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  1. Crane

    Academy 1/72 Hellcat

    finally got the canopy masked by what I am going to call the 'patch method' then some black stynylrez for checking seams thinking ahead about color options, on the left is MRP Intermediate Blue and Sea Blue, on the right is some no-name water based acrylics I guess irl, the MRP colors are more realistic, and of course the Hellcat in the photo is a repainted museum piece, but it is tempting to go with brighter colors
  2. Crane

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    found this at Barnes and Noble
  3. Crane

    Hellcat main external fuel tank

    I've noticed that most (if not all) main efts on Hellcat models have nearly the same color and amount of wear. I would like to know if the efts were changed out irl, or if generally the Hellcat wore the same eft throughout it's life span.
  4. Crane

    Academy 1/72 Hellcat

    I have only recently begun to appreciate the stubby/tubby shape of the Hellcat. Once I did, I purchased 4 Hellcat kits!
  5. Crane

    Academy 1/72 Hellcat

    16 holes filled, all major building/sanding is complete canopy mask solution still elusive I missed a fit issue and only noticed it after gluing the main underside to the fuselage. It would have been an easy fix, but now I have to work around it. With a little sanding, the main underside would have seated where it should have - more toward the rear of the plane. I was not going to add the eft, but got bored waiting for glue to dry and put it together.
  6. I have 3 Spitfires going on but I am not happy with my clear coats. I thought it may be due to the cold winter air. In the meantime, my wife wanted to stop in the new Hobby Lobby that just opened, so I took her and walked around the store. All models were on sale, so I picked this kit up for $9.09. I figured it would be a fun build. It will be my first Academy kit and my first 1/72 scale build. I was so impressed with the details and fit, I'm putting some time into it. comparing it to my Eduard kit.... Trouble area 1 - the sprue attached to the prop. at the 2 rounded (bolts?) in center of picture, I had a tough time trying to reshape them seam inside the cockpit needs attention (right below the sight) trouble area 2 - canopy ridges are not pronounced, and I'm having a tough time trying to follow the outline with a blade, masks are as much as the model, so I am trying to get it done without no filler needed so far
  7. Crane

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    The cold is here and I am not happy with my clear coat testing. So for now my Spitfire builds are on hold. I picked this up at Hobby Lobby for a fun diversion. 20% off all models.
  8. Crane

    Tamyia Spitfire Mk. Vb

    Repainted under surfaces with a lighter shade, still not light enough but I am going to keep it. Fixed up a couple of tiny green over-spray marks too, so it was worth the effort.
  9. Crane

    Tamyia Spitfire Mk. Vb

    I guess I should repaint the lower surfaces? It looks too dark. Comments please, before I go down that road....
  10. Crane

    Tamyia Spitfire Mk. Vb

    Finally, upper surfaces top coat finished. I had to refer back to pictures to see how much undertones I let through the grey. In the future, I think I may try painting the entire model grey, then adding the green (less masking).
  11. Crane

    Hasegawa Spitfire MK IX

    It's not rain, it's knowledge and thank you for it. I believe I can conjure the notch back into existence. I was aware of a notch, but there is none indicated on the box art or in the instructions. It does appear however, in a picture of the tree which is very small and near the end of the instructions. The pre-shading is all air brush - loosely following panel lines.
  12. Crane

    Spitfire Poster

    Just got back from vacationing in Oregon. Found this print in a 'recycle/vintage' store, it measures 11"x17". Currently trying to find out more about it on internet searches. Thought I would share...
  13. Crane

    Eduard 1/48 Spitfire HF VIII

    quick question - I did a little research about Eduard Spitfires and saw someone mention that although the ailerons are separate, they weren't able to position them in anyway but straight. I see you were able to. Did you modify them? or did the HF kit allow it?
  14. Crane

    Hasegawa Spitfire MK IX

    Synylrez white base with pre-shading completed. White tail also complete, now it needs to be masked. Below that is the canopy showing where the tiny missing chunk was located, it is still visible as a semicircle between the center and rear canopy, a little more filler and it will disappear completely.
  15. Crane

    Eduard 1/48 Spitfire HF VIII

    My sentiments exactly. You have inspired me to build an HF.