keeping things 'fresh'. That was certainly the case here and what appears perhaps to be a rather mundane piece of engineering is actually hugely interesting once you do a bit of history sleuthing on the web - the little Fergie was Sir Edmund Hillary's choice back in 1958, when he took three to the South Pole - check this out http://int.masseyferguson.com/antarctica2-hillary.aspx Fergies coming off the line in Coventry between 1946 and 1956 were grey. Mine has wound up with a funky farmer, who fanced theirs in a more fetching shade of 'russet'. This is what 'cha get when you hard weather that colour... TTFN Steve
  13. Cheers Kev - all credit to Wingnut for providing all that lovely detail. Roll on the Lancasters next year!
  14. Cheers Ray! I'm certainly happy to have navigated this one without (for once!) breaking off the rudder pulley or bracing struts that hang off the wing tips and tailplane edges lol. It's a remarkable kit but then Wingnut are synonymous with that and so much more. Thanks E! Much appreciated and thanks for the infill on the variety of taube designs. Hi Mark! I'm an overweight lump but working on that - thanks for the nod on the taube. What are you putting together at the minute? I'm looking forward to heading off to Telford next month; I have a 48 hour pass from the sturmbahn führer. Top of the bill for me will be the 1/32 HKM Lancaster production kit and the test shots of the Wingnut Wings Lancs that will apparently fly off the shelves the back end of next year. Stone. The. Flamin'. Crows! Take it easy. Steve
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