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Red Flag 84-2: 563TFS F-4G

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F-4G Phantoms of the 563rd Tac Fighter Squadron, 37th Tac Fighter Wing out of George AFB. Red Flag 84-2, Nellis AFB, February 1984.



69-0237 563tfs WW KLSV 19840201 22cr



69-0246 563tfs WW KLSV 19840201 10cr


69-0265, that's one of the ground crew napping on the aircraft spine...

69-0265 563tfs WW KLSV 19840201 21cr



69-0304 563tfs WW KLSV 19840201 14cr



69-7232 563tfs WW KLSV 19840201 11cr



69-7581 563tfs WW KLSV 19840201 11cr


Thanks for Looking,


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Hello Sven,

      If you ever get this can I ask do you have any other photo’s of F-4G 69-0304 ? I ask because Im building her as she started out life as an RAAF F-4E. She was returned and converted to a F-4G in the 1970’s. Im trying to find any more photo’s of her patterns and schemes. Because I’d like to show her in a later scheme. I have this photo here in her Euro scheme and also in her final Hill scheme. Any help would be great if you can if not I appreciate this photo being posted so I can find it. 


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