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  1. Thank you. The kit's details are nice and I worked 'em.
  2. Mr. Paint for blues and white (not straight, I mixed to lighten the blues) Gunze for gloss and flat clear hobby store water base acrylics for details
  3. Great work. I love the looks of the aircraft too and have 2 in my stash. I'm just waiting until my skill could do them justice as you have done.
  4. To improve my skills I purchased this inexpensive Academy Hellcat kit. It is my first ever 1/72 scale kit and I was pleasantly surprised by the detail. I put my Spitfire builds on hold, and worked solely on the Hellcat, which has become my first completed build in over 15 years. I tested new paints, weathering pastels/enamels, decal solutions and glues. It was a great learning experience and I enjoyed every step of the way. Thanks to everyone here for answering my Hellcat specific questions. Feel free to comment (I am anticipating dings for too much weathering!). I will take it as constructive criticism. I have 4 more Hellcat models on standby and want to improve my skills. It is 'out of the box' and what I would call a 'what if', in the sense that I didn't try to copy any known existing Hellcat (as far as markings). One last note - I got very lucky with my photos. Up until last week my pictures were terrible, but somehow, moving my spray booth (which also serves as my light box) to another location corrected lighting issues and I am very pleased with the results. The bottom 4 pictures were taken with my new macro lens, and you can see some difference in the levels.
  5. I'm in the middle of reading The Great Bridge by David McCullough, but I picked this up while at the book store.
  6. Can't wait to test the Alclad Silver, and gotta get buildin' a light box!
  7. Thank you all! When I googled this stuff I get all scale models, none of which helped. I guess it has to do with search history.
  8. Hey Folks, I am finishing up my Hellcat and have a few questions on details. What color should the lights on top of the fuselage be? Should the antenna wire be the double wire type? if so, does the vertical one attach where I put the red circle? Did the vertical line between footstep and handle appear on all aircraft? My Walk Around book has not arrived yet and I'm anxious to get this build done. TIA
  9. Crane

    Mosquitocon 2019

    I have not missed a show in over 20 years. I am not affiliated with them in any way. Enjoy some pics I took - https://flic.kr/s/aHsmCgU59K
  10. build near completion, looking for some feedback before top clear coating notes: 1. weathering is fun and one goal of the build was to test techniques, but I tried not to overdo it 2. it is a 'wif' in the sense that I changed some of the markings, the instructions called for a 'K' and a carrier designation, but I didn't like the looks so I left them off 3. chipping is represented by tiny dots (I thought it would be more to scale that way) 4. I think the green inside the cowling needs some weathering
  11. small update flat clear over the decals and the beginning of pin wash spraying flat clear is x10 easier than gloss clear
  12. Some more firsts - first photos with a real macro lens and first decals I ever used (I used to paint them on in the old days and did so with my recent Spitfires which are on hold) No complaints. All I used was Micro Set (as much as I felt needed, it does not react with my paint at all) and a tiny dab of Micro Sol on the underside of the wing near the mechanism for the flaps (sorry it is not pictured, maybe in the near future) I couldn't wait to test some grey Tamiya enamel wash, it can be seen in the fuselage panel lines to the left of the big '40'
  13. I did not wick the excess - it was part of my test. I wanted to see how the solutions would react in worst case scenarios. Plus I was hoping the floor polish would 'encase' the decal.
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