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  1. Here is a picture of the Tamiya 1/48 Corsair I started over 15 years ago. It currently sits on the shelf of doom. I was afraid the one I am working on was going to end up next to it. Maybe completion of the 1/72 will inspire me to get back to this one?
  2. Hey Folks, Started another build (my fourth simultaneous). Sorry for no pictures of the cockpit, was too involved with the others. If I do anything special to a cockpit during a build, I promise pictures. I picked the kit up on Amazon when the price lowered. It was described as 'new'. When it arrived, every single bag inside was opened. Fortunately, everything was o.k. It was a lot of work trying to keep all the details on the fuselage in front of the canopy. Kudos to all who have built a corsair. It is something to consider before building one, which I wasn't aware of. I don't think I should have taken on the challenge yet, my scribing skills are poor. Plus, this is the first time I have used my new red putty and the whole thing looked a mess. I thought it was going to end up on the shelf of doom, until I put a coat of white primer on. Not too shabby looking after the primer. Actually I'm really happy with it so far and the build will proceed!
  3. Excellent work and thanks for posting pictures. I am in the middle of one and finding it hard to keep the details on the front fuselage. Did you have to fill in the step hole in the port wing flap??
  4. Sorry for the slow updates, I am back to work and have 4 builds simultaneously I know it may not look like much, but this is the finest coat of paint I have ever sprayed. My own mix of MRP Middle Stone and Sand
  5. I've been putting that kit off over fear of trying to airbrush metallic paints. Maybe you can inspire me
  6. The color is my own version of Azure Blue, which is basically Mr Paint Azure Blue + Insignia White I'm finally gaining a little confidence in spraying gloss clear coats. I will probably give this until next weekend to 'cure'. Then on to the top coat of middle stone on the upper surfaces.
  7. pictures are not working for me I'm working on the 1/72 version, so I will check in frequently!
  8. Another build started while waiting for the clear coat to dry on my Hellcat. Sorry no pictures during the main building time.
  9. dee caled or as some may say, dec aled
  10. the finest clear coat I have ever sprayed (a lot of luck was involved)
  11. Are the raised bars circled in red an error? or a particular wing type?
  12. With the Spitfire MK IX almost done, I had some time to spend on this project. Main top coat and USS Hancock marking added. It will be another 'wif'.
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