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  1. If it's a gloss coat for decaling then Klear/Pledge is the goto solution (sorry); either brushed on or can be lightly thinned with water or acrylic thinner and sprayed. As ever practice on something that doesn't matter first. PS It can also be mixed to a satin finish with an acrylic matt varnish such as Xtracrylix.
  2. Has a BM meet up been scheduled? Be good to put faces to names.
  3. In a word - no. Three were resprayed as part of the major servicing - nothing to do with the American mis-matched colours (colors?) on delivery. Lots of information relevant to the thread can be found here: https://bpag.co.uk/
  4. A random thought but could that band around the cowling actually be a strap of somekind?
  5. Just a thought: 892 NAS was the only operational/frontline squadron, 767 being a training squadron. As the Ark Royal would have carried Buccaneers for the strike role, would the Tooms have ever carried bombs or just A2A ordnance in anger?
  6. As it's a 68-70 period a/c, are you using the rounded fin cap as I suspect the RWR wasn't fitted then.... and don't fit the ILS aerials as the RN a/c didn't ever have them fitted. (bound to be proved wrong there!)(the restored one at Yeovilton doesn't count!)
  7. HiDecal sheet 72055 has some interesting Gray Phantoms; F-4Ds of the RoKAF and 65-801 of the 704TFS USAFRes in a cloud scheme and 66-751 of the 93rd TFS in what they call a leaf gray scheme - sort of SEA but in medium grays.I suspect it might have been a one off - or it's a figment of somebodies imagination because I have never found a picture. Now there's a challenge to @Old Viper Tester !
  8. @Old Viper Tester, the decal firm which produced the "Coonass Militia" logo was Micro/Superscale and I think Esci also included it in a boxing of their F-4C. If it's vital info for anyone I'll dig through the sheets I have to get more detail.
  9. I'll have a look at the vent doors on 474 next time I am at DX
  10. @canberra kid and @Simon. I have the chance to get close to XV474 at DX on a regular basis and her air brakes and dog-tooth are pink; however I think it's a case that there is a light overspray of LAG on the original red rather than being painted pink as the finish is certainly not car showroom quality!
  11. Better still read it - Dorothy L. Sayers was the best of the golden age authors.
  12. There is a series of programmes starting on Yesterday at 9 tonight about Hornby and how models are developed. Possibly more train set related but they were on Radio Northampton this morning and much was made of the planning and research which goes into a new model. (Thought more people would pick the info up here than "chat".)
  13. Halfords white primer, lightly sprayed in layers, then Klear as the gloss coat.
  14. Yes. As a young modeller (from the age of 6) I not only extended my reading skills but learnt a massive amount about a/c from the old style Airfix instructions. I remember the closely typed Stirling sheet when it first came out in particular. Then, in the early 1970s, there was the fun of trying to work out what the Hasegawa translations from Japanese to English actually meant.
  15. XS919 is spot on ......... XR770 isn't.
  16. Hi Gene - I know you have been ultra positive about the Finemolds Phantoms and you are totally right , they're gorgeous. Looks like my little joke about waste plastic got lost in translation across the pond! My J came from Hobbylink and I used Japan Post - total cost was £36.04 - about $48. Take care and enjoy your weather - it's getting wet and cold here! Iain
  17. @Gene K, alternatively we could praise Finemolds for reducing single use plastic waste - unlike the Airfix kit where if you melted down all the unused bits you could almost use it to mould another kit! PS Just received my Marine F-4J - pretty good as I ordered it less than a week ago!
  18. As you are on to the RAFG squadrons you could try the blue retirement schemes for the F-4s - that way you could get away with the arrow head unit markings. For 1/48, the Revell boxing of the FGR.2 had the 92 arrow head on the decal sheet. I have a 3/4 finished Esci/Italeri A-4 (1/48) on the shelf of doom and nothing currently in progress - off to the decal spares box I think.
  19. Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott is already there.
  20. The walkways on the wings and fuselage were coated in an anti slip coating - to get the effect on a model add a little talcum powder to the paint. As for walkway colours, while the USN ones were clearly painted in a gray different to LGG or black I have never seen reference to a separate gray used on the Hill Gray scheme(s) and suspect the variation might have been due to dirt collecting on the anti-slip coating - but could be wrong!!!
  21. @Gekko_1, I have always admired your work, especially those African nation FGR.2s you did some time ago. Just a thought that any RAF Skyhawk would have been with a mud mover squadron such as 6 or 54 rather than the fighter boys or alternatively the TWU such as 79(R) or 151. The relevant Xtradcal Hawk sheets should fit.
  22. As I posted earlier there are shots of them with pods, sparrows (live and ballast) and bombs (live and practice) fitted in flight so there're a number of possibilities to add some additional variation in colour. I haven't found any pics with the recon pod fitted alongside sidewinders though. As for the practice strike on the range - if it happened it would have been accompanied by very clear instructions to double check the switches and not send the, expensive, recon pod through the target.
  23. Colin, I think you are right in that it would be unlikely to carry out a joint strike/recon mission. Whether or not a recon mission would be carried out with sparrows (or sidewinders) for self defence is another question. On another note I'm not sure how many pods the RAF had - almost certainly not enough for every a/c in 2 and 41 squadrons - and I seem to remember a discussion about how many a/c were wired to carry them anyway.
  24. Any pre-shading I do always gets covered however carefully I brush paint.
  25. In Richard Ward's book "Phantom Squadrons of the RAF and FAA" there are shots of F-4s with the pod as follows: XV407 41 squadron, EMI recon pod, 4 white sparrows, 8 BL755 cluster bombs (2 each on the inner and outer wing pylons. (probable publicity picture) (in flight) XV495 (with sharkmouth) 41 squadron, EMI recon pod bare outer wing pylons, inner pylons each with 2x 500 pounders and blue ballast sparrows on the forward missile bays XV437 54 squadron, EMI pod, outer wing tanks, 2 Sneb rockets pods on each inner pylon, white sparrows in the rear and blue ballast shapes in the front bays. (probable publicity shot) (in flight)
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