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  1. Back in the day one of my father's friends had a similar Transit Camper (kept in much better condition) and we occasionally borrowed it for family holidays, one event which still comes up in conversation is day one of our first trip away to Wales: my sister and I were fast asleep in the two bunk beds built into the tent-house roof when I decided to roll over and fell out of said bunk resulting in a very soft but sudden landing on my parents who were fast asleep on the fold out bed beneath us! Needless to say on subsequent nights we were safely fastened into our bunks with bungee cord. One detail point - Longleat Safari Park's monkeys love the taste of the windscreen washer nozzles.
  2. Excellent - an everyday scene that would be at home in the Sennelager Training Area.
  3. That's a very neat and imaginative scratch build which complements your work on the boat perfectly - all of the pipework and associated clutter make the platform look a lot like a fuelling or liquid transfer station.
  4. Another excellent and imaginative addition to the fleet, it's been a pleasure to follow your build. Thinking that you need to add a contribution from the French Space Agency - perhaps something in the style of a Mirage III with delta wings, needle point nose and gleaming natural metal finish.. Just a suggestion of course
  5. That's the sort of WHIF which, if you presented it in a display at a show, an "expert" (weighed down by large rucksack of course) would probably tell everyone all about its successful service history with the Kriegsmarine during the First World War.
  6. @Duncan B at BlackMike Models has it listed as a future release.
  7. Man in black top: "<Suitable expletive> - look at the size of that rat !"
  8. Another excellent example of your work and unique imagination. If you have one to hand could you also include the ubiquitous "junk yard dog" ?
  9. Hi James Another option might be to look for promotional images from various NATO exercises or deployments, for instance the Baltic Air Policing mission.
  10. The consequences of testing the depth of mud with both feet at the same time. In some ways the scene has a slight post-apocalyptic feel to it ...
  11. It's always easier to suggest that someone else tries to do it rather than doing it yourself (unintended pun) - could you source some plastic pipe from your local DIY or plumber's supplier and scratch build a larger scale missile. Using some dimensions taken from the web, a 1/48 scale Polaris A3 would have a diameter of 28.5 mm and an overall length of 205 mm; the corresponding dimensions for a 1/32 scale missile are 42.8 mm and 308 mm.
  12. Looks very effective and utilitarian, it would probably make a very potent ground attack/close support platform.
  13. Richard E

    Face palm

    That would be the Rivet Joint which was subsequently abbreviated to "Rivet", at least it merited a mention: the Phenom and Texans completed their flypast without comment - poor Huw was probably busy looking through his notes trying to work out what they were,
  14. Definitely looking like a proper aircraft now - have you thought ahead to what colour scheme you are going to finish it in Rob ? Isn't that one of the normal tests to check whether your build is on its way to being completed ?
  15. No doubt it's mother would still love it. Curious whether it would have been as effective an operational platform as the Sentry if the "boffins" had been able to resolve its development issues.
  16. Will confess to sometimes feeling bossed around by the domestic beagles when I was younger (all three of them) but not intimidated
  17. Robert Griffin's Kagero book on the Chieftain is a very useful and well written reference. If I could offer a second slightly "left of field" suggestion: Chieftains by Bob Forrest-Webb, although it's a work of fiction it tells the story of a Soviet attack on Europe, primarily through the eyes of a Chieftain Tank crew.
  18. An excellent replica of a "little ship" at work which is full of character and lifelike details; it could easily hold its own against a similar kit built model of a Capital Ship in any display cabinet. Looking forward to following your next build.
  19. 1/72nd scale modelling at its best and a finished kit to be proud of. I think the one detail which competes the scene is the very credible load of inert/training munitions which you would probably expect to see the aircraft carrying during routine training operations.
  20. The Kinetic kits are a good choice for first generation Harriers, another option may be the Hasegawa Harrier GR Mk. 7/9 or AV-8B kits - Revell also produced a reboxed version of the RAF Harrier. Hope this helps.
  21. Sad news, a very talented composer and musician. Another favourite, this time with long time collaborator Jon Anderson
  22. That's one of the best examples of Tamiya's venerable pink Land Rovers that I've seen, Adding to the call for more photographs though !
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