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  1. Hello my friends, after a hot & long summer break I'm back to my model desk. It's time to start the painting phase... my favourite phase. First of all, the canopy and cockpit were masked with tape and paper, then a good layer of a solid grey has been airbrushed as primer: although there are a number of specific products around for this job, I still prefer to use a cheap and reliable acrylic plain color mixed with some clear gloss. Nice landing gears eh?... After 12 hours I checked if there was any fault of filler... luckily everything seems ok... so I sprayed an almost black colour along the panel lines. Grigio Mare Scuro (Dark Sea Grey) and Verde Scuro (Dark Green) camouflage paints were airbrushed using blue-tak rolls. Black was sprayed for the tail fin band and circular antenna on the top of fuselage. The anti glare area in front of the windshield was spayed black too but then I discovered that actually on the AMI G.91R it was Dark Green, so I resprayed in this color. Some post-shading is already done too. Alluminio (Flat Aluminum) was airbrushed on the under surfaces. Black antenna panels were sprayed too. At this time I had to respray in Zinch Chormate Green the undercarriage bays too. Now a good clear gloss layer is a must in preparation for the washing and decal phases. A dark wash was applied. CIAO! Piero
  2. Hi Nick, nice to hear you. Thank you, if you find something about it... I'm in the process to build a new GR.5 in 1/32... CIAO! Piero
  3. Hi John, thank you for your effort, but the GR.5 was a completely new jet, with different weapon systems. CIAO! Piero
  4. Hi, I was wondering if the RAF Harrier GR.5 was ever cleared to use the Matra 155 SNEB rocket pod... At that time the SNEB rocket pods, together with the BL775 cluster bombs, were the primary weapons for RAF's CAS planes. I know that the GR.5 was a "troubled & interim" airplane waiting for the GR.7 and for this reason many developments and fitting were deleted. I saw pics of RAF Harrier GR.7 with these pods... but never the GR.5. Any info about it? CIAO! Piero
  5. Hello, the hot summer here is already started... so modelling is slowing down. But some progress are going on. The IP cover with the collimator is fitted. I added a map's bag on the left side. The front wind shield has been black painted inside the frame and than glued to the fuselage. No problem here, the fit is almost perfect so no filler is required. Despite the kit includes PE vortex generators, these parts has been replaced by me using thin plasticard strips and added to both side of fuselage's rear section. I have also replaced the vertical trim and actuators using plasticard. PE strakes has been added to the mid-chord of the wings. Small details as reinforcement plates, heat discharge, drain pipes and anti-collision bacon has been added around the fuselage. A light dark wash was applied to highlight panel lines and any eventual imperfection of the work. The model almost ready for the next painting phase. CIAO! Piero
  6. Hello my friends, thanks you for your comments on my Gina! A big step forward was made last days with the wings glued to the fuselage. And as you can see there was a needs of a good amount of putty here and there... especially to fill the micro-bubbles-holes... argh! After that also the tail planes were glued to the fuselage. Time to check the filling & scribing job... Taking a break from the filling & sanding task... I spent some time to search a good match for the Dark Green... here a palette to compare the FS34079 of Tamiya and Gunze acrylic paints... mumble mumble... After that mess of colors I need a real break... wagyu steak...slurp!!! CIAO! Piero
  7. Hello guys, here is the fuselage glued with a lot of CA acting also as putty. After a good session of sanding some bubbles came up especially under the rear section of the fuselage. A resin part that really disapponted me was the nose... the part doesn't match with the front section of the fuselage. Again, a good session of sanding and the nose profile is flushed with the fuselage. Now its' time to rescribe all the lost panel lines and add some details all around the fuselage. CIAO! Piero
  8. Hi Alex, thank you very much!!! Yes, I've noted the thickness of the fuselade around the bays... it's a plus for the strenght of the kit but a minus for the level of detail... but I can live with this. I've already closed the fuselage and started with the filling&sanding stage... tomorrow I'll show you the result...argh! CIAO! Piero
  9. Hello my friends, a little update on my Gina. Some details has been added inside the exhaust tube. The turbine has been corrected in shape and details. Now the internal parts are ready to be fitted inside the fuselage. A lot of dry fitting is a must here... especially for the cockpit and jet intake areas. CIAO! Piero
  10. Hi guys, some progress on my Gina. External fuel tanks and wing's pylons are done. I've used Tamiya XF62 and Gunze H330 for the Dark Green and Tamiya XF16 for the Aluminum. The finsh is semi-matt. At this stage I've finished the main undercarriage bays, painted with Tamiya XF58 for the Interior Green. Some tubes and pipes were added too and painted with Vallejo. Cockpit tube and instrument panel are finished. The collimator, as other small details as switchs and throttle, will be added later after the main parts will be fitted inside the fuselage. Some specific parts for the Italian G.91 R/1 are the panels that cover the guns and the one at the back of the camera's nose cone. These resin parts are easy to work with but a little attention needs to be carried on to fit the panels with the fuselage without losing all the the small details around. CIAO! Piero
  11. Hello my friends, thank you very much for your compliments on my Harrier fleet. The Harrier is my favourite jet/aircraft ever and always will be. I should start to work on a GR.1 model in 32nd scale this summer... will see. CIAO! Piero P.S. Sorry for the rug
  12. Hello my friends, thank you very much for your compliments on my Harrier Plus!!! CIAO! Piero
  13. Hello, as request by some of you, here some pics of my Harriers in 1/32nd scale. MMI AV-8B Plus RAF Harrier GR.9A RAF Harrier GR.7 RAF Harrier GR.5 USMC AV-8B CIAO! Piero
  14. Hi Andrew, many thanks! yes, the AV-8B can carry up to 4 external fuel tanks. Depending on the type of war load, the external fuel tanks can be carried on the internal pylons or on the middle pylons. CIAO! Piero
  15. Hello my friends, pictures of the completed model can be found here: CIAO! Piero
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