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  1. In 1/72nd scale it's Microscale sheet 72-468. The sheet provides two options for the 122nd TFS/159th TFG: 64-0841 in the same segmented scheme which @Old Viper Tester has pictured as 63-7704 which wears a horizontal banded Light Grey FS36495/Light Compas Ghost Grey FS36375 scheme.
  2. I don't know if there are any differences between the A model and C model F-16 canopy but Rob Taurus produce an aftermarker vacform example. Hope this helps.
  3. One of those kits which was always sitting on the shelf in Woolworth's toy section when I didn't have enough pocket money/birthday money to get it. Memories of simplier times well built Dave.
  4. Excellent pictures although now need to resist the urge to pull my Revell 1/72nd scale B-1B down from the loft....
  5. Thanks James Must admit I was thinking about a Middle Eastern scheme: sand/stone upper surfaces and PRU Blue undersides or a test scheme, either "Raspberry Ripple" or the more elegant grey, red and white scheme worn by the A&AEE's DH Comet 4C which would probably be one of the Valiant's contemporaries.
  6. A question for the knowledgable. I expect the obvious answer is going to be look towards a contemporary Vulcan or Victor and choose a variation of any grey/green camouflage upper surfaces and white or grey undersurfaces; if the Pathfinder version of the Valiant had entered RAF service are there any alternative schemes which the aircraft might have worn ?
  7. Just to drop an idea into the water for you: would any of Reedoak's 3D Printed figures become suitable volunteers?
  8. Risking taking the conversation away from Chinooks and drifting it back to tanks: did you sculpt the figures in the two Challys Si ?
  9. Better but I'm not sure if the pale roundel blue trim works: roundel red might give a better contrast. To drop another suggestion into the mix, what about overall Dark Sea Grey scheme ?
  10. Given the RAF's propensity to apply grey/gray paint to everything the scheme worn by the two BAe 146 C Mk.3s operated by 32 (The Royal) Squadron is probably a good starting point. I think it might be an overall Camouflage Grey colour.
  11. Taking the opposite view: does the publisher have any obligation to complete the entire series or is there always an inherent risk when you begin one of these projects that you will end up with just 56 of 120 promised magazines and a box of parts ?
  12. If you wanted to add a splash of colour some of the TWUs' grey Hawks wore blue or black painted tails and 79 squadron operated camouflaged Hunters with red spine and wingtip flashes.
  13. Proper old school scratch building: following with interest here.
  14. Hi Hans I've always thought that the kit they are wearing is typical of the mid/late nineties to date so they would probably be in keeping with a later mark of Sea King but not a Wessex however there are some more knowledgable heads who may be able to confirm this.
  15. It's been a pleasure to follow your build and the finished model is definitely something to be proud of.
  16. Gentlemen Indeed it is Cracking build so far Guy !
  17. Excellent: your weathering and overall finish create a very lifelike model but adding a couple of figures are a simple step which bring it to life.
  18. Presuming to offer an alternative suggestion: could you finish it as a hangar queen/spares reclamation source or derelict airframe ?
  19. I'd suggest a restoration job on the Cosworth (or as it's referred to in some parts of Essex the Cozzer). You might be able to get some replacement wheels from Hiroboy and they also have some suitable decals in stock so perhaps you could finish it as a tribute car?
  20. That's very neat @JeroenS - it looks like the sort of trailer my local farmer uses to transport his hay and straw bales
  21. A small tool box or angler's tackle box will probably help you keep all of your stuff organised.
  22. The KC-135T is the re-engined version of the KC-135Q tanker which supported the SR-71 Blackbird fleet: externally they are virtually identical to the more numerous R model but have a different internal tank layout: a legacy of the requirement to separate the Blackbird's high flashpoint JP-7 fuel isolated from the JP-4 fuel used by the tanker and its more conventional customer types. The E-11 isn't an ELINT platform but a carrier for the Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN) system - effectivley a flying datalink.
  23. That's a very smart Jeep and wider scene, if I could suggest one small embilishment: if you have a very steady hand and a small drill, could you hollow out the tip of the Browning's barrel to give it a more true to life effect? Will your next project be the subject of the driver's obvious amusement ?
  24. I think I've seen a couple of references in other threads about the manufacturer being affected by one of the wild fires in the United States last year.
  25. That looks very credible although should it actually be christened USS B&Q ?
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