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  1. A lot of grounds were dug up to grow crops - cue the idea of a few landgirls watching the proceedings?
  2. Yes. Personally I wouldn't bother replacing the entire intakes because it will mean cutting and sanding and filling and scribing. Scribe the vents yourself or use the decals provided. All Phantoms had those vents above and below the intakes. (PS - it's FGR.2 as in Fighter Ground Attack Reconnaissance - the FG.1 didn't have the recon role)
  3. How we get from a hotel which has not had the first sod of earth dug yet to German cars' quality beats me - more like UKAR! But on the German note, why is it they insist on fitting obviously inaccurate speedometers; most speeding cars I see are BMW, Merc or Audi.
  4. @Paul J - it's going on land to the back of Air Space and the ARC building and car parking sufficient for the hotel is planned into design. Part of the site is overflow car parking rather than everyday use. "That" bridge has just been renewed. It could be argued that the Airspace and American Air Museum are architecturally at odds with the historic site................. - I will leave it at that. I also think there is a general lack of understanding, not through individual ignorance but due to a complicated funding formula, on how our national museums are funded; year o
  5. XV404 I think - shame she never flew in the scheme. I also visited Wattisham in April '93 as they were chopping her up - I still haven't got over the experience. Good job you are going for intake covers (although did she ever use them?) - I got to the point of painting the one I did (1/72) and came to the conclusion that the intakes were sprayed black at least some of the way in. Don - you also obviously support my fave team!
  6. @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies sums up the concerns the volunteers hear on a daily basis at Duxford in particular about the direction IWM is taking. Please remember that all Duxford decisions are made by London based (London centric) staff. A few points: The plans have been in place for quite awhile now with planning permission having to be reapplied for due to mistakes made by the local authority; nothing sinister but Covid got in the way of the consultation process. The planned site is behind the Air/Space Hangar - as far as I can make out it's on the coach/overspill car park. I think
  7. It's not so much the intakes which are wrong but the missing grills above and below the intakes as well as the smaller vents above the exhausts. Firstly, you can scribe them yourself with a sharp knife or pin and a good edge - only a few mm each. If it's the Black Mike (RAF) boxing (as opposed to the Royal Navy one) the vents are included on the decal sheet and look fine when applied. There are fit issues with the Airfix kit you need to be very careful with. First is that many of the parts have a very tight fit and if you do any pre-painting you need to remove any paint from mating s
  8. I'd like to see figures for the Gnats the Indians used in the Indo-Pakistan war - I believe they made short shrift of the Pakistani Sabres.
  9. Middle of The North Sea and somewhere on the southern edge of the Sahara?
  10. Thanks, Dennis. That picture is useful for the amount of wear on the a/c - that port wing looks interesting.
  11. I am using the CheckSix sheet 72005 to model XV333/I of 16 squadron. at Laarbruch in 1979. It's in the wraparound scheme but would the underwing serials have been applied? Thanks.
  12. @Gene K - thanks as ever. However 66-0243 (with the F-15 tank) is an F-4D which I picked up initially because of the ADC Gray radome. So my next question is about the F-15 tanks; I know that E's and G's used them, we have proof that the D was capable, so were the RF-4C's or "ordinary" (not a word usually associated with St Louis' finest) F-4C's capable of carrying them or was it a simple choice between the original tanks and the high g ones or, more simply, were the C's gone by the time the F-15 tank was introduced? Edit: I have just had another look at that F-4C at Mildenhall
  13. As we're commenting on the box art there are 2 points on the Michigan F-4C I'd question. First is the large aerial depicted on the spine - I know some Phantoms carried that aerial, not sure what it was, but know somebody will, but I can't find any photos of Michigan a/c with it. The second is the inclusion of the centre (center?) line tank rather than 2 wing tanks which seems to be the more usual fit -again I can't find pictures to prove it. However I am just about to start my F-4EJ in Oceanic camo and have a C and a J on order - stunning kit.
  14. Just to muddy the waters IIRC (or not) weren't the F.2 and the F.3 slightly different lengths due to differences at the back end. (As Pete said, it's along time ago.)
  15. Bovington? I knew Bovingdon had an airfield and that most of the film was done from Duxford or am I being denser than usual? Edit: having just checked wikipedia I think Bovingdon is more likely, partly because I lived near Bovington at the time the film was made and was interested in a/c even then.
  16. @LN-KEH I also received that e-mail and know the grammatical mistake wasn't yours so apologies if that's how it appeared. The message was probably written by the same employee who was recently castigated about his recent Airfix Workbench contribution about the Bristol "Blen-Hyme".
  17. The other colour issue is that Japan had it's own colour system and while the very first (4) E's and the RF-4E's (which were built in St Louis) were delivered in FS colors (FS36440 I think) so FS matches aren't exact - unless anybody knows different. There's a good book called "Defenders of Nippon: F-4 Phantom II by Fearis, Scott and Sands published by Kaburaya books which is good. You might also want to contact the Japanese Air Force SIG (Special Interest Group) of IPMS (UK) who might be able to help.
  18. Getting the grammar correct would be nice; it's fewer not less.
  19. Off topic but a Gauntlet story. In Hangar 4 at Duxford there is a large painted sign high on the wall stating Gloster Gauntlet: Endurance two and a half hours. (or words to that effect. The story goes that up until the introduction of the Gauntlet, endurance of the aircraft in service was between one and one and a half hours. A flight of 4 newly introduced Gauntlets took off and after an hour the fog came in and no landing ground could be seen; 3 of the pilots bailed out so causing the loss of 3 new aircraft. One pilot remembered that his new machine had longer endurance, stayed wit
  20. I'm afraid @Silverkite is mistaken in his view that Japan received 2nd hand F-4Es from the US. Japan bought 140 F-4EJs (all unslatted); 4 were built at St Louis, 13 were delivered in kit form (2 never constructed) and the other 125 were built in Japan. Greece, Turkey and South Korea did receive 2nd hand E's. Israel also got pre-used Phantoms; probably from the 401st at Torrejon in Spain (hence the pictures of SEA camo a/c with Star of David markings. There are also stories that a number of short-nose Phantoms (B's or J's) were also sent to Israel at the time of the Yom Kippur war.
  21. 40 year old Esci decals will fall apart as soon as a cloud goes over the sun. However, I find that putting 2 coats of decal film over them and letting it dry fully, then being gentle is about 80% successful with larger decals but forget it with narrow stripes etc.
  22. Bruce I have just found the Sword sheet for the T2/T2A, TAV-8
  23. I thought my knowledge of RAF Phantom markings was complete but those black and white checks are new to me: I assumed they went from a light blue to dark blue around the time that the RWR was fitted. However having had a quick look at Last of the Phantoms it appears I was wrong - some 19 squadron with bars around the roundel and on the RWR fin cap - some only around the roundel. There's a colour picture in Dick's book (p31 of a 19 sqd FGR.2 in camo with clearly dark blue and white checks - attributed to MOD-PR). Once they went over to the grey scheme it was a return to light blue
  24. Spoilsport - half the fun is the guessing!
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